postmodernis there something like `dpkg -S` but search all packages, not just those installed?00:01
matsamanpostmodern: apt-file00:01
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r0qI've just upgraded from 18.04lts to 20.04lts but my network does not work. My NIC is present if I do ip a, but I am unable to bring it up manually. The device name has also changed00:16
sarnoldr0q: were you using network manager or ifupdown before?00:19
jon5000hi.  can anyone help me set up scanbd to enable scanning at button press on my HP printer/scanner?00:22
jon5000or any other way of getting the button on my scanner to automatically start the scan process with xsane00:23
r0qsarnold: no00:25
postmodernwhy does `apt-file search` only seem to find libraries in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ and not /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib64?00:27
r0qI've edited netplan with the new device name, applied it and reloaded it00:27
sarnoldpostmodern: this may help https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch00:34
postmodernsarnold, aaah00:34
sarnoldr0q: heh, how *were* you configuring your network before? :)00:34
sarnoldr0q: oh well, if you're past that step, how are you doing it now? what works and what doesn't with your current configuration?00:35
r0qsarnold: if ip link set dev ens1f0 up ... it does not go up00:41
sarnoldr0q: how about networkctl reconfigure ens1f0 ?00:43
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canoodlehow are you matsaman01:48
canoodleanyone have time for a question?01:49
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luke-jrSometimes my shift key (and caps lock) stops working - any ideas? :/02:22
luke-jrxev shows it working, but it doesn't in any applications02:22
Deano59what's the best way to compress an .img file? pxz isn't available on 20.04.1 :(02:23
luke-jr.img isn't a standard file extension…02:23
Deano59luke-jr: yeah, I still wanna compress it. :D02:23
sarnoldwhat's pxz?02:25
luke-jrparallel xz02:25
sarnoldxz -T0 then?02:26
sevuArch switched from xz to zst recently, might be worthy a try. But it wasn't only about resulting size, but also about compression time02:35
sarnoldyeah, xz is slow as sin02:36
sarnoldbut the compression is probably better than zstd.. though using multiple threads probably makes the ratio worse. dunno :)02:36
sarnoldtry em all..02:36
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ezzieyguywufI want to install ubuntu using a thumb drive, but my thumb drive is only 2 GB big02:47
ezzieyguywufdo I have any other options?02:47
mefistofelesezzieyguywuf: I guess you could try the netinstaller, but that's commonly for servers... and it's a bit cumbersome for 20.0402:49
mefistofelesor the netinstall image from 18.04 and then upgrade or similar02:50
ezzieyguywufthe netinstall for 18.04 is less cumbersome than 20.04?02:50
mefistofelesezzieyguywuf: the netinstall in 18.04 is a proper iso, I think that has changed in 20.0402:50
mefistofelesbut not entirely sure02:50
ezzieyguywufI saw something about a "mini.iso" somewhere is that an option?02:51
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mefistofelesezzieyguywuf: yeah, that would be the netinstall for 18.04, there isn't one for 20.0402:51
ezzieyguywufok thanks for the tips02:52
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: maybe you could start with the server installer? https://ubuntu.com/download/server it might take a bit of doing to turn it into a desktop..02:52
sarnoldezzieyguywuf: maybe one of the other flavours would fit and be closer to what you want https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours02:52
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ezzieyguywufsarnold: I'll take a look thank you02:53
sevuWhich ubuntu you want by the way? If it's xubuntu or lubunte, their images are smaller than 2GB02:53
ezzieyguywufhah, found a bigger thumb drive!02:54
ezzieyguywufdoes the livecd include gparted?02:54
CodeMouse92I have a Thinkpad on 20.04, SSD, RAM, integrated Intel graphics (yada yada), that was perfectly fast until two days ago...02:54
CodeMouse92Then, after some long-pending kernel updates (few weeks?), it's extraordinarily slow.02:55
CodeMouse92Thoughts on how to diagnose this? I need it back to proper speed rather urgently02:55
mefistofelesCodeMouse92: where are you noticing it being slow?02:55
CodeMouse92mefistofeles: Running any web browser. Running any game.02:56
CodeMouse92System monitor doesn't show RAM spikes at all, so it's not memory leak.02:56
CodeMouse92It will get so slow, it will actually freeze altogether and require restart. That happened several times in one evening, only from web browser.02:57
mefistofelesCodeMouse92: happens with any browser?02:57
CodeMouse92Firefox or Brave.02:57
CodeMouse92Don't have others installed.02:57
lotuspsychjeCodeMouse92: 5.4.0-56-generic ?02:57
sevuezzieyguywuf, IIRC yes. And it not, you can install it (won't install to disk but ram)02:57
CodeMouse92lotuspsychje: Let me double check.02:57
CodeMouse92lotuspsychje: Sorry, too stressed to remember, how do I get the kernal version again>?02:58
mefistofelesCodeMouse92: uname -r02:58
ezzieyguywufsevu: ok thank you.02:59
CodeMouse92lotuspsychje: 5.8.0-7630-generic02:59
lotuspsychjeCodeMouse92: did you go for 5.8 for specific reasons like amd or so?02:59
CodeMouse92lotuspsychje: It's just what the system updated to03:00
CodeMouse92Should I drop down?03:00
sarnoldthat's a funny version number03:00
mefistofelesyeah, isn't 20.04 on 5.4.0?03:01
sarnoldit sure seems like someone else was in here recently with a popOS kernel problem. I wish I could remember what that was.03:01
sarnoldoh yeah, I think his dkms build broke03:01
