coreycbdoko: dnspython should be fixed up now01:47
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fnordahljamespage: I am preparing a number of patches for SRU to the OVN package, in that breath I see that ovn 20.12 is cut which contain all the fixes. Due to the holidays they will most likely postpone actual release until January, but I wonder if we would consider updating the package in hirsute early so that we get one less release to target for the patches.04:35
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iceydoko: I don't understand your request, the only shebangs I see in ironic are: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/YXZCSZXTMV/07:37
dokoicey: you're looking into the source, not the package: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8Pw4KFJx45/08:21
iceydoko: indeed, can you point me at any docs about what to change to resolve that, as I don't know where the versioned shebangs are coming from08:22
dokoicey: the debian package doesn't ship these binaries at all08:23
dokoicey: dh_python3 --shebang=/usr/bin/python3 should do the trick08:24
dokoicey: probably not just ironic. might be a good idea to scan all the openstack packages for python3.8 / python3.9 shebangs08:24
iceydoko: decent time for it as it's OpenStack milestones time :)08:25
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seb128could anyone point me to the script generating component-mismatches.txt ?09:30
Laneyseb128: lp:ubuntu-archive-tools component-mismatches09:33
seb128Laney, thanks, I was looking in -script which has process-component-mismatches-diff , the split between those repository keeps confusing me09:34
Laneyyeah I usually end up looking in the other one if it's not in the first09:35
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sil2100jibel: thank you for the review and rebase!13:28
sil2100You rock13:28
jibelsil2100, yw13:29
dokoseb128: use comm -12 on these two, and only process those14:47
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juliankDoes anyone here use podman in hirsute?15:55
juliankI can do podman -t run debian:stretch (for example), but then I can't input anything into the shell, like the tty is  not attached15:55
iceydoko: given that the package isn't doing anything to override the shebang, it feels like this could be an update to dh-python to make it default to a less strict shebang unless specified?16:05
dokoicey: send a patch? you only change the specific shebang to the python3 one, if it's the default version (this only matters when we have two supported versions during transitions)16:08
iceydoko: so you're suggesting making overriding these shebangs to python3 _just_ for hirsute?16:09
iceyI'm trying to really understand the need16:09
dokoicey: for the 3.10 transition ... if we have python3.9 shebangs, then things are not automagically tested for the next python, and we'll issues only later16:11
iceydoko what is the target for 3.10?16:12
dokoOctober 202116:12
iceyso, we'll want the python3 shebang for the next ~year?16:12
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blackboxswrbasak: cpaelzer so the latest update-notifier upload queued to -proposed is still seeing pep8 include errors "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'pep8'". Yet if I can download the update-notifier source on xenial-proposed and run mk-build-deps --install debian/control I can see both pep8 and python3-pep8 installed as build-depends on a system that doesn't yet have pep817:54
blackboxswany thoughts on what I could be missing in the autopkgtest environment?17:54
blackboxswI can see that the debian/control of the source package does require pep8, maybe I also need to be exlicit on python3-pep8 too?17:54
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blackboxswturns out the above was my own oversight on xenial-only.... pep8 was required only for autopkgtests (not package build) so that dependency needed to be in d/tests/control not in debian/control Build-Depends23:04

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