N3bulaKI left around 40gig without a partition, thinking I can utilise that later as a backup partition00:14
N3bulaKshould I format it as Primary --> ext4?00:15
sarnoldN3bulaK: yeah, ext4 is a fine choice for a backup target00:19
N3bulaKsarnold: and leave it as a Primary?00:21
N3bulaKall the others are greyed out i.e. logical and extended00:21
sarnoldN3bulaK: yeah, whether or not logical/extended or primary is available depends upon the other partitions that were made00:24
N3bulaKsarnold: can I use GUI version of Gparted to do this?00:29
sarnoldN3bulaK: if it still works, yeah00:29
N3bulaKsarnold: thanks00:30
N3bulaKI am using timeshirt app to backup everything and have tested it.. works great00:38
N3bulaKonly thing I can't do is to export/copy the backup to another partition? anyone have any experience with it?00:39
Lutinwhat sounds more logical... php-fpm 7.x ubuntu or php-fpm ubuntu 7.x00:40
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rahvinHi all, I'm having trouble installing chromium without snap.  I've set a PPA to use,but when I apt get install it says it's the latest, and running /usr/bin/chromium-broswer (which dpkg says this installed) says it needs to be installed via "snap install chromium"  I've set the pinning in /etc/apt/preferences . Any ideas how I can use the PPA and not the snap?02:39
sarnoldrahvin: if the version numbers are identical I wouldn't be surprised if you need to purge the chromium-browser package first, before you could then use apt install to install from your pinned ppa02:43
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rahvinsarnold: just tried apt purge chromium-browser;apt udate;apt install chrmium and it still installed the snap version02:47
sarnoldrahvin: I never really understood the pinning, but my guess is that's not configured right02:48
sarnoldrahvin: apt policy  / apt policy chromium-browser  / etc may help02:48
sarnoldrahvin: also, doublecheck if the ppa *actually* has the browser, or if you just found the ppa where that deb is prepared02:49
sarnoldrahvin: time for me to bail, good luck :)02:49
rahvinsarnold: Yeah... It seems like the apt pinning forces which package to use but snapd is somehow superceding it...? I'll google up on apt policy as I'm not familiar with that. thanks for the pointer02:49
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Aaron_RennyHey there03:45
RojolaIs it possible, that the Ubuntu version of "Google Chrome" is different?04:23
RojolaI desperately want to disable suggestions when typing,  but there is no setting to change this behaviour04:23
RojolaHowever, my research online shows, that it can be easily changed04:23
Rojolaso I wondered, if Google Chrome is different on Linux than on Windows?04:24
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unixbsdDo you maybe know an opensource clone of ZOOM for linux, client + server?  (voip for tele online communication).05:36
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hi^-^sometimes the screen locks, and the password prompt is disabled and i can't enter anything. when i click, that blinky line doesn't come and when i type, no dots are shown.06:22
hi^-^Xubuntu 20.04 lightdm is the last version.06:23
matsamanhi^-^: can you ssh in?06:23
hi^-^matsaman: i just kill X in another tty, and it gets fixed randomly, but i don't want to lose my programs anymore.06:25
matsamanhi^-^: instead of killing X, run first 'ps aux | egrep -i 'screen|lock' and see what is running06:25
matsaman"ps aux | egrep -i 'screen|lock'"06:26
hi^-^well, i'll do that. but the thing that runs is xubuntu's default.06:28
matsamansure, but you run that command and you get a name rather than a concept06:32
hi^-^matsaman: /usr/libexec/xfce4-screensaver-dialog06:32
matsamanhi^-^: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-screensaver/+bug/1875025 maybe06:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1875025 in xfce4-screensaver (Ubuntu) "Cannot enter password to unlock session" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:33
matsamanhi^-^: if you can't figure out a fix with xfce4-screensaver, then as a temporary workaround you can replace that with a different locker06:34
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carpediembabyHello, I am trying to upgrade to 20.04 LTS from 18.04 LTS on a virtual machine using "sudo do-release-upgrade" but it doesn't work. Here is the main.log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zmd5cYRgng/ Could someone please help me with this?08:26
carpediembabyAnd here is the apt.log : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JPJNZ48bY9/08:27
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guiverccarpediembaby, it reports held packages, have you checked?  (apt-mark showhold)08:44
ixilI want to install an alternative for libomp5 (by installing libomp5-10) but I don't know where it should link to08:49
ixilhow can I find that out?08:50
ixilon 18.0408:50
carpediembabyguiverc apt-mark showhold returns nothing08:56
carpediembabyguiverc : I saw this thread: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1875599 which says it might be related to nodejs. I uninstalled it and it seems to advance and is now downloading packages. Fingers crossed.08:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1875599 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) ""do-release-upgrade -d" fails due to python dependency " [Undecided,Fix released]08:59
* guiverc crosses fingers09:00
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Slartibartkwin_x11 keeps ramping up shared memory allocation to 10G or something. Then the memory is released and the ramping up begins again. Anyone knows why it does that??09:44
BT40Hi. Voice recording from mic is not working. Please guide. Recording from audacity, front ports on my board are working, verified.09:45
