jeremy31Rexodus: ^00:03
RexodusThanks URL dude! But I'm going horizontal! My eyes are burning and my head is pulsing. Tomorrow is a fresh day. New day, new problems! :)00:03
RexodusSee you tomorrow!00:03
jeremy31Rexodus: I hope to sleep in tomorrow00:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:42
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lapion Linux/ubuntu has been getting a lot of problems with buffer/swap bloat;I have a system with 16GB of ram and 32GB of swap ( in csase of future ram upgrades and/or unexpected ram leaks ) and the system becomes unresponsive and even the mouse starts to respond like stirring a spoon through honey, and even the keyboard becomes unresponsive while top shows there is enough "available" memory hoiwever it's all used by "buffers/cache" and much01:15
lapion is swapped out, after turning swap off the system worked normally again.01:15
cluelesspersonI keep getting this weird graphics glitch01:44
cluelesspersonwhere the application seems to scroll up halfway01:44
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BlueEagle!screenshot | cluelessperson01:58
ubottucluelessperson: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.01:58
cluelesspersonit keeps disappearing before I can grab it. :P01:58
BlueEaglecluelessperson: Can you make a mock-up of what it looks like because I am not able to imagine what you mean by "scrolls up halfway"01:59
cluelesspersonBlueEagle, it just occurred again and I managed to get it: https://i.imgur.com/sE6ZzUJ.png02:02
cluelesspersonleft bar is me redacting data02:02
cluelesspersonunverified, but it seems to occur as a result of chrome running02:02
BlueEaglecluelessperson: I guess a picture of what it should look like wouldn't go amiss, but ti appears that the HexChat window is moved so the top of it is above your display and I assume is moved back down.02:06
BlueEaglecluelessperson: Do you have more than one screen and are they aligned with the same top row?02:06
cluelesspersonBlueEagle, it's a single screen and I'm not modifying it at the time02:07
cluelesspersonand yeah, typically hexchat is just maximized while I use it.02:08
BlueEagleIt's not something stupid like the mouse cursor going to the bottom of the screen or a corner or some such that activates something?02:14
cluelesspersonBlueEagle, however the mouse cursor is changing from arrow to a hand.02:20
cluelesspersonso perhaps not graphics issue02:20
cluelesspersonseems like input issue of some kind02:20
BlueEaglecluelessperson: Are you holding a control key when this happens because Ubuntu allows you to move and resize windows with those.02:23
BlueEaglecluelessperson: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/shell-windows-states.html.en02:23
BlueEaglecluelessperson: If you restore down (or un-maximize) the window is it then off screen as shown?02:24
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NormCan anyone help me understand how syslog messages go to both rsyslog and to journalctl? Does one hand off to the other?02:50
BlueEagleNorm: My understanding is that both syslogd and systemd listen for the same events and then write to their respective storages.03:08
NormBlueEagle: that makes sense, just wanted to make sure one isn’t filtering events before they get to the other. Thanks!03:08
BlueEagleNorm: This is a good read to understand the difference: https://albertomolina.wordpress.com/2017/12/30/rsyslog-journal-or-both/03:09
Normmmm thanks!03:09
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cluelesspersonBlueEagle, I don't use ctrl very often, but I'll try to look for that next time.03:45
ZythyrIs there a "Power Options" feature in Ubuntu similar to one found in Windows 10. In Win10I can customize various power options like "High perfomrance" and "Power saver" etc... I am looking for a similar feature in Ubuntu where I set my laptop to differ power modes03:59
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | Zythyr04:00
ubottuZythyr: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.73.1-2ubuntu1 (focal), package size 84 kB, installed size 390 kB04:00
Bashing-om!info tlp | Zythyr04:01
ubottuZythyr: tlp (source: tlp): Save battery power on laptops. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-2 (focal), package size 68 kB, installed size 346 kB04:01
