Blade-Runnerok, i mispoke, i wasn intstructed to edit grub in nano, and then save. but it resulted omiting win as a boot option00:02
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Bashing-omBlade-Runner: ^ In that case might best paste the file in a pastebin site for the channel's inspection.00:08
DreamPCSHey guys, quick question (hopefully). I have an Ubuntu 18.04 server in google cloud, I connect via ssh via a public key that Google knows. I need to make some changes to systemctl but I don't know the password for my account (I'm not sure I ever set one)00:10
DreamPCSSo I need to know how to go about setting a password. I tried the passwd command but I need my old password to authenticate00:10
DreamPCSI do not need to authenticate to use sudo however.00:10
oerheksgoogle cloud instances.. not our job, really, but what docs are you using?00:11
DreamPCSI'm not sure what you mean as far as what docs I'm using. It was a vanilla ubuntu server 18.04 install and then I installed docker and docker-compose to run some containers.00:12
DreamPCSI'm thinking maybe I can use sudo to create another admin account, login to that account and use that to change the password for my account.00:12
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DreamPCSOk, looking over the document now, thanks.00:14
DreamPCSThe document didn't have the answer, but it led me to search for "gcloud set linux user password" and I found a solution. "sudo -i" to enter root, and passwd <user> to change my password.00:16
azxwhat is an easy way to mount an NFS share to a directory in my home folder00:21
azxit was so easy with windows and smb just map a network drive enter address etc00:23
DreamPCSazx: What version of Ubuntu are you using?00:26
azx20.04.1 LTS00:27
DreamPCSFound this on google. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi9qt2Rm8ztAhVSjlkKHeUdB-0QFjABegQIAhAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.digitalocean.com%2Fcommunity%2Ftutorials%2Fhow-to-set-up-an-nfs-mount-on-ubuntu-20-04&usg=AOvVaw3dzp6PExTzv3Ih52W9m8Fb00:28
azxthere is not a way to see if i can connect to my nfs share in ubuntu GUI?00:33
azxi can't //server.ip or something00:33
azxin file browser00:33
DreamPCSHere's another site I found on google with a GUI tool for NFS shares.00:37
DreamPCSMind you, as far as I know, this isn't sanctioned by the Ubuntu team or Canonical. Tread carefully.00:37
mulletmanBlueEagle, thanks, for whatever reason the man page was a bit confusing (for me at least) but your explanation clarifies it. thanks!01:35
magic_ninjais there any particular reason that the ubuntu updater doesn't suppress power management? Seems pretty risky to have the damn laptop go to sleep and freeze up during a release upgrade.01:42
nikolamSo no real way of playing Steam/Protom  with integrated Wine, without AMD drivers on 20.10. And AMD drivers form AMD site are able to install only on 20.0401:45
D3y44anyone here?01:54
D3y44ho to add a crontab job ?01:54
D3y44join ##networking01:57
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samthewildoneanyone else use brave?03:03
samthewildonenotice a thing in which more than 2 sessions of brave is opened, seems to slow down or stutter.03:03
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HashUbuntu 20.04. apt install hydrogen and related hydrogen drum kit packages as I used to on 18.04. Tried to load my h2song file and I get an error, Snare Jaz drum flac not found. I tried to look for the files in all packages, but cannot find. It is part of hydrogen default drum kits, but since it's not presetn in 20.04 version, I get probolems. Any idea if this was moved to another package or04:47
HashError loading sample: cra_Jazz.flac not found04:48
Hashhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/all/hydrogen-drumkits/filelist https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/all/hydrogen-data/filelist04:52
HashNo idea04:52
Hashhttps://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=cra_Jazz.flac&mode=path&suite=testing&arch=any it's in debian but not in ubuntu 20.0404:53
HashI guess I'll have to get this package then.04:55
Hashhttps://bpa.st/O7WA Any idea how to add the drum kit to the package in ubuntu an rebuild?05:23