matsamanSlartibart: KDE people like C++. Enough said09:45
matsamanBT40: front ports?09:45
BT40on tower desktop09:46
BT40it seems to be input device recording settings issue.09:47
BT40or maybe alsa/pulse audio issue. I might have messed settings. Help is appreciated09:49
Slartibartmatsaman: Problem is I don't remember seeing C++ messing around with my memory before updating to 20.1009:50
matsamanit was inevitable09:51
matsamanSlartibart: seems a common issue09:51
Slartibartmatsaman: Yeah? How so, did you find a bug report or something?09:52
matsamanSlartibart: you using proprietary nvidia driver?09:55
Slartibartmatsaman: Yes09:58
matsamanSlartibart: try nouveau instead?10:00
Slartibartmatsaman: No luck :-[ (Or do I have to restart after changing the driver in system settings?) Memory is still being allocated in chunks of  70Mb or so10:16
matsamanSlartibart: mmm, I'd say as long as lsmod | grep -i nv shows something, you need to disable it further, including possibly a reboot10:19
SlartibartReboot it is, then10:19
synthmeathey, how to prevent ubuntu desktop version (20.04) from going to sleep (or smth) when external display is plugged out? i masked all the services related to that (sleep, suspend, hibernate, hibernate-sleep). thought it might've been unattended upgrades doing restarts, so i've removed that as well.10:29
synthmeator, at least, how to find out what caused it to go down?10:30
matsamansynthmeat: with X running?10:33
matsamansynthmeat: so you plug the display back in and it's black?10:34
synthmeatmatsaman: not available to me, it's from a friend on another continent. i can just ssh into it. yeah, it's running gnome10:35
synthmeat(well, i can't even ssh into it now)10:35
matsamanbut that's the problem? They plug the display back in and it's black instead of just normal as if it had been in use?10:35
matsamanand have to press a key or something to wake?10:35
synthmeatwell, high-level problem is machine becoming unavailable to me (and not running always-on services it's supposed to). what's exactly happening i don't know.10:36
synthmeatone suspicion is that it's related to unplugging of the external display, since that's what he's been doing before going to bed.10:36
matsamanthat's pretty unlikely10:37
matsamanmore likely it's configured to sleep (nothing to do with display)10:38
manornkHi, I am setting up smtp on ubuntu, and i am getting connect to marketing-email.com[]:25: Connection refused. Any Ideas?10:38
synthmeatmatsaman: any way to figure out what caused it to go down?10:39
matsamanI mean there'll be a log somewhere, but I'm not personally sure where in particular10:40
synthmeatmatsaman: sleep.service and all the similar ones are inactive. anything else could be causing it to go to sleep?10:40
matsamansynthmeat: a super crap way would be to just run a loop that has xdotool press F14 every minute10:40
EriC^^synthmeat: it's going to suspend?10:41
matsamanwhile true; do DISPLAY=:0 xdotool key f14; sleep 1m; done #something like that, I forget xdotool syntax10:41
synthmeatEriC^^: dunno! :)10:42
matsamanthere is some 'caffeine' app for Ubuntu, too10:42
synthmeatyeah, that's running as well10:42
EriC^^synthmeat: maybe it just froze or had a kernel panic10:42
synthmeatthat's a possibility. how to check on that?10:42
EriC^^ubuntu typically won't auto-suspend or hibernate10:42
synthmeat(also, it's a plain old desktop machine, not a laptop or smth)10:43
EriC^^synthmeat: that's a tough one cause if it froze it likely wouldnt be able to write anything to the logs10:43
matsamanwithout being on a laptop, y'mean?10:43
synthmeatmaybe best i hit this chan again once machine and friend wake up, i'm just wasting your guys time this way10:43
matsamanI mean if you try not letting X ever go to sleep (via caffeine/etc.) and that avoids the issue, then you have your answer10:43
EriC^^synthmeat: maybe try a different kernel in case the issue is in it10:44
EriC^^if it suspended, /var/log/syslog should show the event10:44
EriC^^synthmeat: maybe have your friend turn the power button on and see if it resumes or it clean starts?10:45
synthmeatit's probably some kernel panic or smth, no way it would go off with caffeine on and all those services disabled10:47
matsamanprobably not using caffeine already10:49
matsamanbut, nv, for example, has a history of all kinds of bugs when states change10:49
synthmeati'll probably do that xdotool hack just to rule out it's not crashing10:51
matsamanshould suffice, if the interval before failure is pretty consistent10:52
matsaman'xdotool key F14', dunno if the caps matters but might10:52
nestorac Hello! I have some trouble with an Asus laptop, I need to use "nolapic" flag and the USB mouse does not work (I use Ubuntu 20.04)10:54
nestoracIt does work with the install Live CD10:54
EriC^^synthmeat: have a look at the power options in settings, there's a suspend when inactive for ... option there maybe its on10:55
synthmeatEriC^^: okie, will do10:56
matsamansynthmeat: could also be some override in the BIOS/UEFI configurator10:56
matsamanthat stuff all has to be just so in the firmware and userland or it doesn't work as expected10:57
synthmeatoh man, i'll need to get him to record all this with phone on call :(10:58
matsamanhopefully not =P10:58
matsamanI still think the most likely explanation is that something to do with sleeping is still enabled10:59
* matsaman shrugs10:59
synthmeat"no, vps will be more expensive than just buying a machine!"10:59
matsamanthe main argument is: whoever is doing the support should dictate the setup10:59
matsamanno reason to be wasting time debugging metal when your own preference would've been a VPS anyway11:00
synthmeatyeah, i just wasn't asked11:00
matsamanwoo =P11:00
synthmeathaven't used desktop linux in ages now. like, last was hedgehog, i think11:01
