jayjoI'm trying to autoinstall an ubuntu server in an offline environment, using the nocloud datasource. Most examples I see are using qemu + kvm, so they create an image to attach along the lines of `genisoimage  -output seed.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock user-data meta-data`. Is there a way to accomplish this with a USB stick? Do I just need to label a partition "CIDATA" with the vendor-data, user-data,00:10
jayjoand meta-data files00:10
jayjoI actually can't find any references to using ds=nocloud;s=file:/// format01:06
jayjois that file the cloudtools iso?01:06
meenaThis is looks … wrong, in a number of ways: https://gist.github.com/897c034810af50982864d22f38d8f23a19:26
sassynHi All,20:03
sassynQuick question. I have setup a machine with ubuntu 18.04.520:04
sassynthe machine boot and run cloud-init20:04
sassynI have setup the datastore as none20:04
sassynand I want to change the way the netplan file is being created20:05
sassynthe documentation doesn't tell allot on this20:05
sassynanyone can guide me?20:05
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