Zythyrlotuspsychje Bashing-om Thank you. Just a quick glisme of these it seems they are commandline based usage? is ther something that is more GUI freindly?04:06
Bashing-omZythyr: Sorry - I run CLI - rarely do I pay attention to GUI apps :(04:10
ZythyrThank u. I will look further to start learning. I considering switching from win10 to ubuntu so i was just exploring all the features right now04:10
Bashing-omZythyr: One does not need to go cold turkey from Windows - there are options :)04:11
Zythyrhmm true04:16
mpoletiekHi all, just got Ubuntu 20.04 up and running with a LAMP environment, but it seems like my .htaccess files aren't working properly. I'm trying to setup AuthType Basic \n AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/.htpasswd \n Require valid-user04:59
mpoletiekthe .htpasswd exists and is chmod 64404:59
mpoletiekany ideas what to check next?04:59
omega_doomI am trying to establish ssh session from qemu to host but get "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused". How can i resove it?05:01
deltabmpoletiek: have you enabled .htaccess files?05:07
mpoletiekdeltab: I assume so... are they disabled by default?05:08
deltabomega_doom: is that an ip address of the host?05:08
mpoletiekAccessFileName .htaccess       exists in apache2.conf05:09
deltabmpoletiek: maybe -- there is a small cost to checking for a file in each directory for every request, so it may be turned off by default05:09
deltabiirc there's an Options flag05:10
omega_doomdeltab: yes, and i can ping it.05:10
deltaboh, AllowOverride05:11
deltabomega_doom: maybe a firewall blocks it05:12
mpoletiekAllowOverride All?05:12
mpoletiekthat did it!05:13
mpoletiekweird lol05:13
mpoletiekPro tip though, thanks05:13
omega_doomdeltab: ufw? Status: inactive05:13
deltabomega_doom: can you ssh to that address from elsewhere?05:14
Hash22:12 <Hash> When I click downloaded files in chrome, they don't open in the associated program in KDE. They used to in 18.0405:15
Hash22:12 <Hash> In 20.04 it no longer works05:15
Hash22:12 <Hash> How to fix this? Any ideas?05:15
Hash22:13 <Hash> When I double click archive, I want it to open in ark, not anothe folder in dolphin05:15
Hash22:13 <Hash> What all changed, this is very annoying05:15
omega_doomdeltab: not sure about it.05:15
HashDoes anyone know anything about this?05:15
Bashing-omHash: Quieted for flood - Do not use a return for puncuation; gather your thoughts for one expression.05:17
deltabomega_doom: does  ss -tnlp  show sshd listening on that port?05:19
HashSomething weird happened. When I login with the KDE plasma session it doesn't start plasma, but blank background05:25
HashI can manually run plasmashell but i don't think it's fully running, that's maybe the problem05:25
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HashHow can I reset kde plasma packages05:25
omega_doomdeltab: when i do "ss -tnlp show sshd". At first it thinks for a while and then "Error: an inet prefix is expected rather than "show"."05:26
deltabss -tnlp05:27
omega_doomLISTEN 0 128*05:28
deltabI don't know then, sorry05:31
omega_doomdeltab: Thank you anyway. It is really weird.05:33
HashI had xmonad launched in .xsessionrc.05:34
Hashhttps://wiki.debian.org/Xsession cleared it up05:34
HashRemoved exec xmonad from .xsessionrc and now kde full desktop starts, everything is normal again!05:34
Hashok bye05:34
HashDidn't realize there was a load order preference in files05:35
omega_doomIs it possible to disable password authentication in ssh? I have a public key but i am also asked for a user password.07:12
omega_doomI want to connect to qemu via ssh but password is also asked. I do not know the password.07:13
snowkidimdls > file_list.txt07:28
omega_doomwhy is it so hard to have ssh session with qemu?07:29
snowkidimdif this is an hour long process is it written to at the very end of the process or all along they way?07:29
omega_doomi reset password in qemu but still cannot login into it via ssh.07:30
snowkidimdnever mind, the output is written as the program executes07:30
stevelittEriC^^, adding "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" didn't get the computer to boot into CLI, neither did several other solutions suggested on the Internet. I'll try again later. If worst comes to worst, I can rename the display manager executable's filename. That's what I did with Ubuntu back in 2012, and it worked quite nicely. Thanks.08:52
