hallynhm, i get the feeling there's a new step i haven't learned about.  i also can't fakeroot debian/rules clean, it complains about debian/compat.02:15
hallynmabe i'll just stick with an older release for now02:16
hallynmeh - my bionic host won't even build a groovy kernel pkg02:33
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:43
lotuspsychjei got a weirdy bug on a Hp where networking doesnt like the latest kernels bug #190798403:45
ubot5bug 1907984 in linux (Ubuntu) "Wifi and ethernet not working anymore since 5.4.0-54" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190798403:45
lotuspsychjethe weird part of it, is that this same dongle from the bug works on another laptop with 5.4.0-5803:46
StephDevFYI lotus, dmesg still works in, it just got changed.04:31
StephDevsudo sysctl kernel.dmesg_restrict=004:32
StephDevthat will re-enable dmesg04:32
lotuspsychjeStephDev: i added the dmesg from 5.4.0-58 on the non working networking04:38
StephDevI figured; but just wanted to let you know that your bug report identifies a problem that isn't a problem; but rather a "change" in updated kernel and the command I provided restores functionality04:41
StephDevIt looks like you have an ACPI conflict that is screaming at you 04:45
StephDevlpc_ich: Resource conflict(s) found affecting gpio_ich04:45
StephDevdo you have both internal wifi and a USB wifi dongle attached?04:45
lotuspsychjeStephDev: no, the internal wifi was removed physically so only the dongle and eth04:46
StephDevOIC... Well.. this is not a kernel development issue, I would suggest moving this subject to Ubuntu Support chat04:46
lotuspsychjeStephDev: this is a customers laptop i planned a new ssd upgrade on, so soon ill fresh install and see if i can reproduce this04:47
lotuspsychjeStephDev: the funny part is kernels -42 -53 both wifi and eth work like charm04:50
StephDevWoo Hoo!  Successful 5.10 build.  08:52
StephDevOne down... 3 to go08:52
luna_No NVIDIA kernel modules yet for 5.10 so had to change back to 5.9.12 :(09:38
StephDevGoing to give it a try... shutdown in 3010:03
luna_Is there any good GUI to manage kernels in Ubuntu i used to use ukuu but saw that now costs 15$10:43
jeremy31luna_: mainline is a GUI for kernel updates10:45
luna_jeremy31: heh but i wanna remove kernels i don't use anymore10:46
jeremy31luna_: sudo apt remove <package-name>10:46
jeremy31mainline can remove kernels10:47
StephDevAt bottom of kernels option screen, "Remove Kernels..." option.10:48
luna_in grub2 or where?10:50
luna_jeremy31: thanks did that now gonna reboot and hold my thumbs10:52
StephDevUpdate Manager -> Linux Kernels10:53
luna_StephDev: thanks10:54
jeremy31StephDev: that is in Cinnamon or Mint10:56
luna_jeremy31: StephDev: that worked thanks 10:57
StephDevWait.. you mean you all aren't running Cinnamon?  11:00
luna_nah i am running awesome11:01
StephDevI keep forgetting there are other desktops... and sometimes I have to look to see which OS I'm running because Mint 20 looks so darn close to Ubuntu 20.04 with Cinnamon ... especially after font changes 11:03
luna_anyways downgraded to 5.9.12 as 5.10 does not have NVIDIA drivers yet and removed some old 5.8 and 5.6 and 5.4 kernels11:05
PaulePanterHi. Is Ubuntu’s Linux kernel configuration available online, so to check it without having a running Ubuntu?15:33
PaulePanterBasically /boot/config-* for each release.15:33
hallynyou could download the binray package and extract /boot/config*, or look under debian.master/config/ in the source (at kernel.ubntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-$(release) )15:48
hallynif you mean a web page that posts just the configs, i don't know of one15:48
apwPaulePanter: yes https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/config/19:58
hallynoh cool20:17
hallynapw: is there a new process for kernel building?  just fetching the source and doing fdr clean fdr binary-generic is failing for me, on bionic, even building the bionic source...20:18
hallynif it's just my host then i'll just go find another host, but i was wondering if i've forgotton a preliminary step20:18
hallynor if there's a new one20:18
sarnoldthere's even an rsync target for those configs, but you may need to be on the other side of a firewall, I can't be sure..20:19
apwhallyn: I'd expect it to work, so I guess I need to see the error20:29
StephDevit depends on what you are trying to install... the last few mainline ubuntu builds are corrupt20:30
StephDev5.9.13, 5.9.14, 5.10-RC7, ..... Today was first successful build of a new release since December 2nd (with 5.10)20:31
hallynoh, well - for the newer releases i was getting things like no debian/compat and then more debian/ related errors i think after i did echo  9 > debian/compat,20:42
hallynfor bionic i'm getting20:42
hallynII: Checking modules for generic...previous or current modules file missing!20:42

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