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samthewildonehave an issue with default user profiles. I made an edit to the "~/.profile" file and when I source the file, it works within current terminal session. When I go for a reboot or reopen another terminal session, it seems that the "~/.profile" edits don't work.02:55
samthewildoneI did the same for the "/etc/profile" file, no luck. I'm just adding " set -o vi " into those files, if that helps.02:56
sarnoldsamthewildone: my first guess is you're starting interactive but not login shells, and hitting "When an interactive shell that is not a login shell is started, bash reads and executes commands from /etc/bash.bashrc and  ~/.bashrc"03:02
sarnoldsamthewildone: my second guess is that if these are interactive login shells, you may be hitting "After reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and  executes commands from the first one that exists and is readable."03:03
samthewildonesarnold, thank you. I edited the /etc/bash.bashrc file and did a hard reboot. Looks good.03:22
sarnoldsamthewildone: excellent :)03:23
sarnoldsamthewildone: I hate the bash rc file mess soooooo much. I understand how we got to this point, but it's just *so* complicated03:24
benjo11111Hi, i m facing problem with my dock station which has displaylink drvier and ubuntu 20.0403:26
benjo11111it is very slow when i type something and it comes to my external displays03:26
sarnoldpity benjo11111 is gone already03:32
sarnoldI've heard displaylink is garbage03:32
sarnoldit burns most of a CPU core and is horribly slow, exactly as he described03:33
devilnullhi peeps- as a rule should i use dist-upgrade (because it will take care of source lists and upgrade my system) ;assuming i ran sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade, no need for running of apt autoclean or autoremove?04:47
devilnullits my understanding that apt-get has been depreciated in the way ifconfig has been replaced by ip or logs by journalctrls04:49
devilnullnow apt takes precidence for most end users i assume-can anyone correct me or provide caveats please04:50
Bashing-omdevilnull: Well - dist-upgrade has also been replaced by full-upgrade. In some instances where upgrade is inconsistent - the problem resolver in full-upgrade can be of value.04:51
devilnullcheers will read more04:53
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absurdistis there a way to activate loopback devices before bcache?05:14
rahvinHey all, I'm trying to install chromium via a beta PPA for hardware acceleration, but it seems ubuntu insists on useing the snap.  I removed the snap and apt install and it lists the one from the PPA as installed. But when I "chromium-browser" in terminal it says "/usr/bin/chromium-browser' requires the chromium snap to be installed" And find turns up nothing for chromium except for ~/.snap etc... Any05:23
rahvinideas how I can use the PPA? What am I missing?05:23
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chalcedonymy husband has 20.04. we have been having problems with it intermittently crashing. tonight, it crashed while he was trying to open libre office, so i had him restart it, it crashed again while he was in gedit. and now, it crashed when i only had a terminal open. i can't keep it going long enough to do much at all.07:42
ThinkT510what exactly do you mean by crash? was the entire system unresponsive and you had to hard reset?07:44
chalcedonyThinkT510, repeatedly07:46
ThinkT510if it seems to happen randomly then it would be worth checking the memory07:47
chalcedonyis that the command?07:48
ThinkT510you'd select it at the grub screen instead of booting the system07:49
chalcedonyoh ok07:50
ThinkT510do you know how much RAM you have and how old it is?07:51
chalcedonyits not particularly old07:52
mcphailchalcedony: any time this has happened to me it has been a failing hard drive. Make sure to check those, too. And make sure all the cables and power cables are properly seated if you are using a desktop machine. While you're in there, check the fans are spinning08:26
chalcedonymcphail, this is kind of an ongoing thing. and this is the new hard drive. the crashing followed his old hard drive through three different coputers.08:31
