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ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide00:14
Deano59ddelony: ?00:17
Greenfroganyone remember me coming in to ask how to fix chromium closing after click to open?00:19
Greenfrogi thought someone might be interested how it was fixed00:20
Greenfrogguess not, sorry for the bother00:20
oerheksGreenfrog, feel free to post this, or better, on askubuntu00:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:23
Greenfrogi'm not asking its fixed00:24
Greenfrogbut i guess this is not the norm here00:24
Greenfrognever mind then later00:25
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InteloI was sudoer, suddenly got this: user1 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.  < What can be the reason? I worl alone00:27
matsamanmy first guess is that you, as user1, tried to sudo but weren't in sudoers00:28
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sarnoldIntelo: the last time I saw someone get this message by surprise, they had used usermod(8) directly to add their user to a new group rather than adduser(8), and had managed to remove their group membership that allowed them to use sudo00:33
sarnoldIntelo: though it's possible you're logged in to another machine :)00:34
geniiWhen you don't add the -a for append, it wipes out your membership in all other groups except the one you just added it to00:34
AdorableGNUSold my MacBook for financial reasons, got me a cheapo laptop, and I am pleased with how Ubuntu is running on the machine. Any devs that may be present, top job.00:46
matsamanaw yeh00:48
mefistofelesAdorableGNU: nice to see that00:50
AdorableGNUmatsaman: so I've ditched the AppleGNU name. This is my original anyway. haha00:52
matsamanAdorableGNU: it's a lot of money to spend for a particular visual appearance00:59
matsamanand I include apple M1 in that; there will be half-price non-apple hardware with the same performance on the market01:00
ldiamondDoes anyone know how to `startx` from ssh such that it uses TTY1 and displays on the monitor?01:10
ldiamondi.e. I want to start X and not have to plug a keyboard on it.01:10
matsamanldiamond: DISPLAY=:001:10
matsamanoh sorry01:10
matsamanldiamond: no that's what you want01:10
matsamanldiamond: I mean, startx should just work, IIRC01:11
matsamanbut if you wanted to run something from commandline in the running X, DISPLAY=:001:11
ldiamondyea that "sort of" works.01:11
ldiamondIt doesn't error out, but it doesn't display anything on the screen01:11
geniiI think you also need to export the display01:11
ldiamondit starts an x server, but I still only see the TTY1 prompt on the monitor01:12
ldiamondI didnt try exporting01:12
matsamanif you export you don't have to prepend to every command01:12
matsamanand I mean01:12
matsamanthere's the issue of backgrounding01:12
matsamanyou might want, like, DISPLAY=:0 nohup foo &01:12
sarnoldldiamond: you may need to add chvt(1) to switch to the right virtual terminal01:12
ldiamondparse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (Permission denied)01:13
matsamanmight require root01:14
matsamandon't think you should need it, though01:14
matsamanchvt, that is01:14
matsamanwhen you start X it should take care of that01:14
ldiamond`chvt 1` -> Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console01:15
ldiamondI tried with `sudo`, but startx still didn't work01:16
matsamanstartx isn't usually run as root, IIRC01:20
matsamanbeen a while since I've not used a DM01:21
sarnoldand if you're logged in via ssh, the terminal in question isn't a vt, so the 'usual' vt switching may not work quite right either01:26
sarnoldit might be easier to just configure the system to bring up X at boot01:26
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Nelluktrying to migrate a wordpress site from one VPS to another (ubuntu 20.04) and set up the new apache install.   what would cause an apachectl reload to fail, but configtest gives 'Syntax OK' and apachectl restart updates the changes? the error log doesnt appear to have anything relevant (#httpd seems dead)02:25
guivercNelluk, you could try #ubuntu-server02:30
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Deano59waveform: you about my man?03:04
ldiamondOh well, I wanted to properly `startx` remotely, turns out my supermicro mb has a web based interface where I can type, that'll do it.03:35
ldiamondnot ideal but w/e for now03:35
sarnoldnice though :)03:36
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isomarigreetings, please. can someone tell me an "easy" way to upgrade from 19.10 to 20.04? My machine reached end of life during the lockdown.07:28
ThinkT510!eol | isomari07:30
ubottuisomari: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:30
Jari--morning everyone07:54
InteloIf I have encrypted OS partition, will doing this be ok and will not damage anything? I think no because the encrypted partition is not ext4. But its some encrypted formate. Tune2fs -c 5 -i 10 /dev/sda08:06
Steristheyall! been a LONG time since I've messed with any intel devices and i definitely remember there being intel desktop ISOs for installation.... those don't seem to exist anymore.... is the installer unified now?08:12
blindboygruntGood morning all08:21
Sterist(Sterist) heyall! been a LONG time since I've messed with any intel devices and i definitely remember there being intel desktop ISOs for installation.... those don't seem to exist anymore.... is the installer unified now?08:34
lotuspsychjeSterist: do you mean intel graphics installer or?08:40
InteloIf I have encrypted OS partition, will doing this be ok and will not damage anything? I think no because the encrypted partition is not ext4. But its some encrypted formate. Tune2fs -c 5 -i 10 /dev/sda08:42
Steristthe OS installer image08:43
amosbirdHello, can I add my username to /etc/sudoers in ubuntu 18?09:52
amosbirdlike  amos ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL09:53
amosbirddoes it work? It seems no here. Do I need to configure other stuff? like PAM?09:53
jtfidjeHey all! Is there anyone here that could help me understand some awk issued? I have a somewhat complicated line that works fine locally, but when run on a server ( where I can only push to and trigger build with gitlab ) i get "awk: line 1: syntax error at or near ," which is not super helpful xD If someone wanna look at it, how do you prefer I show the command? Pastebin maybe?09:55
EriC^^amosbird: it should work09:57
EriC^^amosbird: what does 'sudo -l' give you?09:57
amosbirdEriC^^: http://oracle.wentropy.com/6b1cb2d7de8ca0f510:03
EriC^^amosbird: you're logged in as root it seems10:03
amosbirdhmm, veryok10:04
amosbirdhow can I save current iptables rule on ubuntu 18?10:06
amosbirdsave and reload it on next boto10:06
stemidamosbird: try installing the iptables-persistent package10:16
onioI am having problem deleting directory in Ubuntu-mate10:48
Guest20what is threadpool, how does it impact the QPS?10:48
oniowhen I issue a ls -l I get the following output "drwxrwxrwx 0 username username      512 Dec 10 23:45 mydirectory"10:49
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spicywallI have 20.04. Wifi performance deteriorates when I close the lid of the laptop. This happens only in Ubuntu and not in the dual boot Windows 10. What are the things I can do? Thanks.10:57
jeremy31spicywall: have you disabled wifi power management?11:09
spicywalljeremy31 yes, I have. That was the first fix I did.11:09
jeremy31spicywall: changed the network manager conf file?11:10
spicywallWhat change in the network manager file?11:11
jeremy31This command keeps Network Manager from enabling power management>  sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf11:13
oniohello need help with a directory that I am have problems deleting on linux. I issue the the command "rm -rf mydirectory" get no error but directory still there11:16
OnepamopaGuys, is there a way to determine which core and thread are a "pair"? I need this in order to set taskset cpuset properly. The processor is TR 3960x with 8 CCDs each with 3 cores/threads. lscpu reports: On-line CPU(s) list: 0-47; Thread(s) per core: 2; Core(s) per socket: 24; Socket(s): 1; NUMA node(s): 111:21
SlartibartCan anyone tell me why whoopsie keeps filling the syslog with lines like these, https://pastebin.com/0eZ76N9e and hogs the processor? The log seems to say that whoopsie skips something(reporting?), but it keeps retrying immediately afterwards..11:35
ograSlartibart, well, something seems to dies/exit-nonzero/crash in a loop on your system11:37
