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dokoseb128: please could you subscribe to gdk-pixbuf-xlib? it's just that the binaries are built from a different source10:36
seb128doko, subscribed10:51
dokoseb128: also tiff got a new runtime dependency ... libdeflate. we probably should revert that while working on a MIR (security review would need some time)10:52
seb128doko, is it blocking anything else? if no it's probalby fine to keep it in proposed until the MIR is sorted out10:55
dokoseb128: it causes uninstallability in -proposed, so no, it shouldn't wait10:57
seb128I will handle it in a bit10:57
dokolibtiff5/amd64 in main cannot depend on libdeflate0 in universe10:57
Laneyblackboxsw: hey, would you be able to verify update-notifier please and get it moved out to -updates? I've got another one to do and don't want to clobber you ideally.11:14
Laney(focal is the one I'm interested in)11:20
tewardxnox: rbalint: cpaelzer: any of you three around?15:20
rbalintteward, in a meeting shortly15:26
tewardrbalint: need you for -meeting atm if you can spare 2 minutes for an rbasak asked question15:27
cpaelzerteward: I'm here15:29
tewardcpaelzer: #ubuntu-meeting, same thing15:29
tewardlook for your highlights15:29
* ItzSwirlz gets bullied by the #fix_your_connection channel16:27
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The_LoudSpeakerwhat was that command to check reverse deps of a package? someone remembers off the top of their head?20:22
ItzSwirlzThe_LoudSpeaker: did you try apt-cache rdepends ?20:23
The_LoudSpeakerItzSwirlz: worked. Thanks! I had completely forgotten about apt-cache. 😅20:25
The_LoudSpeakerBeen long since I have been away from devel work20:25
The_LoudSpeaker^ ow20:26
The_LoudSpeakerthat statement didn't make any sense20:26
The_LoudSpeakerhey! everyone! I want to SRU micro to v 2.0.6-2 in focal. It is in version 2.0.1-1 right now. There are quite a few bugs in it which are worth of SRU. version 2.0.6-2 is present in groovy and it is well tested for regressions.21:17
The_LoudSpeakerOnly catch is the golang-github-zyedidia-tcell-dev. Which is a build dependency of micro.21:18
The_LoudSpeakerWe need v 1.4.8 for newer micro. But we have 1.4.4 in focal rn.21:19
The_LoudSpeakerI checked reverse deps of it and there's none. and between these two versions of golang-github-zyedidia-tcell-dev (golang-github-zyedidia-tcell-dev is the source ) there's not much change. Only minor version bumps. Should I go forward with SRU bug for golang-github-zyedidia-tcell ? Is there anything I should be careful about?21:21
The_LoudSpeaker^ cc: teward tsimonq2 RikMills21:21
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