Zythyrjeremy31 So is the expectation that I should alwasy boot into Ubunutu's grub bootloader which also gives me the option for Windows? So even if I want WIndows as a the default, I should boot into grub first? Also funny in BIOS i  see the option to re-order the options (windows or ubuntu efi) however it won't let me press enter to save the settigns after reordering00:01
gebbionepavlos, unfortunately made no difference00:01
jeremy31Zythyr: try the F10 if I remember correctly to change the order00:01
jayjo-when using a 3rd party apt repository, usually i would download the key and pipe it to apt-key add, which has been deprecated. Some other keys are now just placing their keys under /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d, which seems better than using /etc/apt/trusted.gpg. But should I be adding them somewhere else and using [signed-by=...] in sources.list?00:02
jeremy31Zythyr: for some reason HP will allow ubuntu to be added to the EFI but won't allow it to alter the EFI bootloader order00:02
OceanGaojayjo- I don't know which is the best, but I'm using sorces.list to manage those 3rd party apt repos.00:04
Zythyrjeremy31 That worked! Got luckly u have HP expereince. I do have a follow up question though00:06
jayjo-ok, thanks, I'm going to remove the keys from the trusted keyring then and list them there00:08
ZythyrWhen installing Ubuntu after installing Windows10, where am I suppose to install the Ubuntu bootloader? Win10 will be my primary default OS. Should I install Ubuntu bootloader on the root device (ex: /dev/sda) or on the partition Ubuntu is isntalled on (ex: /dev/sda5) or on the efi partition which contains the Windows bootmanager (ex: /dev/sda1)? I watched youtube tutorials but go confllicting00:08
jeremy31Zythyr: Boot loader should get installed to a drive like /dev/sda and not a partition like /dev/sda*00:10
jeremy31Grub install will figure it out00:10
jeremy31Zythyr: the only issue will happen if the Ubuntu ISO is booted in BIOS when Windows in installed in UEFI or the other way around00:11
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Zythyrjeremy31 If I want Ubuntu to show up in Windows 10 bootmanger menu, do I have to manually add Ubuntu using tools like EasyBCD? I am guessing Ubuntu won't automatically do it after installation???00:15
jeremy31Zythyr: I have never been able to add Ubuntu too Win 10 boot manager menu00:16
jeremy31Might be because I didn't try enough00:17
Zythyrjeremy31 Thank you for all ur help00:18
oopswhat's the latest ubuntu version for i386 and where to download?00:34
oerheksmate or lubuntu i guess ,, https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/releases/18.04/release/ https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/18.04/release/00:37
Bashing-omoops: xubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD <- is one way.00:40
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alazyI read that a regression that makes my system unusable should be fixed by upgrading my gpu driver from nvidia 450 packaged with ubuntu to nvidia 455+ from their website. Anything I should know/do before removing the apt-installed version and trying to install it on my own to make it go smoothly?01:13
Bashing-omalazy: Nvidia says do not do that - we have a trusted PPA that might support your release with the 455 version driver. What release are you on and what is the card ?01:16
Bashing-omalazy: Nvidia: "Note that many Linux distributions provide their own packages of the NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver in the distribution's native package management format. This may interact better with the rest of your distribution's framework, and you may want to use this rather than NVIDIA's official package." :D01:17
chalcedonygood evening Bashing-om :)01:23
chalcedonya quick i hope question. How does one open port 113 on Ubuntu 20.04? it seems to be in his computer, not the router.01:24
Bashing-omchalcedony: :D - Ya get hubby's box all squared away ?01:24
chalcedonyBashing-om, its a computer. That will be the day.01:26
Bashing-omchalcedony: Yeah - computers are pretty stupid - They will not tell us we are fixing to mess up :P01:28
chalcedonyBashing-om, is there a fix for the port 113?01:29
Bashing-omchalcedony: The app should open the port as required - what is the background here ?01:32
tomreynchalcedony: i thnk you're trying 0to set up identd. this is a really old protocol, and while you can still use it, there is not really any use to it.01:33
pavlosgebbione: "sudo apt install --reinstall fontconfig" then "fc-cache -v -f" (regenerate cache)01:34
gebbionei tried by deleting all the cache too01:40
gebbionenot sure why on my machine is not working but i dont think an installer should fail if cache is not removed01:40
gebbioneso i opened a ticket on the snap package github repo01:40
chalcedonytomreyn, it's hesitating when i try to connect him to freenode.01:41
chullBashing-om, tomreyn it does finally connect, but it takes a long long time.01:45
tomreynchull: yes, it can takes two seconds or something, the irc server waits for a timeout. if you dislike it, setting up identd is an option.01:47
chulltomreyn, it seems longer than two seconds. More like minutes.01:49
chullas long as it does it.01:49
tomreynhmm, that's unusually long.01:49
tomreyn/join #freenode    for discussing the pro's and con's of using identd when connscting to freenode.01:50
