tosarajaok. Just by updating to MAAS 2.9.0 I got rid of that loop of norhing happening. But now i end up with 2 hosts in grub and one passed succesfully. damit07:35
danboidI cannot get a juju controller to successfully deploy any more. I think I've made a mess of my maas network settings15:37
danboidI'm thinking it might be a good idea to reset my maas controller settings15:38
danboidI deleted a few subnets earlier15:38
danboidI don't know what the default set is as I've never done a fresh install of maas15:38
danboidDo I need to have at least one ipv6 subnet, even if I'm not using ipv6?15:39
danboidI think a better question is15:45
danboidIs there a script/command I can run to do a health check of my MAAS controller and its DNS/network config?15:45
danboidI have had it working already but DNS (bind) has always been flaky so I've been trying to fix that but now it seems worse15:46
danboidSo, short of me fully re-installing my maas controller from scratch, is there a quicker way to start over?15:47
danboidUbuntu 18.04 / maas 2.4.215:48
danboidI keeop on getting16:01
danboidERROR failed to bootstrap model: bootstrap instance started but did not change to Deployed state: instance "e8g7pp" is started but not deployed16:01
danboidOK looks like16:05
danboidsudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller16:05
danboidMight be worth a shot16:05

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