basenodewhere should custom binaries go?00:00
basenodee.g. if i download a tar, which extracts to a binary, and i want to have that binary accessible in my path, where do i put the link?00:01
basenode/usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/lib, another?00:02
Deano59basenode: should be /usr/bin/00:04
nick1Hi there, I'm fairly new to linux and having trouble with package mangement. I want to install python3.9 and pip as well. I added the deadsnakes:ppa repository to try to accomplish this. Now when I try to run sudo apt install python3.9-distutils I get dependency errors and recommended to try apt --fix-broken install however when I run that command00:05
nick1returns a different error (sub process /bin/dpkg returned error code 1)00:05
nick1I seem to be hitting a loop of errors and looking for any guidance to troubleshoot this00:05
pavlosnick1: I added that repo, there is no python3.9-distutils00:21
nick1Fair enough. Maybe it's more of a python question in that case00:22
sarnoldnick1: normally people leave their python interpreters alone; if you change the system python interpreter you may break all kinds of system scripts00:33
sarnoldnick1: if you need to do development work on python 3.9, you might be better suited to build it in your home directory, or perhaps someone's made a snap of it so you could install it alongside, or something similar. is this something virtual-env does?00:34
sarnoldbasenode: /usr/local/bin is a very common place to put things you've built yourself or downloaded from elsewhere00:35
sarnoldbasenode: /opt is also popular for "software packages", big things that are more involved than simple programs00:35
antiPoPIs there some hard disk light indicator for Ubuntu?00:43
chalcedny`my husband's computer running 20.04 was having trouble freezing (remember that error?) when he would try to open a new writer page. i suggested he remove and replace Libre Office, and he did that via the Ubuntu software center. He has the files but Libre Office won't open and now he can't connect to IRC (i'm on the same lan), the only thing i see wrong in Hexchat on his is: Error starting IdentD00:44
chalcedny`server; Error binding to Address.00:44
chalcedny`ok i can't connect now either.00:47
Bashing-omchalcedny`: Two different machines ? try rebooting the router ?00:48
sarnoldantiPoP: vmstat 1 is very handy "hard disk light" kind of thing00:48
chalcedny`im checking to see if it's settings on mine first00:48
chalcedny`lovely to see you Bashing-om :))00:48
Bashing-omchalcedny`: And good to ner able to be here :P00:49
antiPoPsarnold, thanks but I want something for desktop. I found a Gnome extension.00:49
chalcedny`mine connected, Bashing-om00:49
tomreynchalcedny`: settings -> preferences -> network -> network setup -> your address -> "bind to:" should usually be empty, unless you have a somewhat special network configuration.00:50
tomreynalso hi to you two!00:50
Bashing-omchalcedny`: Able to see the internet from his machine ' ping -c3 ' ?00:50
tomreynoh and there's no need to enable identd (settings -> preferences -> network -> identd)00:51
chalcedny`Bashing-om, he can ping the router fine, traceroute to chat.freenode.org makes it 10 hops and then goes to ***00:51
chalcedny`tomreyn, :) :) :)00:52
chalcedny`it sees ping -c3 fine, it connected to another irc network. it is still not connecting to chat.freenode.net00:59
tomreynchalcedny`: it could be a resolver, or an ipv4 vs ipv6 problem. does chat.freenode.net resolve properly, what does it resolve to?01:01
chalcedny`also, why won't libre office start for him?01:01
chalcedny`chat.freenode.net /dns for me to a lot of different addresses both v6 and v401:02
tomreynif you start    lowriter --safe-mode   from a terminal, are there error messages?01:03
tomreynplease test on the affected computer01:03
chalcedny`i'll take a look01:03
chalcedny`heh yes01:03
MIFwhat should I trust?01:05
tomreynwhen you run     host chat.freenode.net | sort     on both computers, you should see the same result.01:05
tomreynchalcedny`: ^01:05
tomreynMIF: i think you will need to add some context to your question to make it one that can be consdiered an ubuntu support question.01:06
MIFtomreyn: I was going to,01:06
MIFWhen I run systemctl status tunnel (I got it working) It says  Memory: 11.1M01:07
MIFbut when I goto webmin and find the same process I see 3533984  nsturtz  11.78 MiB01:07
MIFwith the memory being 11.78MiB not 11.101:07
MIFwhat should I trust01:08
MIFand sorry if /md01:08
archpcshould I use ubuntu server or IoT for a network gateway?01:08
MIFsorry is 1906        MIF │ tomreyn: I was going to,   this came out rude01:08
tomreynno worries, MIF.01:08
sarnoldMIF: they're the same thing:01:09
sarnold$ echo '11.7 * (1000 * 1000) / (1024 * 1024)' | bc -l01:09
chulltomreyn, (it's chalcedony) on hubby's box. It did finally connect, although he didn't do anything. lowriter --safemode returned a prompt but we don't see it running.01:09
oerheksi think it is M MiB translation, Basically MiB = 10242 and MB = 1000201:10
oerheks1024² 1000²01:10
MIFoh ok01:10
MIFI thought that M = MiB01:10
sarnoldMIF: some folks want to call power-of-two bases measurements with one name, and power-of-ten based measurements with a different name. I never figured out which one is which, in part because I think 'mibibytes' is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, and in part because I think these people are annoying pedants :)01:10
oerheksmarketing M .. blame seagate01:10
tomreynMIF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte01:11
sarnoldyeah, it was easy enuogh when it was just restricted to hard drive people01:11
sarnoldbut then some software people wanted 'mega' and 'kilo' and so on to line up with SI units. I think.01:11
MIFnow you are just confusing me01:11
MIFso are they or are they not the same?01:12
oerheks1.000.000 vs 1.048.57601:12
MIFso yes but no?01:13
MIFand where does the 48.576 come from?01:13
tomreynchull: what was the prompt about? did you try the "host" command, though?01:13
sarnoldMIF: the difference between (1024*1024)-(1000*1000)01:14
tomreynchull: <tomreyn> when you run     host chat.freenode.net | sort     on both computers, you should see the same result.01:14
MIFsarnold: where did you get that?01:14
MIFsorry, I am kinda tired right now and I had a long day01:14
sarnoldMIF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte describes the history / etc01:15
sarnoldMIF: lets try it from another angle then :)01:15
chulltomreyn, chull@vir:~$ lowriter --safe mode01:15
chullbut it's not running01:15
tomreynso no textual prompt01:15
tomreynand no graphical prompt either01:15
sarnoldMIF: if we ask a group of people how far away two cities are, one one person replies "62 miles" and another person replies "100 kilometers", we'd say they both gave us the same answer, even though they used different units, right?01:16
tomreynchull: "lowriter --safe mode" (which you wrote above) is not the same as "lowriter --safe-mode" (which i wrote)01:16
sarnoldMIF: this is the same thing as using miles vs kilometers -- one tool reports MB, the other tool reports MiB01:16
tomreynchull: i.e. you may have missed the extra hyphon01:17
MIFthank you01:17
MIFnow can I change the systemctl output01:17
MIFto match01:18
chulltomreyn, ah it started (after a freezing everything pause)01:20
chullwith the hyphen01:20
sarnoldMIF: most folks are content knowing they're within ten percent of each other at the terabyte range, and twelve percent at petabyte range01:22
MIFso just ignore it01:23
chullnow that he's connected to freenode, /dns chat.freenode.net and host chat.freenode.net | sort01:23
chull bring up the same list.01:23
sarnoldMIF: normally you're more interested in eg "this thing requires ten-ish megabytes" vs "this thing requires ten-ish gigabytes of ram" etc01:23
MIFthank you for your help, I know that I sometimes are not easy to work with01:23
sarnoldMIF: obviously if you're working with something like terabytes or petabytes of drive space, you'll want to do math to figure out how many drives to buy, but most of the time they're clsoe enough. it's like tons, tonnes, long tons, etc. most of the time they're close enough that they're all just tons, until you actually *care* :)01:24
chullMIF, you provided an interesting diversion :)01:24
MIFI think01:24
MIFthanks again sarnold01:24
tomreynchull: i do not know what "/dns chat.freenode.net" does. is this an irc client command?01:25
sarnoldMIF: sure thing :)01:26
chulltomreyn, yes. works in hexchat and xchat.. i thought every client *shrug*01:26
tomreynchull: about the system freezing, see its systemd journal:   journalctl -f01:26
chullok will try looking there01:26
tomreynchull: personally, i would have compared the outputs of the very same commands, run in a terminal, rather than that of two different commands. but i assume if the output is identical then you're fine in terms of the resolver.01:28
tomreyni have a hunch that you previously reported that hubby's system freezes temporarily, and we looked into this before. i do not remember what exactly was attempted or what the outcome was, though. if you have recordings of this, please reproduce them.01:30
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chulltomreyn, https://pastebin.com/k4rFWEMP01:33
chullchull@vir:~$ journalctl -f01:33