HashI manually  put the GM kit in /usr in my system and hydrogen works again05:23
HashI was thinking to get pkg source, add the kit, rebuilt, isntall, hold.05:24
HashTedious, but ls and awk help05:32
Hashgot it! :)05:32
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tarzeaui was running thunderbird 68 with gpg encryption, now i reply to an encrypted mail, and i can't send it, because there was an update to 78... i can't save the mail either06:39
tarzeaunow i copy paste the mail somewhere else? restart thunderbird and hope it find my key again? (gpg --clear-sign works)06:40
tarzeauEnigmail is no longer required on Thunderbird, and has become obsolete - this is the final version of Enigmail for Thunderbird.06:42
tarzeaudamn i say migrate, and the migrate tool takes an old key the wrong one06:43
lotuspsychjetarzeau: is bug #1902801 what you experience?06:44
ubottubug 1902801 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "Encrypted attachments cannot be opened or saved as decrypted files" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190280106:44
tarzeaulotuspsychje: it was just about the mail itself, restarting tb helped (got a notice enigmail was retired) and then trying to send i figured keys are expired but i could say go ahead anyway and that worked (no attachments involved)06:49
lotuspsychjetarzeau: ah kk, i didnt find any other recent relevant TB bugs06:49
HashI use Sylpheed06:51
HashBest fastest email client06:51
Hashonly thing, it doesn't render html well or at all i think06:51
Guest36158i am using ubuntu live right now to test a problem on my laptop. when i check cpu usage via "top" command, i saw a process kworker kacpid uses about 60% cpu07:46
Guest36158on this page, it was mentioning about interrupts and exactly as it says, i disabled gpe13 interrupt and solved high cpu usage problem07:47
Guest36158but what is gpe13? how can i learn that?07:47
neilduganusing gnome etc, how can I login as two different users, so <ctrl><alt><f7> etc can switch between users?08:05
isomari_greetings, I asked this before but I llost my history for the answer. My 19.10 reached end of life during the long shutdown this year. How can I update to 20.04 without a reinstall? Which is not optional right now.10:28
tinloafHi. I'm once again battling with my x11 and fonts. I'm on Ubuntu 20.04. I want to use the font 'Hack' in my xterm/urxvt. The package `fonts-hack` is installed, the file `/usr/share/fonts/truetype/hack/Hack-Regular.ttf` exists. `fc-list` finds the font:10:30
tinloaf`> fc-list| grep -i hack10:30
tinloaf/usr/share/fonts/truetype/hack/Hack-Regular.ttf: Hack:style=Regular`10:30
tinloafHowever, `xlsfonts | grep -i hack` returns nothing. So, what could be the issue if fontconfig sees Hack, but xlsfonts / xfontsel doesn't?10:31
tinloafAll the tutorials I could find tell me to configure fontconfig to find the respective font, but that's not the issue on my system, apparently…10:31
lotuspsychjecan i start ubuntu setup from a running desktop (from an usb) this laptop has a broken F9 and cant boot into the usb11:15
jeremy31lotuspsychje: What does the F9 key do at boot?11:17
lotuspsychjejeremy31: invokes the startup media menu, so can change boot order, but cant get into cdrom or usb anymore via F911:18
jeremy31lotuspsychje: does it work to change BIOS setting to USB first?  Or is that the same?11:18
lotuspsychjetryed with plop boot manager cdrom and doesnt want to neither11:18
lotuspsychjeyeah it doesnt pickup11:19
lotuspsychjei need some workaround from desktop itself11:19
jeremy31It is possible to run ISO from Grub11:20
lotuspsychjeyeah might try that jeremy3111:20
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zprd16.04 is lts till 2024, postgres 9.5 is EOL 2021-02 how does ubuntu extend lts work in this case? upgrade to pg9.6 or fix 9.5 till 2024?11:51
BluesKajHi folks12:07
Orcs53Hi guys, I have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed on a Raspberry Pi 3B, the desktop enviroment is LightDM and XDM. Since setting up this device, it has crashed many times, the crash just freezes the screen and it requires a reboot. Does anyone have any ideas what causes this?12:50
