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NisseIm trying to get my Keuboard connected to Ubuntustudio Ardeur18:19
NisseIt was several years since I tried last time and I just forgot howto get it all to work with Qjack18:20
OvenWerksNisse: do you need jack? Ardour runs fine without18:20
NisseNice to hear ẗhat18:20
OvenWerksif you are running jack have you tried using Studio-controls rather than qjackctl?18:21
Nissehm well I brethly opened it18:21
NisseJacked stoped And the checkbox for Bridge Alsa to Jack MIDI (turned on a2jmidi) checked18:23
NisseShould I use Pulse audio??18:23
OvenWerksuse pulse audio for what?18:24
NisseTo get any sound :-)18:24
OvenWerksto get any sound from what?18:24
NisseSorry Im totaly lost here18:25
OvenWerksThere are times for different routes for audio18:25
OvenWerksmost desktop applications talk to pulse18:25
Nissehm but I only got a laptop without any external audio stuff18:25
OvenWerksmost (semi)pro audio applications will talk directly with alsa or use jack18:25
OvenWerksIf you wish to use something like Ardour and still be able to hear desktop audio, then jack is what works18:26
NisseWell I used that before18:27
OvenWerksstudio-controls should make that setup easy18:27
Nisseand I will detect my keyboard and all in Connect18:27
Nisseah ok18:27
OvenWerksin studio-controls, set the jack device and start jack the default should be to add a pulse->jack bridge18:28
NisseJack running DSP 0.9718:30
OvenWerksIf you start Carla from the button in studio-controls and select the patchbay tab you should see the connetions18:32
NisseColl Never been here18:33
NisseBut I dont have any connection yeẗ́18:33
OvenWerkspulse-in and pulse-out will be connected to system:*_1 & 218:33
MauroGaspari[m]if it helps: https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/ubuntu-studio-20-10-audio-setup-tutorial/18:34
NisseI have all pathbay but its magnifyed therefor I could not find it I can magnify it feather with pluss + but it wont go down in size when using -18:41
MauroGaspari[m]Nisse: for normal sound without the microphone effects described in the tutorial, you don't need to go through the steps of carla patchbay. Just make sure studio-control basic settings are up, and on reboot, autojack will connect your jack to pulse bridge automatically.18:41
MauroGaspari[m]this is enough for basic sound and will work out of the box, on reboot.18:43
NisseThank you for your help18:43

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