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kc2bezMeeting time.21:03
ubot93@tsimonq2 @lynorian @HMollerCl @aptghetto @teward001 @kc2bez @The_LoudSpeaker wxl[m] guiverc @N0um3n0 @leokolb @KGIII — It's 2100 UTC Thursday which means it's time for the Lubuntu Development standup meeting. Please announce yourself for roll call! Then, in order of announcement, post your items, and be sure to mention when you're done.21:03
lubot<Leokolb> testing Hirsute and Focal dailys - calamares timezone 1904974 occuring again latest Focal dailys...21:05
kc2bezYeah the SRU fix never got uploaded.21:05
lubot<Leokolb> Done21:05
kc2bezThanks @Leokolb21:06
kc2bezThanks for the testing.21:06
kc2bezGreat to have you here.21:06
lubot<Leokolb> tks..great to be here21:06
wxli'm here21:06
wxlum i killed the lounge on discourse :)21:07
wxli'm curious about this and intend to look a bit deeper into it https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/libreoffice-export-to-pdf-has-no-text/1042/1721:07
wxland i don't tink i have too much else right now21:07
lubot<HMollerCl> @wxl [<wxl> i'm curious about this and intend to look a bit deeper into it https://dis …], Isn't vcl issue?21:07
wxl@HMollerCl don't know. so i'm going to see what i can figure out.21:08
wxlchances are, it's probably the gtk version.21:08
kc2bezThanks wxl21:08
kc2bezKGIII: welcome21:09
kc2bezWhat is new?21:09
KGIIII have two images that I'd like to share. They're examples of very trivial things that I'm not sure require bug reports. http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1607635074.png  and  http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1607635032.png21:10
KGIIIOne is weird commas that should probably be ellipses and the other is 'pcmanfm' when it should be 'pcmanfm-qt'. (I think)21:11
wxlyeah i could see that21:11
wxlthe latter one is probably an upstream problem21:11
KGIIIBoth are extremely trivial. I just notice things like that.21:11
kc2bezThat is good21:11
lubot<Leokolb> agree21:11
kc2bezNot sure if that second one is us or upstream. 21:12
wxlthe quassel one is odd21:13
kc2bezI wonder what it looks like on IRC21:13
KGIIII can start a VM and check. Gimme a minute.21:13
wxli wonder if kubuntu doesn't have the same issue21:14
wxlthey ship quassel right?21:14
kc2bezK something 21:14
wxli mean we have a quassel config somewhere, right?21:14
lubot<Leokolb> Latest Kubuntu dailys do not install at all21:15
wxlnot at all? whoa21:15
lubuntuthis is me21:15
wxlhi me21:15
lubuntuLOL KGIII21:15
kc2bezI think Ubuntu's is Lubuntu's21:15
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wxlyou're saying we're the default, kc2bez ? XD21:15
guiverckubuntu has issue with ubiquity (issue is with Qt; known)21:15
KGIIIThat's what it looks like.21:15
wxlguiverc: i thought that was an edgecase that has been ongoing?21:16
guivercit's become serious I guess21:16
guiverclast i booted kubuntu; you needed to tweak boot options just to get live to work21:16
kc2bezoh wow21:17
lubot<Leokolb> k still the same21:17
wxlthere's this https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quassel/tree/debian/patches/lubuntu_01_default_network_channel.patch?h=ubuntu/hirsute-devel21:17
wxlbut it doesn't seem to be there21:17
guivercwxl, kubuntu issue is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/190337821:17
ubot93Launchpad bug 1903378 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Hirsute) "ubiquity in live session and ubiquity-dm fails to start" [Critical, Triaged]21:17
* guiverc sorry if that was distraction; unwanted21:18
wxlguiverc: well i'm glad we're using calamares. that's all i'll say XD21:18
wxl"live session user" is not found in the repo21:20
kc2bezSo the commas must be the right thing. It comes out like this lubuntu is now known as Guest8436221:21
KGIIIIt was just plain "lubuntu" with no punctuation on my screen. The username is taken so I couldn't authenticate and it then changed to the guest nickname.21:21
wxlcan't find "live session user" anywhere in the repo21:22
wxlthe username isn't the issue, but the realname21:22