synthmeatit was pretty great though11:02
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Deano59does anyone know how to get a cursor icon ix lxappearance? it's missing.. :(11:23
matsamanDeano59: cursor?11:26
Deano59yeah, matsaman - white or black.11:27
matsamanDeano59: talkin' about an 'I' or like a box, or a mouse cursor or what?11:31
Deano59the mouse cursor.11:32
TR1950XI am reading this doc https://ubuntu.com/kubernetes/install#multi-node on the tool juju. Can I use juju to install a k8s cluster across multi cloud provider?11:32
Deano59black or white. it's missing and nothing under cursor in lxappearance. matsaman :/11:32
matsamanTR1950X: man, so few of those words have any meaning11:33
Deano59matsaman: google isn't really helping... -.-11:33
Wowboy9948why is the Home button in folder options directing to home/user/  instead of /home :d11:38
Wowboy9948i was so confused11:39
matsamanbecause ~/ is your user's home11:39
matsamanand /home/ is the dir where users' homes live11:39
Wowboy9948why not call it something else than home11:39
Deano59guess not the, matsaman :D11:39
matsamanWowboy9948: like what?11:39
matsamanyou mean like C:\User\foo\ on Windows?11:39
matsamanit's exactly the same11:40
matsamanC:\User\foo 'user' vs /home/foo 'home'11:40
Deano59matsaman: thanks. :)11:40
Wowboy9948?? /home/user is not same as /home/11:40
matsaman\User\foo being called 'user' is the same as /home/foo being called 'home'11:40
Wowboy9948why are you taking windows as an example11:40
Wowboy9948when it is not relevant to the answer11:41
matsamanbecause you said 'User'11:41
Wowboy9948you asked what it should be called11:41
Wowboy9948I gave an example11:41
matsamanguess you could be coming from macOS, too11:41
matsamanyou can call it anything you want, but 'home' make perfect sense11:41
Wowboy9948Where is Desktop?11:42
Wowboy9948Where is Documents?11:42
Wowboy9948Where is Music?11:42
Wowboy9948Where is Home?11:42
matsamanall in ~/11:42
Deano59oh dear.11:42
Wowboy9948which one doesnt belong11:42
matsamanactually it's all the others that don't belong =)11:42
matsamanbut anyway, that's just fundamental11:42
matsamanif you're going to refer to the dir all other dirs are within, it's going to not belong in a list with all those other dirs11:43
Deano59I mean, might as well have nap. about as useful as... wait; no. :D11:43
matsamannot unless you make an exception so you can get to that dir11:43
MalgorathI have a great ubuntu 18.04 setup running on a USB thumb drive but want to transfer it to a standard hard drive on a PC, is there a guide or easy way to do this? the drive is a 64GB USB3.0 Drive but I want to put it on my laptops 500GB ssd11:45
nikolamI see firefox 84.0+build3-0ubuntu0.20.10.1 is ready for Ubuntu 20.10 , reading in Ubuntu-security-announce mailing list, but is not pushed as an update to Ubuntu 20.10. Is there some time period to try it out before update appears?11:51
Maiknikolam: it should be release already11:56
nikolamAh, I am hitting some Romanian chroot mirror, maybe that is the reason I don't see it yet.11:57
Maiki pulled in the latest FF update last night :)11:58
nikolamMaybe individual pulling time for mirrors is.. individual..11:59
Maiksyncing mirrors all over the world takes time12:00
Maikone is faster than the other12:00
nikolamOr maybe mirrors themselves decide how oftern they pull updates..12:00
Maikdon't think so12:01
nikolamAfter switching to main update server, now I see Firefox update and updating.12:15
PoolShark_Good morning... does someone know why my wired USB keyboard would suddently stop working after a software update?12:17
matsamanPoolShark_: without reboot?12:18
PoolShark_after the reboot12:18
matsamanafter reboot there are more possibilities12:18
matsamanbut you could've just had your input drivers reconfigured, for starters12:19
PoolShark_I've tried a couple of different wired keyboards and nada12:19
matsamantry another USB port?12:19
PoolShark_yeah I did that too12:19
PoolShark_I'm shelled in and the keyboards show up in lsusb so there's that12:20
nikolam"Have you tried turn it off and turn it on again?" (try keyboard on other computer, too). BIOS/UEFI firmware settings for legacy speed USB devices can also play the role12:20
PoolShark_LOL yes I did a complete power shutoff lol12:21
PoolShark_that didn't work either though12:21
PoolShark_keyboards work fine on the other pc12:21
nikolamI actually use BTRFS fs and on every package updat eor install, it makes FS snapshots, so you can always go back to system state before any package changes.12:22
PoolShark_oh wierd12:22
PoolShark_the mouse also cannot drag windows around12:22
PoolShark_but the pointer moves12:22
PoolShark_mouse clicks work, but drags dont12:22
nikolamWhat's the hardware, motherboard, graphics, Ubuntu release, USB2 or USB3 port..12:23
PoolShark_I can launch a term from menu but not focus in it (cursor remains an outline)12:23
nikolamTrying with another user account?12:23
matsamanPoolShark_: in regular Unity/GNOME?12:23
PoolShark_Hardware is a ryzen 2700X machine with a gigabyte mini itx, 1060 3gb card, 18.04 xcfe, usb2/3 doesn't matter12:23
PoolShark_It's xubuntu rather, so no unity12:23
PoolShark_I mean it happened right after the reboot after a software upgrade, so I really doubt it's hardware.. I think the update just munged something12:24
nikolamAs said, Btrfs root to the rescue :P12:24
nikolamand apt-btrfs-snapshot12:25
matsamanPoolShark_: what's 'xinput list' say?12:25
oerheksi noticed a fresh libinput update..12:26
PoolShark_matsaman: the mouse and keyboard are both in the list12:27
nikolamAny reason not to move ,say, to at least 20.04? 32-bit libs maybe?12:27
PoolShark_The mouse is able to move and click on items, and double-click on items, but it is unable to drag anything on the desktop12:28
nikolamAnd keyboard?12:29
