IronDevHi I'm trying to install Ubuntu server 20.04.1 on a PowerEdge R510, but after the installation I can't boot. It lands on the grub command line and it says "Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter"04:07
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technoobI need help06:47
technoobIm running ubuntu server and cant connect to net. I have successfully connected to net before in my house but in my cousins house i cant06:48
technoobCan anyone help06:48
mybalzitchare you using dhcp?06:50
technoobHow do i check06:50
technoobAnyone here can help? I can only do this for a couple of minute since i cant be online in a few minutes07:04
technoobCan aanyone help me07:39
RoyKdoes unattended-upgrades support full-upgrade (aka dist-upgrade)?11:40
BlueEagleRoyK: I hope you're not trying to do a dist-upgrade unattended.16:05
trippehBlueEagle: noone remembers a coward16:12
MmikeHowdy, folks. Where can I download the 'old' 18.04 installer (non-subiquity one), is that one even available?16:49
quadrathoch2Mmike https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/18.04.4/release/16:52
Mmikequadrathoch2, excellent, muito obrigado!16:59
MIFHow do I set ssh to only accept a connection from this computer on my home network ONLY21:17
MIFeveything else gets blocked21:18
rfmMIF, doesn't seem to be a netmask option to tell sshd not to accept, so probably iptables/nftables (or ufw if you like) is the way to go.21:37
MIFhow do I use it with UWF?21:38
rfmI've never used UWF (or ufw either, if that was just a typo) and I always have to read the nftables docs (plenty of howtos around) before doing anything to it.  You want a rule to pass local net traffic to port 22 followed by a rule to reject traffic to port 22...21:40
MIFyes it was a typo21:43
MIF and what?21:43
rfmMIF, what what?  I'm not going to read the docs for you and give you a potted solution, if that's what you want.21:48
MIFNo, I did not mean for it to come out that way, sorry21:48
MIFI was asking for you to re phrase, I do not under stand what you said21:49
rfmMIF, nftables (and ufw which is just a front-end for nftables) is a set of rules that tells the ubuntu kernel what to do with packets.  The rules do things like match packets on source and destination IP ranges and ports, and then specify actions.  To do what you want, you want a rule that matches a source on local net and destination of port 22 and says accept it, then a rule that matches a destination of port 22 and says reject21:54
MIFthank you21:56
rfmMIF, the ubuntu ufw howto is at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW  .  Even though I've never used it, it looks like ufw may be easier to get started with than raw nftables.21:57
MIFthank you so much, sorry that came out wrong earler21:57
rfmMIF, looking around a little more I found this from digitalocean that has some examples that sound very much like what you want to do:  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ufw-essentials-common-firewall-rules-and-commands22:04
MIFI will take a look right now22:04
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