Eickmeyer[m]hof[m]: I'd almost recommend going to #kubuntu for much of that, since it's very much tied to the DE and not very Ubuntu Studio-specific. #freenode_#kubuntu:matrix.org00:00
Eickmeyer[m]Actually, not almost, I'd 100% recommend going there or #freenode_#ubuntu:matrix.org00:01
felix[m]2eickmeyer[m]:  even to say thanx? 😜00:02
felix[m]2well - thanx for this hint!00:02
Eickmeyer[m]Well, for the KeepassXC, Ktorrent, and other stuff.00:02
Eickmeyer[m]We specialize in the audio backend here more than anything.00:03
Eickmeyer[m]hof[m]: Glad you like it, though! :)00:03
felix[m]2If audio is not my main focus, Ubnutu Studio is still a good point to start from?00:08
felix[m]2Or could (for whatever reason) it be better, to start with a "clean" Kubuntu? And only install, what I really need?00:08
guivercfelix[m]2, there are likely pro's & con's with both. Your own needs will dictate which is best (for audio fidelity I'd use Ubuntu Studio install, as audio quality requirements drop another flavor.. in most cases it's about the same I suspect).  https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer allows you to add to desired flavor03:07
Eickmeyer[m]hof[m]: Audio is *not* the main focus, it's just the hardest thing to configure correctly, which is why we do it the way we do it. But, you have to understand, what you're asking us to help you with is a bit outside of the expertise of this channel. Since the Kubuntu team maintains the KDE Plasma stack, that's the best team to talk to regarding your desktop environment issues. For other things, such as KeepassXC, I'd recommend03:20
Eickmeyer[m]official channels for that software project.03:20
Eickmeyer[m]hof[m]: Don't take it as "we don't want to help you", but more as "there are other channels better equipped to help you." :)03:23
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Building now. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/+archive/ubuntu/studio-controls-staging03:46
Eickmeyer[m]oops, wrong channel.03:46
M86ul[m]Does anyone knows the PPA for Elements? It is for Mint 20 Cinnamon...08:30
sakrecoer[b]Does us-control not handle the situation where the soundcard is not connected on next boot?08:54
sakrecoer[b]jack is obvisouly not starting when i boot without the soundcard powered on, but then there is no sound what so ever...08:55
sakrecoer[b]us-control stated it was stopped, but pressing "stop" gave me sound back08:56
OvenWerkssakrecoer[b]: perhaps try setting JACK master device to the internal device with USB device set to none, apply, then set USB device as normal.16:58
OvenWerkssakrecoer[b]: version 2.0.23-pre and up allows setting both at the same time...16:59
OvenWerksThe release will be 2.1.016:59

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