ressonix1Anyone else having issues where Unity ignores the preference for only showing the launcher on the primary display? I've chosen this option in the Tweak Tool and it doesn't work.08:47
Maikressonix1: don't expect any support, the channel has been quiet and you're the fist in ages who asked something.10:59
Maikressonix1: besides that Unity isn't developed or fixed, it's just in maintenance mode so it's kept compatible with future releases of Ubuntu.11:01
ressonix1Yikes, okay. Thanks!11:03
Maikressonix1: no problem, you're welcome. Are you running Unity on top of Ubuntu or are you using the Ubuntu Unity Remix?11:07
ressonix1I'm running Ubuntu Unity Remix11:07
ressonix1Did I join the wrong room?11:08
Maikyep, and most of the stuff happens on Telegram11:09
Maikthe other channel was meant for UU but no one ever joined... kids and their discord plus telegram ;)11:09
ressonix1Ah, gotcha. I'm in the Telegram, sorry about the confusion. 🙂11:10
Maiknp :)11:10

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