Slartibartogra: Yes, exactly! But why? And what? And how to find out what the problem is?11:38
ograheh, good question ...11:38
ograwhat you see is only the processing of the existing reports it seems11:39
ograso it might not actually die *right now* anymore11:40
ograSlartibart, you should have /var/log/apport.log ... that might have some details11:41
Slartibartogra: How do you mean? The CPU usage seems to have a definitive opinion on the matter, that it's running(and keeps dying)11:42
SlartibartRight, checking apport.log right away, good idea :)11:43
ogranah, the cpu usage just tells you whoppsie tries to analyze a report (core file)11:43
ograthat doesnt mean that report is current11:43
Deano59question; why does "apt install chromium-browser" give version 85 via snap but "sudo snap install chromium" gives version 87?!11:45
ograDeano59, i doubt it does ... teh deb just calls "snap install chromium" so you will get 87 either way ...11:47
Deano59ogra: doubt it? I've seen it happen several times, try it yourself. "doubt" it... haha.11:48
Slartibartogra: Ah, ok, I misunderstood you then. apport.log is all error lines :-p. But only 5 of them.. sigh.. SessionManager doesn't seem related to whoopsie either.11:48
ograDeano59, there is no 85 in the snap store anymore ... so you will definitely have 87 installed after you install the deb11:51
ograSlartibart, sounds like gnome-shell ... do you have a crashing/misbehaving extension (or had one that filled whoopsies cache with reports)11:51
tntSo .... what am I supposed to put in sources.list for my 19.04 install, whatever I seem to put results in erros fetching packages ....11:53
Deano59ogra: can you not, please. if you try it yourself, you'll see.11:53
tnt"deb [trusted=yes] http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ eoan main restricted"  is what I'm trying now but to no avail ...11:53
Deano59tnt: EOL.11:54
ograDeano59, i cant because i have never installed the deb ... but this is how snaps work ... snap install will only get you whats available11:54
tntDeano59: I know and ?11:54
tntPackages still exist ..11:54
Deano59then ogra you can't help, simple. I asked a simple question *why* the versions are different, I honestly don't care *what* you say because I've seen it happen several times.11:55
ograDeano59, check "snap info chromium" ... there is an "Installed:" line11:55
Deano59ogra: /care - "apt install chromium-browser" has a different version than "snap install chromium" simples......11:55
ograDeano59, the versions differ because the deb doesnt get updated every time the snap does ... its a mistake that the deb has a chromium version string in the first place11:56
Deano59I thought you said "doubt it" ? :D11:56
ograbut also not a major one, since it is after all just cosmetic11:56
ograi said i doubt you ghet an old version 🙂11:56
ograbecause with snaps you cant really11:57
Deano59IT IS v85 vs snap install is V8711:57
MaikDeano59: probably because snaps get newer version where apt doesn't11:57
ograwhatever the debs version is doesnt matter11:57
Deano59ogra: bye.11:57
Deano59thanks Maik :)11:57
ograthats what i said (a few times), thanks Maik11:58
Deano59no ogra you said you "doubt" it happened when it HAPPENED several times.11:58
Deano59ogra: if you can't help, don't know what you're on about... be quiet and make us all happy!11:59
ograDeano59, ok, let me rephrase "i doubt you got an old chromium when using the deb because it will just call snap install and there is no 85 in the snap store, so you will get the latest chromium whatever the deb has for a version"11:59
Deano59sigh, you're wrong.11:59
ogranote that i have just discussed that with our chromium maintainer, he will perhaps simply change the deb versuion to something like 1-ubuntu112:00
MaikDeano59: he basically told the same: "the versions differ because the deb doesnt get updated every time the snap does ..."12:00
ograwe do that for other transitional deb->snap packages too12:00
ograDeano59, feelk free to drop by in #snappy ...12:01
Deano59Maik: but he called me a liar and said "doubt it" lol12:01
ograi didnt call you a liar12:01
Maikwill read the back log when my brain has awoken12:01
Deano59"ogra | Deano59, i doubt it does ... teh deb just calls "snap install chromium" so you will get 87 either way ..."12:01
ograi tried to explain to you that the deb version doesnt matter here 🙂12:01
tntDeano59: I'm following what's on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades  but I can't install what I need for any kind of upgrade if I can't do apt-get update witout errorr. ..12:01
ograthats exactly what i said ... where am i calling you a liar12:02
Deano59"i doubt it does ..."12:02
ograyou are getting the chromium 87 package no matter what the deb version is12:02
Deano59sigh, go away.12:02
ograyes, i doubt the deb installs 8512:02
Deano59again, TRY it before saying useless crap.12:03
ograbecause that is not how we designed the snap store12:03
Deano59I'll show you...12:03
ograplease see https://snapcraft.io/chromium ... the deb simply calls "snap install chromium" there is no magic in it ... by default it installs from the "latest/stable" cheannel12:04
ograthere is no 85 anywhere in the snap store anymore, the only version you can get is 87 from stable, 88 from beta or 89 from edge12:05
Deano59ogra: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nPPjjkNFMk/12:05
ogra==> Installing the chromium snap12:05
ograchromium 87.0.4280.88 from Canonical✓ installed12:05
Deano59"Unpacking chromium-browser (1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu2) ..."12:06
ograyes, that just unpacks the script that calls snap install12:06
SlartibartDeano59: Did you check the version inside chromium after installing it and running it?12:07
ograand as i said before, it is unfortunate that the deb uses a chromium version at all ... but irrelevant for what you get actually installed12:07
ograthe deb should just use "1-ubuntu1" or whatever ... so people do not get confused ...12:08
BluesKaj'Morning all12:09
ogra(instead of "$chromium_version-0ubuntu1")12:09
ograafter all it is purely cosmetic though12:09
Deano59I'm not awake, leave me alone. :D12:09
* ogra hugh_marera Deano59 12:10
* ogra hugs Deano59 12:10
ogra(i'm obviously not awake either)12:10
BluesKajI need more coffee12:11
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tntWell at least I'm not alone https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2455026&p=14006248#post14006248  suggesting someone screwed up somewhere ...12:31
Maiktnt: why even bother with a unsupported, not updated, EOL version?12:40
Maiki never got it why people do this12:40
tntMaik: (1) to upgrade I actually need to apt-get  (2) There is not enough free space on the root drive for an upgrade, most likely it would brick the system  (3) There are tons of custom compiled apps, all of them would need rebuilding for upgrade and I don't have time to deal with that right now.   I don't need any new version of any software on that machine, I just need it to boot.12:44
Maikyou should have stuck with a LTS imo12:46
tntWell, I would have expect 19.04 the LTS that existed when I installed it, didn't boot on Ryzen 7 / Zen 2 ...12:47
Maik19.04 is not a LTS, 18.04 and 20.04 are12:49
tntErr, sorry typo.12:49
tntBut anyway, 19.10 was the only one to boot on that CPU.12:49
Maikoh, ok. Can happen. :)12:49
lotuspsychjethat sounds like a faulty statement a non lts version alone runs on a system12:50
Maikthen 20.04 LTS should work too. I'd backup everything you have, whenever you have the time and clean install 20.04.12:50
tntMaik: That's the plan, but I don't have time to do that right now. I need that machine up. It also hw upgrade coming, all will be done at once to minimize down time, but ... hw isn't available yet so ...12:52
tntBut at this very moment, it looks like somewthing went wrong when ubuntu transitioned 19.10 from archive to old-release and some files that should be there aren't there ..12:53
tnt.and that's my immediate issue.12:53
sopparusdid tls 1.2 disappear from nginx after last openssl update?12:58
sopparustwo days ago12:58
sopparusor is it just me12:58
DyrconaI built some virtual machine images on Ubuntu 18.04 and I tried copying the images to an Ubuntu 16.04 host. The XML configuration didn't work, so I added the images via virtmanager GUI. I'm using a bridge (br0) for the networking, but when I try to connect to the VM remotely, I get "no route to host." Anyone have any ideas?13:05