CodeMouse92Well, this IS popOS...although I hate to say that, since some will just sneer and say "this is for Ubuntu". (Close enough, there isn't an alternative community support room.)03:01
sarnoldCodeMouse92: if you were using nvidia dkms, it's worth checking if that broke with a recent kernel update03:02
sarnoldCodeMouse92: I do'nt think the guy reported back if he filed a bug with popos though03:02
CodeMouse92sarnold: As a matter of fact, I had to UNINSTALL the unused nvidia drivers on account of an error blocking03:02
sarnoldCodeMouse92: were you using them before?03:02
CodeMouse92It's Intel embedded graphics, nvidia won't enter into it03:02
stats4647Hi, for some reason installing uwsgi does not install the correct init scripts, is this possible? I am using 18.04.5 LTS.03:03
stats4647Failed to start uwsgi.service: Unit uwsgi.service not found.03:04
CodeMouse925.4 still laggy...but on a whim, I went to TTY4....03:07
sarnoldstats4647: I'm not sure that it exists; I don't see a file with that name in apt-file search uwsgi.service  nor do I see it in any unpacked sources (though systemd unit files are sometimes renamed from source to binary packages)03:07
CodeMouse92blk_update_request: I/O error03:07
CodeMouse92dev sda, sector blah blah  op 0x0:(READ) flags03:07
CodeMouse92exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x1x0000 SErr 0x0 action 0x003:07
CodeMouse92And it goes on like this03:07
CodeMouse92status: { DRDY ERR } error: { UNC }03:07
sarnoldCodeMouse92: oh that's bad news :(03:08
CodeMouse92sarnold: Is that the SSD?03:08
Bashing-om!info uwsgi focal03:08
ubottuuwsgi (source: uwsgi): fast, self-healing application container server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.18-11ubuntu1 (focal), package size 17 kB, installed size 104 kB03:08
sarnoldCodeMouse92: yeah, or the storage controller, or cabling, or power to it03:08
Bashing-om!info uwsgi bionic03:08
stats4647sarnold: thanks, dpkg -L uwsgi returns /etc/init.d/uwsgi but I don't even see that03:08
ubottuuwsgi (source: uwsgi): fast, self-healing application container server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.15-10.2ubuntu2.1 (bionic), package size 16 kB, installed size 106 kB03:08
postmodernwhy does `apt-file search --regexp '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lib*.so` return so few matches? am i doing somethin wrong? surely, ubuntu has tons of lib-*-dev packages with shared libraries in them?03:08
CodeMouse92sarnold: This is not good, as I have no replacement for this unit....03:09
CodeMouse92sarnold: How would you recommend I go about diagnosing this? (Thinkpad)03:09
sarnoldpostmodern: incorrect regex03:09
stats4647Bashing-om: what's the info for?03:09
sarnoldpostmodern: $ apt-file search --regexp '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lib.*\.so' | wc -l03:10
CodeMouse92sarnold: Ahh, the GOOD news is that this isn't the SSD going nutso. it's the HDD. It *is* reporting two bad sectors.03:12
Bashing-omstats4647: Just to verify the version in bionic. Maybe - have to write the unit file: "* init.d script for running uWSGI daemon(s) with options defined in custom user-created configuration files" ??03:12
stats4647Bashing-om: I see, so what's the verdict?03:14
Bashing-omstats4647: Well, we know that the need here is for a unit file - does one exist in the list ' sudo systemctl list-unit-files " ?03:16
CarlFKI somehow installed a Discord desktop app.  it now wants to update itself.  is there a repo I can apt-get from?03:16
CodeMouse92...aaaand, bad news is, short test failed with read failure. Drive is indeed going down.03:18
sarnoldCodeMouse92: oh man :( but hey if it's the hdd instead of ssd, yay03:19
sarnoldCarlFK: how did you install it?03:19
stats4647Bashing-om: did not see it there03:19
CarlFKsarnold: I don't remember03:19
sarnoldCarlFK: well, try dpkg -l | grep -i discord  and snap list | grep -i discord to get the most likely chances covered..03:20
Bashing-omstats4647: I too Have no experience with uwsgi. Await one here who knows how that file should be written up.03:22
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CarlFKsarnold: apt-cache policy discord ... Installed: 0.0.12  Candidate: 0.0.1203:23
stats4647Bashing-om: ok thx, is there a different way to install/uninstall packages? wondering if the install didn't do everything because it found some existing config files03:24
sarnoldCarlFK: have you run apt-get update latelyc?03:26
CarlFKsarnold: yes03:26
Bashing-omstats4647: Never having seen uwsgi - I have no opinion to offer here. But did it's dependency install ' dpkg -l uwsgi-core ' ?03:27
sarnoldCarlFK: sounds like you've got the newest03:27
CarlFKsarnold: the app thinks otherwise " it now wants to update itself."03:28
stats4647Bashing-om: I think it's an issue with my install, I just don't know how to read this output - https://dpaste.org/0ouv03:29
sarnoldCarlFK: heh, that usually requires the user running the application to have write access to the application, which doesn't usually work when it's been pacakged03:29
Bashing-om!info uwsgi-core bionic03:31
ubottuuwsgi-core (source: uwsgi): fast, self-healing application container server (core). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.15-10.2ubuntu2.1 (bionic), package size 510 kB, installed size 2032 kB03:31
CarlFKsarnold: now that we are on the same page, what should I do about it?03:31
sarnoldCarlFK: it might be worth filing a bug report with whoever packaged discord to ask them to (a) update the package (b) patch out the thing's attempts to update itself03:32
Bashing-omstats4647: "ii" says fully installed. and ^ confirms the correct version is installed. So back to the unit file that does not seem to exist, and how to provide it. That chore is not in my range of experience.03:33