chulltomreyn, we got him another hard drive and ubuntu 20.04 DVD. It was ok for a few days while he loaded things and now it locks up again.01:34
tomreynchull: from what i can tell there is no unexpected message on this output. maybe you can post a full log from a clean boot.    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999901:43
chalcedny`tomreyn, i don't have a bash prompt to run that command on windows.01:44
tomreynchalcedny`: i don't understand how windows is involved there?01:45
chalcedny`my two computers are running windows 7 and 10.01:45
tomreynumm, but this channel is about ubuntu, and you reported problems with ubuntu?01:46
tomreynis ubuntu running under virtualization on those windows versions on both systems?01:46
chalcedny`tomreyn, yes. however when he couldn't connect to chat.freenode.net i tried to connect another client and compared.01:46
chalcedny`he is running ubuntu.20.04 and nothing else01:47
tomreynokay, so hubby is running ubntu 20.04 on bare metal, as the main OS, and then there are also two computers around which run windows.01:48
tomreynand you're accessing hubby's computer how? just by using his (or having him use his) keyboard and mouse, or also through the netwpork from the windows system somehow?01:49
chalcedny`tomreyn, when i get lazy (have something going on here) i can ssh to his via putty. however for graphical stuff, i walk over there.01:50
chalcedny`you know he can't speak and understand speech, right? hubby had a stroke in 1999. he does things by pasting, not typing words.01:51
tomreynchalcedny`: so i assume you have two options: (1) run gnome-terminal on hubby's computer, using the keyboard and mouse, then typing    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999901:51
tomreynchalcedny: and (2) you can use putty to connect to it and then run the same command. it should return a short URL you can then report here.01:54
tomreynchalcedny: i did remember that hubby was a bit different from many of us, didn't remember the details, though (sorry).01:55
chalcedny`awesome does he need to reboot first? his opens all his stuff when he restarts, pretty much where he left off.01:55
tomreynnot really, no.01:56
chalcedny`awesome doing it01:56
chalcedny~$ journalctl -b |nc termbin.com 999901:57
chalcedny`tomreyn, ^01:58
tomreynok, looking01:58
chalcedny`thanks :)01:58
tomreynBIOS is version F30 03/21/2019, latest is version  F60c 2‎020/10/29, according to https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450M-DS3H-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios01:59
tomreynchalcedny`: ^01:59
chalcedny`we could try updating that02:01
tomreynthis includes fixes such as "Improve USB (device) compatibility", "Improve M.2 SSD compatibility", "Enhance CPU compatibility", and at least one security vulnerability.02:01
tomreyni'll keep reading the log, but the bios update is probably a good idea generally, it's old.02:02
tomreynchalcedny`: the log cuts off earlier than i expected, can you get me another of just the kernel log?    journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999902:04
chalcedny`it's downloading the bios update02:06
chalcedny`tomreyn, ~$ journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999902:10
tomreynchalcedny`: -b is not -k ;-)02:10
chulltomreyn, details! I'll do it again from my computer in a moment. He's got a bios thing downloaded, opened in an archive. What should he do?02:15
chalcedny`tomreyn, :~$ journalctl -k | nc termbin.com 999902:19
tomreynchull: bios upgrade processes are vendor, sometimes mainboard specific. i can't tell for sure what needs to be done.02:19
sarnoldsometimes fwupdmgr update does the trick02:20
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tomreynchalcedny`: so this bios update is packaged with a DOS executable firmware flashing utility. so you could create a FreeDOS bootable disk and store those files in the archive on it, then boot into this. if you're not into DOS, this is not easy to get right, though.02:30
tomreynchalcedny`: i assume another option is to store the *.60c file on the EFI system partition or a FAT32 formatted first partition on a USB stick, then keep that connected and reboot to 'bios', then look for the firmware update from usb option there, and select this file.02:32
tomreynif the latter is supported (many UEFI systems support this) then it will be the easier approach.02:32
chulltomreyn, hubby has to go. I'll save this whole conversation for him, will you be around about this time tomorrow or something?02:42
tomreynchalcedny` / chull: the mainboard manual at https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450M-DS3H-rev-10/support#support-manual states that this mainboard supports "q-flash" (which is the vendors' product name for "you can upgrade the mainboard firmware from within its setup screens". the manual for q-flash is at https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/WebPage/20/images/utiltiy_qflash_uefi.pdf02:43
tomreynchull: probably not until the weekend, and maybe not around this time then (but some hours earlier)02:44
chullterrific thank you so much for your great help, as always, tomreyn :)02:44
tomreyngood luck!02:44
chullthanks i'll keep an eye for you :)02:44
chullhave a good one02:44
tomreynyou, too02:45
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conrwhats the difference between `nm-connection-editor` and `network-manager`?03:04
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lotuspsychjeconr: discussions and polls into #ubuntu-discuss please03:08
conrlotuspsychje: but i need help.03:08
lotuspsychjeconr: then its better you ask your real issue into the channel, so volunteers can think along with you03:09
conri checked `automatically connect to  vpn` with npm-connection-editor but when i restart i get network can not be activated error message. but it works fine if i just toggle the switch in network manager window. any ideas?03:11
sarnoldwhat error message do you get?03:16
conrsarnold: `Connection failed Activation of network connection failed`03:18
conrthen the network icon goes away03:18
conrgdm3 login screen03:18
sarnoldconr: oh bugger :/ there's not a whole lot of detail there :(03:18
conrwould it log it to /etc/syslog?03:19
sarnoldconr: no, /etc/ is for configuration, not logging03:19
conralso if i click the power icon the window shows "Wired Off" and "VPN Off" greyed out03:19
sarnoldconr: it might log elsewhere in /var/log, it might log to the journal03:20
conrsarnold: oops i mean `/var/log/syslog`03:21
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conrsarnold: ok after i login with my ubuntu user, i get another error saying `A password is required to connect to "<vpn address>"` but i've check and updated that password multiple times03:23
sarnoldconr: 'updated', is that connection set for personal use or for system use?03:24
sarnoldconr: .. if you've just updated the password in your own user account, and it's not set for system use, it can't be set to autoconnect before you log in03:25
conrsarnold: idk how can i tell?03:25
lotuspsychjeconr: try keeping a; journalctl -f open while you test your issue, and put al the output in a pastebin, so volunteers can see whats it all about please03:25
conrlotuspsychje: well its tough because it happens before logging in03:26
sarnoldconr: i think that's the "all users may connect to this network" checkbox in the general tab of the connection editor03:26
conrsarnold: its checked03:28
sarnoldconr: do you see the connection in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ ?03:30
sarnoldconr: does namei -l to the your file look sane?03:30
sarnoldconr: does that file have the password?03:30
conrsarnold: no password in the .nmconnection file03:33
conralso `namei -l .` returns `f: .`03:34
sarnoldconr: it should look ore like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dGxzZKtgRs/03:36
conrsarnold: yeah it matches that03:38
conrcan i add a password value to the file?03:38
sarnoldconr: the vpn I've got configured uses keys, not passwords, so I'm not 100% sure. I expect you can, yes03:39
conrsarnold: well yes conf keys but also its user/pass type for this vpn service.03:40
indian_yogihello everyone03:53
indian_yogiI am trying to install the linux os03:54
indian_yogion virtualbox03:54
indian_yogibut I get an error like: unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu03:54
indian_yogiwhat should I do now?03:55
indian_yogiplease help03:55
tomreynindian_yogi: which ubuntu version are you trying to install there, what's the .ico image file you downloaded called?03:55
indian_yogiI have downloaded the 32bit os iso image and my system is a 64bit Intel one03:55
tomreyn* .iso03:55
tomreynubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS?03:56
indian_yogiubuntu 18.0403:56
tomreynindian_yogi: desktop or server?03:56
indian_yogimy computer is an old one like it has core 2 quad cpu and only 4gb ram03:56
indian_yogidesktop pc03:57
tomreynok, but i mean the name of the iso file you downloaded03:57
modoryDou shi zhongguo ren?03:57
tomreyn4 gb ram and core 2 quad should actually be 64-bit capabler03:57
tomreyn!jp | modory03:58
ubottumodory: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。03:58
ubottuThe main Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:59
modory!cn | ubottu03:59
ubottumodory: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:59
indian_yogiyes my system is 64bit vt-x supported cpu03:59
