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lubot<MarKre72> Hello, I use Lubuntu 20.10 and I have set up the system with two bars. The bottom bar should be hidden automatically when windows (Firefox etc.) are open. However, when the pure desktop is visible the bar should be visible. Is this possible19:13
wxlnot that i know of19:14
kc2bezThe auto-hide function only reacts to the location of the mouse. When you mouse near the panel it pops up and hides when you move away.19:18
lubot<MarKre72> Is it not possible to include such a desired function? LXQT has already brought its system very far forward. Such a small function would be peanuts...19:25
wxlyou can always file an issue with LXQt and request it19:25
lubot<MarKre72> Where can I do this?19:26
wxli cannot guarantee they will be interested in implementing it19:27
kc2bezGive it a [Feature Request] tag ^19:27
lubot<MarKre72> The developers get a big box of chocolates, then it will work... 😄19:28
wxli hate to say it but it doesn't work that way19:29
wxlit MIGHT work if you provide a pull request with all the code written to implement it19:29
lubot<MarKre72> That was also just a joke! Hmm, unfortunately I'm not a coder, couldn't this be copied from XFCE? 😉19:31
wxlyeah no that's not how it works but nice try19:32
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lubot<David Heinrich> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/nvsaI2S.jpg I'm getting this error after booting, typing my boot encryption phrase and then selecting Lubuntu from the boot menu. Any idea what's going on?23:59

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