stats4647Bashing-om: that's good to know, tk u03:34
Bashing-omstats4647: If I knew more - I could more help. But as I do not, I am going to look over another's shoulder as they provide the help I can not :(03:36
stats4647Bashing-om: all good, tk u03:37
gbellinozIf my main attack vector is a home burglary and some jerk trying to ID theft me by booting my treasured PC at his lair, is there much point to encrypting the OS and /boot partitions?04:36
saurabh009Hi, has anyone tried usb forwarding in the remmina Ubuntu 20?04:49
saurabh009or using the xfreerdp command?04:49
tux_Is there some option how I can rebase a .patch (diff) which works with fuzz factor 3?06:02
A_Jguys my bt won't connect my mouse. i tried to scan via the terminal too can someone help me07:10
AssaultHi. I am trying to install ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a virtual box, but after choosing "install ubuntu", all I can see is a black screen with blinking cursor on the top left corner. What could be wrong?07:30
AssaultThis also occurss if I choose "try ubuntu without installing"07:31
Assaultis there maybe a way to see some logs that could give me a hit on what actually goes wrong?07:32
asenmHello, folks! I have 2 identical virtual machines. I added my ssh key to both of them, but i can login to only one of them with my key the other one requires password, the ssh_config and sshd_config is the same on both also the ssh key is the same, sshd versions are the same as well. Any ideas?07:34
Assaultthe memory test does not have the same issue..07:34
Al_nz1when I have a single command to call a node.js file - like node mynode.js - and I want to run it as a service, and I just put it in the ExecStart = node mynode.js - or do I have to call the bash file and run it from there?07:44
BlueEagleAssault: Which virtualization environment are you installing to? vmWare? Hypre-V? Wubi?07:45
AssaultBlueEagle, Virtualboc07:45
BlueEagleAssault: https://linuxhint.com/install_ubuntu_18-04_virtualbox/ This guide appears to work.07:47
BlueEagleAssault: Have you verified the installation media?07:47
sevuAl_nz1, for systemd unit files, it is actually required that the command is reffered to by the path07:48
sevui.e. ExesStart=/usr/bin/node more args to node here07:49
sevuExecStart=node more args to node here would not work07:50
sevuYou probably have more questions, Al_nz107:53
ta0_z3nmy apologies, I'm very new to irc chat, I'm still learning how to use irssi07:53
sevuWell, also, it will by default launch witht he root user, you most certainly don't want that … adding a line User=foo helps07:54
sevuta0_z3n, it's /join #anime07:55
ta0_z3nthank you sevu, much appreciated! I have a browser window open same time trying to look up all the commands07:56
Al_nz1sevu: ta08:03
Al_nz1sevu: where does all the stdout text get stored anywhere if you run as a service?08:08
sevuin the system journal08:09
sevujournalctl -u your.service will show it08:09
sevuIf you are root or your user is in some group, the last log entries are also shown with systemctl status your.service. I think the groups for that permission was systemd-journal, but not sure …08:12
sevuThird way is to add to the service file sth like:08:13
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Guest20what are the file system that get mounted during the boot time09:16
rk4Guest20: man fstab09:22
Guest20rk4 what about pipefs09:24
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lusrxcan i install .deb programs using software center in ubuntu 20.04?09:31
zetherooI did a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows on my Thinkpad P14s, and after installation rebooted into Grub and then into Ubuntu - all good. Then I rebooted again ... into Grub .. and then into Windows - all good as well. Then I rebooted again ... no grub ... no Ubuntu ... just boots straight into Windows :(09:33
zetherooI suspect this has something to do with Secure Boot not being setup in Ubuntu  - problem there is that in order for Secure Boot to be setup during Ubuntu installation the option to install Third Party software has to be enabled - but if that option is enabled the installation crashes at the end (known bug). :/09:35
zetherooSo, the question is ... how to get Secure Boot setup on Ubuntu after installation?09:35
Habbiezetheroo, if secure boot was the issue, i would expect it to work zero times, not until you boot windows once09:36
Habbiezetheroo, when you ran windows, did you perhaps run any lenovo firmware updates?09:36
zetheroo Habbie: nope, no updates, nothing09:36
zetheroocould it be something with UEFI then?09:37
Habbiei always lose my (debian) grub when i run lenovo firmware updates09:37
Habbiezetheroo, i don't know - these were the two things i knew09:37
zetherooThe odd thing is that my colleague has a X1 Yoga Gen 5 and he enabled Third Party software and setup Secure Boot on install ... and all good09:38
zetherooBut for me the Third Party option causes the installer to crash09:38
zetheroomy colleague is also dual booting with Windows and it's working fine09:39
zetherooOk, I got into the Lenovo Boot menu and saw that there is a boot entry named 'ubuntu' ... selecting that brought up grub and I could boot into Ubuntu09:43
zetheroorebooting from Ubuntu then boots straight into Windows again ... so it seems that the Boot order needs to be sorted out09:44
Guest20why the port numbers are always less than 65K?09:44
Guest20what is the reason?09:44
HabbieGuest20, a choice made 40 years ago09:49
geirhaThe choice being to use a 16-bit unsigned int to store port numbers09:51
Guest20geirha why is that?09:51
geirha*shrug* Because it seemed like a good idea at the time?09:52
