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mruffellbdmurray: I asked Trevinho to reupload gnome-shell/bionic with the patches for bug 1886592 that were also present in todays gnome-shell/focal build you accepted into -proposed. Could you please review the bionic upload? No rush, tomorrow or later is fine, since its late for you.01:53
ubottubug 1886592 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Bionic) "Add support for VMware Horizon SSO to gnome-shell" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188659201:53
cpaelzerrbalint: if you are still around - how realistic is an upload for 1908259 today? (it is ok if the answer is "won't happen", but I have things blocked on it so I need to ask to know what to expect)05:57
rbalintcpaelzer, actually it is, i'm close to finishing 247.108:02
rbalintcpaelzer, i'm picking your patch08:03
cpaelzerrbalint: awesome08:04
cpaelzerrbalint: could I ask you to retrigger qemu on amd64 and ppc64 against it once that new systemd is in proposed?08:05
rbalintcpaelzer, i get doft lockups when running systemd 247.1 autopkgtest with qemu -c 4 on focal host: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/D45r9qKYgM/08:19
rbalintcpaelzer, i guess it is kernel, but qemu with multiple cores is also suspicious08:20
rbalintcpaelzer, it does not occur on autopkgtest runners, so it does not hold back the systemd upload08:21
cpaelzerI haven't seen those before08:29
cpaelzerI'll keep it in mind to ring a bell if it comes more often08:29
cpaelzerthanks rbalint08:29
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ItzSwirlzAndddd now it's official, GTK 4 is out -_-18:04
ItzSwirlzLets be honest we knew the day would come soon.18:04
Unit193...Is there anything left of the API or did they strip it all out?18:05
sarnoldUnit193: I think they plan on stripping out the API a little bit with each point release afterwards18:56

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