indian_yogii chose the 32bit iso because i have allocated only 1 gb ram and 1 core cpu to the vm04:00
indian_yogibut my 64bit cpu should should be able to run 32 bit os kernel isn't it?04:01
indian_yogibut yes, I chose xfce one04:01
tomreynif vt-x is enabled, i would think so.04:01
tomreynxubuntu 18.04 has another ~5 months of support, and there won't be a newer 32-bit release04:03
indian_yogiso what should I do now?04:04
sarnoldwhat's the filename of the iso you downloaded?04:04
tomreynThis is really a Vritualbox support question (/join #vbox). Stop the vm, open its settings, in system -> processor -> extended features, tick "Enable PAE/NX"04:06
indian_yogioh ok04:06
conrsarnold: thanks for you help, found that you can add your pass to the conf file and it works! because keychain isn't accessible until you login first04:07
sarnoldconr: excellent! :D04:07
sarnoldconr: thanks for reporting back :D04:07
indian_yogiit worked fine now04:08
sarnoldconr: good timing, too, I'm just off to make dinner. have a good location-appropriate time of day :)04:08
indian_yogia small setting problem04:08
sarnoldtomreyn: amazing crystal ball you've got there :)04:08
conrsarnold: have a great meal.04:09
indian_yogiwhen I type inside the live os and open terminal and type arch it says i68604:11
indian_yogiso it worked now but what is this PAE/NX?04:11
ldiamondI'm booting a drive that was initially used on a qemu/kvm install (using the full disk) on a machine with an AMD GPU. At first, the text is fine, when I get to the point where it asks for my pw to decrypt the drive, all the text is very weird (like letters crushed together). I tried installing xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu and xorg-video-abi-32 or something like that, but no luck and now xorg freezes04:33
tomreynldiamond: which ubuntu version is this? fully up to date?04:37
tomreyn!recovery | ldiamond04:37
ubottuldiamond: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:37
ldiamond18.04, somewhat up-to-date I'd guess, but it's my work PC so not fully.04:37
ldiamondI can boot it, I just fixed the freezing by uninstalling the stuff I installed and installing ubuntu-desktop04:38
ldiamondBut the letters are still all crushed together04:38
ldiamondThe "Software Updates" thing says no additional drivers available04:39
tomreynlook for a bios update which provides an AGESA update04:39
ldiamondfor the GPU?04:39
tomreynfor the mainboard04:39
ldiamondAGESA is for the CPU04:40
DragonRiverldiamond, what's your issue?04:40
ldiamondThis machine has an Archlinux install on it too which works just fine04:40
tomreynyes, the update would be provided by the mainboard manufactorur04:40
ldiamondDragonRiver: pixelated image and almost unreadable text04:40
ldiamondI'm just looking for proper AMDGPU drivers04:41
DragonRiverldiamond, doesn "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" yield anything?04:41
tomreynamdgpu drivers are open source, come preinstalledm no need for "ubuntu-drivers"04:41
DragonRiverYou need to: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa04:41
DragonRiver$ sudo apt update04:41
ldiamondDragonRiver: no driver from that command.04:42
DragonRiverNo, nvidia drivers aren't open source, they aren't even in the default repos.04:42
ldiamondI'm on AMDGPU04:42
DragonRiverldiamond, add the graphics-driver repo, do apt update, then redo.04:42
tomreynDragonRiver: you're the first person to mention nvidia on this conversation.04:42
DragonRiverI thought he said he was on nvidia.04:43
ldiamonda ppa is required for drivers?04:43
mefistofelesldiamond: find out which driver is archlinux using and use the same in ubuntu04:43
DragonRiverNo, but for nvidia ones yes.04:43
mefistofelesnot even for nvidia04:43
tomreynDragonRiver: not for your hardware, i assume, though you didn'T tell us exactly which one it is04:43
tomreynldiamond: ^04:44
tomreynldiamond: you can also try booting with !dis_ucode_ldr04:44
tomreynldiamond: is this a text based prompt you're seeing the bad font on or a graphical one?04:45
ldiamondAlright, seems like that stupid DVI to HDMI cable is bad.04:46
ldiamondworks fine on another (but too short) cable04:46
tomreynby default, ubuntu 18.04 LTS would have a graphical LUKS passphrase prompt, but it's early in the boot sequence, so if you're UEFI booting, this mey be before video passover from EFIFB to the OS's04:46
tomreynoh, ok04:46
DragonRiverSo his whole problem was a cheap cable. Welcome to the 21st century.04:46
ldiamondnot cheap, but bad.04:48
ldiamondit says "prime" on it.04:49
ldiamondI need to stock up on more DP cables.04:49
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twobobhi all i would like some general advice on a sensible way to partition my drive for an ubuntu installation got 120 to spare ssd and would like to install 4 os ubuntu manjaro arch gentoo05:48
matsamantwobob: manjaro and arch are the same OS05:48
twobobyeah but nah05:48
matsamanI just saved you 30 GB05:48
matsamantwobob: anything else going to be on this disk?05:49
twobobno and i will save all downloads elsewhere eg on a hdd05:49
twoboband other large stuff05:49
matsamanso 120GB is the entire disk and all will go to four distros05:49
matsamanokay so pick one distro to manage the booting of all the others05:49
matsamanI'd say the one you're most familiar with05:49
matsamaninstall that distro last05:49
twobobi am a bit unsure on how to handle my home05:50
matsamanalso, using the live OS for that distro, use that to do the initial partitioning05:50
matsamanyou want a shared home?05:50
twobobwith debian os's if that is a do'able thing05:51
twobobeg share home of ubuntu with perhaps raspery pi/raspian or say mint05:51
DArqueBishopInstead of quadruple-booting, why don't you pick one OS as the host OS and virtualize the others?05:51
matsamantwobob: well Ubuntu is Debian, but sure you can use Debian05:52
matsamanDArqueBishop: heheh05:52
twobobthis pc is shit and likely has issues whether ram or age or something in anycase it cant handle the overhead in ram with out shitting its pants05:52
twoboband freezing05:53
twobobeg too many vm going at once05:53
twobobquestion with the sharing of home folder can it be shared with any os linux i mean, regardless of whether its like with like (arch and manjaro or debian and mint05:54
matsamantheoretically, although you're bound to run into some small issues05:55
twobobcould i make one home folder for five different distro? eg manjaro ubuntu debian gentoo raspian and one more random for gud luck05:55
twobobmatsaman, such as05:55
twobobany example will do05:55
matsamanyou would also miss out on some of the unique experiences of each distro05:55
matsamansince they'll all come with different defaults and skeletons that affect ~/05:56
twobobis that because of hidden files that control i dunno config05:56
matsamanif you merely want to share data, you could still have a shared, like, ~/Shared directory05:56
twobobi got u05:56
matsamanyeah hidden/dot files, dirs, etc.05:56
twobobmkay so...create separate home folders,only install the "os" files on the ssd, install the one i favour last (to avoid grub drammas and use that for partitioning "live")05:59
twobobshit mistake hitting enter05:59
matsamanyeah that all makes sense05:59
twobobdont worry was just trying to summarise in me head and then ask ya if on track06:00
matsaman30GB (120/4) is plenty for each of those distros, though06:00
matsamanso just the one SSD should be fine06:00
twobobnice matsaman ty06:00
matsamanfrom the live CD I would just make four equivalently sized partitions06:00
twobobgot you06:00
matsamanyou can share swap, too06:01
matsamanbut it will complicate each install process06:01
matsamanhow much RAM do you have?06:01
matsamanyeah I'd share the swap, since you've only got the 12006:02
twobobjust a quick one swap file and partition are different yes? and the later is slower06:02
matsamanyeah they're different06:02
matsamanI think they can be the same speed at this point06:03
twobobtrue lols06:03
matsamanand I think the former would've been slower, back in the day06:03
matsamanI suppose06:03
matsamanif you create a share for each home dir somewhere, you could put a swap file in there06:03
matsamanbut I think I'd just do a swap partition06:03
matsamaneither way you'll want to tell the installer to not make swap for you06:04
matsamanor at least tell it to use a file so you can easily undo it06:04
matsamanat least easier than deleting an extra swap partition and resizing06:04
twobobsweet cheer06:05
matsamanso you could do: parted -a optimal -s /dev/sda mklabel msdos; parted -a optimal -s /dev/sda mkpart primary ext4 0% 16%06:05
matsamanoh whoops06:06
matsamanI mean 0% 13%06:07
twobobthanks dude...=) the only thing i dont get about that is the meaning of 0% 16% can you learn me some please06:07
matsamanor maybe like06:08
matsaman0% 12%, then 12% 34%, 34% 56%, 56% 78%, 78% 100%06:09
matsamanthat'll give you about 26G for each distro, and 12G for swap06:09
twobobnice cheers06:09
twobobnow i get it06:09
matsamanif you don't plan on using hibernate/suspend at all, you could cut that swap way down06:10
twobobi do not06:10
matsamanoh okay06:10
twobobdown by howmuch06:10
matsamanby tons, 16GB is plenty of RAM06:10
matsamanI would just do a tiny swap file for each distro, if the installers allow it06:10
matsamanand just even 25%'s for parted06:10
matsamanmkpart primary ext4 0% 25%, then 25% 50%, etc.06:11