DyrconaThe networking for a virtual machine that was built on the Ubuntu 16.04 host still works.13:06
DyrconaTo complicate matters, I'm running virtmanager remotely on an Ubuntu 20.04 laptop.13:07
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* Dyrcona suspects it has something to do with libvirt networking and/or arp.13:19
vlmi got an ubuntu account and got livepatching working,how is it with esm,can i have it for free on 18.04 one server?14:04
leftyfbvlm: https://ubuntu.com/security/esm14:06
vlmleftyfb, thanks i already read it though,it only lists esm for ubuntu 14.04 when i log in so i guess its not for 18.04 then?14:07
leftyfbvlm: 14.04 is the only release under ESM. The rest are still under the normal LTS support.14:09
vlmleftyfb, oh i see,so i might get esm on 18.04 when its end of 5 years?14:09
GudduCould someone please guide if this is an irrecoverable error and if i should reinstall the OS from scratch?14:09
leftyfbvlm: correct14:09
vlmthats good news!14:10
leftyfbGuddu: try running an fsck on the filesystem booted to a live cd/usb. If that doesn't fix it, then it's possible you have bad storage hardware that should be replaced.14:10
GudduThanks leftyfb14:11
Deano59Maik: is the snap bug in 20.04.1?14:16
Muimihey i just want to verify that I cannot update an Ubuntu Live USB to persistent while it's running.  Thanks.14:21
MuimiI already asked at ##linux and was told no, but I figured I'd try to get a second opinion14:21
gordonjcpMuimi: good question14:21
gordonjcpMuimi: I don't think you can, unless there's a partition already created14:22
gordonjcpMuimi: there is absolutely nothing in the world stopping you putting in a second USB stick and setting that up as overlayfs to persist onto though14:22
gordonjcpMuimi: the important question then becomes, how big is your beard? ;-)14:23
Muimii have another usb somewhere...14:23
Muimiyeah, seems like a lot of work for just a few changes14:23
Muimimaybe after some rest.  :P   I'll figure it out and let you know14:24
alazyThis problem keeps happening if I let my PC unattended long enough for the monitor to turn off: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5bW5gXgZBJ/   Afterwards the monitor won't wake up and an rsync job I had left running seems to have hung. However, I still have ssh access. What's going on? Definitely didn't run out of ram.14:39
DyrconaSo, I fixed my virtual machine network issues from 2 hours ago: The interface name changed inside the VMs, so netplan wasn't working.14:52
g3poandlslBuilding a new PC. Radeon RX 5700, or GeForce RTX 2060?15:11
JayDoubleuWhats the difference between AMDGPU, Radeon and (new) MESA drivers in the context of RX6000 series GPUs ? Should it work out of the box?15:18
JayDoubleug3poandlsl: I have 2080Ti and just bought RX6800 f*ck nvidia15:18
g3poandlslJayDoubleu, this will be the first time I've ever used and AMD card on Linux.  I've heard of compatibility issues many years back. Is this still an issue?15:20
JayDoubleug3poandlsl: well I actually was researching that very recently before purchase. Aparently the new AMD GPUs work like a dream on linux15:20
JayDoubleui remember the fglrx pain back in the days which drove me to nvidia but seems like now its a good time to go back to amd/ati15:21
JayDoubleubeside drivers, RX5700 seems to be just slightly better https://www.gpucheck.com/compare/amd-radeon-rx-5700-vs-nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060/intel-core-i7-8700k-3-70ghz-vs-intel-core-i7-8700k-3-70ghz/15:21
g3poandlslnice.  I'm not a big fan of the NVidia proprietary driver lacking KMS15:22
JayDoubleuThis article actually made me decide: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=rx6800-more-performance&num=115:22
g3poandlslJayDoubleu, thanks for the info15:23
GuddduCan i install a C compiler gcc on ubuntu core?15:24
JayDoubleuGudddu: of course you can. ubuntu core is just slimmed down15:24
GuddduJayDoubleu, Thanks. So Ubuntu Core does not use apt-get is the error that i get.15:25
JayDoubleuGudddu: ahh I see, got it confused with ubuntu server15:26
JayDoubleuGudddu: perhaps worth looking at this : https://github.com/snapcore/classic-snap15:29
GuddduJayDoubleu, Sweet. Trying it out now.15:30
Blade-Runnerhi, i'm installing hplip 3.20.11 in Ubuntu 20.04 fully updated. the install is asking, "would you like to have this installer install the hplip specific policy/profile yes no or quit? there is no info on google search or the install notes, what is this?16:04
BluesKajHP printer driver16:06
Blade-Runnerpolicy/profile is hp printer driver?16:06
BluesKajwell, no but hplip is16:07
Blade-Runnerright, it comes to the question i asked what is the specific policy/profile?16:07
Blade-Runnerdo i need it or not?16:07
BluesKajif you already have hplip settings in a previous OS then it will ask that if you want that profile16:08
Blade-Runneri can find NO information about what this is16:08
Blade-Runnerok got it16:09
Blade-Runnerthank you16:10
g3poandlslThe policy/profile in the HPLIP installer refers to SELinux/Apparmor policy/profile.16:20
alazyI read that a regression that makes my system unusable should be fixed by upgrading my gpu driver from nvidia 450 packaged with ubuntu to nvidia 455+ from their website. Anything I should know/do before removing the apt-installed version and trying to install it on my own to make it go smoothly?16:39
blindboygrunthello - I'm having a strange issue with my laptop, ubuntu and a HDMI KVM switch. Whenever I switch away from my laptop (so effectively remove the HDMI) my laptop goes into a suspend mode/shutsdown the LAN interface17:02
blindboygruntI'm not sure how to stop this happening.17:03
Deano59Maik: where can I find info (sorry if you've linked it before) about the SNAP bug you were on about? :)17:13
Maiksnap bug?17:13
GSMarquisWhy do I always have to killall snap store and restart17:16
akemHey. How can i set the UID/GID of the mount point of an ext4 filesystem? cause uid=xxx,gid=yyy don't work with ext4; all the things i tried it always change the mount point to root:root?17:28
seereakem: mount it and sudo chown to the right uid/gid afterwards17:30
seereakem: ext4 stores uid/gid in the inodes of the filesystem and has no way to override it with mount options17:31
akemseere, Cool it worked, thanks. :)17:32
seereakem: you have to do this only once, as uid/gid are stored in the filesystem.17:33
akemseere, Yep, it's because it was an NTFS FS so i had to use that, i changed it to ext4, didn't think about changing it and it would keep it after unmounting.17:34
devslashhas anyone here installed Ubuntu 20.10 in Virtualbox ? I'm trying for the 3rd time now but the installer gets stuck about 1/3 of the way through17:52
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matsamandevslash: stuck? Doing what?17:56
devslashstuck installing17:56
devslashi redownloaded the iso17:56
devslashand I started over17:57
matsamanstuck how?17:57
matsamandid you checksum the image?17:57
devslashthe iso has a bug thats causing the installer to crash17:58
RJ45Probably a quick question; How come whenever I format a MicroSD card as exfat in Ubuntu, android devices see it as corrupt, and re-format it as exfat?17:58
MaikRJ45: FAT3217:59
matsamandevslash: well is it crashing or stuck17:59
RJ45(partition table and unalocated partition created in Gparted, and mkfs.exfat )17:59
matsamanRJ45: because exfat isn't very well supported except in various specific ways18:00
RJ45Maik: nope, exfat, both times it gets formatted18:00
devslashmatsaman, I just ran the installed for the 3rd time and this time it crashes18:00
matsamanif you want to use it on Android, let Android format it18:00
devslashthis is from an iso for 20.1018:00
matsamandevslash: so sometimes it crashes and sometimes just stuck?18:00
RJ45is there any mkfs voodoo I can do to make it recognised by an android device from the get-go?18:00
devslashim downloading 20.04 LTS to see if it has the same issue18:01
MaikRJ45: pretty sure to let it work on on android devices you need to format it in FAT16 or 3218:01
matsamandevslash: be sure to do the checksum, too18:01
matsamanRJ45: if you want to use it on Android, let Android format it18:01
Maikuse Disks to format the sd card18:01
Maikor what matsaman said18:02
RJ45Maik: when it gets re-formatted by the android device, it gets re-formatted at exfat18:02
RJ45not fat3218:02
RJ45android is no-longer limited to fat32, that's half a decade ago18:02
Maikok then18:02
devslashmatsaman, im on windows. i dunno how to check it on windows18:02