zetherooHabbie: After selecting 'ubuntu' as the first boot option in the BIOS it is now booting to Grub every time.09:53
Habbiezetheroo, ah! so something about UEFI indeed!09:53
Habbiezetheroo, i should see if that fixes my 'firmware update' problem too :)09:54
geirhaGuest20: Might as well also ask why a 32-bit integer was chosen to store time (seconds since epoch)09:56
zetherooHow important is it to have Secure Boot setup in Ubuntu?09:56
tomreynit is important if it is important to you, otherwise not.10:00
zetheroo tomreyn: ok, was just wondering if it would stop anything from working - hardware or software10:02
tomreynzetheroo: no, it's a security feature. if you don't need it, just ignore it.10:12
[twisti]with the news about centos 8 we are looking for a new go-to distro with focus on stability and reliability. we are currently considering ubuntus LTS branch; we also noticed there seem to be a lot of ubuntu flavours (kubuntu, xubuntu, etc). are any of those likely to be 'more stable' than ubuntu main LTS ? or is there something in ubuntu besides LTS we should consider ?10:44
orbiiis there a simple way to disable automounting of USB drives in ubuntu 20lts?10:44
orbii(google is just giving me old stuff, which isnt relevant)10:44
EriC^^orbii: did you try the dconf editor method?10:45
orbiiim not sure i know what that is10:45
orbiiand google sure didnt mention anything like that10:45
EriC^^orbii: ^10:46
orbiithat starts off with 'I am using Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bits)...'10:46
orbiiboth dconf-editor and gconf-editor tell me they're not installed10:46
EriC^^it mentions installing them10:47
orbiisurely there's a better way?10:47
orbiisomething from the command-line?10:47
orbiior is this something inherente to the window manager?10:47
EriC^^gsettings list-recursively | grep automount10:48
orbiigsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount false ..10:48
orbiiwhich it says further down10:48
orbiifucking gnome.10:48
BlueEagle[twisti]: Who are "we"? A small mom and pop-shop that runs a file server or a multi national data center with 400 locations around the world?10:49
orbiiubuntu's automounting makes me a tad unhappy10:49
orbiiit put /dev/sda and /dev/sdb for the external drives - which led to some .. unhappy results10:50
EriC^^orbii: that sounds like you're not using uuid.bye10:50
[twisti]BlueEagle: small company with ~20-40 employees a third of which doing IT, ~10 servers, maybe another 10 VMs10:50
BlueEagle[twisti]: Also, what is your target system? Are you looking to install virtual servers, or is this for desktop operations?10:51
[twisti]exclusively (headless) server stuff10:51
jakobbgHi! I'm unable to get nmbd up and running on my box, it says "bind failed on port 137 socket_addr =" when restarting. my global config section is here: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/9mGqGzNR54/ . Full error output from nmbd when restarting: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/Ff8vq3VfJ6/ . Any hints as to what might be wrong?10:53
BlueEagle[twisti]: I have had little trouble running Ubuntu server on my home system, but that is only two servers. However there are other distros that are more focused on stability than Ubuntu. It is a trade-off between how fast you need new features and how much down time costs.10:54
rk4jakobbg: user is it running as?10:54
rk4jakobbg: erm, what user* :)10:55
BlueEagle[twisti]: If you're in a position where you can clone a system to a cold system, perform any upgrades and then hot-swap into production then most distros will be fine. If that is not an option then I would aim for something that focuses primarily on server setup. Ubuntus main focus is on desktop experience imo.10:55
LordChaos[twisti]: I think Ubuntu server hits the sweetspot perfectly between having more or less up-to-date packages and stability10:55
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[twisti]BlueEagle: any advice ? like i said, we used to run centos, but that is being deprecated10:56
BlueEagle[twisti]: This is an ubuntu support channe. For advice on alternatives, please join #ubuntu-offtopic.10:56
littlepythondoes pipe() come in picture when parent process shares data to child process ?10:58
LordChaosjakobbg: is a broadcast address, not a valid ip address10:58
Habbielittlepython, it could, there are lots of other ways too, and this is not the channel for any of them10:59
Habbielittlepython, as far as i know10:59
littlepythonHabbie what are the other ways?10:59
BlueEaglelittlepython: Are you looking for the shell pipe operator | perhaps?10:59
littlepythonBlueEagle yes10:59
BlueEaglelittlepython: ie. `ps aux |grep bash` will pipe the output of ps to grep. pipe() is a C function call found in the unistd library. I guess it would depend on the shell you use if | calls pipe() or not.11:01
BlueEaglelittlepython: did that answer your question?11:01
littlepythonBlueEagle so here ps aux is a parent and grep is a child?11:02
Deano59I'm trying to add this deb and install i3-wm-gaps but when I search for it, it doesn't show!?11:40
Deano59am I missing something? :D11:42
BlueEagleDeano59: When you run add-apt-repository, does it give any error messages?11:43
Deano59no BlueEagle11:49
DJonesDeano59: What version of Ubuntu are you using, looks like its only available for 19.04 & 20.0411:50
Joaolvcm[m]hi there, i've bought a 3440x1440 144hz display, but on my linux laptop i only 3440x1440 at 50hz, i've eard it may be a HDMI version limitation, is there anything on linux i can do? at least to check if it's a laptop problem, drivers or cable11:52
TJ-Joaolvcm[m]: start with "xrandr -q" and look at the refresh rates advertised for that resolution12:00