PoolShark_oerheks: could that have done it?12:29
matsamanlike actual mouse or touchpad?12:29
PoolShark_nikolam: keyboard is still nada12:29
PoolShark_actual mouse12:29
matsamanyeah probably what oerheks said12:29
matsamansounds like your X-level dev management is bonkers12:29
PoolShark_how do I roll back that update?12:29
matsamanPoolShark_: can you kill X and try from plain console?12:30
nikolamIs keyboard lighted up? does NumLock works? Can you go to Ctrl+Alt+F2 to console and back to Ctrl+Al+F7 to X session?12:30
PoolShark_yeh that's a good idea let me try that12:30
matsamanor, y'know, CTRL+ALT+F2 or whatever (+F7 back)12:30
PoolShark_yeah all the keyboard lights work12:30
PoolShark_but no response to any keyboard input, including ctrl-alt-f2... was the first thing I tried heh12:30
nikolamplug keyboard on other usb ports...12:31
matsamanssh in & kill X?12:31
nikolamsee what of the ports are 2.0 and what 3.012:31
MrSassyPants Question: Why does sudo require several seconds after a reboot to show the password prompt and how do I fix it12:31
PoolShark_yeah keyboard works at shell12:31
nikolamthen keyboard usb device is ok.. try logging in as another newly create user..12:32
PoolShark_matsaman yeah I am shelled in so I just stopped the lightdm service12:32
PoolShark_ok that was weird12:34
matsamangood with new user?12:35
PoolShark_well to create a new user I first had to disable autologin.. so I edited the lightdm.com, added the user, then service lightdm start... and keyboard worked at the straight login prompt and for my regular user after login12:36
coconutAny lightdm setting for keeping same brightness on IDLE?12:37
matsamanprobably in the power management prefs (for Unity/GNOME, not lightdm)12:37
PoolShark_re-enabled autologin and keyboard doesn't work again12:37
PoolShark_Yeah... fascinating12:38
coconutmatsaman, mate desktop here... nothing in power management from it.12:38
matsamanPoolShark_: neat / guess that solves that mystery12:38
matsamancoconut: should be something for the monitor12:39
PoolShark_why would autologin kill the keyboard and mouse dragging and stuff?12:39
PoolShark_well it doesn't solve the mystery because the problem isn't fixed, but we know more about it now :)12:39
matsamanand if you set autologin to new user?12:40
PoolShark_matsaman: yeah let me try that real quick12:40
Secret-Firewhy is wget saving zip files as folders?12:41
matsamanSecret-Fire: what makes you think it is12:42
PoolShark_yeah the keyboard works with the new user12:42
Secret-Firematsaman, its not creating zip files, its naming the folder filename.zip12:42
PoolShark_so what could have been latent in my user profile that broke it when the update happened/12:42
matsamanPoolShark_: any number of dotfiles, theoretically12:43
matsamanalthough I've never had that happen to do with input devices12:43
matsamanmaybe nikolam has12:43
PoolShark_Yeah this is a strange one... I can certainly live without autologin for the time being12:44
matsamanPoolShark_: if a new user works and your old one doesn't, you've just got to figure out the dotfile at play by process of elimination12:45
matsamanPoolShark_: ls -a ~/12:45
nikolamYou can compare user profile and setting in the new user and the user affected. Who knows, maybe someting is hijacking your keyboard for that user? :P12:45
matsamanPoolShark_: anything with 'cache' in its name, ~/.local' stuff like that12:45
matsaman'input'? Never seen that but maybe it exists12:46
matsamanhaven't dealt with libinput much12:46
PoolShark_hahah well it certainly seems to have been .cache12:46
nikolamSometimes (but rarely seen non Ubuntu) updates can effect existing setups for apps..12:47
PoolShark_I just blew away everything in .cache because why not and now it works again12:47
matsamanI mean that happens pretty frequently, but again I've never heard of input devices using ~/.cache12:47
matsamanperhaps new with libinput <shrug>12:47
nikolamso that's it. update does not align with older app settings.. maybe file a bug report, but you blew it away :P12:47
PoolShark_yeah sometihng like the nikolam12:48
nikolamAny reason not to update o 20.04?12:48
matsamannikolam: from what?12:48
PoolShark_I'm on 18.04LTS12:48
PoolShark_and I really don't want to reformat12:48
nikolamYou have 18.04 Ubuntu? 20.04 is also LTS12:48
nikolamYopu don't need to.12:49
PoolShark_right ;)12:49
nikolamI would just suggest to first go to BTRFS.. that way you can come back to 18.04 id 20.04 is not suitable12:49
PoolShark_because that went so well the last time I tried it hah12:49
nikolamPoolShark_, I see :P12:49
nikolamOne snapshot a day, saves from grey..12:50
PoolShark_Whenever I do a major I just reformat... but I usually don't upgrade a major unless I have some compelling reason to12:50
PoolShark_yeah I've had btrfs in the back of my mind for a while.. i have always been curious about it but reluctant to use it on my main machine12:51
PoolShark_I know it's a lot more mature now and I probably have no reason to be worried about it, but still12:51
nikolamYeah, one can dynamically migrate from ext4 to btrfs, keeping data and install.12:53
PoolShark_That sounds risky12:53
PoolShark_I do want to put a bigger SSD in this thing so when I do that might be a good time to switch all the things12:53
matsamanhi IniGit12:53
nikolamIt's 10 years I have been using in-btrfs software raid na migrated from ext4 to btrfs and from 1 to 2 drives for data and metadata and back..12:54
IniGitwhen I have a Virtualbox running as a service in Ubuntu (systemd) will Ubuntu wait when the PC gets shut down until the VM gets proberly shut down?. At Windows this is not the case AFAIK12:54
matsamandon't actually need btrfs to make FS snapshots, of course12:54
nikolammatsaman, agree, ssd is really nice12:54
matsamanvery nice12:54
matsamanlike night and day12:54
