OvenWerksEickmeyer[kde]: Ah, this is the first time you have mentioned reboot. I guess I should ask all the normal questions:16:04
OvenWerkswhich release (DE, version... assuming studio 20.10?)16:05
OvenWerksps x |grep jack16:06
OvenWerkslogging set to extra, copies of ~/.log/autojack.log (and maybe the .1 as well)16:08
OvenWerksIs there a particular action that seems to trigger this? 16:09
OvenWerksOh, the output of jack_control status16:27
OvenWerks(though if ps x shows jackd it would not be relevent)16:27
OvenWerksdid we ever add export JACK_NO_START_SERVER=1 somewhere? /etc/profile.d/ubuntustudio.sh for example?16:48
OvenWerksdoes that even cover graphic applications started by the DE?16:49

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