TJ-Joaolvcm[m]: so far as I know 144Hz requires HDMI v1.2 or greater, including the cable12:01
TJ-Joaolvcm[m]: actually, for 3440x1440@144 you might need HDMI v2.112:03
Joaolvcm[m]i wanted atleast 60, do you know if hdmi2.0 does it? the monitor has DP(i don't have on the laptop), and HDMI2.0, but i'm getting '3440x1440     50.00*+' on xrandr.. is there anyway to know if the problem is the cable or the laptop?12:06
TJ-Joaolvcm[m]: if that is all that is being advertised by the monitor (that comes from its EDID) then I'd suspect the monitor's HDMI port is limited - probably only does 144 on DisplayPort12:07
Joaolvcm[m]just tested in another laptop and i get 100hz, is there anything i could try in linux that may be limiting to 50hz (drivers/composer or something), or is just the laptop that probably does not have HDM2?12:14
BluesKajHowdy folks12:16
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Deano59can anyone answer me? :D12:54
Deano59E: Unable to locate package i3-gaps-wm but the PPA is installed!!12:55
EriC^^Deano59: did you run sudo apt-get update ?13:03
MaikDeano59: you know how it works here ;)13:09
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/13:09
jdelersguys newbie here -- when i try to launch terminator I am getting an error `bash: /usr/bin/terminator: /usr/bin/python: badinterpreter: Too many levels of symbolic links`13:26
graingertis there a way I can see all the packages for ubuntu-xenial in order of release date, from most recent?13:47
graingertideally I'd want an rss feed or similar for notifications13:47
graingertor a changelog etc?13:47
BlueEagleDeano59: You were asked which version of Ubuntu you used, and I cannot see that you answered it.14:13
BlueEaglejdelers: It seems that the system is not sure which python to use, and that it circles around in a loop of symlinks. Can you check which version of python is installed and if that is what terminator needs/expects?14:15
wedrI have heard there will be a Linux distribution change for Ubuntu, much like how Fedora is changing from RHEL > Fedora > CentOS to be Fedora > CentOS > RHEL in terms of which OS is the upstream of another. Would Ubuntu be done similarly?14:21
wedrOh sorry, its  Fedora > RHEL > CentOS,   changed to Fedora > CentOS > RHEL14:22
Maik!discuss | wedr14:25
ubottuwedr: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:25
BlueEaglewedr: I would love to discuss that with you in #ubuntu-discuss15:01
conrin advance network manager i enabled a VPN profile to connect on startup with my LAN. works fine when i toggle in the manager but if i restart my device, i get a `"Connection failed" Activation of network connection failed`15:02
SlartibartCan anyone tell me what those whoopsie-upload processes are about, and why they're eating away at my processor time? I've tried killing the processes, stopping the whoopsie service,   disabling sending error reports in system settings.. No matter what, those processes respawn. If they'd lie dormant then I probably wouldn't mind, but they don't..15:04
BlueEagleSlartibart: https://askubuntu.com/questions/135540/what-is-the-whoopsie-process-and-how-can-i-remove-it15:08
BlueEagleSlartibart: It's the crash reporting tool.15:08
BlueEagleSlartibart: Just change the report_crashes parameter to false in the /etc/default/whoopsie file. Then bid farewell to whoopsie with sudo service whoopsie stop.15:09
SlartibartBlueEagle: That's the thing, the service keeps running even if I try "sudo service whoopsie stop" or "sudo systemctl stop whoopsie". (There's no /etc/default/whoopsie file on this computer) If I run "sudo ps -A | grep whoopsie" I get one whoopsie process that seems stable(same pid), but also one whoopsie-upload process, and that keeps getting a new pid every few seconds.15:17
N3bulaKHey all15:19
N3bulaKWhenever I open Software, it gives me this pop up message --> error org freedesktop fwupd was not provided by any .service files15:19
MibixI installed virtualbox via the software GUI and i did the config to enable autostart but am getting vboxautostart-service.service not found when i try to restart the service15:23
overlord_tmMibix, maybe you need to enable unit file first, systemctl enable vboxautostart-service.service?15:25
ikoniaconfig enable autostart15:25
MibixFailed to enable unit: Unit file vboxautostart-service.service does not exist.15:26
overlord_tmMibix, probably unit file was not shipped with your installer or it was placed in wrong place. I would search the system first, to see if file exists. It should be named vboxautostart-service.service15:30
ikoniaMibix: which package from where did you install15:32
Mibixi installed it from the gui in ubuntu15:34
Mibixill uninstall and use theirs15:34
ikoniawhich package15:34
ikoniadon't need to uninstall15:34
ikonialets look at what you've got first15:34
ikoniathat looks like the guest package15:35
ikoniawhat's the full name of the package15:35
ikoniamultiverse, ok, lets have a look15:37
Mibixim just going to uninstall it and install the official one lol15:38
Mibixthe ubuntu repo has caused me many issues in the past15:38
farhanhi all. I am sorta new to snaps. what is the benefits of using a snap? Is it basically running in an isolated container?15:39
mefistofelesfarhan: not really a container but more like an independent file tree, as far as I understand15:40
mefistofelessomething like a chroot or a virtualenv (if you are familiar with python venvs)15:40
farhani am...interesting15:40
farhani need to learn cgroups15:40
mefistofelesfarhan: and of course, all the user utilities around it, to package stuff and install/copy it15:41
farhanahh, awesome15:42
farhanI'm switching over after a few years of running freebsd pretty much exclusively.15:42