matsamanit won't even matter if they make small redundant swap partitions, although you could obviously squeeze more space by sharing them06:11
twobobi hear ya and ty for all the help06:12
twobobexcuse me i have to go for a bit...bk soon06:13
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
tarzeaui'm maintaining some ubuntu linux workstations with automatic updates (and also a mirror of ubuntu): now i got Packages not installed from apt repositories (3): linux-libc-dev:amd64 (4.15.0-126.129) linux-modules-4.15.0-126-generic (4.15.0-126.129) linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-126-generic (4.15.0-126.129)06:52
tarzeau(in the active monitoring), however i can /focal install the libc-dev (the kernel is there as well 4.15.0-126, however no modules for that kernel of focal.06:53
tarzeaui'm used to stuff being pulled from mirrors/upstream/ubuntu/canonical, but with that, now will they fix the kernel? the modules?06:53
tarzeauand what for gods sake is the reason for removing packages once updated/distributed by mirrors. that's a major PITA06:54
tarzeauif i have a canonical paid support contract, who can i buggerer with this mess?06:54
tarzeauand can they please stop doing that?06:54
TJ-tarzeau: modules-extra is in the archive; see http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-modules-extra-4.15.0-126-generic_4.15.0-126.129_amd64.deb07:24
tarzeauTJ-: for 20.04? linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-56-generic07:25
TJ-tarzeau: just look for yourself with a web-browser07:26
tarzeauTJ-: is not, only one with -di07:26
TJ-tarzeau: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-56-generic_5.4.0-56.62_amd64.deb07:26
tarzeauTJ-: ah true, way too large directory listing07:27
TJ-tarzeau: I see the cause of your issue; you've got the -proposed pocket enabled and your copy of the archive/Packages list is out of sync. in the amd64 focal-proposed the version has moved on to linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-5707:31
TJ-tarzeau: neither -56 or -57 are in focal-updates07:31
tarzeauTJ-: thanks for the explanation!07:34
Al_nz1Anyone understand why in step 2 it talks about a log file, then step 3 is chown that file - but the file isnt actually created by any part of the instructions? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37585758/how-to-redirect-output-of-systemd-service-to-a-file08:07
TJ-Al_nz1: why do all that when systemd enables simply StandardOutput=file:/var/log/myservice.log (same for StandardError=)08:16
terjejoin /itfakultetet08:18
TJ-Al_nz1: you might prefer append:/var/log/myservice.log so existing log files aren't overwritten08:19
TJ-Al_nz1: see "man 5 systemd.exec" for the details08:21
Al_nz1just trying to get service to run08:22
Al_nz1not working08:22
Al_nz1complains internal watch failed : internal circular reference symlink08:22
TJ-Al_nz1: so you've got something else wrong with your service definitions, or paths you're using08:31
=== Anderson69s1 is now known as Anderson69s
nubonixhey was wondering if someone can tell me / help me, im trying to add a top panel to `dash to panel` except i dont see the option to do so in the settings > fine tune09:33
dob1when I am on the File manager, in some directory, how do I create a file ??  right click menu doesn't have an option to create a file... have I to open the terminal and create the file from there?  there is just the option to create a new folder10:34
dob1found it, I have to create a Model10:46
dymHey guys! I have a user trying to connect to an ubuntu 20.04 instance, getting this error: https://i.imgur.com/OiwIzkF.png - Is this caused by his ssh key, or some other variable on the user side?10:56
BluesKaj'Morning all11:03
nichlasdym: seems to be caused by the key being generated with an algorithm not supported by the server. Perhaps it is outdated?11:04
TJ-dym: nichlas  looks like earlier than that; the key exchange alogorithms don't overlap. Client and server do not support a common algorithm11:07
dymTJ-: nichlas how would i go on about finding out what exactly it is?11:08
TJ-dym: looking at the error where it shows the server offer, looks like the server has been 'hardened' to only use very secure algos11:08
dymTJ-: It's stock ssh :) but could be!11:08
dymTJ-: I'd like to find out if maybe the client does actually use an outdated algo for the cert.11:09
dymcan i get that from the pubkey?11:09
TJ-dym: if you have access on the server, check /etc/ssh/sshd_config and look for any customised "KexAlgorithms" entry11:10
dymTJ-: no such thing present.11:11
TJ-dym: this isn't getting to the stage of looking at the certificate; the client and server are trying to agree on an algorithm to do key exchange11:11
TJ-dym: my guess is the client is old and not offering 'modern' secure exchange algorithms. Check the server's ssh logging for what the client offered11:12
dymTJ-: and that's what the log says https://pastebin.com/raw/m7XXMT0e11:13
TJ-dym: that output was for the client; use this "sudo sshd -T | grep kexalgo " for server11:14
dymOh indeed!11:14
dymTJ-: https://pastebin.com/raw/VjxeTDuU11:15
dymNo overlapping algos11:15
dymSo basically, without compromising the security of the server, i'd have to ask the client to update ssh?11:16
TJ-dym: so the putty client needs to offer more recent OR the server needs to allow older :)11:16
TJ-dym: what OS/release is the client on?11:17
dymTJ-: unknown. Just got an email :D11:19
dyminvestigating. Thanks so far!11:19
bog3nmaybe don't use putty, instead use command line?11:20
coconutAny way to make the boot messages with [esc] to stay?11:35
TJ-coconut: remove "splash" from the kernel command-line11:35
coconutTJ-, will that give me a "less" way of browsing too?11:36
TJ-coconut: huh? not sure what you mean!11:37
coconutTJ-, oh.... with "stay" i mean that i can look at the messages for minutes if necessary.11:39
ThinkT510coconut: can you not just read a log?11:40
TJ-coconut: so the real question is "suspend the console" - for a real tty Ctrl+S (suspend) and Ctrl+Q (resume) might be sufficient for your needs; else examine it post-boot with "journalctl -b 0"11:40
TJ-coconut: you won't get the 'less' navigation/search experience on pure TTY though11:41
coconutThinkT510, well, yes but the message comes by so fast that i cannot see exactly what it says lol.11:46
coconut(something about wifi and bluetooth)11:46
coconutthnx TJ-11:46
coconutmy laptop is too fast i guess11:47
ThinkT510coconut: TJ- explained it much better than I could. What I meant was why pause the actual boot process when you can let it go by and then read the log afterwards.11:48
coconutThinkT510, i just wanted to know whether that was possible actually(seeing i am not that experienced with logs either).11:52
ThinkT510coconut: I'm glad TJ- mentioned both approaches and the pros and cons. I've learned new things now.11:54
coconutAny reason for why i ubuntu would have two nm-applets sessions running without me choosing so??12:26
pyrophiliaI have to express sentimental shock at how much better things have gotten on Linux in just the last couple of years.12:39
zmijunkieHi I am trying to load iplables-rules without using the package iptables-persistant … now I even wrote an /etc/systemd/system/iptables_load.service entry12:44
zmijunkiequite similuar to https://github.com/gronke/systemd-iptables/blob/master/etc/systemd/system/iptables.service12:46
zmijunkieand I here because it would not work12:46
ogracoconut, most likely because the login manager ususally runs its own session ... check with "ps aux" which usr sessions they run under12:47
ogra(i bet you find one runs as root)12:47
zmijunkieI see a bpfilter is started …12:48
zmijunkieif I start /sbin/iptables-restore /etc/iptables.rules by hand everything is working well12:52
chalcedonyhubby's ubuntu 20.04 didn't boot and it has an error: [40709.481689] Buffer eviction failed.  yesterday, we were trying to get it a new bios and he downloaded that to a file, but didn't install it.12:56
zmijunkiehow can I start restoring on boot ?13:04
zmijunkieI am trying to install ifupdown now …13:14
franks2Hi, I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 - I am unable to find the freeipa-server package here, but it is  in 18.04. Anyone know anything about this?13:18
BluesKajAmaranth, going for a static IP without network manager in the mix?13:19
BluesKajoops zmijunkie ^13:20
PallasXDHi, i have a problem13:20
PallasXDSomeone can help me ?13:21
BluesKajPallasXD, just ask your question13:21
BlueEagle!ask | PallasXD13:23
ubottuPallasXD: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:23
zmijunkieadding a #!/bin/bash to my loading scripted worked13:26
zmijunkieProblem solved ;-)13:27
Deano59/bin/bash/ is your friend!13:27
Deano59anyone know when we'll get "openvpn 2.5.0" on Ubuntu 20.10?13:28
PallasXDok, so, 2 days ago, i installed xubuntu on a laptop packard bell EasyNote LE: EN LE11BZ. All worked, but the trackpad, i think a ETPS/2 Elantek Touchpad and it was really buggy. so i search on the web and on a topic a man said : uninstall the packet xserver.xorg.input.synaptics13:29
PallasXDso i did it and after, my toucpad AND my keyboard not work.13:30
PallasXDso i try to reinstalled the packet and reinstall the packet xserver.xorg.input.all but that not done13:30
PallasXDtSo, there is something in ubuntu like Windows to search plugandplay device ?13:31
Deano59PallasXD: /join #xubuntu13:32