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EriC^^stevelitt: are you running sudo update-grub ?09:57
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PeGaSuShello guys. is there any channel where I can get some help with ufw or I can ask here?10:44
lotuspsychjePeGaSuS: #netfilter or ##networking for firewall/networking issues or here if its ubuntu related11:04
PeGaSuSlotuspsychje: tks :)11:04
lusrxi have no network connection with intel i225-v on ubuntu 20.04. is the problem with ubuntu? igc driver? or my intel network firmware?11:31
lusrxi found this 6 months old discussion on the topic: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1244745/ubuntu-20-04-intel-network-connectivity-issue-bug-in-igc11:32
lusrxsome users suggest (original poster) the problem is with intel firmware (would not be the first time...) and other suggest it's because of running too old linux kernel... i don't know what to think or what to try (if anything), i just want my new board to work with ubuntu 20.04 (not sure where to turn for help... maybe asus who made it)11:34
tomreynlusrx: can you post    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999911:35
BluesKajHi folks11:53
kab0mHi everyone. My sister accientally deleted th package wireless-regdb and panically shutdown her laptop with ubuntu while processing. after that the laptop stays black after the grub prompt. i booted via liveusb and did a "apt dist-upgrade". Now i can only boot via rescue mode and acpi=off, no audio device is found, no network device is found and the touchpad does not work...how can i fix this machine? Thanks in advance11:55
fradi want to download a picture, but this picture is the sum of 4 pictures (hope that makes sense). these 4 images are put together, like they are an individual picture. Computer is small, which means if I reduce zoom, the image gets ridiculously small. With screenshot I cannot get the whole image. How could I donwload the whole picture?11:56
moro@frad could you try Google image search?11:57
moroYou could right click on a picture and search it with google11:57
moroMaybe you will find another picture like this one and it should be easier to capture it11:58
moroHowever, i'm searching someone to talk about package in a ubuntu distribution, if someone could answer me i have to delete package with the command "sudo apt remove package-name" but I have problem with package wich I forgot the name12:00
moroSomeone could help me please guys?12:09
tomreynwhat's "a ubuntu distribution"?12:12
moroMaybe i was wwrong12:13
moroI have a linux distributin called ubuntu12:13
moroI have ubuntu :-)12:14
moroJust try to know how to delete package with this following command "sudo apt remove package-name"12:14
moroI forget a few package names and I'm trying to delete if off my computer12:15
tomreynapt search "some functionality"     may help you identify the package.12:17
tomreynalternatively, if you can describe the package you're trying to identify here, maybe someone can suggest which package you're referring to.12:18
lusrxtomreyn: how do i do that from a computer where the network connection is not working?12:21
tomreynlusrx: you don't. there's "apropos", which may work for this. also https://packages.ubuntu.com12:23
moro@tomreyn thanks for you help, i will try your command i'll tell you if it's working :-)12:24
lusrxtomreyn: what is apropos? do i search for it on that site? i found nothing12:26
tomreyn$ dpkg -S $(which apropos)12:27
tomreynman-db: /usr/bin/apropos12:27
tomreynman-db is the package containing / providing manual pages for many commands12:28
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/12:28
tomreynit is not installed by default, though.12:28
lusrxok. i'm not sure how this can help me, but i save the output of journalctl -b to my usb. i will upload it now.12:32
tomreynright now you don't know what exactly is not working. inspecting system logs can be a good way to get a better understanding of what's not working properly.12:34
tomreynand once you know this, it may become feasible to target this particular problem and fix it.12:35
tomreynhmm this is hardly readable with those extra line breaks.12:36
tomreynlusrx: are you the same person as moro?12:36
tomreynthis system is running a kernel image from july, not exactly current.12:37