nikolammatsaman, tou actually use LVM for snapshots?12:54
matsamanI don't personally no12:55
nikolamSo you don't use snapshots.. or ext4 now has snapshots?12:55
matsamanI don't even use Ubuntu12:55
matsamanI did think ext4 had some kind of snapshot system, though, but12:55
matsamanany proper backup should suffice12:56
nikolamIniGit, I think it pushes VM into standby, but you better ask on #vbox . I also have an Vbox Vm and I think you need to specially set it up, so that guest os is informed it needs to go down before shutting down.12:56
PoolShark_I do have a proper backup system12:57
PoolShark_rsync my homedir daily12:57
IniGitnikolam: ok, thx12:57
nikolamBackup system is much more efficient with snapsots, 'send' and checksums on disk blocks (Btrfs and OpenZFS have that)12:58
matsamanPoolShark_: =) although that won't help you with update reversions12:58
PoolShark_hahah no12:58
matsamanI don't really update systems I won't have time to debug update issues for, though12:58
matsamanso I don't actually usually backup regularly much stuff outside of /home/ either12:59
nikolamrsync won't help with silent bit rot.. especially if you don't use ecc ram12:59
nikolamIt would happily replicate changed bits..12:59
nikolamActually disk checkums also can't help with bad ram..13:00
matsamanyou have to have some system in place for you use rsync, indeed13:00
matsamanfor how* you use13:00
PoolShark_meh.. Ii have lots of bits... if I lose one or two, it'll be okay13:00
matsamanI'd probably happily lose some13:00
nikolamAnd.. replication , even with btrfs send or zfs zend or rsync, is not a replacement for the offline backup :P13:00
PoolShark_Everything in homedir gets rsynced to my local server here, and I also have an owncloud in a vps I use for the important stuff folder13:01
PoolShark_so the real important stuff is in two other places, one of which doesn't go up in flames with my house13:02
nikolamsounds nice. does owncloud vps have remotely encrypted file ssytem? OpenZFS has that thing, keys are not stored remotely at all.13:02
PoolShark_owncloud encrypts files locally but not by means of an encrypted file system13:03
PoolShark_i'm not sure how it handles key management13:03
nikolamif you don't want anyone breaking into your VPS and getting data, zfs send of encrypted streams to the rescue :P13:04
nikolamkeys are only on the sending side.. having keys on remote vps is optional.13:04
nikolamOk, let us nog to much offtopic.13:04
BluesKajHi all13:21
matsamanyes hello13:25
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Sbur3Just changed video cards towards Radeon RX550. Where do I find drivers for Ubuntu 20.10?13:29
EriC^^Sbur3: sudo ubuntu-drivers devices    might list the available drivers13:29
Sbur3'cuz every time I look into the display under System Settings, it crashes13:30
oerheksdriver should already be loaded, amdgpu13:31
Sbur3oerheks: Which command to see that it is the case?13:32
oerhekstons of answers, https://linuxconfig.org/graphics-driver-check-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa13:33
Sbur3oerheks: And the answers to 20.04 will be the same as 20.10? Because Plasma ...13:33
oerheksyes, they are universal13:35
Sbur3oerheks: Thx13:37
Sbur3oerheks: But is there a workaround to go in System Settings -> Display and Monitor?  Because that crashes13:37
genkgoHello, I have a question. A VM crashed (I guess), and it immediately reboots during a boot, I am trying to get into the grub menu, but I fail to get there with esc, shift or del keys. I can see that my systemd services are starting, I see disks getting mounted, but then it restarts, no clear explanation why. What can I do to get this VM to boot somehow?14:09
genkgoSo I do not reach a login screen or the possibility to enter a terminal. If I could only get to a terminal would be awesome.14:10
rorygenkgo, click inside the virtual machine to focus it as soon as it boots, and hold the shift key, that should make the grub menu appear same as on real hardware14:13
roryI believe you have to BE HOLDING shift during the boot, right from the start14:14
genkgorory: ok, will try that14:15
roryone thing you could try is to buy yourself a little more time during boot by setting (non existent) CD-rom and Floppy above HDD in the Virtualbox boot order https://i.imgur.com/F3cUHcU.png14:17
rorygives you more time to focus the window and hold shift before grub takes over, probably.14:17
genkgorory: I did not get the grub, but what did do was booting all the way through14:25
genkgodisk full, I guess my auditd prevented completing boot14:25
genkgoand somehow with shift pressed and click in the inside the VM, auditd allowed this, soemthing like that14:26
rorywell I'm glad I could accidentally help!14:26
genkgorory: thanks a lot, my machine is up and running again!14:38
boktanhello! is it safe to add kali linux repo to ubuntu?15:05
ubottuit is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported15:08
rapidwaveAren't applications supposed to clear RAM that they are not longer using? My memory usage keeps going up and never coming down. It's even using almost half SWAP15:30
rapidwaveAlso...I want Ubuntu having almost a 50/50 split between RAM and SWAP, just a little preference for RAM over SWAP. I've tried setting it, but it doesn't seem to have much effect.15:31
TJ-rapidwave: what processes are eating memory?15:32
Deano59rapidwave: are you using the snap store?15:33
Deano59you can check what's eating your ram with top/htop...15:34
leftyfbDeano59: I have 12 snaps installed. 3 of which are running. Only 1 of those apps (Slack) is using about 500M out of 16G of memory15:38
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StupidDanboI'm having trouble fixing an issue with my root folder being full. df -i reports it's only 5% in use, but df -h reports it's 100% in use. it's 107G in size and it says 102G used but somehow that's 100%.16:10
