t0mb0guiverc, Are you also seeing the issues with the top header and feed icon??01:09
guivercwhich issues sorry  (hexchat issues on hirsute, so not monitoring irc as closely as cannot on my primary box)01:10
guivercokay I see now... there are NO links, just orange bar at top\01:13
guiverct0mb0, ^01:14
t0mb0I was seeing a similar thing on the old site too hmmm01:14
t0mb0ah wait i lie! must have been some caching on my browser01:14
t0mb0i think it's a theme customiation that got lost. the upgrade to k8s meant themes were not in the expected path so required a reload01:16
t0mb0which I imagine meant a loss of customisations01:16
t0mb0hmm no - it does appear to have copied the customisations, the theme just isn't rendering them -_-01:23
=== guiverc is now known as guiverc_focal
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