lusrxtomreyn: no. i don't know who that is. sorry about the line breaks, here's a new link: https://dpaste.org/yyMP12:40
tomreynapparently those line breaks are just introduced by the dpaste pastebin. i was able to make the log readable by copying the content off this html page into a file and reading this with a local file viewer.12:41
tomreynthis second link also works, thanks12:41
lusrxi have updated the system bios to version 1401 (i think it was) from 3 dec 2020, it's the latest. it did not help. the weird thing is that the link/act lights on the ethernet port blink or light up (i don't recall exactly) during boot. but then right before i sign in they go dead, and when signed in i have no network.12:43
lusrxso you suggest i update the kernel to a later version? i'm not sure how to do that without network connection.12:46
lusrxit's worth noting that this intel network chip is also not working in latest windows 10 (20h2), not until i do the leg work and install the driver from asus/intel (available only for windows).12:48
tomreynlines 774 and 794 and following is where the intel igc driver loads and reports on its initialization12:51
tomreynyes you should generally install kernel updates when they become available. is this a fresh ubuntu 20,04 installation, lusrx? if so, whats the name of the installer ISO image file you used?12:52
tomreynlusrx: ^12:52
tomreynenp3s0 is the name of the network device after initialization.    nmcli d    should show it.12:53
tomreynit seems like ti was just not configured with a default network manager profile.12:54
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lusrxtomreyn: name of image: ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso and yes it's a new install13:48
lusrxyes i can see it with that command. the state of enp3s0 is "unavailable"13:50
arunkumar413Hi All14:10
arunkumar413online speed test shows the speed as 20Mbps14:11
arunkumar413but the actual download file speed is about 100KBps14:11
arunkumar413Any idea on how to fix this?14:11
Maikarunkumar413: probably depends on where you download it from and not your intrenet connection14:14
arunkumar413Maik, I tried different files from different sites. Same issue14:15
Maikarunkumar413: from where you're downloading the files and what files?14:18
_Trulloarunkumar413, try this file: http://ftp.sunet.se/mirror/alpinelinux.org/latest-stable/main/x86_64/mesa-dbg-20.0.7-r0.apk14:19
arunkumar413_Trullo, I was trying to download freedownload manager14:21
arunkumar413the link you share is working fine getting about 1Mbps speed14:22
Maikarunkumar413: i download the freedownload manager deb with a second14:23
DarkTrickI encounter the problem of a not found virtualenvwrapper as described here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34772925/bash-usr-bin-virtualenvwrapper-sh-no-such-file-or-directory any ideas?14:46
DarkTrickThe answers couldn't solve my problem. In my case the file "/usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper_lazy.sh" can't be found14:47
leftyfbDarkTrick: The file /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/virtualenvwrapper_lazy.sh can be found in the virtualenvwrapper package14:54
fradwhat app can I use to bind 4 pieces of a picture together?14:55
ikoniaimagemagik ?14:56
leftyfbalso gimp14:56
DarkTrickleftyfb, installing the package solved the problem, but... how would I get rid of the message if I didn't want virtualenvwrapper on my system?14:56
leftyfbDarkTrick: don't run applications that depend on it14:56
DarkTrickleftyfb, it shows up when I open my termina14:57
leftyfbDarkTrick: then there is something on your system that is depending on it14:58
leftyfbDarkTrick: or dev workspace14:58
DarkTrickleftyfb, running that shell script must be called somewhere. I would simple comment it out(?) But I can't find where it's called15:00
gst568923Hi, I have a series of crash files in the path "/var/crash", for each crash report there are three files with extension: "*.crash" (size > 0), "*.upload" (size = 0 ) and "*.uploaded" (size > 0). Every time I turn on the PC I get the apport warning to resend the bug report. How is it possible?15:08
MarkB2I need a hint.  Have ubuntu 18.04 installed and am trying to read an old 170M HD using a PATA/USB interface.  The drive does not report its geometry and Ubuntu "thinks" it's 2T capacity.15:21