chullhexchat is umm.01:50
pavlosgebbione: "dpkg -l | grep fontconfig" you should have 3 pkgs, fontconfig, fontconfig-config, and libfontconfig1:amd6402:00
GSMarquisDo you all have to kill snap store and reload all the time?02:03
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Adietest: https://i.adie.space/oabtxf.jpeg02:22
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fraktorI'd like to change the account name for my user. What's the best way to transition all the things that were currently set up under this account?02:30
zykotick9fraktor: copy or rsync your current /home/OLD directory to you new /home/NEW directory.02:35
AdorableGNUI'm having issues. I've enabled "Media Sharing", and even toggled on, on the name of mylocal wireless network. yet none of my devices can see the system.02:45
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alazyBashing-om: Regolith, based on Ubuntu 20.10. GeForce GTX 750Ti. I saw the warning and that's why I asked how to mitigate problems here ;)02:57
Budgie^Smoreso I am loving the microk8s tool but I have noticed that for a few containers I am running right now they go into and out of a ready state and I get network notifications about the changes that Calico is making to my systems interfaces. Anyone else seen that behavoir have any advice?03:03
alazyBashing-om: what's the ppa? I just tried add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers    but it seems out of date. It tells me current branch is nvidia-430. I need 455+03:03
Bashing-omalazy: Well; Nvidia recommends the 450 version driver: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/164073/en-us :(03:03
Bashing-omalazy: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa03:05
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conrhow do i fix `unable to generate an authority file name` when starting x11vnc? i have one located at `~/.Xauthority`.03:12
oopsusing "sudod apt-add-repository ...." prompt "sudo :apt-add-repository" command not find" my os version is 14.04.603:17
Bashing-om!14.04 | oops03:18
ubottuoops: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade03:18
Bashing-omoops: ^^ The repository no longer exist as you once knew it.03:19
alazyBashing-om: It's a dpms bug that apparently has just been fixed in nvidia 455.28 : https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1930484#p193048403:19
Bashing-omalazy: Nothing says you can not try and install the 455 version driver - ( If Nvidia liked the idea they would say so) good luck.03:20
alazyBashing-om: So that ppa does have the 455 driver? The "Current long-lived branch release: 'nvidia-430'" part at the top confused me.03:20
alazyAnyone else here tried to install 455? Anything to watch know/do beforehand? Better to remove current driver first or upgrade in place, for example?03:21
Bashing-omalazy: "nvidia-graphics-drivers-455455.45.01-0ubuntu0.20.04.1" is there :)03:22
Bashing-omalazy: Always purge the current driver 1st.03:22
GSMarquis77Snap store problems? Do you all have to keep restarting snap store for it to populate?03:25
alazyThanks. Should I just purge everything with nvidia in it? That would be: apt purge xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-450-server nvidia-utils-450-server nvidia-settings nvidia-kernel-source-450-server nvidia-kernel-common-450-server nvidia-driver-450-server nvidia-dkms-450-server nvidia-compute-utils-450-server ...goes on 24 pkgs.03:28
Bashing-omalazy: ' sudo apt purge nvidia* " generally is all that is needed - and of course update/upgrade the system once the PPA is added to the system.03:30
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GSMarquis77The next LTS is 22.04?03:56
lotuspsychjeyes GSMarquis7703:57
Bashing-omGSMarquis77: Affirmed :D03:57
MIFWhen will it be out?03:58
GSMarquis77So name would be FF?03:58
MIFthat is 20.0403:58
MIFFocial Fossia03:59
MIF20.10 is Grovy Gorilla03:59
GSMarquis77Interesting Iguana?03:59
MIFI think so03:59
MIFcan someone confirm?04:00
MIFor deny04:00
lotuspsychje!codenames | GSMarquis7704:00
ubottuGSMarquis77: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more04:00
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!04:00
GSMarquis77Link wont load04:02
lotuspsychjedoes for me GSMarquis7704:03
GSMarquis77I can see an Iguana with the "Thinking man" pose04:03
GSMarquis77So next LTS would actually be JJ04:04
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GSMarquis77Why do I have so many NickServ Nick issues?04:12
GSMarquis77Im thinking because of my VPN04:12
GSMarquis77All my issues started when PIA sold to new company04:13
GSMarquis77Jovial Jaguar?04:22
GSMarquis77I got it...... Judicious Jellyfish04:27
lotuspsychje!discuss | GSMarquis04:29
ubottuGSMarquis: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!04:29
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conri don't know where to find my raw display manager MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE file for gdm3 so i can run x11vnc on boot. please help.05:20
mertgorhi Ubuntu!05:41
Didacthi all need help doing FS check my server crashed... /dev/mapper/ubuntu---vg-root needs manual fsck05:46
mertgorAnyone interested in remixes of Ubuntu ? If please mention my name05:49
mertgorI would like to learn why they exists and how can they help upstream05:50
lotuspsychje!contribute | mertgor06:24