Orcs53I see this is the kern.log file "INFO: task Xorg:1989 blocked for more than 604 seconds."12:57
Orcs53This is the error I can see immediately before the reboot, Additionally, the crash on causes the desktop enviroment to hault. The display is still on, it just does not accept any input, and does not update the display.12:58
BluesKajrpi3 isn't designed to handle full fledged ubuntu OS, also you should ask about your issues in #raspberrypi chat13:03
Orcs53BluesKaj Thank you for your help. In this case I use a light desktop enviroment. It performs quite well except for this instability. No worries I will check #raspberrypi13:09
BlueEagleOrcs53: I didn't find you in the #raspberrypi channel, but make sure you've got proper cooling as the symptoms are consistent with heat dissipation issues.13:22
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methhello how to achieve 133% fractional scaling? I have a 2K monitor and on windows 10 I set the scaling value to 133 so the screen zoom looks like 1080p the problem is my monitor is 25" if it were 27" I'd be happy with native resolution.14:19
methso text and icons are super tiny14:19
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sammyg1321Hi All, can anyone here help me configure Fingerprint authentication for my T460S running ubuntu 20.10?14:29
k_szeWhat are /var/log/journal/<some random ID>/system*.journal files?14:31
sammyg1321for me?14:31
k_szesammyg1321, no14:33
coconut_Am i the only one with boot problems(black screen after display manager) with updates from yesterday?(ubuntu-mate 20.04)14:38
coconut_I have reinstalled now and can boot again, and all i know bot problem was caused by updating.14:39
coconut_Anything known?14:40
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coconutAny way for apt to exclude one package from upgrading?15:09
roryyes coconut: sudo apt-mark hold <package-name>15:10
rorycoconut, there are various other ways detailed here: https://askubuntu.com/a/18656/6296915:10
coconutrory, how long is that "hold" memorized?15:11
roryuntil you run sudo apt-mark unhold <package-name>15:11
rorycheck holds with: sudo apt-mark showhold15:11
coconutthanks rory :)15:11
neilduganWith the current Ubuntu can you login in twice as different users?15:37
cariveriHi. can anyone help me where to put a user defined bakground image for the grub menue? I placed on .png and .tga in /boot/grub/ (read in /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme) but the splash remains pure black.15:42
BluesKajcariveri, have you run sudo update-grub since the edit?15:43
cariveriBluesKaj: I did not need to edit the file. its already searches for pictures in /boot/grub according to its comment in the code at least. o thats where I put the picture.15:44
BluesKajcariveri, afaik, editing /boot/grub isn't recommended, editing in /etc/default/grub is what we recommend here, since it's simpler and easier for users and it works when edited correctly15:49
cariveriBluesKaj: I did not edit at all. because the code already does what it should do. I just placed an image in the suspected directory /boot/grub/ .15:50
coconutAny reason for why nouveau and nvidia are both installed by default?15:50
ashwin2882I am using a ubuntu desktop 20.04 and i would like to take a remote of the GUI from a windows machine in same LAN network. I tried the sharing option in settings and tried to connect via RealVNC client in windows. But the connection gets timed out15:51
ashwin2882i tried to google search and i read that by default Ubuntu uses wayland for display server. And VNC does not work on wayland. Is that true ? Is there way to make it work without removing wayland ?15:54
eater9-Any recommendation of a video player that can play 1080p files without lagging? or system tweaks to fix performance? i've tried mpv/smplayer, parole, vlc and they're all unusable on my Thinkpad15:55
gordonjcpeater9-: that's probably down to your processor and graphics card15:56
gordonjcpeater9-: which Thinkpad do you have?15:56
eater9-X1 Carbon gen 615:57
gordonjcpOoh, that's cute15:57
eater9-:I watching a video doesn't seem like so much to ask of it15:58
gordonjcpeater9-: newer core i5 than my T440, which definitely struggles to play 1080p15:58