RJ45my dad is tech illiterate, has a new phone, wants an sd card with music on it, he lives farrr away18:03
matsamanRJ45: the fact remains that the only format that is certain (mostly) to work with Android is what _Android itself_ formats as18:03
RJ45would be super cool if I could just , load it with stuff and it "just work"18:03
matsamanRJ45: you don't have an android device to format with?18:03
RJ45matsaman: that's not really the point, there *should* be a way to make it work18:04
RJ45if it can be figured out, that would make future formatting 110% more convenient18:05
matsamandevslash: https://superuser.com/questions/245775/is-there-a-built-in-checksum-utility-on-windows-7#89837718:05
conrubuntu can only turn off display < 15min or never?18:05
matsamanRJ45: I agree, but that's not your problem at this moment18:06
matsamanconr: hrmm?18:06
RJ45I'd argue it's everyone's problem18:06
Maikconr: seems like it18:06
RJ45consistency between devices of which supposedly support the same partition type is very important18:07
Kali_YugaHello when I turn on youtube on fresh installation my sound just turns off 5 seconds into watching a youtube video?18:07
RJ45exfat should = exfat18:07
conrmatsaman: Settings > Power > Blank Screen > 1-15mins, Never18:07
Kali_Yugawhy does my sound just turn off randomly?18:07
conrthats rough18:08
matsamanRJ45: 'supposedly' is your issue18:08
matsamanexfat is theoretically well supported across devices, but in practice not really18:08
matsamanthe end18:08
matsamanshould probably thank your lucky stars you're not dealing with an iPhone18:09
RJ45well when I format as exfat in Ubuntu, ubuntu sees is but android does not, but when I format as exfat in android, both ubuntu and android see it, so CLEARLY the issue is with how mkfs is formatting exfat18:09
RJ45or perhaps a user error I am not seeing?18:09
matsamanyou could look at it as that being the issue18:10
matsamanbut in reality the issue is the reverse18:10
matsamanAndroid is less tolerant and GNU/Linux is more tolerant18:10
matsamanGNU/Linux sees any old exfat and says "ok"18:10
matsamanAndroid only wants a particular exfat18:10
matsamanor it craps out18:10
matsamanso again, if you want support from a less tolerant thing, you need to allow that thing to have its way18:10
matsamanthat said, yes, there is probably some magical way to call mkfs on Ubuntu that will allow Android to not complain18:11
RJ45there must be a way to make mkfs.exfat format in a perticular way that android would like.. is there a modifier I can experiment with?18:11
matsaman_but_ if you have an Android device, the _fastest_ solution is to just let Android format it18:11
RJ45I don't want the fastest solution, I want the purest autistic solution18:11
matsamanI don't think autists want a solution that only works for one case18:12
matsamanhow would you format exfat from Windows for Android? From macOS for Android?18:13
matsamanthe one solution that works every time is using Android for the format18:13
RJ45is there any particular nuance with mkfs.exfat of which could possibly be why android doesn't like the default way it formats?18:13
matsamanyes of course18:13
RJ45is there something I could add to the mkfs.exfat command?18:14
RJ45maybe it's something about -s sectors-per-cluster18:15
matsamanmy internet is apparently clogged and only IRC is working18:15
matsamanI would search for 'how format exfat for android from linux'18:15
RJ45tried searching that18:15
RJ45literally that same phrase too, which is funny18:16
matsamantry "from linux" then18:16
RJ45I bet formatting exfat on windows would work with android18:19
RJ45is this really the solution 'just let the proprietary thing do it'18:19
matsamanthat's the nature of proprietary things18:20
devslashboth 20.04 and 20.10 crash in virtualbox18:20
Maikjust format the card on a android device and done18:20
RJ45what am I gonna do, format my dad's android SD card with ext4 ??18:20
matsamanRJ45: do you have an android device or not?18:20
matsamanif you have one, let it format the thing, and if you really want to you can examine _how_ it formatted it, and then duplicate it, pointlessly, with Ubuntu's own mkfs18:21
RJ45I have an android device, but what if the way MY android device does it in a way my long distance dad's android device doesn't like??18:21
Maikthis isn't about Ubuntu anymore, take it to discuss or offtopic18:21
matsamandevslash: entirely possible; or your VM extensions could be broken18:21
matsamanRJ45: then nothing is going to help you18:21
devslashwhat extensions ?18:21
matsamandevslash: your hardware and firmware level VM support18:22
RJ45it's like, a 3 hour journey I don't wanna have-to take 2 times, once to format with his device, and again to give it him back with music on it.18:22
Maiktake the music with you on a laptop?18:22
RJ45just for that??18:23
MaikRJ45: but again, better to take it to -discuss or -offtopic18:23
gebbioneinstallation of fakecam fails on my 18.04... https://snapcraft.io/install/fakecam/ubuntu Any suggestions?18:23
RJ45sometimes I wonder why I even switched to a linux desktop environment 10 years ago18:24
Maikthis isn't a Ubuntu support question anymore imo18:24
mefistofelesRJ45: why not? :P18:24
RJ45life used-to be fun18:24
RJ45( ._.)18:24
pavlosgebbione: what exactly fails? did you "sudo snap install fakecam" what errors do you get? more info would be helpful18:26
=== Gokturk-Away is now known as Gokturk
gebbionepavlos, i know i was trying to paste it using termbin but fails18:28
matsamanRJ45: this is Android's problem, not GNU/Linux's18:28
matsamanAndroid's, and your own idea that exfat is properly supported by all things the same way -- it isn't18:28
gebbionepavlos, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QXksddhjMS/18:29
pavlosgebbione: can you do a clean update/upgrade? seems your system has issues with /var/cache/fontconfig/18:33
gebbionei tried apt clean / update and it is only asking to upgrade vivaldi18:35
gebbioneshould i sun upgrade too?18:35
gebbionewill it install ubuntu 20?18:35
pavlosgebbione: no, an update/upgrade will stay at 18.0418:35
gebbionesed /sun/run/18:36
gebbioneupgrade bumps my nvidia drivers to a later version but this usually causes me problems18:36
RJ45someone please humour me and look at this18:37
gebbioneso i ll show you what i get prompted with18:37
RJ45these are the outputs of fdisk from both formatting exfat in linux, and formatting with an android tablet18:37
RJ45how can I replicate what the android tablet did, with mkfs ?18:37
matsamanby examining what it makes18:38
RJ45yes but I don't know how to reproduce it with mkfs18:38
gebbionei dont see what would make a difference in the upgrade18:39
gebbioneit asks to remove some packages and upgrade vivaldi18:39
pavlosgebbione: you could upgrade vivaldi, no harm. You can run autoremove to clean up your system. I do not see upgrading nvidia18:39
RJ45gparted and mkfs.exfat by default made              Id: 83           Type: Linux18:40
RJ45android craplet made              Id: 7           Type: HPFS/NTFS/exFAT18:41
RJ45what do I add to mkfs to make it ID 7 and type HPFS/NTFS/exFAT18:41
RJ45(assuming 'id' is even something that's relevant?)18:42
matsamanRJ45: probably your exfat progs comes with something with 'tune' in its name18:42
gebbionepavlos, whats next after the upgrade?18:43
pavlosgebbione: so and update/upgrade/autoremove is clean now. Try the snap install again18:43
pavlosan* not and18:43
matsamanRJ45: if you're on Ubuntu 20 you can probably install exfatprogs and dpkg -L exfatprogs | grep -i bin | grep -i tune18:44
matsamanRJ45: otherwise see what exfat-utils has (dpkg -L exfat-utils | grep -i bin)18:44
gebbionesame error18:45
pavlosgebbione: going to try on a vm ...18:46
gebbionethank you18:47
RJ45matlock: mkfs.exfat doesn't have that, but fdisk did have that18:49
kalebIs it a concern installing Visual Studio Code as a deb from microsoft? I am hesitant, to say the least, about running microsoft scripts as root.18:50
RJ45thanks to your subtle hint, I figured out that setting  tune 7  in  fdisk  after using  mkfs.exfat  results in an exfat what will work with android devices YAY!18:51
matsamankaleb: I wouldn't do it even if it weren't a security or privacy concern18:51
matsamankaleb: upstream bins usually suck18:51
matsamanyou'd also probably be opting into features that aren't necessarily available in the 100% open source builds18:52
RJ45I feel like an experienced linux user here coulda just told me that..18:52