MarkB2Is there a way to set the cylinder/heads/sectors_per_track so that I can get data off the thing (it's dated around 2010).15:22
MarkB2Probably Windows 98SE or maybe WinXP .15:22
lotuspsychjemark105: does photorec or gparted recognize the drive?15:37
Kali_YugaHello this is not a direct question related to linux but I want to know, how can I make a bootable USB stick with windows in ubuntu?16:00
Kali_Yugacan I use just dd with windows iso? or do I have to do something different?16:01
jeremy31Kali_Yuga: woeusb should work for Win ISO16:03
Kali_Yugajeremy31: So I cannot just use dd ?16:04
jeremy31I think the Ubuntu USB writer uses dd and that doesn't work with the Win ISO16:05
Kali_YugaI can't get woeusb because that stupid repo doesn't work there must be another way without using third party software please16:09
jeremy31Kali_Yuga: see https://github.com/WoeUSB/WoeUSB16:12
Kali_Yugajeremy31: there must be a different way without using this16:13
Maikno there isn't16:13
MaikKali_Yuga: ^16:14
Kali_YugaMaik: the deb doesn't install because of dependency issues and the repo is also broken16:14
Maikunless you know someone witha Windows 10 pc to create a USB stick for you16:14
MaikKali_Yuga: maybe there's a snap version?16:15
jeremy31Kali_Yuga: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/iso2usb/diy/windows-installer-for-big-files16:15
MaikKali_Yuga: sudo snap install woe-usb16:16
MaikKali_Yuga: https://itsfoss.com/bootable-windows-usb-linux/16:18
oerhekson windows itself, just drag and drop the windows folders, 5 minutes ... on linux with WOEusb takes an hour16:24
Kali_Yugaoerheks: I don't have windows but need to create a bootable windows usb stick. WoeUSB does not work. Neither the repo or the deb because of dependency issues...16:25
Kali_Yugaoerheks: So I'm kinda stuck16:26
jeremy31Kali_Yuga: maybe https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/563437/10233216:27
oerhekswoeusb should work fine, i used it recently.16:27
MaikKali_Yuga: do you read what others posted? i suggested to install the snap version and gave a link to another solution16:28
lotuspsychjegot a pretty weird issue on 20.04.1 from an ltsupgrade where kernel 5.4 -58 -56 -54 dont like networking and both wifi and eth not working, on kernel 5.4 -53 and -42 they work fine https://dpaste.com/GERVBMDCF17:17
leftyfblotuspsychje: missing the -modules package?17:19
jeremy31lotuspsychje: there was something weird with 54, but I didn't have issues with 5817:20
lotuspsychjeleftyfb: not sure, apt doesnt spit out errors for sure17:20
leftyfblotuspsychje: apt-cache policy linux-modules-5.4.0-58-generic17:21
jeremy31Wifi drivers should be in linux-modules-extra17:22
leftyfbjeremy31: I think it depends on the driver17:22
leftyfbbut yeah, won't hurt to check that package as well17:23
jeremy31leftyfb: I downloaded the source code for modules-extra and I think even ethernet was in the code17:23
leftyfbjeremy31: right, some drivers, not all17:23
leftyfbjeremy31: on the few servers I've had to deal with, I only needed the -modules17:23
lotuspsychjeleftyfb: Geïnstalleerd: 5.4.0-58.64 (installed)17:24
leftyfbok, how about -extra?17:25
jeremy31lotuspsychje: Intel wifi, realtek ethernet?17:25
lotuspsychjeaha cant find package17:25
lotuspsychjeoh, also installed17:27
lotuspsychjecheck those weird kworker errors in dmesg17:28
Maiklotuspsychje: no issues here either17:33
lotuspsychjefirst i was thinking its that mediatek dongle i had bugs on this same machine on 18.04 but eth not working neither on latest kernels neither17:33
lotuspsychjebug #1906770 is a bit similar17:34
ubottubug 1906770 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel 5.4.0-56 Wi-Fi does not connect" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190677017:34
BlueSharkHi. I'm trying to install AMD GPU driver for Ubuntu 20.04 and getting an error "amdgpu-dkms is not configured yet.". I've been trying for 4 hours without any luck, would be great if someone could assist. I've included the output of lshw, lsb_release, uname and the exact error message I'm getting when I attempt to install in this paste - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rTNTn3t8kV/17:34
jayjowhat's the best way to get a recursive list of a packages dependencies? I'm trying to copy a list of debs to an offline storage17:34
jeremy31lotuspsychje: MT7601U?17:35
lotuspsychjejeremy31: driver=mt76x0u driverversion=5.4.0-53-generic17:36
