* rick_h waves13:09
rick_hjrwren:  nothing on the radar. I think our idea of 'rolling' release might only exist in the containers world13:09
rick_hhah that's from a week ago13:10
cmaloneyNo worries. :)13:10
cmaloneyWe're not about real-time communication. :)13:11
cmaloneymorning, btw13:11
rick_hlast day of work for the year, bring it on!13:13
cmaloneywoo woo!13:19
jrwrenwoo woo!14:22
jrwreni was feeling overly pessimistic when I wrote that. I have no reason to believe ubuntu won't keep on keeping on.14:22
cmaloneyAll I have to say is I'm still on 14.04 and it's still working for me14:23
cmaloneythough my other non-critical machines are all 16.04 or 18.0414:23
cmaloneyI'll move to 20.04 when they settle snapd down14:23
cmaloneyran that in an lxc container and that thing was a thirsty soul14:24
jrwrensnap? yeah.14:27

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