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StyXmanI'm provisioning a LXD container with cloud-init. the container has 3 interfaces, none of them called eth0. I'm only configuring one to do DHCP. The other 2 are declared but not configured. cloud-init seems to be generating config for a nonexistant eth0 interface, oding DHCP. this makes the network service to fail.15:50
Odd_BlokeStyXman: Can you pastebin `lxc config show <container>`, please?15:55
rharperlxd has cloud-init config templating which may help ;  https://lxd.readthedocs.io/en/stable-3.0/cloud-init/15:56
StyXmanOdd_Bloke: https://dpaste.org/b8ze16:00
StyXmanyou see, no eth0 there16:01
StyXmannor in the system itself16:01
Odd_BlokeStyXman: What does /var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud-net/network-config look like?16:15
StyXmanthat would be in the container?16:25
StyXmanno eth0 there either16:26
StyXmancould it be the image?16:26
Odd_BlokeSame as what?16:28
rharperlxc profile show default ; or whatever profile you're using should have a devices: section with the nics and what they are connected to ect16:28
Odd_Bloke(Pastebin it, please. :)16:29
StyXmanOdd_Bloke: same as the dpaste up there16:40
StyXmannothing: https://dpaste.org/YeFF16:44
Odd_Blokehttps://dpaste.org/b8ze is what's in /var/lib/cloud/seed/nocloud-net/network-config?  That's not valid network configuration for cloud-init, so it's not surprising that cloud-init isn't doing anything with it. :)  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vNZnpnm5M4/ is an example of what network configuration should look like.16:46
Odd_Bloke(Are you specifying user.network-config in container configuration?)16:46
StyXmanok, ok, it looked the same16:48
StyXmangimme a sec, I'm rebuilding the container now16:48
Odd_BlokeSure thing. :)16:48
StyXmanwhat I meant to say: it doesn't list any the0 either16:49
Odd_BlokeStyXman: OK, but it's different content?  If so, please pastebin it. :)16:56
Odd_Bloke(And pastebin /var/log/cloud-init.log from the container while you're at it, ideally.)16:57
StyXmanas you can see, I'm quite new to this (only today I started reading the docs, even when I've been using it ofr more than a year), so thanks for the patience :)17:07
Odd_BlokeNo worries!17:17
StyXmanOdd_Bloke: https://dpaste.org/KXLj17:53
StyXmanlog file will come later17:53
StyXmannothing on the logs17:55
StyXmanso it's probably the image?17:56
Odd_BlokePlease pastebin the log if you can, it may have information in there that isn't obviously related.17:56
Odd_BlokeStyXman: Thanks!  It looks to me like cloud-init has configured the system with the network configuration I would expect ("Applying network configuration from ds" and its following lines, where you can see it writing out sysconfig files).  So I don't _think_ cloud-init is what's configuring eth0 for you.18:12
StyXmanOdd_Bloke: thanks for confirming. I'll have to find another solution18:45

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