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gnrpkamimips: hi10:42
kamimipskamimips 1234567810:42
SanterlyHi all15:08
StupidDanboI'm having trouble fixing an issue with my root folder being full. df -i reports it's only 5% in use, but df -h reports it's 100% in use. it's 107G in size and it says 102G used but somehow that's 100%16:11
StupidDanbowait why is the text grey? am I banned or something?16:12
xu-help3wI've installed Xubuntu 20.10 on Asus Eee PC 1001p (twice) and it doesn't work (I don't know what exactly and would like to know)21:00
xu-help3wAny suggestions where to dig? I would appreciate that21:00
xu-help3wwhat I have now looks like some kind of bootloop21:00
geniixu-help3w: Turning off "Boot Booster" in it's BIOS may help21:04
geniiI had a 1005HA that required this21:05
xu-help3w"Boot Booster" setting was present when I had dualboot with Windows 7 and Xubuntu, now it doesn't show this setting21:07
xu-help3wI tried to turn it off when there was windows 7, it didn't help21:07
xu-help3wnow there is no any Windows, only Xubuntu which doesn't boot21:08
geniiI think the boot boost thing required the EFI. But I don;t have that machine any more now to test with21:09
xu-help3wI'm trying to press Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6, something appears for a moment, but disappears. A black screen.21:10
geniiHm, there's ancient help article for that model, but for Ubuntu Netboot Remix 10.04 version21:11
geniiIUt has backlight issue also of some kind requiring a kernel option at boot time to fix21:11
geniiFor what it might be worth https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC/1001P21:11
geniiIt's possible you're hitting the backlight issue which it describes21:13
xu-help3wSo, I need to apply that fix named "Screen Brightness" in the given link, am I right?21:14
geniiThat's the first tactic I would attempt, yes21:18
geniiBecause perhaps the screen is actually displaying something informative but not beeing seen because of this EeePC quirk21:19
xu-help3wThank you a lot :3 I'll try21:20

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