t0mb0guiverc, no worries! I'll let you know where when I plan to do the migration00:08
t0mb0guiverc et al, I'll be migrating fridge blog, it'll be unavailable for about 15-30 minutes03:39
guivercno probs, and thanks t0mb003:40
t0mb0guiverc, it's cutover and as a bonus you now have TLS04:04
guivercthanks t0mb0 !04:05
Bashing-omBut still no data when accessing http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/ubuntu-release-calendar/- I could hope could I not ?04:06
guiverci just got population of calendar on https://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/fridge/  (my usual firefox & private mode)04:11
guivercmy mouse died this morning, so my ability to 'browse' is limited on this box currently04:11
t0mb0I'm seeing the release data for Oct 202004:13
t0mb0in chrome04:13
Bashing-omguiverc: That is what is strange to me - I have no issue with the Fridge calendar - but the release-calendar fails to populate :(04:14
guivercrelease just populated on private, & my normal firefox.. I don't believe this is a change over issue t0mb0, but an issue Bashing-om has with it04:16
guiverct0mb0, if you have any clues; we'd esp. Bashing-om woudl love to know, but my point is I suspect it's not changeover effect04:17
t0mb0what browser are you using Bashing-om ?04:17
t0mb0sounds like maybe some caching along the line04:17
Bashing-omguiverc: Wow! I can not imigine -- October page populates ! November - December - nope !04:17
t0mb0Feb 21 populates for me04:18
Bashing-omt0mb0: Thanks but I bet ya got more important things to deal with - I am on 'slimjet' presently - have tried several other browsers both from other installs and Live .ISOs - No populations for the link in any.04:20
t0mb0you're not using a proxy on site or anything?04:23
t0mb0any console errors in the browser?04:23
Bashing-omt0mb0: Yup Feb populates for me also = strange and stranger that other pages do not populate. And no proxy or anything else.04:28
t0mb0Bashing-om, I haven't got any data for Nov/Dec on the old website either04:29
t0mb0you can browse the old site by updating your hosts file for fridge.ubuntu.com with
Bashing-omt0mb0: No idea of what is not going on . others here do have populations for the current month. will try as
Bashing-omt0mb0: guiverc: Out of time - this will have to wait. But at least I have something more to bite on. Laters.04:39
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krytent0mb0: Whatever you are migrating wrt the Fridge site, is it still in progress?  Because 1.) we've lost all links in the top header (which I believe isn't so bad), and 2.) on its feed it's currently showing just the WordPress icon rather than the Ubuntu one.  (Fwiw, I've just updated all of its calendar pages to also be conform with the switch to HTTPS.)21:26

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