mefistofelesfarhan: ok, tbh, there are "better" alternatives, imho... but that's offtopic around here15:43
farhansent you a dm.15:43
farhanor perhaps I should say /msg15:45
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WhatTheDuckso I compile a program and get it running, is there an easy way to get an icon of it on the app menu or do I have to do that manually?15:57
EriC^^WhatTheDuck: you have to manually create a .desktop file for it15:58
WhatTheDuckdarn, thanks though15:58
EriC^^no problem, it's easy enough, just copy another .desktop from /usr/share/applications and edit the icon/name/exec lines15:59
EriC^^WhatTheDuck: ^15:59
WhatTheDuckI'm still pretty new to linux, using lubuntu 1816:00
LordChaosI've never seen df ouput like here: https://youtu.be/teJnX0NK8MI?t=692 and I can't seem to reproduce it. Is it an alias or something?16:00
EriC^^WhatTheDuck: basically you want to create a file, myapp.desktop and put this into it https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yRwxMjc6P4/16:02
EriC^^then make the .desktop file executable with chmod +x16:03
EriC^^WhatTheDuck: ah, also you can put the file in ~/.local/share/applications that's where your person ones go16:03
WhatTheDuckthat doesn't seem too hard, thanks!16:04
EriC^^WhatTheDuck: no problem16:04
N3bulaKI have transferred a snap from another Ubuntu machine which has a different username, how can I change it to my username settings?16:06
N3bulaKI have literally copied the whole folder of that snap16:07
leftyfbN3bulaK: that's not how snaps works. Just install the snap on the other machine16:07
N3bulaKleftyfb: I have installed the snap, but would like to keep the same config16:07
leftyfbN3bulaK: then copy just the config16:07
ograN3bulaK, https://snapcraft.io/docs/snapshots16:08
leftyfbN3bulaK: at this point you should remove/purge the snap from the target machine and reinstall it16:08
ogratake a snapshot on the old host ...16:08
ograthen transfer it to the new one ...16:08
ogra(though i'm not 100% sure if/how that deals with changed user names)16:09
ograbtw, there is also the #snappy channel specifically for snap related questions16:09
ogra(since snap is distro agnstic)16:09
leftyfbogra: I'm not so sure that would work correctly. That takes a snapshot of everything, the app and configs. They should just install the app as normal and copy over the configs16:10
ogradepends if the config is handled internally or via "snap set" commands ... etc16:11
ograthe guys in #snappy can surely give a recommendation though ...16:11
leftyfbogra: N3bulaK: for instance, the Slack snap gets installed to ~/snap/slack. None of that should be touched. The configs(in Gnome/Ubuntu) are in ~/.config/Slack. Those are what should be copied over16:11
ograslack is an awful example since it is a classic snap16:12
N3bulaKleftyfb: oh16:12
ograclassic snaps are essentially a hack of the snap ecosystem16:12
N3bulaKogra: thanks16:12
leftyfbN3bulaK: what app are you trying to copy over?16:12
N3bulaKleftyfb: bluemail16:14
N3bulaKtried copying just the config but that doesn't work :(16:14
ograif the user name and the UID are the same, copying the snapshot around and just restoring it should work ...16:16
N3bulaKthey are different16:17
N3bulaK:( I forgot to keep the same username16:17
N3bulaKhence all of this mess :S16:17
ograwell, ask in #snappy then ... or on https://forum.snapcraft.io16:17
ograthe snapd devs are around in both16:18
ograand probably have another idea16:18
N3bulaKcool thanks16:18
SlaSerXhii pals16:42
SlaSerXwhy my oidentd work only on ipv6 address16:42
SlaSerXon ipv4 dont working..16:42
conranybody use ubuntu nm-connection-editor and enable "automatically connect to vpn"? works fine when toggling LAN on/off it in settings but will not when you restart. `"Connection failed" Activation of network connection failed`16:58
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leftyfbLooks like linux-generic-hwe-18.04 is only part of the proposed repo now?17:08
teddywestsideour packer builds are failing today because it appears the linux-virtual-hwe-18.04 package is missing in bionic..has anyone else run into this?17:08
ddubyaanyway to make iso of multisession CD? mount -o session=x worrks, but I can't "dd" it to make an exact copy17:12
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BlueEagleddubya: You could try:    cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --session $session --datafile data-$session.bin data-$session.toc17:58
BlueEagleddubya: except replace $session with something useful17:59
ddubyaBlueEagle, thanks, I tried cdrdao but not --read-raw17:59
BlueEagleddubya: https://superuser.com/questions/1188057/how-to-rescue-a-multi-session-cd17:59
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blb4393why would pulseaudio package depend on libsnapd-glib1 ?18:09
ddubyaBlueEagle, thanks! it works!18:13
BlueEagleddubya: Good to hear.18:24
ddubyaBlueEagle, yes, I'm getting back all my old Macintosh archives ;-)18:25
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maslenCould anyone recommend a method for auto-generating doxygen style comments for C code, in bulk ?18:40
kalimanh3c2rhi. question: kde starts with no bottom panel/taskbar, how do i enable it?  I've switched from lightdm to sddm but no change.18:58
mefistofeleskalimanh3c2r: what if you just manually add it? Though I guess it shouldn't happen like that19:04
mefistofeleskalimanh3c2r: does it always start like that?19:04
kalimanh3c2ryeah, fresh install too. well, it's kali linux. but thought i ask here.  is there a kali linux channel?19:06
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pinusc1Hello! I'm having some trouble dealing with my snap install of LXD20:07