kalebmatsaman: I hear you. But I am installing Unity3d just for fun on an old macbook pro that I installed Ubuntu on. I think VScode, which everyone seems to be using these days is a better match with Unity3d than my own Emacs.18:52
matsamankaleb: dunno why you'd think that18:52
matsamanif you can use emacs, then you decide your own fate18:52
matsamanthere are two parts of free software, and they're both important18:53
kalebmatsaman: Well, I was under the impression that the sync between Unity and VScode was quite good. I don't even think there is any between Emacs and Unity. But I can be mistaken18:54
matsamanone is the license, and the other is the build and how it comes to be18:54
matsamantake mysql for example, which was free software, but entirely dependent on a for-profit company18:54
matsamanoracle bought it and it's now dead18:54
kalebWell, MariaDb still lives on18:54
matsamanso anybody who dedicated time learning mysql wasted their time, and has to relearn other things18:54
matsamanyup, that's a success story, but it's also a story of failure18:55
kalebmatsaman: Nah, it isn't that bad. SQL is SQL. It is not a waste18:55
matsamanyes and operating systems are operating systems18:55
g3poandlslkaleb, not all SQLs are created equally18:55
kalebThere seem to be a strong push for PostGreSQL now though within the dev community18:55
matsamananyway, my comment on upstream bins stands, IMO18:55
matsamankaleb: so you're making a 3d game?18:55
kalebg3poandlsl: That is very true. I abhor that some things are undefined when doing complex MySQL queries and not being focused.18:56
matsamanwell postgresql has been the best big sql system for a long, long time18:56
matsamansince before mysql died18:56
matsamandon't get me wrong, it's still a crufty old POS18:56
kalebmatsaman: No, professionally I am doing a 2D game. But I am not allowed to talk about it. But this is just for private fun.18:56
matsamanyou might take a peek at godot, it has an IDE even18:57
matsamanand for 2d in particular, I have heard people find godot superior18:57
matsamansomething about unity's 2d engine being faked from their 3d engine, vs godot's being dedicated for 2d and 3d respectively18:57
kalebI have to use Unity, for some special needs the game has. So I figured I better stay within that privatly as well as to maximize my proficency18:58
matsamanif you can't find a .deb of vscode built by a Debian or Ubuntu package maintainer, IMO that says a lot about the code or build quality or lack thereof for vscode18:58
dob1gnome shell crash a lot.... and I have like 2 extension enabled (default ones)18:59
kalebI am just very bothered by the idea of running stuff, as root, that has been touched by Microsoft. I am not an extremist, I am just bothered by it. And the darn snaps are slow as crap for some reason so I don't want to use those at all18:59
dob1kaleb, Stallman is you?19:00
kalebdob1: No, I am not Stallman19:01
g3poandlslkaleb, if you extract the .deb file, you can inspect the pre/post install scripts to see what they do19:01
dob1kaleb, there are several non-free repository added to ubuntu, have you disabled them too?19:01
g3poandlslI had to do that to repackage vscode internally for my org.  Had to remove the automatic adding of the microsoft repo19:02
kalebg3poandlsl: That is true. Still, doesn't matter. Even the code within the editor can steal anything my user has access to or put stuff somewhere. In the end, the private user is still where the interesting stuff is.19:02
kalebdob1: No, I was under the impression I enabled all repos. But I have not used the snaps. I use the regular apt to install stuff.19:03
kalebdob1: Ah, I see, you are refering to me already being compromised. And yes, most likely. Allthough I have hardly installed anything more than default apps from Ubuntu.19:03
soft_concreteI assume Ubuntu Server relies on snaps just as much as workstation Ubuntu does?19:04
kalebWhy are the snaps so horrendously slow? To start up say brave it takes several seconds, while the deb fires up instantaneous19:04
dob1kaleb, if you think in this way imho ubuntu is not the right distribution, go for debian with no non-free repositories in your source list19:05
kalebdob1: I normally only use debian. I thought I would try this popular distro. But you are most likely right. But when using debian I always end up prostituting myself. I start at stable, then when I want something I put new stuff bit by bit until I eventually am running unstable and being ownd as !"#¤.19:06
kalebI hate having to choose between integrity and features :-(19:07
kalebJust like in life...19:07
dob1kaleb, go for a rolling one then if you want updated sofware19:08
dob1arch / gentoo maybe19:08
matsamanthe snap is an upstream POS probably19:10
matsamanand also they will always necessarily have more overhead19:10
kalebdob1: That would probably be the best way. I have been using Apple for the last couple of years and the datatheft is making me sick. I hate seeing their stealing little thief fingers in everything. I got so fed up I was checking out the librem 5 phone yesterday. I looked at the librem because that is the only phone where the radio does not share the memory with the smartphone OS. Realizing that every password, every encryption you have19:11
kalebever used on the phone has been available to the phonecompany and their third party employers made me loose hope for humanity.19:11
kalebI just think I have to let go and let big tech rape me. That way I at least get some features thrown on the floor next to me when they are done for the moment.19:13
matsamansuch a weird thing for an emacs user to say19:14
dob1kaleb, I suggest a system76 laptop too then :)19:14
kalebdob1: Way ahead of you. Looked at buying one of them as well19:14
matsamanI'm gonna wait for system7819:14
kalebdob1: They ship from the US though. I live in Sweden. Not a big problem per se19:14
kalebmatsaman: Why would it be weird for an Emacs user to say that?19:15
dob1kaleb, librem 5... I just saw the page, very high price for a device that has an os that I don't know but for sure can't compete with all the apps that compatibles with the other mobile os19:19
dob1It will be a good device but dependes what you can do with it... this is the doubt19:19
kalebdob1: The librem phone is almost more like a puny pc with phone functionality. There are no apps as it is neither running iOS nor Android. It has like a handful applications like. So it would be to give up every smartphone functionality there is. And that would suck. I guess I could just as well get a nokia 3310 and go old school.19:21
matsamansome chromebooks you can put GNU/Linux on19:21
matsamanthose are probably the most affordable laptops you can get that are 100% supported by Linux19:21
dob1kaleb, there will be the options to use the web app version for the most famous app for sure19:23
kalebI have missed Linux so much, but at the same time, a person can be very effective when running a Mac. A mac is almost like a linux distribution where the power management works :-D19:23
kalebdob1: huh, I did not think of that. But you are right. It is running a full browser. Hmm. Still pricey though for what you get.19:24
dob1kaleb, it's written "Bridge the gap with native and HTML5 apps"19:24
kalebdob1: haha true19:24
matsamankaleb: certainly more Unixy than Windows19:24
matsamanstill feel like my hands are tied on macOS, though19:24
matsamana lot of stuff I prefer is second-class there19:24
matsamanand every update is a proprietary black box pain in the butt19:25
kalebmatsaman: Yeah, funny thing is though. I kind of just applied for a job working with .net lol19:25
kalebmatsaman: Yes, there are many things that annoy me to no end with macs. Over priced, performance sucks ass, new firmware updates will lower cpu speed, every image you put on it will be analyzed with your own hardware and the info will be sent to apple.19:27
matsamanall the signed driver nonsense19:27
kalebStill, I think every PC I ever owned has had massive problems with compability and stuff19:27
matsamanall the package managers are 3rd party19:28
matsamannever have any problems with GNU/Linux19:28
kalebmatsaman: Oh that's right, I forgot about that. I killed one of my linux installs by trying to get nvidia drivers workin a couple of years ago. Did not appreciate that one bit.19:28
conrisn't macOS based off of unix?19:28
matsamancan't say I've had much reason to deal with nvidia's proprietary nonsense since nouveau hit the scene19:29
matsamanconr: yes19:29
matsamanand so are systems you'd find really foreign and awful, like AIX19:29
