StephDevSo... um.... lamont's not around.. is anyone else for the Ubuntu kernel team around?16:51
StephDevWell.. if someone with "the power" has a chance, can you please rebuild kernel 5.9.14 for distribution as what is there now is a failed build.17:10
jeremy31StephDev: Those kernels are not intended for use by the public17:18
StephDevJeremy... I'm a developer... I know what those (and all of the other kernels) are for18:12
StephDevMy point is the mainline 5.9 kernel is corrupted.. that's a problem18:13
jeremy31Might be an issue when the Ubuntu patches are applied18:13
StephDevI haven't looked at the daily build; but as I'm debugging the file system, it wouldn't make sense to do so18:13
StephDevSince September or so, it seems like whatever the latest build is, is always corrupt on the first run.. I have no idea why18:14
StephDevUsually someone notices are re-runs it; but that hasn't been happening for the last couple of weeks.. maybe the holidays, I don't know18:15
StephDevBut weekends are the only time I get to debug and write code, so .... it's kind of important to me and this will be two weekends in a row where that's not possible with mainline still be broken18:16
StephDeverrr. still being broken... sorry.. fingers slower than brain18:17
jeremy31Development of what?18:22
StephDevThe last good build of ubuntu kernels was on 12-218:24
bjfStephDev, i'll see if i can get someone to look into it on Monday23:56

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