ubottumertgor: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu06:24
lotuspsychjemertgor: can you elaborate what you want to do in #ubuntu-discuss please06:24
devilnullhi all-having trouble with virtualbox + extension pack(usb add not working) i installed from the software center and now after failure to resolve am removing it via the software center(GUI) and via cli "sudo apt purge virtualbox, yest" cli told me it wont remove the expansion pack as its not empty can i delete it manually without issue if planning on new install after the full purge06:39
devilnullcan i delete this without issue-"cd Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack/"06:42
devilnullcan i delete this without issue-"cd /usr/lib/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack/"06:43
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devilnullsorted all gud07:08
bray90820Would there be an issue having two crontab entries set for the same time?07:31
RazathornNope.  I believe there is a setting that controlls parallel execution, but at worst, after that maximum is hit, they run serially if I recall correctly07:33
RazathornIn fact, on my down stairs server, it runs multiple backups all scheduled at the same times, because, you know, hammer the disks, amiright?07:34
hudobray90820, you can use sleep to scatter a little bit07:36
bray90820Razathorn: Thanks07:37
panorainHillary Clinton noticed Clapper.08:08
panorainBill Clinton is a piece of trash08:08
panorainHillary Clinton likes it up her ass.08:08
RexodusIs it expected if you 'chmod 000 file.ext' and you 'sudo cat file.ext' you get a dd error?08:26
Rexodusdd: invalid number: ‘’08:26
EriC^^Rexodus: no08:52
RexodusEriC^^: Well, that is exactly what happens :P08:53
RexodusNot a problem at all but I noticed it...08:53
EriC^^Rexodus: doesnt happen here, i think something else is going on08:54
EriC^^Rexodus: try 'type cat' or 'type sudo' see what you get08:55
RexodusI run Xubuntu in vmware08:55
Rexodussudo is hashed (/usr/bin/sudo)08:56
RexodusSame for cat08:56
EriC^^/bin/cat ?08:56
Rexoduscat is hashed (/usr/bin/cat)08:57
RexodusStandard and default install with KDE and XFCE408:58
EriC^^type          dpkg -L coreutils | grep "bin/cat"08:58
RexodusNot found.08:58
EriC^^Rexodus: ah i know what's happened, the file actually contains the sentence "dd: invalid number: ‘’08:59
EriC^^Rexodus: type "sudo hexdump -C file.ext"08:59
Rexodusforget what I wrote today :P09:00
RexodusHow to make a fool of yourself... ;)09:01
EriC^^it happens with everyone, it's life :D09:01
RexodusHowever, 1 question remains. Root should have no read-rights too?09:02
EriC^^i'll throw some advice if you're using dd and stuff and new to it, always double check the line before hitting enter cause a wrong of= and your hdd could get rewritten and files lost09:03
RexodusYeah, been there ;)09:03
EriC^^it's one of those commands you really wanna double check before hitting enter09:03
RexodusI use it mainly to backup my Windows drive.09:03
EriC^^i see09:03
EriC^^same here, easy backup/restore09:04
RexodusAnd there comes a next question. I never tried to dd my /dev/sda with bitlocker active. Is this working too?09:04
EriC^^i guess it would work if bitlocker is something that's software not hardware, tbh i never used bitlocker09:05
EriC^^it's software?09:05
RexodusI don't have trusted platform chips afaik09:05
RexodusBut than again, that sould be no problem if I keep the same mainboard...09:06
EriC^^i see09:07
RexodusBut if it dies, I lose everyting or something like that. Dunno exactly...09:07
RexodusMainboard gone, trusted platform gone?09:07
PallasXDHi, my touchpad no work fine. The half area is configured like Scroll Area. How can i reduce the left scroll area at 1cm at the left of the toucpad ?09:08
RexodusAnyway, if I have something like that it is switched off.09:08
EriC^^i see09:09
EriC^^found this post, https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/9urk6o/how_to_tell_if_bitlocker_is_using_software/09:09
RexodusBitlocker is not installed at the moment. I was referring to the TPM https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/information-protection/tpm/trusted-platform-module-overview09:10
RexodusAfaik you can't even install Linux with that activated.09:11
admin0hi all .. i created a btrfs fs by using mkfs.btrfs -f -L lxdlvm /dev/infra/lxd .. how do I tell lxd to use this as the default storage ?09:12
RexodusStorage as in /home?09:12
admin0no . as in use that lvm/btrfs for the whole system when i do a lxc launch09:13
admin0Rexodus, how to set a new storage pool as default ?09:21
admin0found it09:21
sammygdoes ubuntu 20.10 support legacy bios mode?09:27
EriC^^sammyg: yeah09:29
sammygwhat image supports that? desktop image? or server only or some testing image?09:34
EriC^^sammyg: all images support it09:35
EriC^^the mini iso doesnt support uefi however09:35
sammygmaybe my problem is the rufus tool then? i wrote ubuntu-20.10-desktop-amd64.iso (desktop) to a usb stick using rufus and legacy bios was not an option (for either mbr or gpt) and i can't boot it now in csm mode (expected given the lack of legacy option in rufus) on my b550 motherboard09:37
ThinkT510sammyg: you could dd the iso to the usb instead09:39
ThinkT510assuming you don't want to keep anything else on the usb09:39
sammygah good point! will try that next.09:40
ThinkT510make sure you pick the right device label, you don't want to pick the wrong one with dd09:41