matsamanother* systems19:29
matsaman'better than Windows' isn't saying much19:30
kalebconr: Well, Unix is not really defined but you can have access to a lot of linux software on a mac.19:30
matsamanUnix is defined =P19:30
matsamanpeople like to mix it up with UNIX trademark certification, though19:30
seerematsaman: UNIX is ;) Unix isn't19:30
matsamanboth are, and thank you for proving my point19:30
kalebmatsaman: true. haha. yes19:30
matsamanUnix predates the UNIX trademark nonsense19:31
conri love my mac AND my linux box19:31
kalebmatsaman: It has just taken the form of this mythical creature. Pure old Unix sux as compared to modern linux19:31
matsamanit's a contentious issue, but not at all a complicated definition in reality19:31
kalebJust realized that every time I start up IRC I end up sharing thoughts with people a lot smarter than the people I normally communicate with. That is why I never start it during work hours anymore. It is really hard breaking away from interesting discussions.19:33
lukeI just got a new ssd and used fdisk and mkfs.ext4 to format it. When I try to mount, I get "mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)" - I've googled around but couldn't really find what the issue is. Anyone have any experience with this?19:35
matsamankaleb: yup19:35
matsamantext is a great way to suck up info19:35
matsamanvery addictive19:35
kalebAnd way way faster than video19:35
matsamanluke: what is the actual problem? Can you not use the FS?19:36
matsamankaleb: way19:36
kalebI get very annoyed when the only info I can find is on youtube and not in written form19:36
matsamanyup, hate that19:36
matsamanso inefficient19:36
lukematsaman: won't mount. No error when attempting to mount. That's the dmesg output19:36
matsamanthe average youtube video is equivalent to about two lines of condensed text19:36
lukeHa so true19:36
lukeContent doesn't start until 3 min in and could have been 2 lines of text19:37
pavlosgebbione: fakecam installed w/o issues on a 18.04, see https://imgur.com/a/VTSq2Qq19:38
matsamanluke: hrmmm19:39
kalebmatsaman: yes, and when youtube started forcing creators to use 10 minute videos I got so frustrated. Now the people are sitting making videos 10 minutes long that can be said in 2 minutes or less. They even sit there and read articles, commenting them. This made me move away from youtube even more.19:39
matsamanluke: tune2fs -O ^huge_file /dev/whatevs ?19:39
matsamankaleb: didn't know that happened, but honestly I bet most people were already making videos much longer than necessary19:39
matsamanthat's the entertainment/journalism game19:39
matsamankeep people engaged, rather than get a message across succinctly19:40
matsamanmore time for ads that way19:40
matsamanjust depends on what audience you want; enlightened people who value their time, or sheep19:40
kalebmatsaman: well, there was a very significant drop in quality after that as everyone watered down their content. Youtube used to be snappier. Now it is just sloooow and highly censored.19:40
matsamanyeah and they're constantly pushing subscriptions now19:41
kalebI wouldn't mind so much if creators with good content would move to better platforms. But no, they stay, because there is a possibility that Youtube will not steal your promised money in the future. But, it doesn't matter, eventually  no one will get paid. Except the actors of course.19:42
matsamanI'll spend my money on condensed texts instead19:43
lukematsaman: I wonder if it's because of the drive type: A55 M.2 SSD19:43
compdocluke, I'm reading you to need to specify that a journal is created for ext419:43
matsamanalthough that should happen by default19:44
compdocthe defualt might be to not create one19:44
lukecompdoc: huh can you end me that doc? I've never had to specify journal creation with mkfs.ext4 before?19:44
matsamanit should be to create one, but no harm checking19:44
lukecompdoc: yeah that sounds reasonable but I'm not sure why I've never hit this before19:44
kalebOh snap. Wife just came with beer and chees doodles. I can not type with beer infused greesed up fingers. Thanks for the help chaps and have a jolly good day. May your internet be fast and may the memes be hilarious :-)19:44
matsamanluke: you try that huge_file toggle?19:44
compdocread the bottom of this page:  https://superuser.com/questions/855547/mounted-filesystem-without-journal-opts-null-while-mounting-ext4-fs19:45
matsamankaleb: may your wife remain as she is19:45
lukematsaman: no what's that do?19:45
matsamanluke: disable huge_file support19:45
lukeHuh I'll try that19:45
seereluke: you could also check what options this fs was created with - tune2fs -l19:46
lukeYeah it was created with has_journal and huge_file19:46
lukehas_journal ext_attr resize_inode dir_index filetype extent 64bit flex_bg sparse_super large_file huge_file dir_nlink extra_isize metadata_csum19:46
lukeNot sure why the default ext4 fs opts wouldn't work19:47
conranybody use x11vnc and connect to it before logging in to the gdm3 screen? i can't seem to get it work before login.19:47
compdocI always use gparted19:47
lukeI used fdisk for this - maybe that was the problem19:48
lukeI usually use parted too19:48
seereluke: but fdisk and mkfs are different steps?19:48
lukeI ran fdisk to set up the partition table and mkfs.ext4 to create the filesystem in the partition19:49
AdorableGNUFriendly suggestion if there are any devs in here. In the Canadian English version, it should be spelled "Favourites", rather than "Favorites". This is nitpicky, I know, and probably not a priority.19:51
matsamanluke: couldn't see why journal could trip up particular hardware, but I can imagine huge files might19:52
matsamananyway it's a simple thing to try19:52
lukeYeah I'm trying to reformat with parted19:53
lukeWe'll see19:53
seereluke: not quite sure if this Opts:(null) really indicates an error - what excatly are yout doing to ount the FS?19:53
AdorableGNUpopey: I miss you if you are here, Mr. Pope. I remember the Mumble days with you.19:54
luke"Warning: You requested a partition from 512B to 512GB (sectors 1..1000215215). The closest location we can manage is 512B to 999kB (sectors 1..1952)." That's suspicious\19:54
lukeseere: so mount: "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/mountpoint"19:55
=== NickBusey9 is now known as NickBusey
lukeOk I think the issue was the MSDOS partition table type... guess it couldn't make an FS that big or something?19:56
seereluke: and after that - how to you test it isn't actually mounted? What does "cat /proc/mount" say?19:56
lukeseere: not in there nor in the output of "$ mount" which just lists them all19:56
seereluke: could you provide the full dmesg output after mounting the FS?19:58
luke"[ 5118.794965] EXT4-fs (sda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)"19:58
seereluke: this dosn't indicate an error.19:59
seereluke: according to this it is mounted.19:59
lukeThat's the only output I have to go on though when it fails to mount19:59
lukeYeah it's not mounted though19:59
seereluke: can you unmount and retry that? And provide the last few lines of dmesg and the contents of /proc/mounts afterwards?20:02
=== ijohnson|lunch is now known as ijohnson
lukeYeah I've retried that ten times. Same thing. I repartitioned with parted instead of fdisk and I think it was having issues with the msdos partition table. GPT seems to have resolved the errors. Hold tight to see if it mounts20:03
gebbionepavlos, not sure why it happens but it does not make sense that the installation fails because it cannot clean a cache directory :)20:03
gebbionedont know :/ dinner time20:04
lukeOk now I'm getting a new error when trying to mount: "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error." - googling now20:05
lukeI think success!20:06
seereluke: this means you tried tou mount the wrong FS type or didn't create one with mkfs20:08
lukeNo never mind - still not in /proc/mount or "mount" output20:08
lukeseere: yeah I did create one with mkfs.ext4 - not sure why this isn't working20:08
pavlosgebbione: try this (after dinner), sudo apt-get install --reinstall --purge fontconfig-config20:08
AdorableGNUIs anyone using Polari as their IRC client? If you've used it, how do I go about revealing the entire topic at the top of the window?20:09
AdorableGNUJust gotta hover20:09
seereluke: what does lsblk say about your block devices?20:10
lukeseere: seems normal?20:11
luke`─sda1   8:1    0 476.9G  0 part`20:11