GhostOfSamuraiI'm having an issue with my displays not sleeping on Ubuntu 20.04 when my desktop idles, neither within a logon session or from the lock (logon) screen.16:00
GhostOfSamuraiI'm using Gnome3. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful.16:02
glowdemon1Hi; can you add multiple admins to a group with gpasswd?16:05
glowdemon1if I do gpasswd -A with 2 different users, it will just set it to the user of the last command16:05
glowdemon1I cant find the answer anywhere16:05
GhostOfSamuraiI think gpasswd only lets you do one user at a time16:05
glowdemon1alright, thanks :)16:06
GhostOfSamuraii think there's a bash trick you can use though if you want a one-liner16:06
GhostOfSamuraione sec16:06
GhostOfSamurai@glowdemon been a while since i used bash religiously, but using curly braces i think runs the command each time for each item separated by a comma. does this work? gpasswd -a {user1,user2} GROUP16:10
GhostOfSamuraisorry, bad mention above. glowdemon1 see my last message16:11
leftyfbGhostOfSamurai: that will not work16:11
GhostOfSamuraileftyfb darn, well thanks for weighing in16:12
leftyfbglowdemon1: for i in user1 user2 ; do gpasswd -a $i GROUP16:12
leftyfbglowdemon1: for i in user1 user2 ; do gpasswd -a $i GROUP ; done16:12
glowdemon1Yeah that will append the users to the group16:12
glowdemon1But it wont make them admin16:12
GhostOfSamuraiglowdemon1 i guess i don't understand the ask here. to give a user elevated privileges you add them to a group with the target perms you want16:13
GhostOfSamuraiunless i'm missing something16:13
leftyfbglowdemon1: ok, so now you're mentioning a separate issue16:13
leftyfbglowdemon1: what do you mean by adding an "admin" to a group?16:14
glowdemon1gpasswd -A16:14
leftyfbglowdemon1: you're either in a group or not. There is no admin in a group(linux group)16:14
glowdemon1-A, --administrators user,...16:14
glowdemon1           Set the list of administrative users.16:14
leftyfbglowdemon1: ok, that add users to administrator groups16:15
leftyfbglowdemon1: so what is the question exactly?16:15
glowdemon1if it's possible to set multiple admins to a group16:15
leftyfbglowdemon1: you can add multiple users to a group, yes16:15
glowdemon1yes but I'm asking about admins16:16
glowdemon1if I add a user with gpasswd -a, they wont be group admins16:16
glowdemon1sorry if I'm being vague here, I'm still learning this16:16
leftyfbglowdemon1: there is no "admins" in a group. You are either in a group or not. You can add multiple users to a group that is considered an admin group (adm, root, etc)16:16
leftyfbglowdemon1: what exactly is it you're trying to accomplish? Why do you need to add users to an admin group? What isn't working?16:17
GhostOfSamuraii think glowdemon1 is asking how to allow other users without root to manage a membership of a specific group16:17
glowdemon1It's for my course16:17
glowdemon1kind of16:18
glowdemon1http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/gpasswd.1.html see the -A flag16:18
glowdemon1it says the -A flag sets the admin of a group16:18
GhostOfSamuraipretty sure it's going to be something in the sudoers file, but i've been in windows land professionally for too long to recall :)16:18
Guess59061Why when I run `sudo id -ur` as a non-root user (UID 1000), I get a 0? The sudo program has the s flag, so shouldn't RUID remain 1000?16:18
leftyfbglowdemon1: -A: Set the list of administrative users.16:18
leftyfbglowdemon1: not admin of a group16:18
leftyfbglowdemon1: you are either in a group or not. There is no "admin of a group"16:19
leftyfbglowdemon1: just use -A to add a user to an admin group16:19
GhostOfSamuraii think i have your answer glowdemon116:23
GhostOfSamuraigpasswd -A user1,user2,userX GROUPNAME16:24
leftyfbGhostOfSamurai: negative. That is not what -A is for16:24
leftyfbGhostOfSamurai: -A does not take a group as a parameter16:24
GhostOfSamuraiThis is from the manpage: "System administrators can use the -A option to define group16:24
GhostOfSamurai       administrator(s) and the -M option to define members. They have all16:24
GhostOfSamurai       rights of group administrators and members."16:24
GhostOfSamuraiwhat does this mean then?16:24