deltabStupidDanbo: there's a percentage reserved for root and the system16:12
rapidwaveI don't know what df -i does, but df -h puts it in human readable form16:12
deltabdf -i looks at the number of inodes (file records)16:13
rapidwaveStupidDanbo: I don't know about all fixes, but every once in a while I have the same problem and end up doing a full reinstall16:13
StupidDanbowell the problem is I can't load Chromium or my WINE game, and when I rebooted it did a login loop where I couldn't login. Somehow in the stuff I attempted it let me log in, but restarting and shutting down didn't help like it did for my mom's laptop which had the same login loop problem.16:14
rapidwaveAs deltab just said, there is something about inodes I had found by research, I don't understand how it happens, but only fix I ever found was reinstalling.16:14
deltabif you have lots of tiny files (e.g. email server), you can run out of inodes16:14
StupidDanboyeah I looked into that. I don't seem to have any more files than normal. plus I'm not sure what I can delete.16:15
rapidwaveAlso...I would say to keep an eye on installing stuff such as libraries or anything that isn't a front-end application because all that stuff can take up space. If you forget about it then it can be hard to find you've installed it.16:15
deltabStupidDanbo: check for big log files16:15
rapidwavedeltab: I had used BleachBit to get rid of all that stuff and I still had the issue.16:16
StupidDanboit's not large files, my inodes are all used up but the file space isn't.16:16
deltabdf -i shows only 5% in use, right?16:16
rapidwaveI don't understand how there can be a limit of inodes without running out of disk space.16:16
StupidDanboI tried removing things via snap and that had no effect on the 100% either.16:16
StupidDanbocorrect. df -i shows only 5%16:16
StupidDanboit's /dev/sda1       7086080 288017  6798063    5% /16:17
deltabso your problem isn't inodes16:17
StupidDanboyet df -h gives: /dev/sda1       107G  102G     0 100% /16:17
deltabthat's file contents16:17
HabbieStupidDanbo, if a reboot did not help, i recommend ncdu -x /16:18
HabbieStupidDanbo, to find where that space went16:18
deltabdu -hsc /var/log16:18
deltabdu -hsc /var/log/*16:19
StupidDanbohm. that du command gave similar results to some other command where I was trying to find stuff "cannot read directory"..."permission denied"16:20
StupidDanbowhoa. 4.1G in /var/log/journal16:21
StupidDanboand permission denied for /var/log/ for private, samba/cores, and speech-dispatcher.16:21
deltabit's normal for some things to be readable by root only16:22
ewomerHow do I allow a snap application to access files under /usr/bin on my system?16:22
deltabthings like the authentication log, whihc might contain passwords16:22
deltabStupidDanbo: journalctl --rotate  might help with that16:23
StupidDanbothanks for finding this for me. I've been at this for over 6 hours.16:24
StupidDanbohm. journalctl --rotate didn't get rid of those 4GB of files.16:26
StupidDanbo3GB of files in there just from yesterday. WTF?16:26
ioriaStupidDanbo, sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=1d  (it will leave you with just the today log)16:27
ewomerStupidDanbo Asks the journal daemon to rotate journal files. This call does not return until the rotation operation is complete.           Journal file rotation has the effect that all currently active journal files are marked as archived and renamed, so           that they are never written to in future. New (empty) journal files are then created16:28
ewomerin their place. This operation           may be combined with --vacuum-size=, --vacuum-time= and --vacuum-file= into a single command, see above.16:28
ewomerStupidDanbo man journalctl and look at the section on vaccum16:29
ewomerRotate won't remove the files, just archives them.16:30
deltabrun  journalctl  to see what's in there16:30
deltabin some other logging systems, rotation can also delete old logs16:30
ewomerOh, ok, didn't know that bit.16:31
ewomerFor system logs it could be dangerous, irresponsible, or against some system policies to delete logs when you are just trying to rotate them out,16:34
StupidDanbois there a similar manager for the files in /var/log/syslog ? I overlooked 16GB for /var/log/syslog.1 . Reducing my 4GB in /var/log/journal only freed up 2%.17:08
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ioriajournal is binary, the others are zipped; you can manually remove the oldest, but honestly a 16G syslog ,never heard  StupidDanbo17:11
StupidDanboholy crap. I'm seeing like the last 500 lines of it being in the same milisecond, all about video mixer features failure. I did notice some of my VLC videos were flipped upside-down when I logged in after having locked my PC. Lots of video stuff like my WINE games don't work when I lock and unlock my OS.17:14
StupidDanbooh I gues the last digit is probably just second, not milisecond, but still, all of the time stamps are the same.17:14
StupidDanboah I think I found it. gotta edit etc/logroate.d/rsysylog17:23
StupidDanboah they had a typo. that's why I couldn't edit it.17:28
StupidDanbono wait, this was something more complicated I don't understand.17:32
StupidDanbowell all that setting up with commands I don't understand didn't reduce the size.17:51
lotuspsychjeioria: think i found something; bug #190842317:51
ubottubug 1908423 in linux (Ubuntu) "5.4.0-58-generic: Raspberry Pi 3 arm64 occasionally unresponsive" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/190842317:51
StupidDanboof /var/log/syslog.117:51
lotuspsychjeioria: that looks a lot of similar to what happens on my kernels -54 -56 -5817:52
lotuspsychjeioria: installing hwe edge 20.04 also solves as you adviced17:54
