-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::OMG!Ubuntu:: Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS Released, This is What’s New @ https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/12/new-linux-5-10-kernel-features (by Joey Sneddon)00:12
guivercBashing-om, I didn't like the first summary; comments made in gdoc but suggestions I fear won't be any better (I'm still not happy; sore/distracted/warm.. so not thinking clearly)  also suggested `s/ and /, /` on KDE applications one (multple `and`s)  see what you think please00:42
guivercotherwise looks good..00:43
Bashing-omguiverc: Fixing :P00:49
Bashing-omguiverc: ESM: I prefer it as is - "the" as specific as opposed to an "or" as or would imply alternative.00:53
guivercno prob.. I put my thoughts down, you write like better than me anyhow :)00:58
Bashing-omguiverc: My thoughts: as the article is specific to ESM , let us remain as specific also with a "the" ?01:02
Bashing-omUWN: Latest edits saved - next ones ?01:32
guivercthat was all I saw.01:44
Bashing-omguiverc: 2nd thoughts on my part - on the Data-Science-Ubuntu-Pre article for HP - I do like my version the better. Leave as is ?01:46
guivercnope.. 6 vs half-dozen I said earlier.   leave as is01:47
Bashing-omWild_Man: UWN 661 pass your inspection ?01:48
* guiverc six vs half-dozen.. different ways of writing same thing.. each just different but equal01:48
Wild_ManBashing-om, I will look in a bit I just got to San Antonio01:49
Bashing-omWild_Man: When you can - I wait to log off of the WIKI.01:49
Wild_ManBashing-om, ok01:50
Wild_ManBashing-om, reviewing now02:47
Bashing-omWild_Man: \o/02:50
Wild_ManBashing-om, just curious is Ubuntu Stats really the first category? nothing under General Community News?02:51
Bashing-omWild_Man: Yup -- see Gdoc , Now is possible we missed something of import this week :(02:53
Wild_ManBashing-om, I thought that is the case just making sure and December is usually light because of the Holidays02:54
Bashing-omWild_Man: Dot our Is; cross our Ts - put our best foot forward - it is our reps on the line here :P02:56
Wild_ManBashing-om, I know02:58
Wild_ManI can not stay connected here at the rv park tonight but I will keep trying03:18
Bashing-omWild_Man: So I see - thanks - :D03:20
Wild_ManBashing-om, it looks good all of you do awesome work03:57
Bashing-omWild_Man: Takes all of us to insure the quality :D Logging out of the WIKI and will push what we have tomorrow.03:59
Wild_ManBashing-om, thanks my friend04:00
Wild_ManI am working tomorrow but I can publish when I get done it will just be latter then we like04:01
Bashing-omWild_Man: ack04:01
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: Full Circle Magazine: Full Circle Weekly News #193 @ https://fullcirclemagazine.org/podcast/full-circle-weekly-news-193/09:33
Bashing-omUWN: Pulling "WIP" checked log and no further edits are known - will push soonest.22:04
guivercBashing-om, okay to push #661 to fridge?22:16
Bashing-omguiverc: I have not verified that the "WIP" change is now in effect - generally takes a few minutes to propagate.22:18
Bashing-omguiverc: 661 looks good to go :D22:22
guiverclooked good to me, https://fridge.ubuntu.com/2020/12/14/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-661/22:22
guiverc:)  beat ya by a hair22:22
Bashing-omguiverc: Uh Huh - I play catch-up - doing the forum next - will require abridges for the update sections - be just a bit.22:25
guiverctweeted 66122:41
Bashing-omUWN: Forum post completed - doing the re-directs next.22:42
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 661 @ https://fridge.ubuntu.com/2020/12/14/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-661/22:45
guivercposted to fb22:48
Bashing-omUWN: Re-directs done too.22:59
Bashing-omguiverc: Clear now to wipe the old Gdoc ?22:59
Bashing-omUWN: We do issue 662 :D23:14
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: Raphaël Hertzog: Funding Debian development projects with Freexian, first project received! @ https://raphaelhertzog.com/2020/12/14/funding-debian-development-projects-with-freexian-first-project-received/23:18

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