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RyuKurisu[m]Hmm, apparently KDialog isn't installed by default? 🤔11:29
lubot<kc2bez> It is not. I think all the dependencies are though.11:30
RyuKurisu[m]Yeah, "sudo apt install kdialog" only installed kdialog11:31
RyuKurisu[m]713kB of extra disk space installed, would it be worth adding to the default install?11:32
RyuKurisu[m]And for the iso size it is only the "archive size" right?11:33
RyuKurisu[m]<lubot "<kc2bez> It is not. I think all "> Do you know why it isn't included? 12:35
lubot<kc2bez> We don't have anything that requires it. wxl and I have discussed the idea of including it though.12:37
wxlRyuKurisu[m]: kdialog rules. i use it ALL THE TIME at work. that said, i have yet to be convinced of a reason why we must include it. it's something anyone can install.19:05
RyuKurisu[m]<wxl "RyuKurisu: kdialog rules. i use "> I personally think it is a **must have** in a Qt oriented desktop environment 😏19:08
RyuKurisu[m]What kind of work do you do where you can (and do) use Kdialog? 🤔19:09
wxlRyuKurisu[m] it's not really very useful if you don't do much scripting, which i think is more than most people do.19:12
wxlas it's relevant here, part of my job duties are helping to maintain a small business network. we use kubuntu19:13
RyuKurisu[m]How can I check if I've manually installed a program for a script?  For my autorotate script I'm using a few programs, like inotifywait, which I'm not certain are in the default installation.19:15
RyuKurisu[m]Because if that is the case I could add some scripting to install that and kdialog for instance.19:16
wxlthis should offer clues https://askubuntu.com/questions/32007/how-to-find-manually-installed-packages19:17
wxl@kc2bez: miracles never cease. looks ike libreoffice is fixed. https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/libreoffice-export-to-pdf-has-no-text/1042/19 wonder if we couldn't push to get it backported to focal?19:58
lubot<kc2bez> We probably need libreoffice backported. Unless we can figure out what commit(s) are necessary. What are the chances of that?20:56
wxlit's remotely possible it's just the vcl but i doubt it20:57
lubot<kc2bez> One of the bug reports Hans filed said things would not be resolved until 7.something.21:00
wxlwe should probably just backport21:01
wxlor maybe more appropriately get someone to backport (libreoffice team)21:01
lubot<kc2bez> That would be nice if they will. I think overall there is enough improvement in moving up. Hopefully they agree.21:02
wxlespecially if we detail our woes they might be into it21:02
wxlhere they are: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice21:13
wxlthey have a public mailing list it seems. it's a bit quiet, admitedlly21:13
wxltheir PPAs seem behind 21:15
wxlmaybe that might be something leo might want to follow up with21:16
* wxl wants to nominate someone to be the new libreoffice expert XD21:16
kc2bez+1 on nominating someone XD21:17
wxland i don't want to be it XD21:17
kc2bezSame here. XD21:18
* RyuKurisu[m] thinks LibreOffice should take design hints from OnlyOffice 😏👍21:25
wxli would rather it just work right21:26
RyuKurisu[m]That first, but their UI still looks like it was made in 2003 without ever getting a proper update.  No, the Notebook interface isn't really an improvement with their old icons (beside it working like jank)21:31
wxlwell their default it the gtk VCL and, yes, gtk sucks21:32
RyuKurisu[m]Even in GTK based environments it looks ugly 😏22:31
RyuKurisu[m]Sorry, watched Avatar the last airbender for a bit 😊22:32

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