StupidDanbohow do I reduce the size of /var/log/syslog.1 right now instead of setting it up to be limited once a day which didn't seem to work.17:57
dev-isnt-a-devhi! when i dd data to a flash drive (2GB) it instantly completes and no data is written17:57
dev-isnt-a-devany tips on how to solve that?17:57
matsamandev-isnt-a-dev: with what command?17:58
dev-isnt-a-devdd if=<ubuntu iso> of=/dev/sdb17:58
dev-isnt-a-devediting the drive with cfdisk doesnt give any errors, but no data is written17:58
oerheksmaybe sudo helps17:58
dev-isnt-a-devi'm in a root shell17:59
dev-isnt-a-dev"thats stupid" yes i know17:59
matsamanwhat makes you think the image is larger than 0? What makes you think sdb is your preferred device?17:59
dev-isnt-a-devbecause dd says "completed, wrtote 2gb in 2s, 990mb/s"18:00
dev-isnt-a-devand because of lsblk18:00
matsamanokay, so what makes you think no data is written?18:00
oerheksuse sync to make sure18:01
dev-isnt-a-devbecause the partition is still 76mb, which is the size of the ubuntu netinst image,which i had on the disk before18:01
dev-isnt-a-devi tried sync, still the same18:01
dev-isnt-a-devi'll trye18:02
DeanGussI am just using Ubuntu for the first time in a long time and I do:18:16
DeanGussgpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <my_key_fp_here>18:16
DeanGussand I keep getting: gpg: keyserver receive failed: Operation not permitted18:16
DeanGussWhat am I doing wrong?18:17
oerheksIs that the full command?18:19
DeanGussyes except <my_key_fp_here> is an actual pgp key fingerprint18:20
oerheksI would use something like: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv <ID>18:20
DeanGussI don't need to add it to apt18:20
DeanGussI'm trying to add it to the user's pgp key store18:20
hejkkihello, any hints on cryptsetup? I have set it up but for some reason it's not working... when i run cryptdisks_start chome  it says Failed to mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/e32fd99e-5e68....   Nothing to read on input.  But i can manually mount that partition without problems19:01
hejkkii mean the partition that contains the keyfile19:02
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hejkkiany ideas? in the file crypttab i have  chome UUID=763ccc90-baca-blabla /dev/disk/by-uuid/e32fd99e-5e68-blabla:/... luks,keyscript=/lib/cryptsetup/scripts/passdev19:17
qbklinm81Whoever maintains the IRC documents on ubuntu.org, they are badly out of date.  It says Empathy is the preferred IRC client, but EMpathy hasn't been made since forever.  Also has Chatzilla which hasn't been around since Firefox 57.19:19
sarnoldqbklinm81: yeah, quite a lot of the wiki is like that :( people who notice problems are usually in the best position to fix them up, but the antispam efforts also mean it's hard to get new wiki editors added..19:28
sarnoldqbklinm81: (I for example don't even know off the top of my head what steps to take to get the 'wiki edit' ability..)19:28
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qbklinm81sarnold: There is that much spam on the wiki?  I hadn't thought of that.  I can't edit the page because I am new to IRC so I don't know a top 10 list of Linux IRC clients to recommend.  Someone other than me will have to fix that ubuntu page.  It makes it look sloppy if that page recommends several discontinued products.20:29
sarnoldqbklinm81: yeah, spam onthe wiki used to be bad news :/20:30
qbklinm81sarnold: I am just one user of Ubuntu, and it took me a whole hour of installing software and reading web pages to figure out what IRC client to use.  Why should others suffer the loss of an hour?  I wish I could fix this but I am just too much of a new user to know how...20:31
qbklinm81sarnold: thanks for replying anyway :)20:31
tangaroraOK guys... what is the valid location for virt-install "--location=http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/groovy/main/installer-amd64/"20:47
tangarorathe man page still points to "wily"20:47
sarnoldtangarora: try http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/20:48
tangaroraOK that one worked... thanks...20:50
tangaroragroovy dosent work then?20:51
tangaroraOr ma I just tired...20:51
sarnoldtangarora: I don't know how virt-install works, but I do know that the old debian installer that was used in wily is no longer produced in groovy, but is produced (but untested) for focal20:54
sarnoldtangarora: maybe virt-install can use the newer installer, or maybe not, I'm not sure20:55
neonlightningok so this is going to be a weird one. i'm running an odroid xu4 with ubuntu minimal. i've setup bluetooth and pulse enough that i got audio to play from my iphone to the tv that it's plugged into. but i can't get my vita to connect as it sees it as a input device instead of an output device it seems. i'm hoping to try to set the bt adapter to only be hsp or a2dp but the guides all suggest using21:15
neonlightningpavcontrol but i'm not running an x server.21:16
sarnoldneonlightning: try pacmd; it's nowhere near as intuitive to use as pavucontrol but it doesn't require x21:17
SynfulAckWhy is it that often in tutorials i follow that use pythons pip3 that sudo ends up being required even though it warns you not todo that?21:18
sarnoldneonlightning: once you get a configuration that works you can use default.pa(5) files to manage it, I think21:18
oerheksSynfulAck, depends on your goal, i would strict it to the user, and put up a proper environment.21:19
neonlightningsarnold: ya i'm clueles as to how to use it though. all the guides just say "goto this menu and click this...." man linux especially ubuntu is turning into windows more and more lol21:20
sarnoldneonlightning: that comes with good and bad ;) now pavucontrol makes these things easy if you've got a gui, and it's been five or six years since I last had to killall pulseaudio to fix an audio problem :)21:21
