Nelluktrying to migrate a wordpress site from one VPS to another (ubuntu 20.04) and set up the new apache install.   what would cause an apachectl reload to fail, but configtest gives 'Syntax OK' and apachectl restart updates the changes? the error log doesnt appear to have anything relevant (#httpd seems dead)02:31
NapHow can I get the "SSH_CONNECTION" environment variable passed to a jailed (using chroot) user that only connects via ssh?06:51
Nap(I'm using jailkit to configure the jails)06:54
lordievaderGood morning07:02
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RoyKNap: what's in it?11:31
NapRoyK :  Its required for 'gitolite' (git server script), together with "SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND".  I got it working by updating /etc/jailkit/jk_chrootsh.ini11:33
RoyKNap: good12:00
Napyea, all working now.12:00
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xibalbais there a way I can tell my ubuntu system to hit a specific server for PTR records of a specific subnet19:40
JanCif you have a local DNS server, it might have options to configure such things19:53
JanC(local DNS proxy)19:54
xibalbayeh, i'm in a goofy setup where the AWS DNS server is my resolver, and I've got a AD box managed by another team but they're goombas so i dont want them to handle my PTRs19:56
xibalbayeh there is no good way to do this without setting up my another internal DNS box, or using views w/my authortative box i have on the outside to allow recursion from my systems. then put PTRs in my zone files19:57
xibalbathanks JanC19:57
JanCmaybe dnsmasq can do that19:57
JanCI haven't read its documentation in a long time :)19:58
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