wxl1322 -!- lubuntu [~AdminUser@dsl-74-209-0-64.fairpoint.net]21:22
wxl1322 -!-  was      : Live session user,,,21:22
KGIIIAh, there they are.21:23
kc2bezyeah AdminUser. Wonder where that comes from21:23
wxlusername on that box usually21:23
kc2bezYes, I knew that :P 21:23
kc2bezI meant something must set it initially21:24
wxlright, agreed21:24
kc2bezAnyway, thanks for the rabbit hole KGIII, it looks like it needs more investigation.21:25
wxlwhat a nightmare21:25
KGIIIFrom my perspective, it was rather trivial. I had no idea it'd turn into a long process.21:25
KGIIITo which I say, "Ha! You're welcome!"21:26
wxlusually the rule is that if you come up with the rabbit hole, you have to traverse it21:26
lubot<Leokolb> well spotted!21:26
KGIIII lack the skills. ;-)21:26
wxland the responsibility to do so increases with greater triviality XD21:26
kc2bez@HMollerCl anything new with you?21:27
wxl`apt-file search` might be a good way to figure out where the config comes from21:27
wxland the config should be in `$HOME/.config` somewhere21:27
KGIIII'll spend some time tonight so see if I can spot it. I'm a horrible programmer but I know a bit. I'll see what happens and update folks.21:27
kc2bezHopefully gets copied from somewhere wxl21:27
kc2bezThanks KGIII21:28
kc2bezguiverc: over to you.21:29
guivercsorry for being late, usual support.. yesterday chasing issues with hexchat; will do a touch more research.. 21:30
guivercnot much else sorry (forgot today it was friday; hadn't thought about this)21:30
kc2bezThanks for all your help with the support.21:30
kc2bezHere is what I have:21:31
kc2bez* Uploaded Calamares 3.2.35 to hirsute21:31
kc2bez* Created a ticket for teward to help us fix CI (which he did, thanks @teward001)21:31
kc2bez* Created a task for the website update and linked the brainstorm notes https://phab.lubuntu.me/T17821:31
kc2bez* I've been trying to be more available in support and the forums, it has been active recently.21:31
kc2bezstill TODO:21:32
kc2bez* Calamares settings.21:32
kc2bez* Review guiverc's write up on art contest and make comments.21:32
kc2bezThat is all I have21:32
guivercyou've always been active in support kc2bez , that's my opinion anyway 21:32
kc2bezteward: Do you have anything to add?21:32
wxlthanks a good job!21:32
tewardyep i have one update on the ticket bit21:32
tewardSimon's SSH access to CI was pulled because of this incident21:33
tewardsince he broke it :P21:33
kc2bezOkie, I'll let you hash it out with him. 21:34
kc2bezI will let you know if there are any issues. I don't see any right now.21:34
kc2bezThanks for your help!21:34
kc2bezAnyone have anything else?21:35
guivercThank you KGIII, teward, wxl, kc2bez, @Leokolb & everyone else for your work in helping the team & our product21:36
wxland you as well, guiverc 21:36
kc2bezThanks everyone!21:36
KGIIIYou're most welcome. It's nice to give back to a project that has given me so much.21:36
kc2bezSee you next week!21:37
lubot<Leokolb> Thanks..21:37
tsimonq2<teward "Simon's SSH access to CI was pul"> Yeah you pulled access to the person who wrote the thing. :P21:39
tsimonq2I give it a month21:39
tewardtsimonq2: well, i'll give you access again but not *sudo* because your upgrade attempt torched everything21:39
tewardi literally had to spend 3 hours diging in code to remove the chaos21:39
tewardand then another hour to readd it21:39
tewardso i mean21:39
teward*angry glare*21:39
tewardnext time yo uwant to update Jenkins let me know first :P21:39
tewardso i can prepare for the major outage :P21:39
lubot<teward001> tsimonq2: I'll give you access again but you *really* need to not break stuff :P21:41
lubot<N0um3n0> :p22:11
lubot<N0um3n0> Sorry I couldn't be here today, but I had nothing to mention, I'll read your messages now22:14
lubot<kc2bez> @N0um3n0 [Sorry I couldn't be here today, but I had nothing to mention, I'll read your mes …], No worries, thanks for replying and everything you do.22:27
lubot<N0um3n0> thanks to all of you for your enormous work22:29
guivercand thanks for your work too @N0um3n022:34

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