chalcedonyhe's back with the ryzen 508:31
chalcedonysomething he does or is doing seems to set this off.08:33
chalcedonywhen i'm there i can see what is on the surface, but he does his own stuff.08:35
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ThinkT510I'm not too sure how logging works on systemd but maybe there is a previous boot log you could check that might shed more light on what happened.08:38
tenagliahi all08:39
chalcedonyhi tenaglia08:40
tenagliaI can see that on Ubuntu 20.04 client-side TLS 1.0 is not supported. Now, I would need a way to enable it since I need to connect to a TLSv1 host. No I cannot change the host. I know for Fedora there is the concept of using "update-crypto-policies" to create a custom policy allowing client-side TLS 1.0. Is there something equivalent for Ubuntu?08:42
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Seveastenaglia: that depends on the application you're trying to use to access the remote host09:58
Sevease.g. in firefox you can set security.tls.version.min and security.tls.version.enable-deprecated10:01
LegouskHello All, is there somebody here who could help me with scheduling some tasks on crontab? I would like to use the build in desktop notifications with the notify-send command via a shell program. I made a very simple program that works when I execute it myself via the terminal (I get a notification at the top of my screen), but it does not work via Crontab, I do not get message. Is there something extra that I need to add to the crontab10:12
Legouskcommand that I am not seeing?10:12
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tenagliaSeveas: but this is overridden by the global system openssl settings I believe10:39
doubleqphey all, how can I ensure that LAN devices remain accessible once the killswitch through iptables has been enabled? I use the following killswitch: https://pastebin.com/rtPEEBsV (PostUp & PreDown)10:40
phionahi, i was the one who asked memory earlier this year. the technician said i have a bad memory slot. can you say if this is true from this info?? is CHAN A DIMM 0 be the one hes talking about?10:41
phionaif its true that i have a bad memory slot, do you think i can still max the memory to 6GB? i only have 2GB at the moment and i would like to be 64 bit.10:41
KurozenI made Ubuntu 20.04 LTS bootable usb with Universal USB Installer, it won't boot, tho the USB is a bit showing signs of failing but it should boot into Main Menu10:53
KurozenShows up as USB Storage, I'll recreate, but instead of using Universal USB Instaler for windows, I want to do it through linux right here10:54
KurozenFirefox reports invalid certificate for this mirror https://si.mirror.kumi.systems/ubuntureleases/20.04.1/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso10:57
Seveastenaglia: there's no such thing as "global system openssl settings"11:04
Seveasalso, firefox doesn't even use openssl :)11:04
SeveasKurozen: then don't use tht mirror11:05
KurozenThat's the mirror that official ubuntu site provides11:06
KurozenDownloard Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS ->11:06
Seveashmm, that's no good.11:07
Maikofftopic: wow Seveas , that has been ages :)11:08
SeveasKurozen: https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04.1/ should work better while they're fixing that mirror11:09
KurozenSeveas: Austria - Kumi systems https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/mirror.kumi.systems-release11:11
KurozenIt still was able to download tho, just ignoring the error and continuing11:11
SeveasI bet it'll drop out of the mirror list in an hour (last verified 23 hours ago)11:12
Seveasoh, they actually fixed the cert already11:12
KurozenI wanted to see if it boots at all, into an very old Pentium 4 PC, without LAN or anything, so if the image's tampered it won't hit anything11:12
Seveasdepends on the type of pentium 4. The older ones are 32 bit11:14
KurozenHeh ok, I restarted Firefox, redownload, it picked the same again, no cert error now.11:14