pinusc1I set the server up a couple weeks ago and it all worked; now I rebooted and... lxd won't start anymore. I think the issue is related to snap20:08
pinusc1That's because lxd is configured to use storage pools in /data/lxd (which is a btrfs drive), but snap doesn't mount them at /var/lib/snapd/hostfs/data/lxd20:10
pinusc1Here's the output of `sudo lxd --debug --group lxd`: https://termbin.com/rlaiu20:14
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Deano59if I need a font for displaying something correctly, will it work if I put in in /home/pi/.fonts?20:28
Deano59or is there another location on Groovy?20:28
ograDeano59, is that a desktop install ?20:33
Deano59ogra: yep20:33
ogradoubleclick the ttf file in the filemanager ... that gets you a preview ... at the top of the window you find an "install" button tha should simply do the right thing20:34
Deano59ogra: not what I asked. :)20:35
ograbut technically the fonts dir should stull work ... you might need to update fontconfig with calling fc-cache20:35
ograi dont think that changed20:36
Deano59cheers dude. :)20:37
ograiirc that actual command is "fc-cache -f -v"20:38
kenwoodfox_Hey ubuntu, ive been working on a project for my robotics team. I've gotten everything good so far, got ubuntu all setup with samba and it seems to work but im having trouble with srv records, i know its not really an ubuntu specific thing but, i was wondering if anybody else has done something similar? maybe you have some pointers or documentation i could look at,21:07
sarnoldkenwoodfox_: you're kinda all over the place there :) one message about robots, samba, and srv records, but no suggestion of which of the dozen dns servers you're using, what you've done to add your srv records, what error messages you get, or messages from dig.. :)21:12
kenwoodfox_Sorry sarnold, im using my own dns server on a freebsd box atm, with a custom dns entry for our .lan, im pretty new to ad in general. i thought if frcxxx.lan resolved to the server, it would be ok21:13
kenwoodfox_aparently i also need some sort of srv record, :/ but idk how to do that on freebsd, in the guide i was reading21:14
kenwoodfox_it seems like they used another ubuntu box as a dns server21:14
leftyfb!freebsd | kenwoodfox_21:14
leftyfblooks like you also added in "ad" for good measure21:14
kenwoodfox_and that makes sense, but, idk how to do that on ubuntu, or, if thats actually what they did21:14
sarnoldkenwoodfox_: oh wow, you wrote your own DNS server? that's crazy21:14
kenwoodfox_sarnold: sorry..21:14
sarnoldkenwoodfox_: dns is *so* complex, it's way better to run a pre-written dns server, at least until you've gotten everything else working21:14
kenwoodfox_right, im sure i can do that on ubuntu right?21:15
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: we cannot support a custom DNS server application on feebsd21:15
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: ok?21:15
pinusckenwoodfox_: did you actually write your own dns server, or did you mean you're running an existing dns server on your own machine?21:16
kenwoodfox_sarnold: have you ever done something similar? is that the way to go? the srv records themselves that im missing seem to be documented, i just want to hear from people who may have done something similar21:16
kenwoodfox_im running a dns server on my own machine, its the dns server/resolver for the whole net21:16
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: if you want to run your own DNS server on Ubuntu running the popular bind9 package, then follow this: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-a-private-network-dns-server-on-ubuntu-18-0421:16
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: thanks~21:16
sarnoldkenwoodfox_: there's something like four to six reasonable dns server packages..21:16
kenwoodfox_sarnold: ok, but. I really wanna know if thats the way other people have been doing it21:17
kenwoodfox_i figured id be able to find dns server packages for ubuntu21:17
kenwoodfox_just i wanna know what has been done before21:17
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: it's all been done before. Pick one and see if it works for you. Feel free to ask opinions in #ubuntu-offtopic21:17
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: ok? ill ask in there again, that sounds fine21:18
sarnoldkenwoodfox_: hehe, yeah, srv records are two decades old :) they're pretty common at this point..21:18
kenwoodfox_I just want to hear about what other people did in the past :c21:18
kenwoodfox_i know rigth? i should be able to find lots of testimonies :c21:19
kenwoodfox_its not like its new tech21:19
pinusckenwoodfox_: they are sort of niche compared to other records21:19
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: follow the tutorial I gave you21:19
kenwoodfox_pinusc: ok21:19
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: that dosent help me actually know what srv records are important21:19
kenwoodfox_but, ok21:19
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: are you looking for "srv records" or to run your own local DNS server?21:20
kenwoodfox_Im looking for testimonies of people who did something similar to what im doing in the past leftyfb21:20
kenwoodfox_what dns server they prefered, what srv records they configured21:21
kenwoodfox_what version of ubuntu worked for them21:21
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: ok, then you're taking a survey. This is a support channel to help people with Ubuntu.21:21
pinuscWell, it would help to know exactly what the problem you're trying to solve is21:21
kenwoodfox_its ahove pinusc21:21
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: ok, thank you. Ill hop over to ##ubuntu then?21:21
