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lotuspsychjegood morning03:02
* TJ- waves03:04
* Bashing-om smiles back at TJ- 03:06
lotuspsychjehey TJ-03:08
lordievaderGood morning07:02
ducassegood morning07:20
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SubzyroHey, anyone use encfs for crypto?11:52
SubzyroI use Veracrypt volumes actually, but i noticed that if a single byte change, the volume gets completly unreadable. So i think encfs store files like regular files on the linux filesystem so if 1 sector of the harddrive is dead or something, all the rest should still be there.11:54
daftykinsi've got an ecryptfs /srv path for the data store of a Nextcloud instance on a VPS12:11
daftykinsi think i'd heard it's considered the past and another deprecated Canonical thing though? not sure12:11
SubzyroI see.12:19
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daftykinssingle byte ruining a veracrypt volume doesn't sound right, though12:21
TJ-daftykins: correct re ecryptfs; use the kernel-internal encryption options with ext4 and other file-systems now12:39
tomreyn"fscrypt" for the user space utilities22:09
tomreynTJ: those are busy times here, too. i passed the previous day + night working (third of three days of sick leave) to get that presentation ready in time.22:10

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