Seveas"The first Pentium 4-branded processor to implement 64-bit was the Prescott (90 nm) (February 2004), but this feature was not enabled. Intel subsequently began selling 64-bit Pentium 4s using the "E0" revision of the Prescotts, being sold on the OEM market as the Pentium 4, model F. The E0 revision also adds eXecute Disable (XD) (Intel's name for the NX bit) to Intel 64. Intel's official launch of Intel 6411:14
Seveas(under the name EM64T at that time) in mainstream desktop processors was the N0 stepping Prescott-2M."11:15
KurozenOh yeah I was wondering if it's too old, it's just an old PC that wee need to salvage, it's IDE so I can't put HDD in another PC to save  family data/files/pictures11:15
KurozenI don't have an IDE adapter and no I'm not liking the idea to buy one for this one occasion, it's probably like 30 dollar plus,11:15
Seveasif this doesn't work, try an older release that has a 32 bit version11:16
SeveasThis one perhaps: https://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/ubuntu-12.04.5-desktop-i386.iso11:17
KurozenQDI Platinix 2PE/800 on what looks like southbridge11:17
Kurozen2003-ish by the dates on the PhoenixAward BIOS11:18
Seveasso not 64 bit11:19
KurozenYeah I see i386 at the bottome there you're right11:21
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KurozenTho, what kind of USB boot option would I need, i did try all three except USB-CDROM11:23
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KurozenI remember once ZIP worked, not HDD but don't remmeber.11:24
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KurozenOr perhaps it just has to be x32 to even boot11:24
Seveasyeah, your 20.04 iso is no good11:25
TJ-Kurozen: USB HDD mode should work with the ISO - it implies a BIOS/MBR on the boot device which the hybrid ISO images have11:27
KurozenI set USB-ZIP first boot device, USB-HDD second, USB-CDROM third now, still won't boot, (i made the image with Ubuntu Startup Disk on the i386 link 12.04.5)11:28
KurozenIt detects the USB fine, fresh new Sandisk USB3 Ultra ... perhaps it has to be USB2 lol?11:29
ThinkT51012.04 hasn't been supported for years, the oldest supported version is 16.0411:29
KurozenGoes past BIOS, Updating DMI, USB Storage Device: Ultra USB 3.011:29
KurozenI'll keep trying ...11:30
KurozenSeveas: actually it says  ... -i845- ...11:42
KurozenIf that makes any difference, it's not like it's suddenly non-desktop, it is an office PC from all the looks11:43
KurozenI thought it said i38611:43
TJ-Kurozen: the target PC is i386? I'm confused by your report of "USB Storage Device: Ultra USB 3.0" --- is that a USB host controller or simply the 'product' name of the USB storage key with the installer on it?11:53
guiverc18.04 flavors worked on pentium 4, pentium M PCs from 2003 onwards.. Lubuntu 18.04, Xubuntu 18.04 etc were tested... (early pentium M require forcepae), however 12.04 is off-topic here due it being EOL/ESM11:54
TJ-Kurozen: I know of PC BIOSes with bugs in them that do not correctly inform the boot-loader of which device they've started from and cause a hang after the MBR is read; but that'd give you a hanging flashing cursor usually so it sounds like the BIOS is not seeing on the USB the clues it expects in order to try booting (an MBR with one partition marked as active)11:57
HelenahWhere do I get LuaIRC from for Ubuntu?12:08
MaikHelenah: i guess nowhere12:13
KurozenTJ-: Yes the USB Storage Device: Ultra USB 3.0 is the product name, it' stads for Sandisk Ultra Flair USB 3 flash drive12:17
KurozenIt never said anything other than BOOT DISK FAILURE. PLEASE INSERT BOOT DEVICE AND PRESS ENTER12:17
TJ-Kurozen: OK - I thought somehow you'd got a USB3 controller on there (in which case I'd not expect the BIOS to know how to boot from such)12:18
KurozenNope, it could be USB 1.0 even, IDK yet12:18
TJ-Kurozen: yes; that points to either 1) the USB device not actually being tried or 2) not recognising an MBR partition table with one partition flagged as active.12:18
TJ-Kurozen: you can test (2) easily on another system with "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdX" where X is the USB device - one partition should have a '*' boot/active flag against it12:19
KurozenRight, I guess I need to use another utility to make it, I only been trying with Ubuntu 12 i386 with Ubuntu Startup Disk Maker12:19
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KurozenTJ-: sdb1 type hidden HPFS/NTFS ... wth?12:21