sammygi do get to see the "kingston bla bla" in the boot list (f8), but when i select it it gets skipped past and another os boots. and if i power off and disconnect all disks and try again i get to see the problem: "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key".09:42
EriC^^sammyg: i'd try to dd the iso as suggested09:46
sammygwriting anew in dd mode: https://imgur.com/a/6iRQKkm09:49
sammygi still can't change "target system" and write mode (dd) does not depend on this parameter.09:51
EriC^^sammyg: dd copies the iso as-is, by default it'll support both booting modes09:52
sammygi came across this earlier, seems to be the same problem (unless i'm wrong 20.10 expects efi system): https://askubuntu.com/questions/1286977/ubuntu-20-10-installer-thinks-legacy-system-uses-efi-booting09:53
sammygThinkT510 & EriC^^ hooray! it worked! thank you guys!10:14
sammygshould i be always using dd mode when writing ubuntu images to usb?10:17
sammygthis is what i'm more used to seeing when writing ubuntu images: "bios or uefi": https://i.imgur.com/fy3xyIo.png10:21
soft_concreteDoes Ubuntu Server make heavy use of snaps, the way the desktop version does?10:42
soft_concreteEven without installing any snaps manually on my workstation, I see a few running10:43
jackbrownanyone there?10:50
OceanGaojackbrown yup10:55
jackbrownOceanGao: hello can you help me to purge my Epson printer driver from the Sytem ?10:56
CrazyHUbuntu 20.04. How do I get the system to STOP trying to auto read my RAID array? I'm trying to set up mdadm, but I can't assemble the array, because the partition is busy... because Ubuntu won't stop trying to freaking auto detect it.11:09
CrazyHLooks like the answer to my question might be: `gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount false` and then a reboot11:21
CrazyHNope! still auto detects the RAID... making it busy11:26
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:39
N3bulaKHello all13:08
N3bulaKI use gpg2 in terminal, is there a way to use this with UI?13:09
N3bulaKfor example; when you right click on a file, it will give me an option to encrypt/decrypt etc?13:09
rneesemoorning all13:40
lotuspsychjewelcome rneese13:40
rneeseso  whats the topic this am ?13:41
lotuspsychjerneese: #ubuntu is the support channel to help out users with problems13:42
lotuspsychje!discuss | rneese13:42
ubotturneese: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:42
rneeseI was being polite before asking and interupting13:43
rneeseok we are working on budgie desktop   is there  a  howto for setting features before first boot like overrides ?13:43
rneesefor wallpapers and  other settings ?13:44
rneesewe  are working on a arm64  desktop release  that needs some defaults set13:45
TJ-Anyone know the purpose / origination of nodejs-mozilla ? looks like a Canonical published package but no indications as to its intended purpose13:47
coreyfarrellhello all, I'm starting to plan migration from CentOS to Ubuntu LTS Server.  does anyone know of any admin guides which target knowledgeable CentOS admins?  I assume most differences will be different package naming, rpm vs dpkg and dnf vs apt?14:26
pizzaiolocoreyfarrell i'm not personally familiar but you might want to try in #ubuntu-server14:27
rneeserpm vs deb14:29
rneesedokg is a tool14:29
TJ-coreyfarrell: before making that jump you might also want to consider your position on ubuntu-server installing snapd by default and having several packages available via snaps only14:46
INSANUhey guys, simple question how can I install clang and cmake?15:05
INSANUwithout asking, like, forcing =)15:05
gordonjcpINSANU: what exactly are you trying to do?15:16
INSANUwell, I am writing a pipeline in github to build a package that I created, I am going to use ubuntu as the node. But I am not sure about the package names =)15:17
dustinstalling 20.10 with lvm leads to a swap with 980mb... how can the swap be increased when VG       #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize    VFree  vgubuntu   1   2   0 wz--n- <465,26g    015:28
dustinsufficient free space... the disc is large enough as u see15:29
gordonjcpdust: people still use swap?15:30
dustofc gordonjcp15:30
gordonjcpdid I wake up in the 90s?15:30
dustwhatever ram size u ve it ll never be enough at some point...15:31
gordonjcpdust: what's "u ve"?15:33
gordonjcpin this context15:33
gordonjcpI can't say I've found swap to be particularly necessary, since I switched away from linux 2.415:33
jeremy31you have?15:36
dustgordonjcp, 8gb and more ram is no option... so swap is needed and i want the double amount of ram which gives 16gb15:36
gordonjcpif 8GB is not enough and you want 8GB of swap too, you wil have incredibly disappointing performance15:37
gordonjcpdust: maybe if you have an SSD it'll mitigate it a bit but anything so old it can only take 8GB RAM will have dialup-speed SATA15:38
dustgordonjcp, u dont tell me new stuff... see my question above... how to increase swap on lvm when vfree is 015:39
gordonjcpdust: you could stop your existing swap, create a new partition, and then set that up as swap15:40
gordonjcpdust: I feel like growing the swap partition wouldn't totally work15:41
dustfollowed this but it didnt work... thats the reason i ask here https://opensource.com/article/18/9/swap-space-linux-systems15:41