Deano59maybe ##linux also, PallasXD.13:33
Deano59if you can't get your answer here. :)13:33
Deano59PallasXD: do you have SSH enabled? simply login via SSH, install the package and reboot to see if it works again.13:34
PallasXDi think ubuntu or xubuntu is the same think to serach and install device no ?13:34
PallasXDwhich package ?13:34
PallasXDi put another keybord (an external) it's not a probleme but i need that the onbord keybord work13:35
PallasXDi allready reinstalled13:35
Deano59PallasXD: what version of xubuntu? and the package name is: "xserver-xorg-input-synaptics"13:35
Deano59did you reboot? or force-reinstall?13:36
Deano59PallasXD: see /topic13:36
PallasXDbut i search the command for search input device like on windows for example, like search plug and play device or like when you install the system and find alone the devices13:36
Deano59see above...13:36
PallasXDno force-reinstall ? it's an option of apt forec-reinstall org. ....13:38
Deano59"PallasXD: see /topic"13:39
Deano59what version of xubuntu, PallasXD ?13:40
PallasXD20.4 i think ?13:40
Deano59I'm guessing you've re-installed the *actual* OS too?13:40
PallasXDSerioulsy for a problem with a keyboard ?13:41
PallasXDon ubuntu if somthing not work do you need to re-install is it the solution ?13:42
PallasXDWhat is that shitty os lol13:42
lotuspsychje!language | PallasXD13:42
ubottuPallasXD: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:42
PallasXDbut is there somthink like windows to see all periphericals and at side : driver OK : or peripherical unknow ? a command ?13:44
PallasXDan option of xinput command ?13:44
lotuspsychjePallasXD: drivers are automaticly loaded at boot, if not dmesg might give you glues why not13:45
PallasXDso maybe a could look log ?13:47
PallasXDbut which log ?13:47
lotuspsychje!dmesg | PallasXD13:48
ubottuPallasXD: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.13:48
Deano59PallasXD: try looking at dmesg like lotuspsychje said.13:48
zteamHi, I'm using Luks encryption on a SSD with Ubuntu 18.10 , but I realized that reading and writing too the SSD is painfully slow, (according to Ubuntus Disk utilty read-speed is about 150 MB/S, upon further investigations I realized AES-NI appears to be off, but I can't find any way turn it on, any advice?13:48
PallasXDok do i just run dmesg ?13:49
Deano59PallasXD: "sudo dmesg" or run as root.13:49
PallasXDi will put a ssh acces and i back after13:49
Deano59zteam: isn't 18.10 EOL?13:49
PallasXDbecus with a ssh acces i can put the result if you need13:50
Deano59!paste | PallasXD13:50
ubottuPallasXD: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:50
zteamDeano59, ops my bad, Ubuntu 20.10, not 18.10 :P13:50
zteamBTW, running dmesg -wH is usually a a great help because it "follows the log in realtime as new events occur13:52
sxclimaxHelp! Ever since updating ubuntu yesterday, my wifi internet has been cutting in and out.13:57
lotuspsychjesxclimax: did you have a new kernel in your updates?14:01
PallasXDok i am here, so before ... the problem i had that : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Vs7yDR7SY8/14:05
PallasXDthe ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad but now that is not shox :(14:09
sxclimaxlotuspsychje: how do I know?14:11
PallasXDand that is my dmesg from now : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hgHZYXwdjj/14:11
lotuspsychjesxclimax: check your dpkg logs14:11
PallasXDHey the guys, now that work !!!! what is this .. OS :D14:17
Deano59what did you do, PallasXD ?14:17
PallasXDnothing just wait 5 minutes ?!14:17
PallasXDbut i am not sure if i reboot all is OK !14:18
Deano59try and reboot PallasXD14:18
PallasXDbut the touchpas is buggy, for exmaple you open Firefox and when you move the mouse that scrool but not move the cursor14:20
PallasXDand the cursor block a lot !14:21
PallasXDi don't know the probleme but on this version is very buggy for the touchpad14:22
PallasXDwith an external usb mouse all is done14:23
bog3nmaybe touch it with one finger14:24
PallasXDno but i think the driver think a puch a button or i don't know14:26
lotuspsychjePallasXD: you have secureboot enabled, that can influence a lot of things on your system, did you try disable it yet?14:26
Deano59how can I force the default config with lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings? I'm installing to different systems and it pauses the installtion asking to press N. :/14:26
PallasXDbut somebody say the say think on the web the touchpad sunaptic is buggy on the 20.0414:26
lotuspsychjesomebody on the web eh?14:27
PallasXDsomeone ?14:28
PallasXDsorry for my english :p but we could speak french if you want :p14:28
PallasXDok that is nice you can to return to sleep14:30
PallasXDand big Thanks for ... the interest for me ;)14:31
PallasXDXubuntu is not really speed, i installed this on a 1.3Ghz dual core processeur but Firefox is not fluid14:32
PallasXDis it firefox ?14:33
PallasXDok another think, i installed xubuntu os because i want launch a rtmp sever14:36
coconutogra, i do only see one session running under ps aux14:36
PallasXDi looked that i can do it with nginx and a mod14:36
ogracoconut, so only one nm-applet process now ?14:37
coconutyeah, but i have two in my panel14:38
PallasXDmy project is : with zeor Latency run on a pc the OBS software and put it on this pc (serveur RTMP) and on this same compture launch ZOOM and share a screen on the stream14:38
PallasXDsomeone have experince for share elements on zoom with sero lantency ?14:39
PallasXDzero !14:40
Deano59any idea what to google? :D having no luck. :(14:42
PallasXDi thank that i can do it with one pc on windows os with OBS and push on my xubuntu RTPM Server and on my server use ffplay to show the stream and use ZOOM to share14:42
coconutogra, in htop i have 5 nm-applet s running. Does that makes sense?14:43
ogracoconut, did you turn of "show user threads" in htop config ?14:43
* ogra has never understood why that isnt on by default14:44
coconutogra, no my htop config is default14:44
ograright, then fix that so you dont see application threads14:44
PallasXDbut maybe somene can tell me how create a RTMP serveur on ubuntu other like nginx ?14:45
ograthe option is "hide userland process threads" in "display options"14:45
ograits a silly and confusing default14:46
Deano59yo, anyone got a soultion?14:50
coconutogra, thanks ogra, now i have only one sessions showing in htop :)14:52
ograyeah ... and also only one firefox per window and such ...14:53
ograshowing threads is interesting for programmers when debugging but not really for users14:53
coconuti see, thanks again14:54
bog3nDeano59: try searching for reinstall or reconfigure14:54
=== thafaker7 is now known as thafaker
Deano59bog3n: you think this'll do it? sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm14:57
Deano59I only changed the background image of lightdm.14:57
Deano59but it's always asking me to press N>14:58
bog3nDeano59: https://wiki.debian.org/LightDM14:58
Deano59saw that, doesn't help. UNLESS I'm missing something?14:58
Deano59what does "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" do? I want to keep the config. lol15:00
bog3nit worked for me when i was changing display manager15:00
Deano59bog3n: ^15:00
Deano59did it ask you to press N?15:00
Deano59and did you edit the config?15:00
bog3nno i didnt15:01
Deano59then you're of no help... lol15:01
bog3nyou asked for default config so that's all i know about that15:02
Deano59no, I did not. I asked to force pressing N because it's pausing my installation.15:03
Deano59bog3n: I want to keep lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings config, running dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" will do that?15:04
Deano59so I don't need to manually press N? :D15:05
yodl_73Hi everyone. Does anyone here have experience with Landscape (SaaS)?15:06
coconutWhich file in system log viewer shows me the messages which come by when booting?15:06
sxclimaxlotuspsuchje: here's my dpkg log https://pastebin.com/kzeUbKUn15:06
sxclimaxlotuspsychje: here's my dpkg log https://pastebin.com/kzeUbKUn15:06
bog3ncopy config and paste it afterwards15:06
bog3nif i understand right15:06
Deano59bog3n: ?15:07
Deano59me? or? :D15:08
zteamOkey, so I noticed something very weird, if I run a a benchmark on /dev/sdb1 (FAT 32, unencrypted) I got a readspeed of 467 MB /S now, if I run a benchmark on  /dev/sdb2 (ext4, unencrypted I got a readspeed of 221 MB/S), why do I get only half of the speed with EXT4?? :-(15:08
pavloscoconut: in log viewer, look at system15:08
bog3n"LightDM configuration file is found at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf. Making a backup of the original configuration file is recommended."15:09
Deano59bog3n: yeah... so?15:09
bog3nyou wan't too keep config for what?15:10
Deano59because I put a custom background.15:10
Deano59I don't want to have to keep pressing N. lol15:11
coconutpavlos, so far i can see, something with system is not in the list15:11
Deano59bog3n: ^15:11
* Deano59 is confused15:11
coconutpavlos, you meant syslog section15:11
coconutpavlos, you meant syslog section ?15:12
pavloscoconut: No, you wrote about Log Viewer, an app15:12
bog3nDeano59: when do you have to press N?15:12
coconutpavlos, yeah system i cannot find there15:13
Deano59bog3n: when it detects I edited the lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings...15:13