KurozenShouldn't it be FAT32 ?12:22
KurozenBoot *12:22
TJ-Kurozen: no12:23
KurozenThere's only one partition12:23
TJ-Kurozen: These hybrid images are ISO9660 with a GPT and MBR inserted12:23
KurozenI guess I need to try another distro then12:25
tenagliasearch_social: OK thanks.12:28
tenagliaSeveas: OK thanks.12:28
BluesKajHi folks12:33
N3bulaKGood morning12:37
N3bulaKI have manually switch to HDMI sound from the settings on every reboot? wondering if someone can help please?12:37
EriC^^N3bulaK: maybe it's not saving the settings? how's your home dir permissions, "sudo find ~ ! -user $USER"12:44
MaikN3bulaK: on Ubuntu or another flavor and which version?12:45
N3bulaKEriC^^: giving me this error "find: missing argument to `-user'"12:46
N3bulaKMaik: OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS x86_6412:46
EriC^^N3bulaK: try sudo find /home/<your user> ! -user <your user>12:47
N3bulaKEriC^^: let me try this12:47
N3bulaKEriC^^: no output has been shown :S12:48
EriC^^aha, permissions are good then12:48
N3bulaKoh ok12:49
N3bulaKdid ask me for the pass to access sudo12:49
EriC^^yup that's normal12:50
N3bulaKah get it!12:50
EriC^^N3bulaK: as a work around you could probably write a script that switches for you when the desktop loads, just a thought12:51
N3bulaKEriC^^: ok :(12:52
N3bulaKI am using my TV as a monitor12:52
EriC^^i see12:53
locsmif_workN3bulaK: I run and disown a script from startup12:53
locsmif_workN3bulaK: in my case I'm dealing with a 4K monitor that won't turn back on after locking the screen, due to dpms12:53
locsmif_workAnd by "startup", I mean Unity autostart12:54
EriC^^N3bulaK: what does 'xrandr -q' give you?12:54
locsmif_workThe script only activates the first time I lock the screen. Maybe you can achieve something similar12:54
N3bulaKlocsmif_work: oh ok12:54
locsmif_workN3bulaK: except you probably don't have to wait for a screen lock12:54
N3bulaKEriC^^: I can see loads of resolution options12:55
N3bulaKlocsmif_work: perhaps12:55
locsmif_workN3bulaK: it's a horrible, ugly hack/fix, but it could be your last resort if there are no other ideas here12:55
locsmif_workObviously neither my nor your problem should happen in the first place.12:56
EriC^^N3bulaK: can you run 'xrandr -q | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link it gives you here?12:56
N3bulaKEriC^^: sure12:57
EriC^^N3bulaK: what happens if you run "xrandr --output DP-1 --auto; xrandr --output HDMI-1 off" does it switch to laptop display?13:01
N3bulaKEriC^^: I have a desktop machine connected to a TV?13:04
locsmif_workN3bulaK: maybe you should be heading in this direction: https://askubuntu.com/questions/14077/how-can-i-change-the-default-audio-device-from-command-line, because it sounds like you might have to file a bug report13:07
locsmif_workSoembody correct me if I'm wrong, obviously13:07
N3bulaKlocsmif_work: oh that would be great13:07
N3bulaKhow would I file a bug report?13:07
EriC^^N3bulaK: what happens if you try 'xrandr --output HDMI-1 --off; sleep 2; xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto'13:09
N3bulaKEriC^^: let me give it a go13:10
N3bulaKlooks like something happened, screen went blank for a second and then came back to normal :S13:11
N3bulaKI can hear the sound coming out of HDMI still13:11
EriC^^N3bulaK: great13:14
EriC^^not sure what you mean about the hdmi though, you mean when it went blank it still gave sound?13:15
N3bulaKEriC^^: no13:15
N3bulaKafter it came back on, then I heard the sound again13:15
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N3bulaKAlso I have to manually select the HDMI output in sound settings If I use a bluetooth headphones and disconnect it13:17
EriC^^i see, same here with the sound settings if i connect hdmi and remove have to select normal one again13:19
EriC^^N3bulaK: if you add the line 'xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto'  to your startup apps it should switch automatically when you login13:20
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N3bulaKEriC^^: that is great! I will try that14:02
N3bulaKmany thanks for your help14:03
EriC^^N3bulaK: no problem14:05