gordonjcpdust: if you've more than one SATA channel, buy another SSD and put swap on that with a totally separate SATA channel15:41
dustgordonjcp, is no option... its only about increase swap15:42
dustits a laptop...15:42
gordonjcpdust: talk me through what you've done and where you got stuck15:43
dustlvextend -L +2G /dev/mapper/vgubuntu-swap_1 failed15:44
dustinsuficient free space: 3584 extends needed, but only 0 available15:45
tpw_ruleshello. i have an ubuntu 20.04.1 machine and systemd-networkd does not run DHCP and assign it an IP address. running "sudo dhclient" works fine, but then the lease ends eventually and it loses internet. the journal says nothing useful. there's a file in /etc/systemd/network/ for my interface which enables DHCP15:47
dustVG       #PV #LV #SN Attr   VSize    VFree15:47
dust  vgubuntu   1   2   0 wz--n- <465,26g    015:47
tpw_rulesactually hm, it seems there was something wrong in /etc/network/interfaces. i thought systemd didn't use that15:51
gordonjcpdust: so I guess you have no free space left in your volume set15:52
vlmdust, im not sure,but maybe you need to add a disk to you vg,seems all is allocated to yout two existing lvs15:52
gordonjcpdust: you'll either need to make another LV smaller or fit another disk15:53
gordonjcpdust: making an existing LV smaller is probably going to give you an exciting afternoon15:53
dustso basically to use gparted and reduce disc size to get it free for swap15:53
gordonjcpdust: I would strongly recommend backing up everything you care about and making a bootable install stick15:53
gordonjcpdust: no, you'll need to reduce a logical volume to free up space in LVM15:54
dustso basically is a new install...15:54
gordonjcpdust: that would be safest and easiest tbh15:54
dustk ll try that15:54
dustgordonjcp, thx for infos and help15:54
gordonjcpdust: you can try resizing your other logical volume but you'll need to unmount it, resize it, and fsck it15:55
gordonjcpdust: if that's the only disk in your machine then I'm guessing that you can't just unmount the other LV15:55
gordonjcpso you're going to need a bootable USB stick anyway15:55
gordonjcpdust: are you using an SSD?15:55
dustbootable usb to boot and do it from there i imagine15:55
gordonjcpdust: yup15:56
dustits a mix of sdd and hdd15:56
gordonjcpokay, because I was going to say if you end up spending money today spend it on an SSD15:56
gordonjcpit's the best 80 quid you'll ever spend on PC bits15:56
gordonjcpone of my "not important" boxes has four 2TB normal drives configured as striped and mirrored and it's so painfully slow15:57
gordonjcpdust: I let $teenager use it so she could experience what computers were like in the (pre 2010) olden days15:58
dustnormally the 8gb is enough but it can be that in some rare situations more is needed and so a good sized swap is important to not crash programs while some important work is done and lost...15:58
gordonjcpdust: as long as it's nothing time-sensitive15:58
dustgordonjcp, better slow than sorry :D15:58
conrdoes anybody know how to automate  stopping or killing a systemd service after logging in over gdm3?16:11
conrstartup applications was my first thought but i cant run it as root in my user account without getting a password prompt.16:16
gordonjcpconr: for the avoidance of the XY problem, what are you trying to do?16:17
lotuspsychjeconr: try stacer for managing systemd services a GUI way easy16:17
conrgordonjcp: i have x11vnc startup on boot so i can vnc to my ubuntu box and login to my account. but since gdm3, x11vnc goes to a black screen so a hack is to start another session and i was just going to use vino but wanted to kill the x11vnc service.16:20
gordonjcpconr: why not just stop x11vnc altogether and use vino?16:20
gordonjcpconr: alternatively, you can look at /etc/sudoers and see how to run specific commands with elevated privileges, possibly without entering a password16:21
conrgordonjcp: i dont think vino starts until user logs in16:21
gordonjcpconr: you can lock it down to just a particular command16:21
gordonjcpwouldn't that mean you log into x11vnc but then kill your connection when vino starts?16:22
conrx11vnc is the only vnc ive got to run on boot.16:22
gordonjcpwhy bother with VNC, why not just do remote X16:22
gordonjcpssh will forward X quite happily16:23
conri dont know remote X. does mac support? plus i like my vnc viewer.16:24
gordonjcpoh, maybe macs don't support it16:24
gordonjcpconr: to be honest I've never really bothered VNCing to Linux machines, kind of don't see the point16:25
atomiss5Hey, i would like to have a rough estimate, if it will affect the speed and stability of my netbook ubuntu (now 18.04.5, uptodate), if i do an release upgrade to 20.04.1. It is an rather old netbook, less than 1 GB Ram and so on.16:25
gordonjcpatomiss5: with that little RAM I'd consider a "lighter" Ubuntu, like xubuntu or similar16:26
lotuspsychjeatomiss5: is it ubuntu desktop or another flavour?16:26
conrgordonjcp: wel i have a use cass cause its my vpn box that i browse ans torrent with. not fun when its headless.16:26
gordonjcpconr: surely it would be easier to just forward stuff through it?16:26
conrgordonjcp: well i have a 1Gb connection so dont want other devices to suffer16:27
atomiss5dang. Gotta phone call. I have to check in back later. Thanks for the answers already16:28
gordonjcpconr: it's worth looking into, I'd say16:28
