ubuntuwlkHi folks, please excuse any inadvertently bad IRC behavior.  I haven't done this in a loooong time.  I have a problem with timidity, which hasn't gotten any traction on askubuntu nor timidity-talk, and it seems to me possibly more Studio-centric, so here I am13:17
ubuntuwlkHere's the problem I posted in askubuntu:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1298529/timidity-occasionally-running-amok13:18
ubuntuwlkSo, basically, it seems that timidity is started (and stopped) at boot.  My problem is that, quite frequently, it stays out there, using up a cpu.13:20
ubuntuwlkI assume this is in the init.d scripts.  I don't quite get how it's supposed to stop, and am looking to debug it.13:22
* OvenWerks wishes timidity was not a package any more16:52
realdeaochoThere's issues with using the link for the zsync file from the cdimage server for studio. I was usually able to copy the link location and paste that into konsole and then zsync the daily file. The link isn't working now for whatever reason. I'll post this to the mailing list as well.20:05
kc2bezzsync doesn't work with https if you change it to http it should work.20:09
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