munioHi guys! How to install Java web browser plugin in U20.04? all howto-s are for older Linux versions15:37
ThinkT510isn't it just a plugin for chromium or firefox?15:42
roryJava doesn't work in modern Chrome15:43
freebenchho ho ho15:44
freebenchhow to install ubuntu desktop with no gui ?15:44
munioThinkT510: there is no plugin in Add-on menu... I have already installed Java - openjdk15:45
muniofreebench: why? It is very similar to useit as server15:46
coconutI have a message with upgrading packages from apt: "The following packages have been kept back". How do i fix that?15:47
freebenchmunio, I see. thought there are the diffs15:47
rorycoconut, you yourself froze a package version yesterday15:47
coconutrory, correct but i did unhold it later15:48
ThinkT510munio: what awful website requires you to use java?15:48
roryOK worth checking :P coconut there's not necessarily anything that needs fixing15:48
roryIf the dependencies have changed on one of the packages you have installed so that a new package must be installed to perform the upgrade then that will be listed as "kept-back".15:48
roryyou can run "sudo apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade" and it will install the kept-back packages.15:49
munioThinkT510: VPS management to run VNC console :/15:49
roryor you can simply apt install each one15:49
ThinkT510munio: i take it you are stuck with a certain provider?15:50
rorycoconut, modern browsers don't support Java plugin any more, and it isn't even included with the Java download from Oracle these days, BUT...15:50
rorymunio, not coconut ^15:50
rorysee here, there is a Firefox fork which supports it: https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-is-there-any-web-browser-with-npapi-plugins-support/15:51
coconutrory, i tried "sudo apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade" but that says to keep holding back packages too. :)15:52
rorydoes "apt full-upgrade" install them where "apt upgrade" would not?15:52
coconutlemme try15:53
roryYou can always "apt install package1 package2 package3..."15:53
roryI have to leave15:53
* rory out15:53
muniorory: I understand that... but sh*t happens15:53
coconutthanks rory15:53
coconutrory, now it says to remove install and upgrade at the same time, so i guess full-upgrade will fix it. :)15:55
GhostOfSamuraicoconut, rory's suggestion to explicitly install the held-back packages should work for you15:56
GhostOfSamuraii run into this periodically too, it's frustrating15:56
lambdaguy101so my friend switched to the nvidia driver 455, but he's getting bad performance. when going into neofetch, it shows 2 gpus: intel uhd graphics and geforce gtx mx150. by default it uses intel uhd graphics. when opening nvidia x server settings, it shows PRIME something. by default it selects NVIDIA (performance mode) but all he can do is choose one15:56
lambdaguy101of three options, or quit the app.15:56
coconutGhostOfSamurai, ok thanks but what it the reason for this happening?15:57
GhostOfSamuraii think it's either a package has a new dependency or an old one would be removed, but i think it's the former. the latter would be addressed with dist-upgrade instead15:58
GhostOfSamuraione sec15:59
GhostOfSamuraiyep, it's the former. from debian-administration.org: "If the dependencies have changed on one of the packages you have installed so that a new package must be installed to perform the upgrade then that will be listed as "kept-back"."16:00
GhostOfSamuraibasically, it's being safe about installing new packages with your consent. i think this could be better communicated in the output though16:00
GhostOfSamuraithat said... not sure why the --with-new-pkgs flag didn't work for you16:02
coconutGhostOfSamurai, just did a full-upgrade, i think it worked, let me reboot first16:02
GhostOfSamuraifamous last words16:03
coconutYeah it did work fine. :) thanks for the help16:06
GhostOfSamuraino problem16:08
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GhostOfSamuraiyou want to be careful with dist-upgrade and full-upgrade16:09
GhostOfSamuraisince they remove package dependencies that are no longer required (i think they respect the manually installed flag though, not 100% on that)16:09
coconutthanks, still learning16:12