SynfulAckoerheks, you talking about creating a virtualenv?21:22
oerheksSynfulAck, yes21:22
neonlightningi'm just glad pulse is starting to fade away. it's why i originally left fedora.21:22
sarnoldand I for one am happy to let fedora and arch folks betatest pipewire :)21:23
neonlightningugg. i was originally trying to get this project working in arch expecting it to be lighter. but couldn't get pulse working at all. and bluetooth was intermittent. and mplayer streaming my vita as a webcam was using 10% more cpu than on ubuntu minimal21:25
neonlightningi shoulda gone with the old 4x kernel version of ubuntu though so i could use the overclocking patches designed for this system21:25
neonlightningwoulda tried void but with how much of a pain arch was being and void is harder to even get running on here i decided against it21:27
neonlightning"pactl set-card-profile bluez_card.00_71_CC_FB_0C_21 a2dp" gives me "Failure: No such entity"21:35
neonlightningbut i can see it's got hsp, a2dp, and avrcp enabled through the vita(and by being able to play audio from my phone)21:36
neonlightningbut the vita sees it as a device to play music from instead of seeing it as speakers21:36
neonlightningso i'm hoping to disable avrcp and hsp to see if just a2dp would work but i can't figure out how to.21:37
tangarora<sarnold> I think that it works fine because debian uses it... this way it just uses the media directly from the http:// site.22:04
tangaroraIf I have to download the servers media first it is a 800 med sl22:04
tangaroraAnd the documentation is not as helpful as it could be on how to use YAML files to configure unsattended install.22:05
tangaroraI already have all the preseed files. I dont mind making YAML files to control the install; but then I need some docs.22:06
tangaroraGuessing and testing sucks.22:06
sarnoldtangarora: note the "Help improve this document in the forum" at the bottom of the reference, *please* do use that to describe what you needed that it's missing, that's the best way to make sure these docs are improved :)22:09
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neonlightningstill haven't figured this out. i can't set my bt connection to my vita to headset mode or a2dp_source. but when i connect my phone it's automatically using a2dp_source.23:23
jeremy31neonlightning: can you switch audio profile in Sound Setting once connected to the headset?23:37
neonlightningi'm not using an x server. and i'm not using a headset. objective is to connect to vita via bluetooth to use my tv as a speaker. what i've succeeded in sofar is using it as a speaker for my iphone. but it won't let me switch profiles in pacmd when connected to my vita.23:39
jeremy31neonlightning: Then I won't be of much help as I haven't had to use pacmd or pactl for quite a while23:41
neonlightningthanks anywho. i'm surprised i haven't seen more people doing what i'm doing.23:42
neonlightningseems like alot of the vita homebrew community uses linux23:42
jeremy31neonlightning: have you checked the man page for pactl or pacmd, might have some clues if they are up to date23:47
sarnoldneonlightning: hmm, I wonder if the nice folks in #lau might have more ideas or more experience23:48
sarnoldI'm sorry I didn't think of it earlier.. it's the usual chain of thought, "I wonder if just using plain alsa or using jackd would work better... who would know... OH."23:48
ForeverNoob[m]hello, for some reason my 18.04 (firefox package?) can't update: https://paste.debian.net/plain/117719923:49
neonlightningpacmd is a surprisingly terse manpage.23:49
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sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: check dmesg, you may have failing disk; check df -h, you may have full disk23:50
Bashing-om!info ure bionic23:52
ubottuure (source: libreoffice (1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10)): LibreOffice UNO runtime environment. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 (bionic), package size 1504 kB, installed size 4881 kB23:52
Bashing-om!info libreoffice-core bionic23:53
ubottulibreoffice-core (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite -- arch-dependent files. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 (bionic), package size 31135 kB, installed size 132095 kB23:53
ForeverNoob[m]sarnold: hmm, nothing there I'm afraid.23:53
ForeverNoob[m]and my disk has enough free space23:53
ForeverNoob[m]ok, just did "apt clean" and then updated again. Now it worked.23:54
Bashing-omForeverNoob[m]: :D libreoffice installed from a PPA ?23:55
ForeverNoob[m]not sure, I think it was just... there when I found it :p23:56
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: very strange; the only cases of "compressed data is corrupt" messages that I've seen have always come from drives that were failing badly enough to log messages in dmesg23:56
ForeverNoob[m]sarnold: could it be because my Internet burped a bit during package download?23:57
sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: I certainly hope not; the default configuration of apt is to check package integrity to ensure that you're getting exactly the packages that we've published, and a corrupted transfer should cause that check to fail23:57
ForeverNoob[m]hmm, I'll make a backup to be sure in that case.23:58
sarnoldapt is a bit funny, it does that check while doing the download and storing, but when it invokes dpkg to perform the installation, it isn't rechecked, and invalid data on the disk can be read back and cause this error23:59
sarnoldit could also be bad memory, that might show up as segfaults or busfaults in dmesg output, too23:59
sarnoldbut depending upon how and where the memory is bad, that might never show up23:59

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