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keithzgHrmmm suddenly the 20.04 mailserver in use at work (postfix; amavis; spamassassin; dovecot) is utterly failing to deliver emails, they arrive and then just eventually timeout. The weirdest thing is, if I requeue then and then flush the queue they're instantly delivered just fine! The timeout message indicates the problem lies with Amavis, would the requeue be working then because it's bypassing Amavis?06:33
keithzgAs far as I can tell Amavis is running just fine, but it *must* not be . . .06:34
lordievaderGood morning07:28
keithzg_Always disconcerting when things start working again after a reboot and the cause remains unclear :(08:54
lordievaderkeithzg_: That sounds like my windows samba problem of yesterday.09:44
lordievaderMy samba server access denied because windows is trying to access without encryption. /me reboots windows and tries again. samba: here you go have access09:45
RoyKkeithzg_: I hate that10:18
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tewardlordievader: samba is its own bloated beast though :P15:23
tewardso's the SMB protocol xD15:23
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