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studio__alguien habla español?06:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:38
lordievaderGood mornig07:02
IrcsomeBot<vino kho> oh well thats weird07:25
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Guest29053new to Kubuntu 20.04 -- mounted external usb 3 drive - why cant i create new folder using dolpin -- its greyed out ?08:20
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BluesKaj'Morning all12:08
GSMarquisTop of the morn to u13:29
BluesKaj'morning  GSMarquis13:31
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Dave[m]<austin "doe anyone know how to ubuntu on"> Well theoretically it should be the same installation as any other device...... what problems are you encountering?16:46
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Guest43159Dolphin, Discover, Konsole and Firefox Web Browser fonts look italic on desktop18:35
Guest43159How can I change that?18:35
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legomaniacfrhello im using ubuntu with trinity deskto18:39
cfabercan someone give me a hint to the installer name on kubuntu ?18:48
drgutmanHello, I have a weird question, I have set the upper edge of the screen to show KRunner but I want my left and right edges to switch desktops left and right. Unfortunately when I set Switch desktop on edge to Always the Upper trigger disapears and it doesn't show KRunner. Does anyone knows of a way to have both behaviours at the same time??19:11
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Guest55385new to Kubuntu 20.04 (and linux) i have added a new hard drive (got it formatted & partitioned) PLS recommend where i should mount it /media OR /mnt /? and WHY ?22:35
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tomreynGuest55385: you should not manually mount to /media, utilities such as udisks2 would mount file systems there (i.e. when you access it through a graphical file browser)22:46
tomreynyou could mount to /mnt/somewhere if you wanted to persist it in /etc/fstab22:46
tomreynanother option is to monut it to a subdirectory of your users' $HOME, so you'll have it in close reach.22:47
Guest55385is dolphin a graphical file browser ? i DO want it to persist (show up) every time i boot22:55
Guest55385back-story -- i am bringing over all my "data" music, doc, vids, pix from WIN 7 -- i have read how to move a subfolder (like pictures) to another drive22:56
Guest55385but i DONT want to move the whole "HOME" directory22:57
Guest55385also, does Kubuntu have a gui program like disks in Ubuntu - i am newbie22:58
tomreynGuest55385: yes, dolphin is a graphical file browser23:04
Guest55385OK - i mounted it using disks (i installed it) to /mnt/xxxxxxlong number but now i cant create a folder in there using dolphin ?23:05
tomreyni'm not sure what the qt / kde equivalent to gnome disks is23:05
tomreynif your user can't write there then it's probably a matter of file system permissions23:06
Guest55385hmmmm yeah ok (i looked in dolphin its mounted in removable devices section) and properties>permissions says it belong to user root group root23:10

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