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intheryeHi all, I already asked in #xubuntu some days ago and got no reply; so I will ask here: I have problems with my dual-monitor setup, mostly coming back from the screensaver, sometimes also after reboot/boot. The monitor layout is misconfigured; instead of my configured setup (side-by-side) I get two monitors which are mirrored (they don't have the same resolution and orientation). What can I do, or where can I start 13:10
intheryetroubleshooting? One thing I see: there is a lot of obsolete information in displays.xml (monitors which were not connected for a long time). Is there a way to reset all the monitor information and start from a clean state?13:10
ochosiintherye: which version of xubuntu/xfce are you using?14:52
ochosiif you're using 4.14 you can use "display profiles" (you can save them in the display dialog's advanced tab) to solve your problem14:53
intheryeochosi: i'm using 4.14/xubuntu 20.04. OK, I will try that. Thanks!16:33
bluesabreWoohoo, we finally got the "Verified" tag https://github.com/Xubuntu :)17:29
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ochosinoice - go us!19:01
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