jeremy31lotuspsychje: anything in>  dmesg | grep mt7617:36
lotuspsychjelets c17:37
lotuspsychjejeremy31: https://dpaste.com/6TDSE6TLZ17:38
lotuspsychjebut thats on the working kernel -5317:38
tomreynBlueShark: do oyu actually require amdgpu-pro?17:38
jeremy31lotuspsychje: nothing out of the ordinary, I figured it might be a device that crashed with a vendor reset command17:39
BlueSharktomreyn: no, I actually just want to have the display back to normal resolution. Now it's 1024x768.17:39
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lotuspsychjejeremy31: https://dpaste.com/GERVBMDCF is dmesg where networking doesnt work17:40
lotuspsychjejeremy31: i also tested same dongle on my other laptop with -58 there it works17:41
tomreynBlueShark: that's probably the vesa fallback. i'd start by undoing what you did to get amdgpu-pro. you may want / need a newer kernel then, buzt just maybe. linux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge provides that17:41
tomreynBlueSharkthe *-pro* overlay is quite a mess, i wouldn't recommend it, and we don't support it here.17:42
jeremy31lotuspsychje: check it out at about line 1043 issues with cfg80211 and the mt76x02 and mac8021117:42
Kali_YugaOkay I install woe-usb for snapd but I don't know how to run it. no clue about snaps... how do I run a snap after I installed it?17:42
BlueSharktomreyn: okay, what's your recommendation for getting back to normal resolution?17:43
tomreynBlueShark: "i'd start by undoing what you did to get amdgpu-pro"17:43
lotuspsychjejeremy31: maybe newest kernels doesnt like those both older chipsets17:43
tomreynBlueShark: the open source amdgpu driver that scomes with ubuntu out of the box should work just fine. if the hardware is too new, a newer kernel may already fix that.17:44
BlueSharktomreyn: I simply downloaded the driver from the amd website, extracted it and ran amdgpu-uninstall and then `sudo ./amdgpu-install`17:45
MaikKali_Yuga: seriously? Like you run any app selected from the menu17:45
tomreynBlueShark: then follow their instructions to get back to where you were before you did this.17:45
BlueSharktomreyn: To undo it, I did `amdgpu-uninstall`, `sudo apt purge amdgpu-dkms`, and rebooted. Nothing changed.17:46
tomreyndid you reboot afterwards?17:46
BlueSharkYes, I rebooted17:47
jeremy31lotuspsychje: This was in the kernel changelog,  mt76: add missing locking around ampdu action17:47
tomreynBlueShark: is xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu installed?17:48
lotuspsychjejeremy31: i suspect something more then only mt76 as eth also dont work17:48
BlueSharktomreyn: It wasn't, I installed it now17:49
tomreynso you'll probably get a higher resolution after X restart17:50
tomreynunless there are yet more changes the installer did you need to undo17:51
lotuspsychjejeremy31: RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller in this machine17:51
jeremy31lotuspsychje: I saw a couple changes for the r8169 module17:52
lotuspsychjejeremy31: gonna dig some more, talk to the kernel guys tomorrow, file a bug if needed, tnx!17:53
jeremy31lotuspsychje: over 1400 lines in the changelog since the 54 kernel17:54
yassinehi guys anyone know if there is a qemu-xen package for bionic beaver 18.04 ?18:31
BlueSharktomreyn: after reboot, it's stuck at /dev/sda5: clean... X blocks....18:38
BlueSharkNot able to even login now18:38
BlueSharkWent to recovery and attempted a fsck, didn't help18:38
BlueSharkInstalled Ubuntu-desktop with --install-recommends, that didn't help either.18:39
tieinvyassine try apt-cache search <package name>18:50
Kali_YugaOkay WoeUSB didn't do it for me, somebody else recommended a program called Ventoy to me, I used that instead and worked great for a windows usb...18:51
yassinetieinv: thanks there is none18:51
yassineits a bit confusing everything related to xen on ubuntu is different18:52
mulletmanquick crontab question, what is the difference between the day of the month and day of the week? That is, if I specify the day of the month, do i put a 0 for day of the week to make sure they dont conflict?19:00
ixilis there a way to a package that provides one package that conflicts with the one you actually want installed?19:02
ixile.g. On focal I have a python3-foo that conflicts with python-foo, I made an equivs packages that provides python-foo but depends on python3-foo19:03