gordonjcpconr: if you're really up for a bit of fun, look into installing Apache Guacamole on your remote box, which is a web-accessible VNC viewer16:29
conrgordonjcp: is it availabe on boot?16:30
gordonjcpconr: you'd run it as a normal service16:30
gordonjcpconr: effectively you'd run it as a web server, but setting it up is pretty complicated16:30
atomiss5lotuspsychje hmm, it says all normal with lsb_release -a or ubuntu SMP in cat /proc/version16:30
conrgordonjcp: oh i see its like a dumbed down gui16:31
gordonjcpconr: what is?16:31
conrapache guac16:31
conrive setup a lot of webserver in my life16:32
gordonjcpconr: no, it's a full-fat VNC viewer16:32
lotuspsychjeatomiss5: lubuntu 20.04 i tested on an old netbook with 2GB ram running fine, ubuntu-desktop with gnome needs at least 4GB+ reccomended 8GB16:32
gordonjcpconr: you point your browser at it, log in, and VNC to the box you want16:32
atomiss5ok, thank you!16:32
gordonjcpconr: I use it as the front-end to a training system I built for some very very specialised network equipment (which runs Windows XP but that's a whole other can of worms)16:33
lotuspsychjeatomiss5: i would try a lubuntu 20.04 fresh16:33
lotuspsychjeatomiss5: unless your computer is 32bit?16:34
gordonjcplotuspsychje: my lowest-end laptop has a whopping 64MB of RAM :-)16:35
lotuspsychjegordonjcp: wich DE/WM are you on there?16:36
gordonjcplotuspsychje: fvwm2, on a very very hand-tuned NetBSD16:36
gordonjcplotuspsychje: I work with high-frequency radio equipment where you tune it by polishing tiny brass pegs with jeweller's rouge16:37
gordonjcplotuspsychje: one wipe too far can put you 100MHz off frequency16:37
conrgordonjcp: im confused. does gauc dispaly the remote client the browser or do you need a vnc client?16:37
lotuspsychjegordonjcp: lets go to #ubuntu-discuss16:37
gordonjcplotuspsychje: building a kernel for this Thinkpad felt a bit like pulling in one of these TXes16:37
gordonjcplotuspsychje: sorry, thought we were -offtopic :-)16:37
gordonjcpconr: it's a VNC *viewer*16:37
gordonjcpconr: browse to it with the browser of your choice then VNC to whatever you want to run16:38
conrso it connects to like vino over browser?16:38
gordonjcpconr: as I say though setting it up is nontrivial but it's an excellent tool16:38
gordonjcpconr: if you have concerns over privacy I'd strongly recommend looking at using your remote box as a VPN endpoint and tunnelling over it16:39
conrgordonjcp: how does ubuntu 20 desktop look on it?16:39
gordonjcpconr: pretty normal over a fastish connection16:39
gordonjcpconr: I never ever ever use Linux machines remotely with a GUI though16:40
gordonjcpconr: occasionally I have to use RDP or VNC to access Windows machines remotely and it sucks16:40
gordonjcpI don't know why Windows doesn't have a normal cli16:40
conrgordonjcp: actually i didnt say its a box on my home network. haha16:40
LutinI always install new servers with the latest minor ISO but are there reasons not to use/upgrade to the latest minor release ?16:42
conri have a imac and linux desktop on the same desk but want to run a vnc session through my iMac.16:42
conrgordonjcp: thats my actual end goal ^16:43
gordonjcpconr: daft question - does x11vnc work with a monitor plugged into your Linux box?16:44
geosmileIf I have a 80GB drive and a 40GB drive, can i add them both to look like a 120GB drive to the OS? I am really needed to spill over a particular directory on the 80GB drive that is currently using 34G and I want to spill it over to the 40G drive16:44
geosmileSo mainly I need a particular directory to use two drives for storage of its files.16:45
conrgordonjcp: i dont get the plugged in question. but it does work if im logged in to my user account.16:45
TJ-geosmile: using LVM yes; each drive can contribute a Physical Volume (PV) to a single Volume Group, from where space for Logical Volumes (LV) is allocated, and LVs can be extended at will given free space in their parent VG16:46
geosmileTJ-, thanks16:54
rr123on ubuntu 20.04 ctrl+alt+f1 gives me the GUI login screen instead of a text console?17:07
rr123i thought ctrl-alt-f1~f6 are still text console only17:07
lotuspsychje!tty | rr12317:07
ubotturr123: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution17:07
rr123so it's different from older ubuntus, fine, ctrl-alt-f1 gave me a new login, while f2 gave me a already-logged-in GUI17:08
rr123so ctrl-alt-f2 is the old F7, what's ctrl+alt+f1 for then17:09
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faLUKE hello, is there anyone aware of this? On debian/ubuntu, python3-venv must be installed separately as a package. Before installing it, python3 -m venv did not work. After installing it, it works. Well: I purged the python3-venv package (with apt-get purge) and venv is still present. How can I remove it??19:01
faLUKE--> still installed19:01
BlueEaglefaLUKE: did you also do autoremove?19:03
faLUKEBlueEagle: yes19:06
faLUKEI sould see the install and remove scripts... but how ?19:08
coconutWhere can i find the licenses of the wallpapers that come with ubuntu?19:19
faLUKEBlueEagle: solved. I had to manually remove another package19:20
Maikcoconut: https://askubuntu.com/questions/519233/what-license-are-the-ubuntu-wallpapers-distributed-under19:20
coconutMaik, are ALL wallpapers under that license, also those from for example dapper drake?19:22
coconutthanks Maik :)19:24
Maikyw :)19:24
