BluesKajHi folks11:53
santa_good morning everybody12:43
santa_RikMills: FYI I'm about to finish a last tesy of fw 5.77 to confirm it's prepared to upload12:44
RikMillssanta_: great16:01
RikMillssanta_: how are we looking?20:31
santa_RikMills: fw 5.77 ok to upload, BUT:20:32
* RikMills hates BUTs20:32
santa_libgit2 transition is not done yet, probably the only remaining thing of this transition is removing golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v28 (replaceed by golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v30 if I'm not mistaken)20:36
santa_sorry for the suspense I was trying to find the correct names20:36
santa_RikMills: ↑ not a catastrophic "BUT"20:36
RikMillssanta_: well, I did this a short while ago https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ktexteditor/5.76.0-0ubuntu320:36
santa_ok, feel free to do the same and poke the release managers to remove the obsolete package later20:37
santa_how are we going with the apps?20:37
RikMillssanta_: the libgit transition also reset to square 1, where debian uploaded a 2nd soname bump :(20:38
RikMillsapps are getting there. slowly20:39
santa_so you are doing adjustments but you haven't uploaded them yet?20:39
RikMillsall apps are uploaded20:40
RikMillsnow doing poking to get things migrated20:40
RikMillsthe new libgit2 making ktexteditor uninstallable did not help20:41
RikMillsbut fixed now20:41
santa_aha, thanks for the update20:41
santa_I hope to do a few test rebuilds in the next days, I have been mostly resting this weekend20:41
RikMillsuploading frameworks now20:41
RikMillsack :)20:42
RikMillsuploaded. brace for emails! :P20:43
RikMillspush git and tags20:45

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