GhostOfSamuraiwhat is a "group administrator" then, if not a user who can manage group membership?16:25
GhostOfSamuraimy command above does not give a group as a parameter to -A, it gives a list of users for that option16:25
glowdemon1yes my lecturer said a group admin is a person who can manage a group as well16:25
glowdemon1eg: add members16:25
GhostOfSamuraileftyfb are you confusing -A with -a? they are different options16:26
glowdemon1i'm being really confused now because gshadow says the same16:26
glowdemon1http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man5/gshadow.5.html > search for "administrators"16:26
leftyfbglowdemon1: a "group admin" is a user who is added to a group that has rights to modify group settings16:26
glowdemon1yes but the group admin doesnt have to be a member16:26
leftyfbglowdemon1: sort of. The group created to admin another group will need to be added to the original group16:27
glowdemon1I see16:27
glowdemon1so I assume you can make another group then and add that group with gpasswd -A16:28
glowdemon1or the comma seperate list like @GhostOfSamurai said (I didnt manage to test this yet but I will :))16:28
glowdemon1actually it has to be a user16:29
glowdemon1Sorry I have to go for 30mins. I'll be back. I think my question is answered here but if anyone wants to throw in something else, feel free to :)16:30
glowdemon1Thanks again16:30
GhostOfSamurainot sure how correct that is. you can add groups as members to another group, though the manpage only mentions users. not sure if that extends to group admins though16:30
glowdemon1I just tried to add a group with -A and that doesnt work fyi16:30
glowdemon1but brb now16:31
GhostOfSamuraisee ya16:31
GhostOfSamuraiAnybody know how I can troubleshoot display sleep issues in Ubuntu? My displays never go to sleep regardless of my desktop settings.16:34
ThinkT510GhostOfSamurai: you'll want to check both screensaver and power manager settings.16:43
GhostOfSamuraiThinkT510 i think i stumbled onto the reason, and a possible solution. seems the screensaver doesn't work with lightdm, but I thought 20.04 was using gnome3 (i'm using lightdm now). seems i need to install or reconfigure gdm3 and log in with that instead16:51
jmnozHas 19.10 updates broken for everyone or is it just me?16:57
ThinkT510!eol | jmnoz16:57
ubottujmnoz: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:57
jmnozThinkT510: thanks16:57
coconutI just did a reinstall of ubuntu & removed my config files... and now my auto-completion does not work on the second word used. Any ideas?17:27
tomreyncoconut: is bash-completion installed?17:45
tomreynrestart the systemd-user-sessions.service and (if still logged in) logout + login17:50
ashwin2882how to make vino-server as a service that starts on boot and not requiring to login to start the service.17:54
coconuttomreyn, how do i do that?17:55
tomreynsudo systemctl restart systemd-user-sessions.service17:56
tomreynashwin2882: i dont think its meant to be used that way. however, there is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers#x11vnc17:59
coconuttomreyn, did not fix it18:00
GhostOfSamuraiThinkT510 yeah, switching to use gdm3 instead of lightdm fixed the display sleep problem for me18:00
coconutthanks though :)18:00
tomreyncoconut: so it must be something else.18:00
ThinkT510GhostOfSamurai: glad you solved it18:01
coconutyeah i guess, but i deleted the whole .config directory, so that can not be it i assume.18:01
ashwin2882Thanks tomreyn for the insight18:02
tomreynyou're welcome18:02
ashwin2882which performs better, xrdp or VNC ?18:03
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coconutAny default place in the iso of ubuntu where the wallpapers are located?18:05
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octav1aHello, using ubuntu 20.04 on the cloud, I am using the cloud-provider's networking panel to configure firewall rules to my liking, but I've noticed with the default installation, there seem to be some IPtables rules configured which block traffic on my subnet. I wish to just completely open the software firewall and only use the cloud provider's rules. What is the most elegant way to do this and make sure it is still allowing all traffic on reboot, too?18:35
