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Laneysil2100: any more thoughts on ubuntu-meta? I could drop restricted from the .cfg file which seems like it would work, not sure what implications that has ...16:22
Laneywould *technically* work16:22
jibelsil2100, I'm reviewing your updated branch of ubiquity. Did you try to build the package? the testsuite is failing for me on hirsute16:26
sil2100jibel: eeek, sorry about that, yeah, so the updated one I didn't - since it was a one-liner I totally missed that16:30
sil2100Laney: hm, let me get back to you soon16:30
sil2100I'll let the package build finish before pushing the fix16:31
sil2100jibel: done16:43
sil2100jibel: thanks for taking a look!16:43
sil2100Laney: so this is quite the pickle, I mean, wouldn't removing 'restricted' from the .cfg mean that the next refresh wouldn't have the restricted deps anymore?16:58
sil2100I think this is something someone with more archive experience needs to look at, like vorlon - since I would really want to pull in the raspi restricted bits properly instead of once again installing them artificially in livecd-rootfs16:59
Laneysil2100: yes, that's the point, we can't have those deps17:00
Laneywe didn't have them in groovy, they're only arriving now semi randomly because someone else did an update17:00
vorlonsil2100: Laney: removing 'restricted' from what .cfg, please?17:02
Laneyvorlon: update.cfg in ubuntu-meta17:12
Laneybasically we have component-mismatches now because of some stuff in restricted that's in one of the raspi seeds17:12
Laneyand we were riffing on how to resolve that17:12
vorlonwell, first question, should we have linux-firmware-raspi2 in main, the way we do the intel/amd microcode17:18
vorlonsecond, uh, why does the raspi desktop seed diverge so much from the standard desktop seed17:23
vorlonah desktop-minimal vs desktop17:23
vorlonwait no17:23
vorlonok anyway17:23
vorlonit's certainly atypical for us to have a per-board metapackage as opposed to handling this all in livecd-rootfs17:24
vorlonand I don't like that the ubuntu-meta update.cfg now allows restricted packages to sneak in as dependencies on other archs17:24
vorlonI think that's fundamental17:24
PatrickD31Hi, having some issues installing 18.04 using MAAS, because apparently the package linux-generic-hwe-18.04 is no longer available... https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/bionic/main/updates/linux-generic-hwe-18.0417:24
sladenvorlon: on, oh that theme, to throw a spanner into the works---it is now possible to decrypt some/most of the P6-era intel microcode updates (and re-encrypt with a new key)17:26
sladenvorlon: perhaps freeness in Debian main would be the excuse to make some of that more public17:27
vorlonPatrickD31: this is related to a major dataloss regression that happened in the latest kernel update, there is currently no linux-meta package published in bionic-updates or bionic-security17:27
vorlonapw: ^^ is there an intent to restore the previously-published kernel back to bionic-{updates,security}?17:28
vorlonPatrickD31: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1907262 for details17:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1907262 in linux (Ubuntu) "raid10: discard leads to corrupted file system" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:28
jibelsil2100, I was referring to MiscTests https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YXtqdw5g7z/17:28
vorlonsladen: well, we already ship {intel,amd64}-microcode in main in Ubuntu; I'm just wondering whether the rationale there extends to the rpi firmware package17:29
apwvorlon, working on it now17:29
vorlonwould require some digging17:29
vorlonapw: ok cheers17:29
sil2100jibel: oh, the package built fine here, hm hm17:31
sil2100Though I don't run hirsute17:32
sil2100THis doesn't seem related to my change, and as said it built fine locally - I can take a look at fixing the FTBFS but does it build fine on the master branch?17:33
jibelsil2100, i'll rebase your mp and try again17:33
jibelsil2100, yes master builds fine17:33
PatrickD31@apw Any ETA on when those packages will be back ?17:39
udevbot_Error: "apw" is not a valid command.17:39
apwPatrickD31, working on it now, so 'a couple of publisher runs' i would expect17:39
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sil2100vorlon: hm, ok, so I tried discussing this with multiple people on multiple occassions and I never got a 'no' for per-device seeds, since this is a problem I tried solving since a while18:19
sil2100vorlon: we want to have an option to be able to freely add and remove packages during upgrades for people using our raspi images, as per the problem we had previously - installing them via livecd-rootfs is not very flexible as they're basically unmanaged by any means18:20
sil2100Like this one time when we wanted to migrate raspi beta users from raspi-firmware to linux-firmware-raspi18:20
sil2100I was asking: is there a reason we don't want per-device seeds? Since the other way to do it would be creating a separate raspi-something package that would be the one managing raspi-specific deps, enabling us to add new packages when needed, remove some etc.18:21
sil2100But that's basically what we get now by having raspi specific seeds18:21
sil2100Anyway, not sure how to proceed here, I personally like the way of having raspi seeds, but I completely missed the whole situation that there is this main <-> restricted conflict18:22
sil2100So I'd be more inclined to maybe just get the raspi firmware bits pulled into main?18:23
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dokoicey, jamespage: python3-ironic uses versioned shebangs, that's why it needs sourceful uploads in python3 transitions. please could you change that to unversioned shebangs?21:39

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