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gst568923Hi, I have a series of crash files in the path "/var/crash", for each crash report there are three files with extension: "*.crash" (size > 0), "*.upload" (size = 0 ) and "*.uploaded" (size > 0). Every time I turn on the PC I get the apport warning to resend the bug report. How is it possible?15:12
gnrpgst568923: Did you ever check the details of the crash report?15:49
Maikgst568923: have the same on Ubuntu MATE, i just disabled apport15:51
gst568923gnrp No, the last warning that appeared to me I did not check the details, my doubt is if currently in the path /var/crash there are all the uploaded crash files, because when I start the operating system I get the apport warning again?15:51
gnrpgst568923: when you actually look into the .crash files (need to be root), the filename tells you what crashed and then inside you can see the time15:52
gnrpI suppose something crashes every time you boot, thus you get the request to upload the crash15:53
Maikgst568923: https://askubuntu.com/questions/93457/how-do-i-enable-or-disable-apport15:53
gst568923ok thanks, I'll take a closer look ..15:54
Maikgnrp: imo if there's a system problem detected it should show what crashed by default, not just a window where you are only able to Cancel or Report.$15:55

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