pavloscoconut: my 20.04 shows on the left side, important, all applications,system security hardware15:13
Deano59bog3n: what does dpkg-reconfigure lightdm do? does it over ride the config?15:14
pavloscoconut: https://imgur.com/a/BFJDMeG15:14
bog3nDeano59: yes15:15
Deano59then I don't want to do that, bog3n.15:15
sxclimaxDoes anyone know why my ubuntu wifi has been cutting in and out frequently since my system update two days ago? Here's my dpkg log https://pastebin.com/kzeUbKUn15:15
bog3nso make backup of config file15:15
coconutpavlos, i do not have any of those in "System Log Viewer" (mate though)15:15
Deano59I want to keep my custom background.15:16
Deano59bog3n: you're confusing me, brother.15:16
Deano59and *not* really helping. :)15:16
bog3nso why can't you reconfigure it and set custom-background again after that15:17
pavloscoconut: in ubuntu mate, look at the dmesg (on the left side)15:17
Deano59excuse me?15:17
Deano59bog3n: you're confusing me, brother.15:18
Deano59at what part?15:18
* Deano59 is confused15:18
Deano59so basically... don't edit the greeter... set it up.... then....  dpkg-reconfigure?15:19
Deano59bog3n: ^15:19
bog3ndpkg-reconfigure, and set background afterwards15:19
Deano59so I don't have to press N?15:19
Deano59so basically... don't edit the greeter... set it up.... then....  dpkg-reconfigure?15:19
Deano59thanks, gonna try.15:20
pavloscoconut: https://imgur.com/a/p3SPkqc15:20
TJ-Deano59: to be clear "/etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf" shouldn't be touched by lightdm package being reconfigured since it comes in a different package15:22
coconutthank you pavlos!15:23
Deano59TJ-: yeah so I'm even more confused now :D15:24
Deano59mv /home/pi/rpi4-image-builder/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf /etc/lightdm/#15:24
Deano59mv /home/pi/rpi4-image-builder/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf /etc/lightdm/*15:24
Deano59then I run: dpkg-reconfigure lightdm15:25
Deano59so it'll NOT ask to press N? :D15:25
TJ-Deano59: that "*" on the end is WRONG15:25
Deano59I was correcting myself because of the # lol15:25
Deano59then I run: dpkg-reconfigure lightdm15:25
TJ-Deano59: why are you calling dpkg-reconfigure?15:26
Deano59yes TJ- ?15:26
Deano59because I'm setting a custom background with lightdm :)15:26
Deano59or is the mv enough?15:26
Deano59I should probably rm -rf it too.15:27
Deano59TJ-: I have this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YMq2MV6ctS/15:28
TJ-Deano59: I have those here but I see no interaction between greeter and lightdm15:28
Deano59see above please.15:29
Deano59unless I'm missing something, TJ- :D15:30
TJ-Deano59: dpkg-reconfigure only executes "/var/lib/dpkg/info/lightdm-gtk-greeter.postinst --configure" which doesn't do much except sets an alternatives entry15:30
Deano59yeah all I want is a custom background with lightdm...15:30
TJ-Deano59: sorry, I referred to the wrong postinst script, doh15:31
Deano59but it keeps asking me to press N for setting the "default/me" config.15:31
Deano59TJ-: ^15:31
TJ-Deano59: hmmm! let me look at the scripts again15:31
TJ-Deano59: the script executed is /var/lib/dpkg/info/lightdm.postinst15:32
sxclimaxHel all, I updated ubuntu two days ago. I use an ASUS X303UB. I have Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS. Since updating, my internet connection is extremely spotty. It keeps disconnecting the wifi ~ once per minute. The wifi works fine on other devices so it's not the internet. Could my wifi drivers have been damaged in the update? Any ideas about what's going on? https://pastebin.com/kzeUbKUn15:32
pavlosDeano59: what are the contents of /home/pi/rpi4-image-builder/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf15:32
Deano59!paste | sxclimax15:32
ubottusxclimax: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:32
Deano59pavlos: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CqVSnRNqmr/15:33
Deano59TJ-: so what should I do to NOT press N?15:33
TJ-Deano59: I'm trying to understand why you're even being prompted15:34
Deano59yeah idk lol15:34
bog3nDeano59: issues on raspberry pi usualy get away after reboot15:35
TJ-Deano59: I've put your entry here and done 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" and I get no debconf prompts15:35
Deano59did it wipe the config, TJ-15:36
TJ-Deano59: what specific config?15:36
Deano59mv /home/pi/rpi4-image-builder/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf /etc/lightdm/15:36
sxclimaxDeano59: do I really need to copy my dpkg output to paste.ubuntu.com? The pastebin link works fine15:37
Deano59sxclimax: pastebin is full of ads...15:37
TJ-Deano59: it didn't touch /etc/lightdm/lightm-gtk-greeter.conf - and it shouldn't because that does not belong to the lightdm package15:37
* Deano59 is confused :D15:37
TJ-Deano59: what release are you using?15:37
Deano5920.10. I don't like the groovy background so wanted to change it. but have to keep pressing N :/15:38
TJ-Deano59: 'pressing N' do you mean when executing "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" you're being asked? do you get asked of you don't make a change to that file? it could be something has changed on 20.10 packages (I'm using 20.04)15:46
vadiquehola, is current problem with chromium known?15:46
vadiqueif not, it SIGTRAPs on every page, including empty15:47
Deano59TJ-: idk exactly. I just know I change lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf and get asked to press N. when the file was untouched, it did NOT happen.15:47
Deano59I think it's because I'm changing the contents of the file.15:48
Deano59I'm trying now, will post if it happens again, the exact line. :) TJ-15:51
TJ-Deano59: the point is that file doesn't belong to lightdm, but to lightdm-gtk-greeter15:51
TJ-Deano59: I've checked lightdm package and nothing has changed since 201915:51
TJ-Deano59: are there any files in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/ ?15:51
TJ-Deano59: have you got lightdm-autologin-greeter installed?15:52
sxclimaxIs there an option to pay for ubuntu technical assistance? I15:55
TJ-Deano59: are you aware, if you're using the GUI, you can use "sudo lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings" to reconfigure the greeter ?15:55
TJ-sxclimax: Ubuntu Advantage from Canonical15:55
sxclimaxIs there an option to pay for ubuntu technical assistance? I'd be willing to pay money to have my questions answered faster15:55
TJ-sxclimax: can you show us "pastebinit <( journalctl -b 0 -u NetworkManager )"15:56
TJ-sxclimax: I don't see signs of drops/reconnects in that current log15:59
TJ-sxclimax: ahh yes, further back ...08:37/08:38 ?16:00
sxclimaxThere are definitely issues. See, for example this from a moment ago16:00
sxclimaxpastebinit <( journalctl -b 0 -u NetworkManager )16:00
sxclimaxFailed to contact the server: [Errno socket error] timed out16:00
sxclimaxThe internet cut out one minute ago16:00
sxclimaxThat was right before the command went through successfully16:01
TJ-"08:37:52 seth-UX303UB NetworkManager[912]: <info>  [1607607472.3327] connectivity: (wlp2s0) timed out"16:01
TJ-and "10:48:47 seth-UX303UB NetworkManager[912]: <info>  [1607615327.3306] connectivity: (wlp2s0) timed out"16:01
sxclimaxWhat does that mean?16:02
Deano59TJ-: so I need to do: "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm-gtk-greeter" ?16:02
TJ-sxclimax: I suspect there's a connectivity monitor that is failing to reach something.16:02
TJ-sxclimax: try, in a terminal, "nmcli monitor" and see if any clues appear16:03
Deano59TJ-: same error but with squid this time: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s87bPqZkwF/16:03
TJ-Deano59: shouldn't need to use "dpkg-reconfigure" at all!16:03
Deano59TJ-: see above. :D16:03
TJ-Deano59: does a difference show what has changed?16:04
Deano59nope, exact same error.16:04
Deano59what's me to press N.16:04
TJ-Deano59: the only thing I can imagine is you've used some kind of deployment/config tool that has altered the package config defaults16:04
TJ-Deano59: you can't press "D" to see the difference?16:05
Deano59I cancelled it, give me 5.16:05
TJ-Deano59: try that on your lightdm and show us what is reported as different so we can be sure what is going on16:05
coconutCan someone take a look at my dmesg for possible problems?(it's a thinkpad)16:06
TJ-sxclimax: did you install NetworkManager as a snap by any chance?16:09
sxclimaxConnectivity is now 'full'16:12
sxclimaxNetworkmanager is now in the 'connected' state16:12
sxclimaxConnectivity is now 'limited'16:12
sxclimaxNetworkmanager is now in the 'connected (site only)' state16:12
sxclimaxTJ-: I just followed the automatic updates16:12
sxclimaxI'm not sure what that  nmcli monitor output tells us16:12
TJ-sxclimax: see "man NetworkManager.conf" and CONNECTIVITY SECTION where it describes 'enabled' and an optional URI that can be configured16:13
TJ-sxclimax: aha - so that suggests whatever URI is being used for the connectivity test is sometimes not working - if we can determine what it is we may be able to figure out why it is losing it - could be an IPv4/IPv6 issue, or a gateway firewall, or something else16:15
TJ-sxclimax: if there is no connectivity options in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf there may be something in /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager-intern.conf16:17
sxclimaxNothing in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf16:19