tomreynyou could just uninstall iptables + ufw18:40
tomreyni'm assuming that what you're configuring on the cloud providers' web panel is a network firewall, not rulesets which are applied to the ubuntu VM's iptables based firewall.18:42
sookablyatpeople anybody here on Ubuntu Muslim Edition?18:45
tomreyn!ot | sookablyat18:45
ubottusookablyat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:45
sookablyatthanks tomreyn18:45
OnkelBladeHi folks. How can I prepare installation flash usb drive on ubuntu 20.04? You see, I've just tried UNetBootin, and it copied all the files, but the drive is not deteced on the target PC as bootable.18:47
tomreynalternatively, on any OS, balena etcher18:48
OnkelBladetomreyn: yeah, it worked! huh. Weird that Unetbootin, which has been helping all these years doesn't work anymore18:51
octav1atomreyn: thank you for the suggestion. Just to verify, you mean that if the iptables and ufw packages are uninstalled, the services will automatically end and all traffic will be allowed?18:52
sookablyatcan somebody help me develop a ubuntu flavored new distro?18:53
tomreynoctav1a: no host firewall should be active then. whatever policies and rules you apply on the network firewall will still apply, of course.18:53
tomreynsookablyat: that's not really an ubuntu support question either. try -offtopic maybe18:54
octav1aThank you for the recommendation, that is how I intended it to work.18:54
sookablyatoctav1a, are you talking to me?18:56
octav1asookablyat: uhh, no, hehe, I was just acknowledging tomreyn :318:56
sookablyatoh ok18:57
RaythonicWanted to upgrade from Ubuntu 20.04 to 20.10, but the do-release-upgrade breaks because of what looks like a python compatibility issue.  Anyone else run into this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1901812?19:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1901812 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Error in do-release-upgrade, invalid start byte" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:20
rorysookablyat might find this interesting: https://github.com/chamuco/respin19:21
rorypretty sure all these projects are dead though19:21
sookablyatrory, yeah i see19:32
tomreynRaythonic: this channel does notr support "pop os"19:39
geniiYou might find some help for Pop! OS in the #system76 channel19:42
baskakHi! I dug out my old Ubuntu installation, and cloned it onto a machine I use (Dell Precision T3600) and it seemed to run OK. I attempted the LTS-to-LTS upgrade route, which for a moment worked OK, but now I'm stuck in emergency mode. I'm at 16.04 LTS. I'd like to rectify the problem and upgrade further19:47
tomreyni think we're fine with this19:49
CrashbitHi! I know wireguard is not a vpn, but on Arch, the AUR repository I found network-manager-wireguard. A GUI to configure wireguard and activate and deactivate. I want to know if exist a GUI to do the same with Ubuntu19:51
CrashbitI know networkmanager versión >1.6 support wireguard, but I can't know if exist a GUI19:52
tomreynCrashbit: the author of the wireguard gnome configuration GUI provides packages for ubuntu 20.04 LTS at this (unsupported, here) PPA https://launchpad.net/~meiser79/+archive/ubuntu/focal19:57
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RaythonicThanks.  N.B. this upgrade error is not unique to PopOS, thus why I was asking if anyone else here experienced it.  I was looking for what others may have tried or learned.20:00
rnddhi everyone! newbe question. i installed ubuntu server with docker option. and docker works. but "systemctl status docker" returns error. am i doing it wrong?20:14
tomreynis it a snap?20:15
rnddtomreyn, as i see, yes20:16
tomreynthen, i assume, there is no systemd service management. but i din't really know.20:17
tomreynthere's also #ubuntu-server20:17
rnddtomreyn: ohhhh, i found20:19
rnddsnap services docker.dockerd20:19
rndddamn, next time will install this using apt-get20:19
baskakHi! I dug out my old Ubuntu installation, and cloned it onto a machine I use (Dell Precision T3600) and it seemed to run OK. I attempted the LTS-to-LTS upgrade route, which for a moment worked OK, but now I'm stuck in emergency mode. I'm at 16.04 LTS. I'd like to rectify the problem and upgrade further20:33
