wxli'm making a bunch of localized lubuntu channels and i need to add a bunch of context-specific factoids, i.e. i need a !fr for all the channels that aren't #lubuntu-fr. that's like 108 permutations. i don't want to fill up the channel here but if i msg ubottu directly, it's just set to pending02:07
wxlany thoughts on what to do?02:07
krytarikwxl: Well, I've recently done the same and got no issues, so..  I'd say try one here and see if it gives the same result - and I'd think it will.02:19
wxl!fr-#lubuntu is <reply> Dans cette chaîne lubuntu, seul l'anglais est parlé. Si vous cherchez de l'aide en français, entrez le canal #lubuntu-fr; tapez "/join #lubuntu-fr" (sans les guillemets) et appuyez sur Entrée.02:26
ubottuI'll remember that, wxl02:26
wxlkrytarik: touché. anywho, i take it you suggest i just spam the channel?02:26
kirboosyHi everyone. I recently have gone through an alias change and was wondering if it would be possible to have my cloaking restored? https://launchpad.net/~kirboosy (Previously known as Caboose885)03:45
daxkirboosy: Ubuntu cloaks require you to be an Ubuntu Member, but I don't see that in your group memberships on Launchpad. Did you used to be one and expire or something?03:48
kirboosyah it might of expired. It has been a while!03:48
kirboosyI saw my launchpad was still a member of the cloaking team. wondered if it would still work03:49
kirboosySorry, guess I'll have to work on getting my membership restored :)03:50
dax*nod* once that's all sorted, come back and we can take another look :)03:50
kirboosythanks dax!03:50
krytarikwxl: No, I was suggesting that if your attempt at setting a factoid via PM has been declined, then it must have been for another reason than merely it being via PM, as I had no issues with it (thinking of different user than the one you were successful with).20:16
wxlwell then let me try a pm again but last time i remember this didn't work20:17
wxloh hm it didn't complain20:18
wxli get no response though20:19
wxloh nevermind i'm just broken20:20
krytarikI mean I feel sorry for you.. :(20:20
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