mupBug #1906649 opened: SECRET_KEY is hardcoded and public, but actually unused <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1906649>11:19
tosarajaAnyone have ideas why my MAAS 2.8.2 doesn't redeploy anything? It constantly just boots to the old distro / shell that's installed on the server14:00
tosarajascripts been working just fine that do all the job, but today all broke as I started to test a new deployment14:00
tosarajahas something like this happend to anyone? like a flu going around? ;)14:01
tosarajaeven commissioning just boots to shell and does nothing. I tried changing the storage layout, but even then the same thing14:02
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classicsnailgood morning, odd one with 2.8.6, using the maas to upload a script, despite my script starting with #!/bin/bash, and the web interface accepting the script without issue, I can't create a script as it complains about a missing shebang, which is confusing, because it's definitely there on the first line as https://github.com/maas/maas/blob/master/src/maasserver/forms/script.py#L297 suggests it should23:06
classicsnail(unrelated, just reading the maas 2.9 release notes, there's some nice new features in there, the ovs and sriov functionality is something I was looking at coding in myself)23:45

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