GhostOfSamuraiit's all good. i've shot myself in the foot enough times with dist-upgrade lol16:12
coconutmy terminal does not auto tab on the second word used, anything i can look at?16:14
hofercoconut, give us an example16:24
coconuthofer, sudo apt auto does not autocomplete to sudo apt autoremove ## when i tab it in my terminal16:25
coconutonly the first word does16:26
coconutsudo in this case16:26
coconutit's a feature i really like to be honest16:26
hoferi had to tab twice for it to work16:27
coconutno that does not improve :)16:28
xtaospeaking of autoremove, does anyone know if that does the same as "remove" or "purge". and if you want it to purge is that possible? man page doesn't look like it has a --purge or anything16:28
EriC^^xtao: autoremove removes the left over packages, if you want it to purge the configs too you have to use apt-get autoremove --purge16:33
iamtheworstdevis it common to break Windows Update when you install/dual boot ubuntu16:34
xtaodoes --purge work with "apt autoremove" or only "apt-get autoremove". as i see it in the man page for apt-get, but not apt16:34
EriC^^iamtheworstdev: no16:35
EriC^^xtao: i'd guess for both16:35
xtaook. i use apt normally, so that's why i was wondering. should i maybe use apt-get instead to run that command. thanks16:35
EriC^^dpkg -l | grep ^rc   should show packages that still have their configs if you want to be certain16:35
EriC^^no problem16:36
agile_prgis there a way to tell if the screen is locked from the command line?17:28
woenxHi. Maybe someone can give me some advice. I have now four laptops at home, all of them are used by family members.17:31
woenxchanging the password for all of them is getting quite boring.17:31
woenxWould it be possible to sync the passwords from a central location, and "send" them to each laptop, so each laptop has the same users with the same passwords?17:31
woenxI was thinking of syncing the /etc/passwd /etc/shadow, etc. files from a NAS using rsync or scp to the laptops (at startup, or every x minutes)17:32
woenxis this a good idea? I don't want to install a whole domain controller for a domestic environment.17:32
woenxwould that end in disaster?17:33
johnny9973hey all, I'm trying to "join" my microphone and my computer audio into a single audio stream that can be used in a voicecall. how do I do that? I appreciate any help18:05
ioriacoconut, apt auto + tab does not autocomplete to 'autoremove' because there are 3 options with 'auto' : autoclean   autopurge   autoremove ; so you need at least another letter  e.g.: 'apt autor '18:18
coconutioria, no that does not work either. It's weird because it always has been working for me. And i removed afaik all config files from my home partition too before reinstalling ubuntu-mate. So i am lost for why this is happening. Thanks for help already :)18:20
ioriacoconut, then it's your .bashrc the problem18:21
coconutioria, that file is normaly in ~ right? I cannot find it there.18:22
ioriacoconut, yes, but it's hidden (use ll or ls -al18:22
coconutyeah, aware of that but the file does not exist.18:23
coconutioria, is it possible that this has something todo with that i removed all config files from my home before i reinstalled ubuntu?18:24
coconutso that it listened to that one way or another ?18:25
coconutit was installed from the same usb thumb again with the same iso18:25
ioriacoconut,  you should have a backup file in /etc/skel18:25
coconutso the install media has been working before18:26
coconutok, will check that18:26
coconutoh, loving you18:26
coconutyeah that did help ioria,thanks :)18:31
ioriacoconut,  no problem18:31
lotuspsychjeioria: here's a headbreaker for you :p bug #190798418:32
ubottubug 1907984 in linux (Ubuntu) "Wifi and ethernet not working anymore since 5.4.0-54" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190798418:32
iorialotuspsychje, sounds bad18:32
naribiaI recently configured LAMP, and it was working just fine on localhost18:33
naribiaidk what happened, maybe after restart, I now get "Connection failed: No route to host" at http://localhost18:34
iorialotuspsychje, if it works on Lubuntu , the problem it's not the kernel, maybe some gnome settings18:34
lotuspsychjeioria: yeah, but the weird part is on kernel 5.18:34