giacoI've an old system with dual gpu each with 2 dvi outputs, for a total of 4. I've attached it to a 4 mount display wall, and I've launched xorg on nouveau on it to get a single desktop made of 4 displays and I've launched the 4 web pages I need to monitor fullscreen on each one. Everything seemed ok at first, but after a few days the system hangs20:41
leftyfbbaskak: if this was an old system you just "dug out", why not just reinstall from scratch? It's cleaner, easier, quicker and you'll have less issues.20:57
OnkelBladeHi folks. What file can I use to run xrandr on 20.04?21:01
OnkelBladeActually let me start for the very beginning: my nvidia 450 driver (and 455 as well) along with Xorg decided to fake DPPI21:02
OnkelBladeSo I need somehow to tell them: no way guys, gimme back my 9621:02
OnkelBladeSo what is the way to do that really? It seems to be difficult nowadays21:03
oerheksan ordinairy xorg.conf most likely21:05
OnkelBladeoerheks: wow, how so? We should even think about that file. We shouldn't call it by its name21:06
OnkelBladeEverything now is done _automatically_21:06
donavan01anyone gotten a surface pro to work with ubuntu specifically the pen and touch pad21:32
oerhekssurface pro needs a tweaked kernel, AFAIK.. and there are many surface versions21:34
donavan01yeah I have a 7 so its going to be a tough on since its newer im sure... so its a kernel issue and not just a driver21:35
oerheksTouch screen.21:37
oerheksIPTS firmware pending21:37
oerheksyes, probably too new21:38
donavan01well the first how to has dead links for debian so thats great21:39
donavan01yeah just read what you sent seems like I can never get a device that just plays nice with linux right out of the box I figured these would be prime linux machine guess I have to wait a while21:45
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pillager86Can someone help me? the application `dub` no longer works... I get dub: symbol lookup error: dub: undefined symbol: _D3std3net4curl4HTTP9__mixin376onSendMFNdDFAvZmZv21:59
pillager86I tried reinstalling21:59
JayDoubleuSo, I got the new AMD RX6800 card, Windows 10 after installing the drivers works fine with proper resolution but I cannot get it to work on Ubuntu. Tried 20.04 and 20.10. At boot the driver seems to go into nomodeset and displays low resolution. When I run lshw -c video it shows that device is unclaimed. When I manually modprobe the amdgpu and reconnect the displayport it doesnt bring up display. Any idea ? I tried22:00
JayDoubleuthe newest mesa drivers from PPA, I also tried the native AMD driver ( this one fails on amdgpu-dkms but when I install it with --no-dkms flag it lets it install but it still doesnt fix the resolution)22:00
oerhekspillager86, tried the snap version?22:01
oerheks1.19 https://snapcraft.io/dub22:01
pillager86I fixed it by uninstalling dmd and dub and installing the deb file from DMD's website22:06
pillager86I wanted the latest version anyway22:06
other_rickhello, How can I set a module parameter in the source code? I read a MAC address from the eFuse controller, but I need set that value to the module param: "fec.macaddr=0x1,0x1,0x2,02"22:13
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jeremy31other_rick: That looks like something you would add to Grub22:29
other_rickjeremy31: In normal conditions, but are thousand of machines, I don't want to modify the Freescale controller.22:32
other_rickThe module paramameter 'macaddr' its one way for avoid that22:33
jeremy31I would normally do>  echo "options fec macaddr=0x1,0x1,0x2,02" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/fec.conf22:35
MIFHow do I see what prossess is using what port?22:47
oerhekslsof -i <port>22:49
MIFthank you22:50
oerhekslsof -i TCP:2222:50
oerhekssimple examples, https://www.tecmint.com/10-lsof-command-examples-in-linux/22:51
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doubleqphm, I'm using a killswitch in my wireguard config (https://pastebin.com/rtPEEBsV) but it also blocks my entire LAN network, while I want the LAN network to remain accessible but traffic to my gateway blocked.23:52

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