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][04|-050PYCKihttps://prnt.sc/w2vjqv - https://prnt.sc/w2vjy7 - https://prnt.sc/w2vk38 - found today. where to fix what?03:49
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technasticHey people!06:39
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @technastic, hello06:39
technasticI just wanted to know where I can find the .iso files of Kubuntu 15.04, 15.10, 16.10, 17.04,17.10,18.10 and 19.04.06:41
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @technastic, you can find old ISOs here : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/06:43
technasticThe link which you shared does not have the iso of the releases which I mentioned in my message. Please check.06:43
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @technastic, yes they contain LTS releases06:44
technasticI want the ISOs of EOL releases.06:45
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> for what purpose do you want them ? 🤔06:46
technasticvalorie Any idea where I can find them?06:46
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:47
valorieyou might find some info there, technastic06:47
technasticI found this question in Ask Ubuntu: https://askubuntu.com/q/1298239 So I was curious.06:47
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @technastic, if you want those releases, I don't know about them 😅 . … I guess @DarinMiller would be able to help you in case06:47
valorieunsure that all the old ISOs are available06:47
daxthey're supposed to be at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/releases/ , but there are some missing there too06:48
daxoh, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/06:48
daxthe heck is this folder structure o.O06:48
valorieI purge all the old ISOs from my backups so I can't help06:48
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/releases/disco/release/ … yes here is disco dingo06:48
daxoh, there's stuff missing from *there* too06:49
technasticok valorie06:49
][04|-050PYCKi[21:49:37] <][04|-050PYCKi> https://prnt.sc/w2vjqv - https://prnt.sc/w2vjy7 - https://prnt.sc/w2vk38 - found today. where to fix what?06:50
valorieit is possible that if you hunt down some of the original kubuntu team and beg, some might have old ISOs in their own backup disks06:51
valorieunsure why you would want them?06:51
daxone of the ones off that list is at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/releases/19.04/release/ , the rest aren't06:52
technasticBut why are these ISOs removed? The Ubuntu website has all the versions (https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/)  but Kubuntu doesn't :(06:52
technasticvalorie https://askubuntu.com/q/129823906:53
technasticdax Thanks!06:53
valorieI don't know06:53
daxhttp://kambing.ui.ac.id/iso//ubuntu/cdimage/kubuntu/releases/ has 19.10, 18.10, 16.10, 14.10, 14.04, which the ubuntu.com mirrors don't06:54
daxhttp://contrib-test-vip.andrew.cmu.edu/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs-Kubuntu/ has 12.10, 13.04, 13.1006:59
daxso that leaves 15.04, 15.10, 17.04, and 17.1006:59
technastic Are the links official?07:02
daxnope, but they have checksum and .gpg files, so you'd just need to figure out whether they're signed by the right keys07:02
technasticvalorie Can you please let me which user should I try to contact?07:07
valorieI guess you can check the old list archives07:08
technasticI didn't get you.07:08
valorieI was only a user in those days07:08
valoriethe kubuntu-devel list07:08
valorieI can't tell you who the old team was, or how they can be found now07:09
technasticCan you share me the link of the list?07:10
technasticI found this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-April/009497.html07:18
technasticSo should I contact Mr. Jonathan Riddell?07:18
lordievaderGood morning07:27
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IrcsomeBot<Ender🐾⃤> how to set keyboard combinations for input special characters, or can anyone find the Burman layout?09:23
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BluesKajHi folks12:33
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @BluesKaj, hello13:12
BluesKaj@ri5h46h, hi13:14
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> Can I manually install themes in KDE ? like we do in GNOME by putting theme in .themes directory ?13:17
tolgahi all13:18
BluesKaj@ri5h46h, yes either in system settings>global themes>get new global themes button or from appropriate files downloaded to your file manager13:32
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> May I know in which directory do the themes get installed ?13:36
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> is it inside /usr/share or home folder?13:36
BluesKaj@ri5h46h, I don't see my chosen theme listed in /usr/share/themes, so i assume the best path is my suggestion above13:52
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> (Photo, 1280x510) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/idZi0a0A/file_39826.jpg17:03
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> Anyone has an idea what this is about?17:03
diogenes_bauchhaus, but PC boots?17:15
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> diogenes_ from the wrong disk17:21
KurozenSo specal chars don't work in Konsole ?17:37
KurozenNot special, I mean local17:37
KurozenProblem is, Ž character clears the whole line in most circumstances, tho I have 2 Konsole open, in one it doesn't work17:40
KurozenI can't figure out to get rid of this in keyboard settings of the Konsole profile, because there is nothing set for Ž anyway, test output is the same, Ž17:41
IrcsomeBot<marmasou> .17:53
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spacefrogis there a way to fix screen tearing in Firefox on Kubuntu 2004 running on intel integrated gfx with 2 external dell monitors?18:49
diogenes_spacefrog, try enabling opengl in ff.19:29
spacefrogWhat about other browsers?19:32
diogenes_take one step at a time.19:34
spacefrogWebgl.disabled was false already19:36
diogenes_compositing should change from basic to oppengl19:42
spacefrogissue persists19:45
diogenes_the open nvidia settings see forcecompositingpipeline19:48
spacefrogi do not have an nvidia gpu20:05
spacefrogintel only20:05
spacefrog00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)20:06
diogenes_ah then you probably need to enable intel driver instead of modesetting with TearFree.20:07
MsK`hello, is it possible to change the sound of notifications? especially the new mail sound which is just a "bop"20:17
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IrcsomeBotJan Mrzygłód was added by: Jan Mrzygłód20:51
IrcsomeBot<Jan Mrzygłód> Hi, so just today i got what I think is a bug, where when I try to log out from kubuntu, it doesn't log out and just shows the default kde loading logo and relogs me back in. Is this a bug, or did I just mess something up?20:54
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> (i assume this is the place to ask for help like this)20:56
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> This is a good place to ask, but unfortunately I have never experienced the problem you describe.20:58
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Running Wayland or X11?20:58
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> pretty sure x1120:59
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> If SDDM is not functioning correctly that might be a place to start.  You could re-install SDDM.  But without knowing why it's failing, I am not sure what to advise.21:02
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> Just sudo apt-get remove sddm, and then sudo apt-get install sddm, right? I really don't want to break anything :P21:05
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> Also, literally all that happens is this: I hit "Log Out", screen goes black, kde plasma logo shows up, I'm back at the desktops with all the apps. Idk what more info I could give, haven't messed with anything login and sddm related pretty much ever21:08
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> also also, when I turn off to automatically log in as my user this also happens21:10
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> Ok I think I found a bug and fixed it21:11
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> so when I have the start menu set to "application launcher" it all works perfectly fine21:12
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> but I switched the menu today to "application menu"21:12
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> and for some weird reason when I've got the menu set to "application menu" it just does what I described21:13
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> Yup, tested it again and looks like it works now21:13
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> weird21:13
IrcsomeBot<jBoi> probably a bug21:13
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IrcsomeBot<charlo bubby.> user have a chat with bot22:29
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