lotuspsychje5.4.0-42 it works like a charm on gnome18:34
lotuspsychjeand i can reproduce this on a fresh -desktop too18:35
ioriai see18:35
lotuspsychjedefault iso it works all, the update to -58 networking borked18:35
lotuspsychjeweird heh18:36
iorialotuspsychje, 20.04 has an edge kernel version in the repository : ; you might try it18:37
ioria!info inux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge18:38
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge (source: linux-meta-hwe-5.8): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 1 kB, installed size 18 kB18:38
lotuspsychjegood idea ioria this is a customers laptop, when ssd arrives for upgrade, gonna try -desktop again18:38
lotuspsychjejust trying to find the logic in all this, a kernel version cant bork gnome right?18:39
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mmanceanyone here use multipass on debian buster?18:58
EriC^^mmance: /join #debian18:58
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iamtheworstdevif I'm starting from scratch... going to dual boot win10 + ubuntu and want it all uefi.. is it best to start with one OS before the other?19:58
leftyfbiamtheworstdev: here's the way I look at it. It either doesn't matter or it does. If it does matter, I would do Windows first and then Ubuntu. If it doesn't matter, then still do the same order just in case.20:01
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sarnoldiamtheworstdev: I have no idea if it matters which order you use, but historically windows has never done multiboot well, but linux has always had to contend with multiboot; I'd install ubuntu second20:05
jayjois there a way to take an lvm snapshot and periodically do a diff with my actual system? or specific partitions? I'm hoping to snapshot a relatively "fresh" install and check things every month or so for irregularities20:26
leftyfbjayjo: https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-and-configure-tripwire-on-ubuntu-18-04/20:28
ennozddhello I just downloaded ubuntu mate but there is red dots all over the place after it boots, I can't click anything or do. I can open up console, when I try to go back, desktop doesn't respond20:29
ennozddit's something like this https://askubuntu.com/questions/653546/there-are-red-lines-on-my-screen20:32
woenxHi. I'm trying to sync the user's password from one computer to another. Is there a safer way than just editing the hashes in /etc/shadow?20:37
woenxSo, let' say, I have the hash from /etc/shadow from one user. How can I change the password for the same user in another computer without manually editing the file/20:38
sarnoldwoenx: the usermod(8) manpage gives a -p option that claims to do it, I've not tried it myself20:39
woenxthanks, let's see20:39
woenxOk, time to run some tests : )20:40
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woenxchpasswd -e also seems to work20:44
sarnoldwoenx: oh nice20:47
sarnoldwoenx: chpasswd(8) mentions pam a LOT more often, that's promising; I wonder if PAM even provides an API that could be used for this, or if it only offers APIs for managing the unhashed passwords.. I just assumed it wouldn't offer an api..20:49
woenxI mean, the right thing to do would be installing a domain controller... but I just want to centralize the passwords for the 4 o 5 computers in my family20:49
woenxa domain seems overkill20:50
sarnoldyeah, I wish there was something simple for that20:50
woenxI'm writing a script that will run on the nas every x minutes, trying to connect via ssh to the laptops at home, check if the password has the same hash, and  if not, update it20:51
sarnoldI'm not entirely sure what it is I actually want from such a thing :) but it'd be nice if it could just do the right hting :) hehe20:51
sarnolddo your users ever actually change their passwords?20:51
woenxmy relatives? not as often as I wanted20:52
woenx(me included)20:52
sarnoldI'm not a huge fan of the "change passwords often" idea; it protects against database dumps that include passwords weak enough to reverse, and it protects against attackers who get the password once but then never set up back doors20:55
sarnoldchanging passwords once in a while probably does make sense, but certainly many places take it too far :)20:55
