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GunnarHjHi cjwatson, there is a ddtp issue where your input would be valuable. It's bug #1161743 as from comment #7. (Please disregard the original purpose of the bug report.)10:41
ubot5bug 1161743 in ddtp-translations (Ubuntu) "Typos in russian description for package libxml2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116174310:42
juliankGunnarHj: we have already had discussions on that15:27
juliankGunnarHj: I added a comment with a summary of our findings15:32
GunnarHjjuliank: Thanks. I replied on the bug report.16:59
juliankGunnarHj: That's not a useful reply17:00
GunnarHjjuliank: ??17:01
juliankI don't speak swedish17:01
juliankpermission denied I guess17:01
GunnarHjjuliank: But you basically only see English output, right?17:01
juliankGunnarHj: The package you show is only in release pocket, so I don't understand what you want to tell me17:01
GunnarHjjuliank: That apt-cache shows the English package desciption, not the Swedish one.17:02
juliankGunnarHj: works in a clean system, so this is a problem on your end17:05
GunnarHjjuliank: Are you sure? Actually I reproduced the issue described by the user "vofka".17:08
juliankGunnarHj: Yeah I added a comment describing what I did. I launched clean lxd container, added the locale, ran apt update, and the localized description was there17:08
juliankGunnarHj: Are you sure that the locales are configured correctly for both the user and root?17:09
juliankLike, if the cache was built by root with LANG=C at some point for example, then the cached content will be used, and you don't see any translations17:10
juliankGunnarHj: So if I  installed a new package or removed the cache files in /var/cache/apt, ran LANG=C apt-cache show foo; future apt-cache show foo will be in english too17:11
GunnarHjjuliank: I think I get it. The root locale (in /etc/default/locale) is en_US.UTF-8.17:12
juliankRight, then you need to configure your apt.conf17:12
juliankto always do sv17:12
GunnarHjjuliank: This is not very user friendly.17:13
juliankIf you copy the language file, I assume it invalidates the cache, and you get a new one built17:13
juliankIt's the way it is, and it's not going to change in a stable release17:14
GunnarHjjuliank: Right. But I see room for improvements for the future. :)17:15
juliankNot in the next few years, though17:15
juliankI did not add space in apt to record locales in the cache file so I could invalidate them :D17:15
juliankor rather :(17:15
GunnarHjjuliank: Now you lost me. Anyway, I'll make a couple of further tests for my own understanding.17:17
juliankGunnarHj: Well you gotta set Acquire::Languages { "sv_SE"; "sv"; en"; "none"; };17:19
juliankin apt.conf.17:19
juliankAPT can't guess which languages your users have.17:19
juliankAnd the cache does not record with which languages it was created, so it can't know if its invalid17:19
juliankAnd apt-daily.service might delete your sv translations because it's not configured to download them17:20
GunnarHjjuliank: Why can't APT query the environment?17:20
juliankIt knows what your language is, it does not know it's missing it in the cache and needs to regenerate it17:21
juliankAlso, apt update might delete the files anyway, because the system is improperly configured - if it is run by root as part of e.g. apt-daily.service, it won't even know that your user has a non en_US locale17:21
GunnarHjapt update is run as root by definition, I suppose.17:23
juliankWell sort of17:23
juliankIf you run it with sudo, you have locale settings from your user, not root17:24
GunnarHjjuliank: So I guess that an alternative to play with apt.conf is to change the locale in /etc/default/locale, reboot, and run "sudo apt update".17:24
juliankGunnarHj: that works too17:24
juliankI do think apt should be able to see that it already had translations for other languages than currently configured and continue to download and add them to the cache, though, but not sure17:25
GunnarHjjuliank: Thanks for your guidande so far. I'll play around a bit later, and maybe come back with a thought or two.17:29
juliankGunnarHj: so I also need to do some further digging but I believe apt should always add all translations it has to the cache; i believe it already updates all locales it currently has17:30
juliankI certainly ran LANG=C apt update and it did not delete the sv translations17:31
juliankbut let's take this to #ubuntu-devel, or join us in #debian-apt on OFTC17:31
GunnarHjjuliank: Ack. This is apparently not the right room for this discussion.17:32
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