seereluke: so you did "mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda1" without errors?20:13
lukeWell mkfs.ext4 but I think it's the same thing20:13
lukePartitioning with this in parted: "mkpart primary ext4 65535s 100%", then run "mkfs.ext4" on it with no errors20:15
lukeThen try to mount, no errors just that dmesg output. Then it's not mounted and doesn't show up in /proc/mount and says it's not mounted when trying to umount20:15
seereluke: so you exactly typed "mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1"?20:16
lukeseere: yeah with sudo20:17
seereseere: try again adding -v and provide the output20:17
seereluke: whats your local time, because "/dev/sda1 contains a ext4 file system; last mounted on Fri Dec 11 14:14:36 2020"20:20
lukeThu Nov 12 14:58:33 UTC 202020:20
mustmodifyAnyone know if there's a way to tell imagemagick the format of an input file that does not have an extension?20:20
mustmodifyI'm also going to look for a channel for imagemagick now...20:20
seereluke: according to this the filesyset was mounted...20:21
lukeWell I'm able to run the mount command over and over again without it saying it's already mounted and if I try to umount, says it's not mounted20:21
lukeI wonder if that just gets initialized to when the filesystem was created?20:22
geniimustmodify: ##imagemagick exits20:22
mustmodifygreat thanks.20:23
mustmodifyHopefully they will know.20:23
seereluke: now please paste the output of "tune2fs -l /dev/sda1"20:23
seereluke: whats yout local time?20:25
luke14:25 right now20:26
seereluke: do you have more than one system?20:26
lukeMore than one computer? yeah20:26
seereluke: sure you check the right one? According to your last paste the filesystem just created *was* actually mounted like 3 minutes later.20:28
lukeHaha yeah20:28
lukeEvery time I run mount it updates that timestamp20:28
lukeBut I can confirm it's not mounting20:28
seereluke: it *was* mounted at "Last mount time: Fri Dec 11 14:21:33 2020". What are you doing?20:29
lukeAgain, it updates that timestamp every time I run mount but it's not actually mounting20:30
lukeI think you can read that field as "last time mount was run"20:30
Bashing-omluke: "RAID stripe width:        8191" - How is raid a factor in this ?20:30
lukeHmm shouldnt be a factor20:30
lukehttps://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FPKTBTH/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 here is the exact SSD20:31
lukeIt's not RAIDed20:31
seereluke: no, not "as mount was run" but "as the filesystem was really mounted"20:31
lukeWhat's your point? That the disk is actually mounted?20:31
seereluke: it at least was at "Fri Dec 11 14:21:33 2020"20:32
lukeMaybe mount is succeeding for a split second then somehow the disk is immediately anointing20:32
lukeseere: yeah that's right when I ran the command last20:32
seereluke: this timestamp is recorded in the superblock of the filesystem20:33
lukeThen that must mean it's mounting then immediately unmounting20:33
seereluke: this is one possible explanation.20:34
lukeOne thing is for sure, mount does not see the disk as mounted right after I run mount20:34
seereluke: when you check mount problems, you should always check /proc/mounts rather than the output of "mount". Because just calling "mount" just checks something like a recoded cache in /etc/mtab, which could be broken (example: read-only /)20:36
lukeseere: /proc/mount does not see it as mounted either20:37
lukeBut point taken20:37
seereluke: luke could you please provide a full view of /proc/mounts and lsblk?20:38
lukeSure - one min20:38
lukeThis is the output immediately after successfully running `sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/external`20:41
pavlosluke:  sudo lsblk -fs20:41
pavlosluke:  does it show the mountpoint?20:42
seereluke: and maybe the last 100 lines of dmesg?20:42
lukeDmesg output: https://pastebin.com/LkZrpfc820:43
lukeYou can tell from the timestamps where I plugged in the disk (usb) at the top and started formatting it20:43
seereluke: and if you check the timestamp again with tune2fs -l /dev/sda1? Is it updated?20:46
lukeLast mount time:          Fri Dec 11 14:38:17 202020:46
seereluke: weird - something is unmounting it...20:47
lukeIs there some kind of umount audit log somewhere?20:47
RazathornIt appears to me that the filesystem length is longer than the partition length and thus it's getting kicked back out?  Was this a case of a DD'd filesystem or partition change.  Like did you shrink the partition table and filesystem but get them wrong?20:47
seereluke: could you please unplug, mount and provide dmesg again?20:48
Razathorn[ 7486.586057] EXT4-fs (sda1): bad geometry: block count 125018706 exceeds size of device (125016204 blocks)20:48
lukeRazathorn: those were fdisk experiments with block offsets. That's not the current problem20:48
lukeThose were triggered directly by me20:48
lukeseere: yeah one sec20:48
lukeUnfortunately ;)20:50
RazathornIs this a spinning disk and what are you plugging it into?  The reason I ask is I had similar results plugging a spinning usb external disk into a raspberry pi where it would work for a moment and then draw enough power that it was essentially unplugged and gone.20:51
pavlosto catch up, this is an M.2 drive plugged in USB, formatted ext4, that the system does not mount?20:51
RazathornSwing and a miss20:51
lukepavlos: thanks :)20:51
lukeRazathorn: usually dmesg will print a voltage error if the drive doesn't have enough power in my experience20:51
RazathornMine didn't but it did note the device disconnect for sure though.20:52
lukeHere is re-plugging it in : https://pastebin.com/rJXzik3F20:52
luke`[ 9876.874395] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Synchronize Cache(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=DID_ERROR driverbyte=DRIVER_OK`20:52
Razathornhave we tried reading 100MB from the front of the disk with DD to /dev/null to see if it gives an io error?20:53
lukeNo - good thinking - I'll try that now20:53
lukeRazathorn: from the disk or partition?20:53
seereluke: first- check last mount time form superblock, try to mount it again. Check /proc/mounts and last mount time from superblock again.20:54
lukeLast mount time:          Fri Dec 11 14:38:17 202020:54
lukeMount, then Last mount time:          Fri Dec 11 14:55:03 202020:55
lukeNo record in /proc/mounts20:55
lukeRazathorn: sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/null bs=100MB count=1 --- succeeds20:56
seereluke: something is unmounting it, as the timestamps update correctly (assuming your local time is around 14:55 now)20:56
lukeseere: yes that's correct20:57
seereluke: you have something very strange in your system, but your filesystem on /dev/sda1 is fine.20:58
pavloswould a reboot help clean up the system?20:58
lukeI can reboot real quick20:59
seereluke: maybe, or try it on another system as it's pluggable.20:59
lukeRazathorn: just to be clear, this is an RPi4 running with PoE. I was running a platter external USB disk before. Now I'm trying this SSD21:00
tasaifHello, I am having a wireless problem on CentOS which after talking with #centos and #linux led me here. What is the recommended hypervisor for Ubuntu?21:00
lukeOh. shit. Rebooting work?! wtf21:01
lukeIts mounted21:01
seeretasaif: kvm, what else?21:01
seereluke: thsi was a really quick reboot ;)21:02
lukeseere: pavlos Razathorn thank you all for your help21:02
pavlospi4 is fast !21:02
lukeHaha yeah21:02
lukeThe rpi4 is pretty fast with the USB/ETH busses split out21:02
tasaifcan anyone corroborate seere?21:02
pavloswell, umount it, do something else, remount it. make sure all works21:02
lukepavlos: good call21:03
lukeumount then mount succeeds21:03
lukeWow I'm stumped21:03
RazathornI'm actually on plasma on a pi4 right now ;)21:03
pavloswrite some bytes in there, red them21:03
lukeI think I'd improperly formatted it with fdisk the first go around. Then I fixed it with parted but some other state was already persisting improperly and was cleared by reboot21:04
lukeAll my read and write tests are working now21:05
lukeAgain thank you all so much for your help!21:05
RazathornI switch back and fourth between raspberrypi os (debian) and ubuntu desktop 20.10 (for squishing bugs) by swapping storage.21:05
seereluke: I'm not satisfied not finding the actual reason, but at least it it working now.21:05
lukeHaha me either21:05
seeres/it it/it is/21:06
pavlossomething was cached preventing mount21:06
lukeRazathorn: this is what I'm doing https://youtu.be/Q1btyPoL0GI21:06