ixilbut installing with dpkg --force-19:04
ixilbut installing with dpkg --force-conflicts means apt breaks (which breaks some other scripts beyond my control))19:04
ixilis there anyway to get around this?19:04
BlueEaglemulletman: I think that is explained in the man page for crontab.19:26
geosmileI just ran a do-release upgrade on a 16.04 machine - with X on. And in the middle of the upgrade, the terminal fonts became unreadable.19:27
geosmileI guess I cant do anything about it anymore?19:27
compdocgeosmile, are you connected remotely?19:31
BlueEaglemulletman: The day of a command's execution can be specified by two fields - day of month, and day of week. If both fields are restricted (ie, aren't *), the command will be run when either field matches the current time.19:31
geosmilecompdoc, yes, I am19:33
geosmilecompdoc, I mean - the do-release-upgrade - I ran from the machine terminal19:34
geosmileI can connect remotely and yes I am connected. When I ssh to the machine, I see it already shows 18.0419:34
compdochow do the fonts on the console look?19:34
geosmileeverything is a rectangle19:34
BlueSharkI have a quad HD monitor, but xrandr  shows "Screen 0: minimum 1024 x 768, current 1024 x 768, maximum 1024 x 768" - How can I set the proper resolution?19:35
compdocwas it using a different language?19:35
geosmilecompdoc, no - do-release-upgraded did something19:35
geosmilecompdoc, https://askubuntu.com/questions/843533/text-has-turned-to-boxes-in-ubuntu-16-0419:36
geosmilethe problem is that after it runs things it might ask me yes/no questions about configurations which I can not answer anymore19:36
geosmileif i reboot, I do hope the machine does not get toasted19:36
compdocdid you set permissions as mentioned in that page?19:37
geosmilecompdoc, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1416265 - this is similar to what my characters look like19:37
geosmilecompdoc, I've not - not yet19:37
compdoccheck the perms now, and compare to what they suggest19:38
compdocyou can just find the fonts without changing by doing:  find /usr/share/fonts -iname '*.ttf' -type f19:39
compdocbut start at root by doing cd /19:40
geosmileI just ran those commands - will have to check if the fonts got fixed19:42
geosmileam away from my computer - am currently remote19:42
geosmileUbuntu 18.04.5 LTS - lsb_release -a is already showing that19:43
compdocI did that, but now upgraded to 20.0419:44
ZythyrHi I am kinda in the process of considering switching from Win10 to Ubuntu for daily use but I have some quetions before I start switching over. I always read that non-LTS receive updates more freqently (6 months). But what does it mean by receives updates? Is it the OS features? Is it the apps that come pre-installed? Is it custom applications I installed? Also like Win10, does ubuntu19:49
Zythyrautomatically do updates in the background every few days or do I always have to manually go to termainal and do "sudo apt updadte" then "sudo apt upgrade"?19:49
zykotick9yassine: qemu-xen <- doesn't make a lot of sense, qemu is a hypervisor and xen is a hypervisor - they do the same thing.  Could it be libvirt and/or virt-manager you are looking for?  I'm not sure if libvirt/v-m request anything specific for xen, put i'm pretty sure it supports it.  I've never played with xen myself, got turned off quickly when I looked into it.19:51
EriC^^Zythyr: it usually updates every few days or so, but it pops a window up and asks to confirm to install, you can set it to update however often19:51
yassinezykotick9: trying to create  domU but xen claims the following: libxl: info: libxl_create.c:102:libxl__domain_build_info_setdefault: qemu-xen is unavailable, using qemu-xen-traditional instead: No such file or directory19:53
zykotick9yassine: ya, domU <- that's xen stuff I just don't grok (understand).  best of luck.19:54
ZythyrEriC^^ Thank you. But in regards to the what is meant by LTS vs. non-LTS, what does it mean to "receive updates"? Like are tehse updates to OS features or it also includes updates to other applications19:57
yassinezykotick9: thanks anyway!19:57
zykotick9Zythyr: "updates/support" could be translated into "security support" (aka suggested to actually use).  I'd describe LTS as meaning "reinstall much less often, but have older software by the end".19:59
