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eduardashello, so KDE partition manager on Kubuntu 20.04 has a rather nasty bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partitionmanager/+bug/187370606:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1873706 in partitionmanager (Ubuntu) "Partition manager edit mount point not working..fstab not changed" [Undecided,Fix committed]06:52
eduardasbut this is supposedly fixed in version 4.2.006:52
eduardasIs there a PPA that would allow me to get this backport?06:52
eduardasDoes the Kubuntu team do bugfix updates for such components?06:53
IrcsomeBot<Papih Aziez> Ip configuration was unavailable . How fix the problem ??07:12
lordievaderGood morning07:27
lordievaderPapih: Sounds like your DHCP server ain't responding.07:27
nescius_good morning, i noticed that every time my computer initialises sound via hdmi (two monitors - one with and one without speakers) it remembers the number of hdmi and it is always ends on one without speakers.. have you heard of this issue before?08:05
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drgutmanhey, could someone help me out figuring why the soundcard doesn't work after a restart? (new kubuntu user here) in Audio Settings under the Device profiles I have 3 profiles, and even if the name of the profile is the card, I still have to select a different one, and then to re-select that one to make it work.10:23
franzopow[m]<drgutman "hey, could someone help me out f"> Maybe that is a bug in pulseaudio10:49
franzopow[m]It happens to me too10:49
drgutmanhey, could someone help me out figuring why the soundcard doesn't work after a restart? (new kubuntu user here) in Audio Settings under the Device profiles I have 3 profiles, and even if the name of the profile is the card, I still have to select a different one, and then to re-select that one to make it work.10:52
drgutmanlol sorry10:52
drgutmanI was trying to say that it might be, did you find a solution or do you have to re-select it ever time you restart your machine?10:53
heeenhow much gpu memory should xorg use on nvidia10:55
heeenI have 2 4k displays10:55
heeennvidia-smi tells me10:55
heeen/usr/lib/xorg/Xorg               1786MiB10:55
heeen/usr/bin/kwin_x11                 192MiB10:56
franzopow[m]<drgutman "I was trying to say that it migh"> It depends. It's random for me. Sometimes it doesn't happen.. Sometime it happens when I switch on my audio monitors.. No workarounds for me10:56
heeen/usr/bin/plasmashell              172MiB10:56
heeendoes that seem reasonable10:56
franzopow[m]On debian I don't have this bug btw10:56
heeendepends on the number of windows open I guess?10:56
franzopow[m]I am on kubuntu 20.1010:56
drgutmanfranzopow[m]: same here.10:57
franzopow[m]Maybe it's a bug they solved in newer pulseaudio versions10:58
franzopow[m]Because I am on debian testing too10:58
BluesKaj'Morning all11:03
drgutmanhmm, i see, debian has a newer version? maybe there's a way to update pulseaudio. it's a bit weird that it happens so random11:05
drgutmanyeah, I see that I'm using 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1 and the latest vers on freedesktop webpage is 14.0 .. I was looking in the changelog and they seem to have made quite a few changes but the terminology goes above my head.11:17
franzopow[m]I don't know, I will check which version debian testing has11:18
franzopow[m]in debian testing is 13.0511:21
franzopow[m] * in debian testing is 13.0-511:21
drgutman:)) so I guess it shouldn't be the vers11:22
franzopow[m]experimental debian is 1411:22
franzopow[m]<drgutman ":)) so I guess it shouldn't be t"> maybe the bug is caused by that version you have on ubuntu11:22
drgutmani don't know, I guess I'll have to wait for an update to see.11:23
franzopow[m]maybe it was some regression that happened with that non stable version11:25
franzopow[m]you are on 20.10 right?11:25
franzopow[m]well you can pretty much install the 14.0 version11:27
franzopow[m]because it is stable11:27
franzopow[m]I don't know what will happen with other programs that depend on pulseaudio11:27
franzopow[m]but there are good chances the bug we had is gone11:28
franzopow[m]they also mention something about moving streams11:30
drgutmanyes, that made me think that it might've been solved. at one point they say that some streams didn't get moved as supposed, but I'm not sure what it means. I'll probably wait for the update to come by the way of muon package man11:32
franzopow[m]btw I can guarantee this bug doesn't occur in 13.0 version11:35
franzopow[m]so it must be a regression11:35
drgutmangood to know, thanks11:37
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/7LtBmgeK/file_39689.jpg11:51
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> today I noticed that neofetch Kubuntu blue logo instead of Ubuntu orange logo in Kubuntu 20.1011:52
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> but it shows Ubuntu's logo in 20.0411:53
IrcsomeBot<Adi Islam> @ri5h46h, same for me :)12:04
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> Hi guys! For the first time I use a second monitor (WQHD) via thunderbold on my XPS13 that has a 1080p display. The monitor is working but only displays in 1080p. No matter if I set it as extension of the first monitor or use the WQHD monitor as the only output. Is that a known bug or is the bug myself because I am just too tthick to get how to do it? 😉12:20
nesciusfranzopow[m]: i have a similar issue with a 'soundcard' (which is a graphics card) after restart it always picks from two hdmi monitors i have the one which does not have speakers12:23
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> I am on Kubuntu 20.04 by the way.12:25
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IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/0vNbTSV5/file_39690.jpg Photo from Rishabh Narayan 🧐13:26
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> screenfetch still shows Ubuntu's logo here13:27
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IrcsomeBot<SharGen19> @ri5h46h, Which widgets ur using?16:10
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @SharGen19, just the default ones which come by default along with kde16:10
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @SharGen19, press Alt + D, A and add widgets that you want16:11
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IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> Hello there kubuntu doesn't make me use the external hd17:21
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> You may need to add the HD to the fstab file (or use systemd equivalent) if you want the external HD readily mounted on boot.17:42
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> the hd is mounted but i cant modify permissions17:52
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> so it odesn't make me save files in it17:53
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gGsQHQDvgc/18:04
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cc76PZJV6k/18:07
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> try umount'ing the drive and re- mount'ing with rw parameters.  Ensure to determine the correct file system on the drive to specify the correct  mount type.18:09
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> what should i write in terminal?18:11
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PvJgcp8RQM/18:13
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QYCK7D6xxz/18:28
IrcsomeBot<Catugnatos89> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4WPzS5SqGx/18:46
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Guest5722How can I disable auto arrangement of window?21:12
Guest5722It automatically arranges itself when I move windows.21:13
Guest5722I don't know what you call it.21:13
valorieGuest5722: not sure what is happening for you21:49
valoriewhen a move from one to another, everything stays where I put it21:50
valorieperhaps there is some "dynamic" setting I've never seen or allowed21:50
Guest5722I have a 144hz monitor but FPS shows 75 only21:52
Guest5722It is 144hz on windows 10 like it should be21:53
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Nvidia driver by chance?21:55
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> (Photo, 984x980) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/Nl6de00x/file_39695.jpg Not sure how to set AMD, on NVidia, it's next to the resolution option:21:57
Guest5722I have already set it 144hz on KDE settings21:57
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Sorry  for the delay, what does xrandr show for the refresh rate?22:39
RazathornSo on raspberry pi 4, dolphin takes a solid 5-10 seconds to open. Strace shows it grinding on looking for /dev/dri devices.  It's fast once it starts, but starting is painful.  This is on 20.10 from an ubuntu desktop pi install after installing the kubuntu-desktop packages.  I understand this is bleeding edge.23:00

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