masterboyhi, does anyone know how to connect to the ubuntu core vm? ssh user@localhost:8022 does not work19:39
masterboynice question :P19:39
masterboyhttps://ubuntu.com/download/kvm does not help19:39
masterboynevermind the howto works19:41
jeremy31!cookie | google19:42
ubottugoogle: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:42
Gumatmux new-session -s "session_name" "some command to execute". That works but I have to do dispatch manually. Is there a way to automatically dispatch and leave it running?19:46
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kinghati usually do an ll for directory listing. how would you grep that for a certain string?20:00
kinghatlike ll | grep sometext?20:01
BlueEaglekinghat: Did you try it?20:01
kinghatah whoops it works. i had a typo20:03
BlueEaglekinghat: Glad I could help.20:04
zteamHi, I'm trying to mount an encrypted luks volume in Nautilus, it asks for the password to decrypt the volume, but after I entering it, the volume just dissappear from Nautilus. The volume itself can easily be read from a liveusb, checkding dmesg doesn't bring me any clues either, any advice?20:41
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Aavar_If I have two existing raid1 arrays. Is it simple to combine them into a raid10 array?21:32
BlueEagleAavar_: Simplest way is to back up all data, create the raid 10 array and restore the data to that. In any case you want to back up your data before re-structuring a raid array in case something goes wrong.21:35
Aavar_BlueEagle: I do have offsite backups so I would rather not use them... I have an existing raid1 array and would like to add two more drives. Is it possible to create a raid10 array with two drives, copy the data from the existing raid1 array and then add the new drives to the raid 10 array?21:38
vlmI noticed when trying to make mygroup in /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/ i need to be root,is that the same reason maybe when using lxc-cgroup on unprivileged containers its not working?21:40
RexodusDoes anyone know if a awus036ach can do 30dBm? Tried a lot. Country to BO and GY. No luck so far. I specially bought this thing because I heard it could do even 33 dBm. But I'm not so sure anymore... it's stuck to 20 dBm and don't want to move in any direction. Even sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off gives an error: Error for wireless request "Set Tx Power" (8B26) : SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not21:50
Rexoduspermitted. Lots of people report this problem but no solution worked for me...21:50
jeremy31Rexodus: That shows as wlan0?21:52
Rexodusjeremy31: Yes21:52
RexodusDrivers are installed and working.21:52
RexodusEven monitor and injection are working.21:53
jeremy31Not sure why power off would give a tx power error21:53
jeremy31Where did you get the driver from?21:54
RexodusNeed the URL?21:55
jeremy31aircrack-ng github?21:55
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jeremy31I use the rtl8814au version and it seems my tx power is fixed at 20db22:01
RexodusJust like mine22:01
RexodusThanks for checking ;)22:02
RexodusI think it is not possible to change that.22:02
jeremy31I wonder if the adapter needs to be down to change power, I can't lower it either, but no errors in terminal22:03
RexodusEven if down, I can't change a thing.22:07
RexodusCountrycode is BO at the moment. So that's working fine too.22:07
RexodusI have no clue why it doesn't want to change.22:07
jayjowhere should I place the new autoinstall scripts for ubuntu (https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-quickstart) the quickstart shows how to use an additional volume, but how would I go about adding the autoinstall file (not preseed) to the iso, or if I'm manually adjusting a usb stick?22:09
jeremy31Might have to raise an issue on github22:09
Rexodusjeremy31: I even checked some data-sheets but them never talk about rf power. Your chip neither.22:10
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RexodusAnd to be clear, I never succeded to raise the power. I have a Atheros too. 9071 or something like that.22:12
RexodusShould bring 1 Watt.22:12
RexodusThet never happend...22:12
jbskihey everyone, long time freebsd user, new to ubuntu. -- i have a new laptop, lenovo e14 thinkpad, running ubuntu 20.04, wifi was working perfectly and all of a sudden the wifi disconnected, couldnt get it to reconnect, rebooted and now it says "no wifi adapter found"22:13
jeremy31Rexodus: I am pretty sure the Atheros has to be DOWN to make changes and will error when trying to set power off22:13
jbskiits hard for me to think its a hardware issue, its a brand new laptop, 2 weeks old22:13
jbskiany ideas?22:13
jeremy31Rexodus: did you try the rtl8812au-dkms from the repos?22:14
RexodusYes, but if I remember correctly, injection is not working. Monitor is though.22:15
jeremy31Rexodus: OK, I know the dkms part is broken too22:15
RexodusI guess we wait for a patch. It is not that important. I'm just irritated if I can't get somthing to work what shoukd work :P22:17
jeremy31Rexodus: I just set mine down and tried the power change and it didn't take, must be the driver as I should be able to use 30db22:18
RexodusThat gives me hope my device isn't locked...22:19
RexodusTrying my atheros now. brb22:19
Rexodusyes, that is the one22:19
jeremy31Likely similar to TP LInk tl wn722n22:20
