tomreynDArqueBishop: according to a web search, mariadb considers "Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than ..." a *warning*, not an error, which may suggest that there has been another, more serious, error, causing mariadb to fail to start (which may or may not have been reported).00:17
tomreyni.e. from what i read online, mariadb would still start up nevertheless, so that you could inspect mysql variables, e.g.  SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'open_files_limit';00:21
tomreynopen_files_limit, max_connections and table_open_cache would affect the # of file handles needed00:22
tomreynalso inspect the values of the CapabilityBoundingSet in the systemd service file00:23
DArqueBishoptomreyn: well, believe it or not, doing some further checking revealed the answer was indeed, "Bishop needs caffeine because he missed something important".01:29
DArqueBishopI ran out of disk space on the root filesystem!01:30
* DArqueBishop facepalms.01:30
tomreyndon't let the coffeine suuply chain fail!01:31
DArqueBishopFor some reason the installation only used 30 GB of the 60 GB virtual disk I created, which is why I never suspected what happened.01:39
sarnoldDArqueBishop: ohhhhh man. I hate that. *nothing* reports that error well :(01:40
DArqueBishopNow that I've actually resized the root filesystem, maybe it'll actually work this time. :-p01:40
DArqueBishopYep, that was definitely it. Thank you!01:59
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kinghatmy docker-ce package is being kept back as an upgrade package. still on ubuntu 18, does that have anything to do with it?06:50
kinghatmaybe its leftover from when they changed from ee and ce?06:51
lordievaderGood morning07:27
NapI'm having a bit of an issue with jailed users whereby their username shows as "I have no name!" and directory ownerships are showing as uid gid.  Both /etc/passwd and jailed passwd are fine.  What else can affect the look-up?07:32
Guillaume____i'm having an issue with my Ubuntu server. Quite some time ago i wanted to be able to launch an x session when i want on my tv (where my ubuntu server is plugged) so i installed mate and i start it with lightdm10:00
Guillaume____but i think i have rights issues10:00
Guillaume____i have to start many stuff in sudo where i shouldn't have to10:00
Guillaume____do you know how i can check and fix this ?10:00
lordievaderInstall a login manager (like gdm/sddm/etc) and login as a regular user?10:04
Guillaume____i have lightdm10:04
Guillaume____i can log10:04
Guillaume____and i have x but i noticed that i have to sudo for everything, my rights doesn't see to be good10:05
Guillaume____i launch mate with lightdm10:05
Guillaume____like i need to sudo vainfo in order for it to work10:10
Guillaume____other wise i get XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in environment10:10
Guillaume____systemctl --user enable pulseaudio i get a failed to enable unit: process org.freedesktop.systemd1 exited with status 110:13
Guillaume____guess it has to do with xauthority or something like this ?10:17
Guillaume____also i get a unable to create directory '/.cache/dconf' permission denied so i think this is linked10:27
lordievaderI'd suppose lightdm or mate should set the XDG_RUNTIME_ENV, does it log anything about it?10:30
Guillaume____hm i don't kno10:36
avuyou might just be missing some groups10:36
Guillaume____i tried adding myselv to the video group10:37
avudesktop users are in a bunch of groups by default, like `audio`10:37
avuI have no desktop Ubuntu handy so I can't look up which groupd exactly right now but maybe somebody else here can10:37
Guillaume____what about the dconf error in the .cache ?10:37
avupermission errors sound exactly like possibly missing groups10:38
Guillaume____so i'm in /etc/group right now, shall i be in root group ?10:40
avuagain, ask somebody with a "proper" Ubuntu desktop installation to see what groups their user ist in10:41
avurandomly adding groups could of course also work out but will probably leave you in more groups than you should be in10:42
Guillaume____ok thank you !10:43
Guillaume____this was exactly it !10:46
Guillaume____thanks a lot10:46
thegodsquirrelAny clue if Ubuntu plans to push the openssl update (1.1.1i) to the 16.04 repos?11:28
andolthegodsquirrel: Sounds very unlikely, given that the current version is 1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.18, and that Ubuntu 16.04 soon will be EOL.11:33
thegodsquirrelYeah, but not until April 2021 and I figured since it was a critical patch they might11:33
andolthegodsquirrel: Any particular CVE not covered by https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.18?11:34
thegodsquirrelandol Thanks.  I would venture to guess there are a boatload of 16.04 web servers running ATM11:34
thegodsquirrelandol: I guess not.  I just verified that I have that version.  It must have either slipped in as a security update or I missed it when I updated manually.11:39
thegodsquirrelAndol: The article I read urged an upgrade to 1.1.1i to fix.  Thanks for the help11:40
andolNo problem!11:43
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