StephDevIs anyone working to fix all the broken builds?  Just wondering because 5.10 seems to be the only recent build that isn't broken02:35
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luna_Kernel 5.10.1 from mainline does not work for me at all14:18
arighiluna_, do you get any error? does it boot or there's just a blank screen?14:59
luna_arighi: i ended up in an initramfs busybox15:17
arighihm, so it's probably failing to mount the rootfs, I'm wondering if some modules are missing in the initramfs, or if it's expecting something to be statically compiled in the kernel16:32
Moonspellhi everyone :) I'm a student with an assignment, I need to implement 2 syscalls on kernel 5.4.* but I can't find a way to do it. On Google, there's a lot of info for older kernel versions, but that doesn't help me. Can someone point me in the right direction, please? thx17:18
arighiMoonspell, take a look at Documentation/process/adding-syscalls.rst18:06
Moonspellarighi, thx for your reply, I will check it, ubuntu site?18:38
Moonspellor kernel.org?18:38
arighiMoonspell, directly from the kernel source18:46
arighior if you prefer: https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v5.4.83/source/Documentation/process/adding-syscalls.rst18:47
Moonspellahh nice, saw it18:47
sarnoldMoonspell: check the kernelnewbies community18:51
MoonspellA lot to process!18:59
MoonspellI'll try to do something with this :) thx once again18:59
sarnoldhave fun :)19:01
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