matsamanLTS is like a public license to be lazy and crap at updating20:00
EriC^^Zythyr: i think it meant that non lts are released every 6 months20:01
zykotick9^ not really!  You still need to get security updates, you just won't have the newest version of program X.20:01
EriC^^Zythyr: i use an lts release and i get package updates every few days, so it cant be packages get updated every 6months20:01
ZythyrEriC^^ zykotick9 Thank you. So by package updates, does that mean regular programs that don't come preisntalled?20:18
EriC^^Zythyr: yup20:21
ZythyrSo aside from receiving more frequent "secureity" updates, what is actual difference between LTS and non-LTS? Does non-LTS have "new and more OS features" than LTS?20:38
oerheksLTS uses the stable branch.20:39
oerheksand the rest already mentioned.20:39
oerheksand LTS would not get new features, just big fixes .. unless there is a reason to file a !SRU20:39
ubottuStable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates20:40
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit20:43
pillager86I need help, every time I try to sudo apt install something it keeps saying "Waiting for cache lock: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend."20:49
Zythyroerheks But just to confirm these features are related to the OS features and NOT other 3rd party applications such as VLC, GIMP, Inkscape, etc...?20:50
jeremy31pillager86: Do you have another update program or software installer open?20:52
pillager86jeremy31, i am not sure. i tried to kill process 1461 that is holding it20:52
pillager86"Waiting for cache lock: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 1461 (unattended-upgr)" i probably shouldn't kill it20:53
pillager86I just wish I could check the progress of it, assuming it's installing update behind the scenes.20:53
pillager86Livepatch experienced an error it says in the livepatch status bar20:54
pillager86I'm gonna try to restart, brb20:54
pillager86nevermind it started working somehow20:56
M4jnourhi there some one using pylxd?21:02
zykotick9Zythyr: the difference between LTS and non-LTS applies to the entire "repo" so that includes anything that you would "apt install"...  LTS will have older versions of vlc/gimp/inkscape then the non-LTS version (unless LTS is also the current release).21:08
oerheksvlc/gimp snaps bridges these differences.21:10
Zythyrzykotick9 Thank u for the clearification. I think i need to understand a little bit more on how repos work. Will look into it further21:39
Zythyrzykotick9 EriC^^ oerheks Thanks for the help21:39
roryI have 2 files, urls.txt and visited.txt, I want to make a new file not_visited.txt that contains all the lines from url.txt that are not in visited.txt, can I do this with standard tool like grep?21:39
EriC^^Zythyr: no problem21:40
EriC^^rory: you can do it with comm21:41
rorynice, thanks EriC^^ this is a new command to me, looks perfect, reading man now21:41
EriC^^rory: no problem21:42
geosmilecompdoc, did you have to manually move /etc/apt/sources to 20.04?21:47
geosmileSeems like mine are not updated automatically21:47
rory"comm -23 <(sort urls.txt) <(sort visited.txt) > not_visited.txt" - thanks again21:48
ForeverNoob[m]this is 20.04 server, is a segfault during updated a bad deal? https://paste.debian.net/1176782/21:48
geosmilehow can i replace all xenial referenecs in /etc/apt to bionic?21:49
ForeverNoob[m]exit status says 0 though21:49
jeremy31geosmile: sed will do it21:49
jeremy31or use a text editor find/replace all21:50
jpdsForeverNoob[m]: that's just the exit status of apt, not anything else within it21:50
jpdsForeverNoob[m]: Check the disks and memory21:50
ForeverNoob[m]jpds: nothing seems out of the ordinary: https://paste.debian.net/1176784/ though it could be memory since it's a VM21:51
geosmilejeremy31, is that safe to do automatically?21:52
jeremy31geosmile: probably not as it should have happened as part of the upgrade21:52
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Blade-Runnerhey, i was instructed last time to fix grub2 that booted win first instead of  ubuntu first to change it by entering a terminal command, what happened is now there is no win boot in grub, can someone help me change this?23:57
Bashing-omBlade-Runner: What results with terminal command ' sudo update-grub ' ?23:59

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