RazathornThe real reason was clearly kernel bug ;)  When in doubt, shift the blame from userland!21:06
lukeI'm sure this was something I did21:06
pavlosupon reboot, cache was cleared, mount succeeded21:06
lukeI defined an invalid partition size with fdisk originally. I've never used fdisk much before so somehow I messed it up. Then with parted I fixed it but something was stuck in the disks cache (we saw those errors when unplugging/plugging it in about the cache)21:07
RazathornAhh man that won't work with my case!  but yeah nicer than having a thing sticking right out the side of the pi for sure.21:07
lukeI think it was the disk cache that was persisting the error21:07
lukeRazathorn: I 3d print my cases21:07
seerepavlos: yes, something around the inside kernel block device ("partition") cache. Just wondering why it was mountet - it is carved into the superblock timestamps it actually was mounting...21:07
pavlosyou can wipe the M.2, remove partition, then format it as ntfs, see if you can mount. Then reformat as ext4, do the same21:07
lukeRazathorn: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:407871021:07
lukeOk I'm going to take a break. Thanks again all. Couldn't have done it without you. Should have just power cycled like a windows user and saved us all a lot of time ;)21:09
Razathornluke: I was about to be a jerk and ask if you turned it off and back on again too.21:09
lukepavlos: did ask and was right21:09
lukeThis is the one true error we ever found: `[ 9876.874395] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Synchronize Cache(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=DID_ERROR driverbyte=DRIVER_OK`21:09
Razathornpavlos ftw21:10
pavlosa collective effort ...21:10
seerenext time i Would have tried "blockdev --rereadpt" or kpartx first. Didn't suggest that as parted should trigger this nowadays.21:10
Razathornseere: yeah but the partition table should be re-read when the device comes in.  It was unplugged and plugged back in a few times.21:11
Razathornluke: I have a lingering bad feeling about that device honestly.21:11
Razathornbut if rebooting the pi fixed it, that doesn't check out at all!21:12
lukeI have everything backed up so I'm not concerned - this wouldn't be my first disk failure if that's where it's headed ;)21:12
seereRazathorn: yes, that's the strange part. Thatswhy I asked luke tu unplug it.21:12
lukeUnplugging did provide the cache sync error21:12
lukeSee ya all later21:13
Betalseere: is there any chance that systemd was umounting the filesystem?21:43
Betalsystemd create services for mount points in fstab, I already had problems where I umounted, changed the partition and could not mount again without the "daemon-reload", and obviously restarting would fix in this case, just my point, but I got only the final of luke conversation21:47
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mikelissAnybody know why there's a newer version of the kernel when I do apt-cahe search, than what I am running? I've never messed around with the kernel before, so kind of curious what's going on here.22:19
jeremy31mikeliss: what ubuntu version and what kernel is being shown?22:21
mikeliss20.04 and 5.4.0-5622:21
mikelissjeremy31: I need 5.7 for a new headset and 5.8 shows up in apt cache, so I'm surprised it isn't installed.22:22
tomreynyou have the option to stay witht eh 5.4 GA kernel, which stays on this version during all of the support period of this ubuntu release, or you could switch to !LTSE22:23
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:23
jeremy31mikeliss: 5.8 is in the repos and you could likely manually install but some dkms packages might not be updated like ones used for Nvidia graphics and Broadcom wifi22:23
mikelissWow, hadn't seen the enablement stack thing before.22:25
mikelissWow, that's cool!22:26
mikelisstomreyn: Hrm, the command in the wiki reports that there's no xserver-xorg-hwe-20.04 package, and looking with apt-cache doesn't find it either. :/22:29
mikelissAnd strangely, installing linux-generic-hwe-20.04 didn't install a new kernel.22:31
tomreynmikeliss: yes, you'Re right, i guess there's none yet for xorg22:31
mikelissSigh. Weird/not weird.22:32
tomreynand linux-generic-hwe-20.04 still points to 5.4, but there is also linux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge, which points to 5.822:32
mikelissAh ha.22:32
tomreynso that's "early testing" of what will be linux-generic-hwe-20.04 at some point. but should be stable.22:33
mikelissWell...that sounds scary.22:33
tomreynnot really, it's the kernel that ubuntu 20.10 uses22:33
mikelissSo why isn't it released?22:33
jeremy31mikeliss: the kernel is stable22:33
ohcanadaubuntu focal. we were all told to upgrade from 5.4.0-54-generic to 5.4.0-56-generic, due to several bugs https://9to5linux.com/canonical-releases-major-ubuntu-kernel-updates-to-address-14-vulnerabilities22:33
ohcanadabut 5.4.0-56-generic has vanished into thin air without explanation. what exactly is going on?22:34
mikelissRight, but 5.8 is considered fine for 20.10 but "edge" for 20.04. Weird.22:34
tomreynmikeliss: the 5.8 kernel package is in main, so you can rely on it getting full security support. it may get less bug fixing than the 5.4 kernel, so maybe on a server which needs the highest possible stability you would not want that.22:35
mikelissWelp, here we go.22:35
ohcanadathe 5.4 kernel is not exactly doing well on bug fixes ...22:35
mikelissOnwards to edge. I guess if things get nasty I can revert.22:35
tomreynit's entirely normal that there are security updates for kernel images.22:36
tomreyn(and you'd want it that way)22:37
ohcanadahow on earth is it possible that a kernel just vanishes, after being promoted by canonical themselves as being a vital upgrade?22:37
tomreyni think there was a major bug with one patchset cuasing RAID-10 data loss22:38
tomreynwhen combined with trim / discard22:38
ohcanadai am talking about focal 5.4.0-56-generic not the 5.8 kernel22:38
tomreynme, too22:39
ohcanadaok then. where is the notification? and what do people do who have already upgraded? do they stay with the badness, or revert to other badness?22:39
jeremy31ohcanada: It may have been removed because of bugs22:39
ohcanadaseems to me promoting an urgent upgrade and then disappearing it, without any explanation is a sign of utter stupidity22:40
tomreynsee bug 190726222:41
ubottubug 1907262 in linux (Ubuntu) "raid10: discard leads to corrupted file system" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190726222:41
tomreynsuch happens very rarely, but errors are possivle where humans are involved.22:42
ohcanadaso better to revert, or to stay?22:42
tomreynyou can probably get 5.4.0-58.64 from your mirrors now, or from -proposed22:43
jeremy31ohcanada: It depends on if that kernel is causing issues22:43
ohcanadai don't want proposed. and i don't want an inconsistent package set22:44
ohcanadaon the other hand i don't want the old bugs either22:44
jeremy31ohcanada: reboot, use Grub Advanced Options to boot into an older kernel, then remove the 5.4.0-5622:45
ohcanadanow that those vulnerabilities have been disclosed, any systems going back to the old kernel would be vulnerable22:45
ohcanadathis is a total mess22:46
ohcanadawhat i did was manually revert. and to be honest, i feel like manually reverting to fedora. later guys22:54
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=== Nov1-Vaccine is now known as disillusion
plujonI have an ubuntu 18.04 LTS virtual machine that frequently stalls while shutting down.  In the console, I see, "[    ] A stop job is running for PostgreSQL Cluster 10-main (26s / 1h)".  Is there any way for me to interact with the computer at this point to figure out why it is waiting for the PostgreSQL Cluster?23:13
ZythyrHi I have a question about dual booting Ubuntu with Windows 10. I isntalled Win10 first then installed Ubuntu. After installation of Ubuntu, by default laptop boots into Win10. If I want to boot into Ubuntu, I have to halt laptop startup by pressing Esc to go itno Efi boot settings and select Ubuntu's EFI bootload. Then it goes to the Ubuntu grub menu script. Is this is how dual booting suppose23:41
Zythyrto work? Is it psosible to get some sort of menu option everytime laptop boots to allow me to select which OS to boot into23:41
jeremy31Zythyr: Is it HP?23:43
Zythyrjeremy31 yes23:43
jeremy31Zythyr: you might have to go into BIOS setting and find the setting where the OS boot loader option is to set ubuntu as default23:44

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