Trevinhohey, I'm still not getting emails for some upload (errors I guess) to ci-train PPAs...16:06
cjwatsonTrevinho: hm, starting when?16:21
Trevinhocjwatson: I got it in the past, but looks like I'm getting it again now16:21
Trevinhonot sure when it started, last night I think I got an "accepted" email16:21
Trevinhoso during the night I got some reijections16:22
cjwatsonTrevinho: Any chance of seeing some headers with Received lines?16:24
Trevinhocjwatson: so this is the one I got last night https://www.pastery.net/nntgbp/16:26
Trevinhothe last one I got16:26
cjwatsonTrevinho: That one is a bit unusual since it's a binary rejection, so comes from a different machine16:33
cjwatson(because the archive was apparently disabled before all the builds finished, or something)16:33
Trevinhocjwatson: that sure... But the one I should have got (and not received) should be a mismatch of orig size with the expected one16:34
cjwatsonTrevinho: IS has found a missing bit of configuration after we moved the PPA publisher yesterday, and is fixing it16:34
Trevinhoas I noticed it in deb-o-matic16:34
cjwatsonTrevinho: You should hopefully start getting emails as the queue clears16:40
Trevinhocjwatson: cool16:40
Trevinhoah just got one :)16:40
Trevinhoacceptance, but still was blocked as well16:40
Aaronhey I have a question what's the purpose for translating for Ubuntu. if when I make a contribution they give me the points on launchpad and after a while, points come down. Why is that?22:14
cjwatsonKarma is just a very (very!) rough measure of how active people have been recently.  It's not intended to be a system where you can rack up points permanently.22:18
cjwatsonThe purpose of translating for Ubuntu would be to make translations better, not to accumulate karma points.22:18
Aaronis retard it that's why I end it up not translating any longer.22:26
cjwatsonThat's up to you.22:27
Aaronno joke.22:28

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