lotuspsychjegood morning03:49
guivercG'day lotuspsychje03:55
lotuspsychjehey guiverc o/03:55
lotuspsychjeguiverc: i logged into my todoist, seems you can work only alone on the project on the free version now, we gotta find another service03:56
guivercpad.ubuntu.com sort of makes some sense to me, but you need the URL which could be very annoying...   I often use a shared oogle.doc, but when public you can get attacks (data messed up)04:00
lotuspsychjeguiverc: i would rather like to find something to tick to complete04:01
guivercyep.  that makes sense.04:01
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ducassegood morning06:45
mertgorlotuspsychje: Hi How are you doing ? I follow discourse.ubuntu.com and I see that there is a "Web" Remix for Ubuntu Desktop. There are forks like Mint and Trisquel But I get bored from that forks and Remixes. I need engineering So How to make these contributions which is within Remixes and Forks distributions and their works can help Ubuntu and Canonical ?07:00
mertgorAnd sorry I forgot this channel lotuspsychje07:01
lotuspsychjehey mertgor07:01
lotuspsychjemertgor: talk to Maik when he's awake about that07:01
lotuspsychjei think he's following remix and unity07:01
mertgorI started a collaboration with Canonical and I want to make Canonical/Ubuntu/and other Canonical/Ubuntu works better07:02
lotuspsychjesee also the !flavours channels mertgor07:03
lotuspsychjemertgor: what kind of skills will you be helping with?07:06
mertgorlotuspsychje: I am into Systems Programming, Cloud and Convergence07:07
lotuspsychjesounds good mertgor you might also wanna check the canonical jobs07:08
mertgorI run my own business but I frequently visit Canonical's website07:08
mertgorlotuspsychje: Can I pm you ?07:09
lotuspsychjewell the volunteers also like to follow discussions mertgor rather stay here07:11
mertgorOkay I just want to say that I can contribute but I can not join Canonical company not yet07:18
lotuspsychjesure thing mertgor07:21
lotuspsychjemost of the volunteers also put their time in helping the ubuntu community07:21
mertgorlotuspsychje: I want to lead a team within my project which will contribute back to Canonical Ubuntu and to Open Source without any expection07:21
mertgorlotuspsychje: What are your interests ?07:25
mertgorlotuspsychje: Do you have already a Launchpad account ?07:25
lotuspsychjei help in debug LTS releases mertgor07:25
mertgorneat I will be back in 1 minute07:26
mertgorlotuspsychje: Do you maintain any security tool or development tools ?07:26
lotuspsychjeadd yourself to this bug team if you like07:26
lotuspsychjenot myself no07:26
lotuspsychjeil be afk too, talk you later mertgor07:27
mertgorI requested to join07:27
mertgorcylater lotuspsychje07:27
mertgoryes i see07:29
lotuspsychjehey TJ-13:57
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