sxclimaxSorry. Nothing in NetworkManager-intern.conf16:20
sxclimaxThis is all there is in the NetworkManager.conf16:20
TJ-sxclimax: it does say uri may be set via a dbus call; in which case it'd be in the intern file. If there's nothing there it suggests you may have discovered a regression16:20
sxclimax/var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager-intern.conf this file has a header but no commands. The file exists.16:21
TJ-sxclimax: same here; all commented out16:26
TJ-which ubuntu release is that?16:26
TJ-sxclimax: the reason I asked earlier about whether it was installed from a snap is this: https://core.docs.ubuntu.com/en/stacks/network/network-manager/docs/reference/snap-configuration/connectivity-check16:31
sxclimaxTJ-: so what can I do to fix my internet connection?16:31
sxclimaxI have Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS16:32
TJ-sxclimax: but if it is installed via standard debian archive package (using apt) then that won't apply16:32
TJ-sxclimax: unless the 18.04.5 package has snook something similar in, but then we'd expect to see it in the config files16:32
ioriaTJ-, Connectivity check can be disabled in System Settings -> Privacy -> Connectivity    ( afair )16:36
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TJ-ioria: on Gnome I presume? from what we saw NM doesn't show it enabled, which is strange16:38
ioriaTJ-, yes, on gnome16:38
Newb101Hi, if I encrypt something with GPG symmetric, will I be able to unlock at anytime knowing the passcode?16:40
Newb101something like gpg --symmetric --cipher-algo AES256 2015.tar.gzi am concerned if I gpg come back in 10 years and I cant open it even if I remeber the pass codeis this this possible?16:41
tensorpuddingHow do you reinstall the AMD graphics drivers on Ubuntu 20.10?16:48
tensorpuddingI can't get a graphical environment at all, doing a normal boot, it just hangs and doesn't even load ttys.16:50
tensorpuddingIn recovery mode I get ttys, and lots of errors logged about mode setting16:50
oerhekstensorpudding, for what GPU exactly?16:50
alazyMy computer's desktop UI froze but I can still ssh in. dmesg says this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HfM3vXNNjm/ Is this a hardware fault? I've tried sudo systemctl restart display-manager.service but it just hangs. Can I recover without rebooting?16:51
tensorpuddingIt's a Radeon R7 25016:51
tensorpuddingoerheks: ^16:51
oerheksamdgpu/openradeon are in the kernel, automaticly loaded..16:52
oerheksmaybe nomodeset is your fix?16:53
ubottuSystems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.16:53
tensorpuddingI am getting these errors with nomodeset16:53
tensorpuddingWithout nomodeset, I don't even get shell16:53
tensorpuddingWith nomodeset, I get to the console but it is not possible to start gdm16:53
tensorpuddingIt just hangs.16:53
tensorpuddingAnd during boot I get errors about amdgpu and vgacon16:54
tensorpuddingI'm trying to restore from a backup I made yesterday morning, to fix issues I had with a bad apt upgrade.16:54
tensorpuddingAfter a struggle I finally got it booting at all, it was initially panicking until i reinstalled grub16:55
faLUKEhello. I'm trying unsuccesfully to open a python script with right mouse button. It lists "python" as the application with which I can open it, but when I exec the operation, it doesn't do anything. Is there a fix for this?16:57
faLUKEon 20.0416:57
TJ-faLUKE: "open" with 'python' would execute it and terminate16:58
faLUKETJ-: no, it's a gui16:58
TJ-faLUKE: what is?16:58
tensorpuddingI had zero issues booting this same machine in a live 20.04 environment.16:58
alazyfaLUKE: maybe you need to set the executable bit? chmod +x myfile.py  ?16:59
faLUKEalazy: already set16:59
alazydoes it start normally if you run it via cli?17:00
TJ-alazy: unless the file-manager reads and uses the file shebang that wouldn't happen - sounds to me like there's a desktop entry attached to files of type .py' to do "python filename.py"17:00
TJ-faLUKE: it could be an python version issue - I wonder which actual executable the file-manager's 'python' is calling (python2.7, python3, etc.)17:01
faLUKEalazy: of course17:02
faLUKETJ-: the menu lists two pythons, then you can choose to launch it with 2 or 317:03
faLUKEanyway, I'm seeing that there are too many bugs in 20.0417:03
faLUKEis this known/shared ?17:03
TJ-faLUKE: if it's running with X, then check ~/.xsession-errors for clues17:03
faLUKETJ-: I don't want to find a workaround, I want to know if this is a know issue17:04
faLUKETJ-: I paste the application, wait17:04
TJ-faLUKE: you'd need to search on the bug tracker for the file-manager, or desktop environment17:05
tensorpuddingOh I got GDM restarted, it has a single monitor at 640x400...17:05
tensorpuddingbut it's still progress17:06
tensorpuddingGraphics listed as llvmpipe, which I've never heard of17:07
pavlosfaluke: you should have a python sym.link in /usr/bin/17:07
leftyfb* faLUKE has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:07
leftyfbalso, I question whether or not the python script is getting executed in the background as it should be. They haven't said if the script should show anything in a GUI or not. I doubt it does.17:08
pavlostensorpudding: you're running in a VM17:08
leftyfbfaLUKE: what does the python script do? Are you sure it's not actually running in the background and terminating at the end as designed? You won't see a normal python script when run in the way you're attempting to unless you told it to display some GUI interface17:09
faLUKEhere is the python script:17:10
faLUKEplease, try it17:10
faLUKE(It's a dummy window)17:10
tensorpuddingpavlos: Sounds like I made no progress at all then.17:10
tensorpuddingI'll try rebooting though, see what happens17:11
TJ-faLUKE: it executes and terminates immediately17:12
faLUKETJ-: not true17:12
faLUKETJ-: did you try it on a terminal?17:12
TJ-faLUKE: if I run it with python2.7 it does, it I run it via python3.8 it shows a GUI dialog window with a terminal session window17:13
faLUKETJ-: it's a python317:14
faLUKEnot python217:14
tensorpuddingSuccess, it seems to be working okay now.17:14
tensorpuddingI can be productive, after losing only eight hours of my free time.17:14
tensorpuddingAnd my initial problem is still here, I can't figure out why my gnome-shell extensions are disabled17:15
faLUKETJ-: can you open it with right mouse button?17:15
TJ-faLUKE: that is the test I was doing17:16
TJ-faLUKE: I chose both 2.7 and 3.817:16
faLUKETJ-: you don't have to run with 2.7, it's a python 3 app17:17
leftyfbfaLUKE: you should really create a .desktop file to open a pythin script like that. It's the proper way to do it17:17
faLUKETJ-: did you open it with the right mouse button?17:17
faLUKEleftyfb: desktop files are with tons of bugs in 20.0417:18
faLUKEleftyfb: and "open with python" is the proper way17:18
pavlosfaluke: tried it with Spyder ... https://imgur.com/a/kKF7gVI17:20
faLUKEpavlos: as said before, I can run it with a terminal17:21
leftyfbfaLUKE: not in a GUI environment it's not. Also, using a desktop file it works for me17:21
faLUKE[18:21] <leftyfb> faLUKE: not in a GUI environment it's not.  <--- what do you mean?17:22
faLUKEleftyfb: you are wrong, really17:22
faLUKEleftyfb: on Windows, you can open the python script with right mouse button17:22
leftyfbthen use Windows17:23
faLUKEleftyfb: I'm asking if is there a fix for this17:23
faLUKEor, better, if this is known: it's clearly a bug17:25
TJ-faLUKE: I've already told you it worked for me; have you tested it in a new clean user profile ?17:25
faLUKETJ-: "it worked is generic"... you did not answer to my question. I asked if it worked, for you, with right mouse button. (not to be polemic, sorry)17:28
faLUKETJ-: I upgraded from 18.10 with do-release-upgrade17:28
TJ-faLUKE: I already told you, twice, it did17:29
faLUKETJ-: well, thanks17:29
faLUKETJ-: then, consider that I have upgraded with do-release-upgrade. Could this mess up the user profile, x stuff etc.?17:30
TJ-faLUKE: upgrades shouldn't ever touch anything under /home/17:30
faLUKEI remember that I had similar issues when I used do-release-upgrade17:31
Deano59TJ-: :) I done this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JpdQCbkz3Z/ and no longer get asked to press N. :D17:31
TJ-faLUKE: my feeling is it is invoking python 2 under the hood17:31
faLUKETJ-: ok, now: how can I test it in a new clean user profile? Do I have to create a new user?17:31
faLUKETJ-: I don't think so, I see two different python icons in the applications list17:32
TJ-Deano59: why are you using 'rm -r' (--recursive) when you're aiming it at a file not a directory? that could accidentally do some major damage if you misfire!17:32
Deano59TJ-: it's all good :D17:33
Deano59works great.17:33
Deano59I made some changes, compiling AGAIN now. :D17:33
TJ-faLUKE: that wasn't what I was thinking; I was wondering if despite the icons the 'python3' icon invokes python 2 since , if I recall correctly, python2 was the default on 18.x and I suspec /usr/bin/python is a symlink to /usr/bin/python2.7 or similar17:34
faLUKETJ-: right, let's check17:34
TJ-faLUKE: whereas on 20.04 /usr/bin/python defaults to point to /usr/bin/python3 whatever I think17:34
TJ-faLUKE: that's why leftyfb  suggested creating a .desktop file that calls the correct interpreter explicitly17:35
faLUKETJ-: but this is not my target17:35