sarnoldand at home I bet a lot of people pick words like 'puppy' or their kid's name or something20:56
woenxwell, I am not sure how safe would be leaving the password "house" for 3 years...20:56
sarnoldwoenx: probably not much worse than cycling through 'house' 'home' 'couch' 'ilikedogs' '123456' every month :)21:04
zen_coderI have added a new hard disk to my system, I would like to add this to my logical volume Can anybody help me with this?21:09
coconutAny lightdm setting for same brightness on IDLE?21:11
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zen_coderI am atm in the process of creating the partition21:32
zen_coderDisk /dev/sda: 16.0TB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B21:32
zen_coderthe difference between logical/physical is good?21:32
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iamtheworstdevi have an unencrypted ext4 partition, mounted as / , that I'd like to shrink.. but gparted isn't letting me resize .. thoughts on what would cause that?22:10
mefistofelesiamtheworstdev: you cannot do that while mounted22:11
crorafHi. I have to install some printer drivers, can you help me on how to do it?22:11
mefistofelesalso, defrag before that22:11
mefistofelesand backup :P22:11
iamtheworstdevit's a fresh install.. i thought gparted supported online resize22:12
crorafThis is the drivers link, and this is my system info: 5.4.0-45-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 26 13:38:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:12
crorafAlso, I have some other drivers that come as driver.deb.tar.gz22:13
crorafI extracted using rightclick Extract here in my file explorer in ubuntu.22:14
crorafThere is a install.sh script inside, and I executed it.22:14
iamtheworstdevok.. so just installed linux (from usb).. tell uefi to boot USB so I can resize root partition.. but now it just goes to a grub prompt22:18
iamtheworstdevbut this is the same media I just installed from22:18
iamtheworstdevit should be going into a live linux22:18
fradi have ubuntu 20.10 with bluetooth. If I buy a bluetooth fm transmitter for my car, I should be able to listen to music from my notebook in the car, correct?22:33
sarnoldbluetooth on linux is frustrating enough that I'd probably prefer to use a wire for that22:34
jeremy31frad: in theory it should work22:35
sarnoldI've got a bluetooth receiver/transmitter that I hooked up to my car's aux input, and connect to it with my android phone; that works pretty well22:35
fradandroid, sarnold , can you play flac files as well?22:35
sarnoldfrad: I've never tried flac on the phone22:36
fradwhat formats can you play sarnold ?22:36
sarnoldfrad: I only listen to youtube music (*sniff* no more google play music)22:39
fradso, m4a :D22:40
sarnoldI do keep meaning to dust off my albums and re-rip them.. I did a giant ripping project around 2001 or so to ogg, does anything do ogg any more? heh22:41
fradi do22:41
fradbut most of my stuff is flac22:42
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fradsarnold, are android tablet' batteries visible from the exterior? Can I change them without using a screwdriver?22:50
sarnoldfrad: no idea there, I always use my phone; I suspect it's very rare to change batteries in tablets at all, let alone without screwdriver22:52
fradi don't want to overpay if I need to get a new battery. Id rather do it alone22:56
fradthose things are glued??22:58
sarnoldyeah usually23:01
fradsarnold, do you know of any small tablet or computer, not glued, I can use to load music and play through bluetooth in my car?23:04
sarnoldfrad: if you're building this into the car, you could also supply power to the tablet directly from the car and not care about the battery in the thing23:06
fradok, no battery23:06
fradsarnold, do you perchance know of any device I could plug into the car's lighter and play flac / mp3 without an android device?23:12
sarnoldfrad: not a single device, no; I used to have a contraption for lighter-power, rf transmitter, and it would supply power and get data from the old spinning-metal ipod.. that was cool :)23:13
fradah, the good old days23:16
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