wxlLubuntu is planning on adding some localized channels. I trust that's not something I need IRC Council permission about?23:06
daxwxl: correct. preferred channel naming would be #lubuntu-de, #lubuntu-es, etc. if there are existing channels that you need access in, feel free to poke one of us :)23:10
wxldax: thanks, i saw that about the naming convention. what would i do for a channel targetted towards arabic?23:10
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية23:12
daxi guess something like that23:12
wxlah there we go23:13
dax-ar is argentina, which i guess is why they spelled it out instead23:13
wxlmakes sense to me23:13
wxlwell yeah and arabic is very widely dispersed geographically23:13
wxlVERY widely23:13
daxyeah, exactly23:13
daxoh, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/Coordination might be useful too23:14
dax(not the name list, that's largely out of date. the stuff above that, including the chanserv commands)23:14
wxli was going to say the name list might prove useful :) but ok23:15
tomreynISO 639-1 for arabic would be ar indeed23:15
daxtomreyn: yeah, channels are named by country rather than language though, because they're theoretically run by LoCo teams23:16
wxlaccording to the docs, the #*ubuntu-YY format is supposed to use ccTLD conventions for YY23:16
wxlwith exceptions for regions23:16
daxwhich is fine for e.g. -es, but get a bit weird sometimes23:16
tomreynoh ok23:16
daxespecially since there aren't exactly a lot of active LoCos any more23:16
wxlso just to confirm: Spanish -es Portuguese -pt Italian -it Russian -ru Japanese -jp French -fr Chinese -cn German -de23:17
wxlthanks again23:17
daxi think some of those exist already, so yeah, feel free to poke if you end up needing channel access to one23:17
wxlwell since these are meant to be specific to lubuntu i don't think they do23:18
wxlit would be news to me!23:18
daxoh, i knew there was another document for this23:18
daxi meant https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels not the Coordination link (though that one has useful info too)23:18
wxlyep i got that23:18
wxlso it seems someone already got #lubuntu-it?23:38
wxlalso #lubuntu-fr23:39
daxlooks like it. do you want me to get them transferred to you?23:42
wxlplease and thank you23:42
daxwxl: both done23:50

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