faLUKEI want to understand why it doesn't work in the way I tried17:35
TJ-faLUKE: add a few lines to to the start of the .py file that open a file and report what /proc/self/cmdline  contains to a 'log' file - then you can be sure which interpreter is being invoked17:37
faLUKETJ-: not so easy17:38
faLUKETJ-: but, did you test it on 20.04 ??17:40
rapidwaveI've installed 'vue' globally using NPM...but it isn't installed where expected. Can anyone tell me where to look for it?17:40
rapidwaveHas Ubuntu customized where packages are globally installed?17:40
TJ-faLUKE: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/T6KQfSZDJY/17:40
TJ-faLUKE: /tmp/python.log contains "/usr/bin/python3.8^@/home/tj/Desktop/test.py^@"17:41
TJ-faLUKE: when it fails I see "/usr/bin/python2.7^@/home/tj/Desktop/test.py^@"17:42
faLUKETJ-: tested. It doesn't write anything to /tmp/python.log17:44
faLUKE(if I open with right mouse button)17:44
TJ-faLUKE: so, it isn't being executed17:44
faLUKETJ-: yeah17:44
TJ-faLUKE: what file-manager is it?17:44
faLUKETJ-: GNOME nautilus 3.36.317:45
faLUKEbut did you try it with 20.04 ??17:45
TJ-faLUKE: so I wonder if nautilus has some saved settings that point to the wrong executable. I'd highly recommend testing in a brand new user profile in case this is due to a saved setting17:46
faLUKETJ-: no, it can be that nautilus has some security default17:46
faLUKETJ-: you did not answer: did yoy try it with 20.04 ?17:47
TJ-faLUKE: that could also be it but then why would it have an executable on the context-menu as a launcher?17:48
TJ-faLUKE: I'm using 20.0417:48
TJ-faLUKE: this is a bit old but may still be relevant: https://askubuntu.com/questions/286621/how-do-i-run-executable-scripts-in-nautilus17:48
faLUKE[18:48] <TJ-> faLUKE: I'm using 20.04 ---> then it's not a security default, and it has to work on my env as well17:49
faLUKETJ-: which nautilus?17:49
TJ-faLUKE: no, because I do not use Gnome17:49
TJ-faLUKE: this is why I asked which file-manager you're using17:49
faLUKETJ-: as said before, I'm experiencing too many bugs with 20.04 on gnome17:49
faLUKEthen I only have to switch to another wm17:50
faLUKETJ-: thanks!17:50
faLUKETJ-: you proved it's a gnome bug17:50
TJ-faLUKE: no I didn't17:50
faLUKETJ-: what else could it be?17:51
TJ-faLUKE: all we've proved is it MAY be related to a nautilus setting17:51
TJ-faLUKE: the article I linked you to suggests that may be the case17:51
faLUKEbut it is a bug as well, because nothing is reported17:51
TJ-if the setting is to not execute text files then it isn't a bug17:52
faLUKETJ-: yes, it is, because nothing is reported17:52
TJ-From what I can tell Gnome is written with dumb non-techie users in mind and so it applies 'safe' defaults to protect them from shooting themselves in the foot17:52
faLUKETJ-: I can't edit preferences17:52
faLUKE[18:52] <TJ-> From what I can tell Gnome is written with dumb non-techie  ----> in fact I can't even edit nautilus preferences17:53
faLUKEdefinetly a bug17:53
leftyfbnot a bug17:53
faLUKEyes, it's a bug: nothing is reported17:54
faLUKEat least a warning should be raised17:54
faLUKEor python should be blacklisted17:54
leftyfbfaLUKE: it's a design decision(one you do not agree with), not a bug17:54
faLUKEleftyfb: please read again...17:54
faLUKEat least a warning should be raised, or python should be blacklisted17:55
faLUKEIIRC, in the previous gnome python was blacklisted17:55
faLUKEin fact I opened the application with a .desktop file17:55
leftyfbfaLUKE: ok file a bug then if you feel it is a bug17:56
faLUKEleftyfb: again: it's not "my feeling"17:56
leftyfbfaLUKE: then file a bug17:56
faLUKEleftyfb: I'm going to ask to #gnome people if they have feedback...17:57
faLUKEbut anyway, it's better if I switch to another wm17:57
leftyfbfaLUKE: so you're not going to file a bug?17:57
faLUKE[18:57] <faLUKE> leftyfb: I'm going to ask to #gnome people if they have feedback...17:58
faLUKEthanks for your help, anyway17:58
faLUKEnow: what is the safest way to add a lxde wm to ubuntu?18:04
faLUKE# sudo apt-get install lxde ?18:04
howudodatquestion on openvpn/systemd my firewall runs openvpn server so I can connect when I'm on the road.  works fine.  I have two other remote offices and I want now my firewall to connect to the two other offices.  I can do openvpn --config remote1 and it connects fine as does openvpn --config remote218:13
pavlosfaLUKE: according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LXDE that's the command18:14
howudodatsystemctl start openvpn@client looks for client.ovpn  I'd like openvpn service to start the server and connect both clients (or maybe one service for server and one for all clients)18:14
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godane!ao https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/09/politics/hunter-biden-tax-investigtation/index.html19:28
godanesorry wrong channel19:29
mefistofeleswas going to say :P19:29
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osehttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/z9n7ZhjHFQ/ I'm a bit stumped as to how I'm supposed to resolve this amdgpu-dkms is not configured yet thing, anyone got any pointers? I was in a pretty stable state wrt. graphics drivers, wanted to try an upgrade, and now I'm in limbo it seems19:43
ose"amdgpu depends on amdgpu-dkms however: Package amdgpu-dkms is not configured yet.", but what can I do to configure?19:45
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stevelittHow do I get Ubuntu Desktop to boot to CLI instead of GUI?20:20
stevelittI'm using Ubuntu only to get good Chromium/Jitsi performance, most of my work is via Void Linux.20:21
EriC^^stevelitt: add to the grub kernel line "systemd.unit=multi-user.target"20:21
stevelittThanks EriC^^ . In which file do I make that change?20:22
EriC^^stevelitt: no problem, /etc/default/grub  add it next to "quiet splash" then save and run "sudo update-grub"20:26
stevelittThank you EriC^^ !20:27
kinghatif i mount an ntfs drive with mount -t ntfs-3g it gets owned by root, but when i try to chown it to my user it doesnt change ownership from root. is that expected because its an ntfs drive?20:38
faLUKEtahnks pavlos20:46
EriC^^kinghat: yeah, you need to mount it with whatever 'fake permissions' you want20:46
kinghatcan i mount drives so i dont have to chown them every time?20:47
kinghat(not referring to ntfs specifically)20:47
InteloI was a sudoer. Something happened. What could it be? There is no other user on this pc. I got: user1 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported20:49
EriC^^kinghat: if it's a fs that supports permissions then you only have to chown once, e.g. ext4 others are different20:50
EriC^^kinghat: try something like "mount -o rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1000,group_id=1000,default_permissions,allow_other /dev/sdxY /mountpoint"20:51
kinghati mean, using sudo mount always mounts the drive as root.20:51
EriC^^kinghat: replace 1000 with your uid/gid from "id" s output20:51
EriC^^kinghat: you mean you want to mount without having to use sudo/root?20:52
kinghatwell i dont mind that i just just dont want the mountpoint and subdirs to be owned by root20:53
kinghatbecause then i have to got chown them.20:53
EriC^^kinghat: as i said, fs that support permissions such as ext4 will save the permissions, others wont and you have to specify how to mount them when you mount them via -o ....20:54
kinghatinteresting. mounted many ext4 drives the other day and had to chown them every time.20:55
EriC^^kinghat: your /home is ext4, so thats why your home dir permissions and files dont change on remounts20:55
EriC^^kinghat: are you sure it wasnt exfat?20:55
kinghatnah they were freshly partitioned and added file systems to20:56
EriC^^ah, on 2nd mounting you wont have to chown anymore then20:56
kinghatoh, it was because they were fresh?20:57
EriC^^kinghat: yup20:57
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wolframHello, having just migrated from Ubuntu 16.04 to 20.04 I notice the lack of /var/log/auth.log. This here https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/351877 tells me how I can access the same information. This is good but I am not sure, is there no file for me to, say, tar and upload elsewhere if I wanted to check it from my desktop?20:58
kinghatcool. also i think i dont need to specify ntfs/ntfs-3g when mounting those drives. just mount like normal 🤷‍♂️20:58
sarnoldwolfram: is rsyslog not installed? or is your rsyslog not configured to log to that file?21:00
EriC^^wolfram: what's "systemctl status syslog" give you?21:01
EriC^^kinghat: yeah it should figure it out21:01
kinghatthanks for your time EriC^^ 🙏21:03
wolframsarnold: EriC^^ The output is "Unit syslog.service could not be found." but you know, it occurred to me that it is an LXC-based instance so it is possible that various things are turned off. If you say that it can be configured back then I shall work with that, grazie.21:03
EriC^^kinghat: no problem21:04
EriC^^wolfram: i think you need to do "sudo apt-get install rsyslog"21:05
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momihwy now!22:15
AavarIs raid1 the safest type of raid? I have 2 disks in raid0 and I have just bought and installed 2 more (different size). Should I put them in a new raid0 or do something else?22:37
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