RexodusIs locked too. Must be a kernel issue.22:23
RexodusBut it gives no error.22:24
RexodusJust doesn't do the job.22:24
jeremy31Rexodus: check in terminal>  iw reg get22:25
RexodusIs on BO22:25
RexodusTried GY also.22:26
RexodusNo luck.22:26
jeremy31Rexodus: atheros devices might have a region code in eeprom that locks them down22:26
RexodusYeah, heard of that before.22:27
RexodusAnd there is no way around that afaik.22:27
RexodusI ordered the AR in the USA. Maybe they locked it for me...22:28
jeremy31US on 2.4 allows 30db22:30
RexodusIn that case I locked it myself. I'll ask the coder of the driver if there is a solution. If you are still here by the time I get an answer, you'll be the first to know.22:32
jeremy31I cant seem to change it on my atheros either22:36
gueriLLaPunKhow do i download something from a site that says "download will start in 5,4,3,2,1" but the url doesn't end in a filename? via terminal22:36
gueriLLaPunKe.g. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/roguelike-adventures-and-dungeons/download/3133947/file22:36
gueriLLaPunKi tried wget -O (url) but it doesnt work and i dont know what to google to find the answer22:37
RazathorngueriLLaPunK: You have to figure out where it's redirecting you to.  Easiest way is to enable developer console in your browser and look at the URLs it tries to send you to22:38
gueriLLaPunKooooh good idea22:38
gueriLLaPunKok i inspect element of the 'download here' and its the same url as before22:40
gueriLLaPunKoh i found it under network22:41
gueriLLaPunKthanks Razathorn22:41
RazathornNP gueriLLaPunK.  Good to hear it worked.  Now, if it doesn't work with WGET you may need to include headers or referrer info and or cookies, depending on what they did.22:44
faLUCEhello. I just upgraded my ubuntu, and now wine seems to run with 32 attributes... what can I do?22:50
oerhekswine 32 bits?22:52
oerheksthat is what you want, no?22:53
faLUCEoerheks: no22:53
faLUCEoerheks: I think I have to install wine64 too22:53
faLUCElet me try22:53
oerhekswina as snap perhaps?22:53
destinydrivenHey guys, since updating to ubuntu server 20.04 I've been getting seg faults causing nginx to fail.   I traced it down to this issue caused by libnginx-mod-http-perl : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/perl/+bug/189756122:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1897561 in perl (Ubuntu) "libperl.so.5.30.0 causes nginx to segfault" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:55
destinydrivenMy question is I'm not sure if I really need this module and what is the safest way of disabling it.  Can I move the module file from modules-enabled to modules-available and see if that breaks anything?22:55
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oerheksdestinydriven, last comment i think, remove the symbol link .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/perl/+bug/1897561/comments/522:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1897561 in perl (Ubuntu) "libperl.so.5.30.0 causes nginx to segfault" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:57
oerheksfaLUCE, it you had archtecture i386 enabled before upgrade, it would install wine 32 bit too, i think22:58
destinydrivenoerheks, thing is, I don't have anything currently in modules-available so I don't think there is a sym link22:58
oerheksbasicly all software are 32 bits, that is why.22:58
faLUCEoerheks: yeah, apt just warned me about that22:59
Rexodusjeremy31: According to 'sudo iw list | grep dBm' our devices are capable for 30 dBm on 5 GHz only. 2.4 is locked to 20 dBm. Correct me if I read that wrong.23:16
jeremy31Rexodus: Looks that way but the iw reg get shows I should be able to transmit at 30dbm23:20
gueriLLaPunKRazathorn, good thing i didn'tr need the headers or referrer (not like i would know how to do it lol) but again appreciate the tip :) take care my dude23:21
Rexodus(2402 - 2482 @ 40), (N/A, 20), (N/A) (5250 - 5330 @ 80), (N/A, 30), (0 ms), DFS (5735 - 5835 @ 80), (N/A, 30), (N/A)23:22
Rexodusjeremy31: Looks like you have more power ;)23:23
jeremy31Rexodus: (2400 - 2472 @ 40), (N/A, 30), (N/A) less channels23:28
Rexodusjeremy31: I discovered that BO is not working. I have to use GY. My guess, there is something changed with the BO laws...23:39
jeremy31Either that or it checks other settings before applying the regdomain23:40
RexodusSET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted.23:41
jeremy31Rexodus: did you bypass the predictable network interface naming?23:43
Rexodusjeremy31: ehhh?23:51
jeremy31Rexodus: A USB wifi device in Ubuntu will have a name like wlx followed by the MAC address by default, not wlan023:52
Rexodusjeremy31: Rexodus: did you bypass the predictable network interface naming? < No23:53
RexodusNot that I'm aware of anyway.23:53
jeremy31Rexodus: are you using Ubuntu?23:54
RexodusBut Debian is debian, right? :P23:55
RexodusAnyway, this is not distro related. Everyone has problems with this.23:56
RexodusTried this on Ubuntu several times. But thats a couple of years ago.23:56
RexodusSame problems as now.23:56
jeremy31Rexodus: Might want to try asking at linuxquestions.com they have users from multiple distros and this issue might be from upstream of Ubuntu23:58
RexodusDomain is for sale!23:59
RexodusNo kidding!23:59
jeremy31whoops linuxquestions.org23:59

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