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: I would suggest #ubuntu-offtopic21:21
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: same thing?21:21
leftyfbkenwoodfox_: good luck21:22
kenwoodfox_leftyfb: thank you21:22
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tgp1994Hi everyone. I upgraded my ubuntu server distro from 18.04 to 20.04 LTS, and at some point along the way it seems my terminal has lost its scrollback buffer (Shift+PageUp). Does anyone know how I can get it back?22:22
matsamantgp1994: right-click, preferences?22:26
tgp1994matsaman: Sorry should have mentioned, I'm using server as CLI-only so now GUI.22:27
tgp1994*no GUI22:27
matsamantgp1994: from a fresh bootup it's like this?22:30
matsamantgp1994: you login at the prompt and then it's like this?22:31
tgp1994matsaman: Right, as far as I can tell, it's been like this after I rebooted from the upgrade.22:31
matsamancan't say I've ever had that not work22:32
matsamanyou could probably just ask #linux22:32
matsamanor #ubuntu-server22:32
tgp1994matsaman: I know, I'm scratching my head too! Apparently you can change it with a kerenel argument but that seems absurd22:32
matsamanif it's a common issue, the latter might be great, otherwise the former22:32
tgp1994matsaman: Thank you for the tips, I'll check out the channels.22:32
matsamanhrmm, I mean your kernel could've changed22:32
matsamanbut it's probably configurable in userland22:33
matsamantgp1994: are you using anything like22:33
matsamantgp1994: a big graphical framebuffer?22:33
matsamanis your text enormous or small?22:33
matsamanif it's small there could be various higher level graphics things at play22:33
matsamanif it's enormous there should be nothing to do with graphics involved with the issue22:33
matsamantgp1994: or put another way: if you ssh in is the behavior different from logging in directly to the system?22:34
tgp1994matsaman: Just at a glance I have VGA set to 792 if that's what you mean, don't think that is affecting it tho? I'm accessing my terminal through hyper-v but that has been a constant as well. Lemme try ssh22:35
matsamanif you can configure the size of your display, then certain graphical things are at play22:35
matsamannever heard of it affecting pgup, but it's more than is strictly required to use a console22:36
matsamanif you ssh and the problem is also present, then you can rule out graphics22:36
tgp1994matsaman: I guess I'm not sure how to tell... it seems like my SSH client is using its own scrollback buffer.22:37
MIFWould I beable to write a script that keeps a script running22:41
MIFand if the script stops it will start it again22:42
MIFor how would I do that22:42
matsamanMIF: yeah22:45
matsamancan you say what for?22:45
MIFrevirce ssh tunnel python scriot22:45
matsamanso there're two approaches22:46
matsamanone is using init/services (systemd in the case of Ubuntu)22:46
MIFhow would I do that22:46
matsamanthe other would be a "dumb" script22:46
MIFwhat is a "dumb" script?22:47
matsamantuts abound: https://gist.github.com/drmalex07/c0f9304deea566842490 (via: http://google.com/?q=systemd+how+to+service+tunnel)22:47
matsamana "dumb" script is just a script, run from someplace that isn't going to easily disappear (like a GNU screen session)22:47
matsamanwhile true; do check_if_thing_is_running || run_thing; sleep 1m; done22:48
MIFthanks :)22:49
matsamanthe advantage is that people make simple scripts and use screen all day long, so it's one fewer thing to learn about (init system/systemd)22:50
matsamanit's just more nuts-and-bolts22:50
MIFI get Job for tunnel.service failed because of unavailable resources or another system error.22:51
MIFI have a script the has all of the info22:52
MIFhow do I just call the script?22:52
matsamancould ask #systemd or #linux, I'm afraid I've never used systemd22:54
MIFI think I got it22:55
epicmetalDoes Ubuntu support installing the system to boot from either BIOS/MBR or UEFI/GPT?23:03
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:03
epicmetaloerheks, I don't mean converting, I mean dynamically booting correctly from any system type, e.g. for a portable install onto USB.23:04
epicmetale.g. like the installer presumably does23:05
epicmetalBut for an installed system onto USB23:05
oerheksyes, it does. but booting an installed system from usb might require manual operation, e.g. selecting on startup.23:06
jeremy31epicmetal: It is possible but you might need to use non-GPT partitioning for it to work on anything23:06
jeremy31I have only done it on GPT and it won't boot at all on an old Toshiba but works on everything else I have23:08
MIFI got it working thank you matsaman23:13
matsamanwhat'd you do?23:13
MIF/usr/bin/env python23:14
MIFinsted of /bin/python323:14
matsamanah cool23:18
jayjowhen running tar on my .gnupg directory, I get a 'socket ignored' warning for S.gpg-agent.browser, S.gpg-agent.ssh, S.gpg-agent, S.gpg-agent.extra. Do I need to disable the gnu process before the backup? tar works, but gives an error code23:33
jayjosorry, the gpg process, not the gnu23:33
matsamanjayjo: most things you can't tar you wouldn't want to anyway23:39
epicmetaljeremy31, I didn't think UEFI firmware would do a GPT-style boot from an MBR disk23:40
matsamanjayjo: https://serverfault.com/questions/525805/getting-errors-while-making-backup-of-whole-centos-with-tar#52580723:41
matsamanjayjo: and more to the point: you won't ever know if a backup system is successful until you try restoring with it23:41
jeremy31epicmetal: I think it is possible with Ubuntu23:44
pyrophiliaI have an issue with my keyboard where  certain keys essentially just dont input right and Ive already tried changing the layout23:46
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