lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I don't know if there is a setting of xscreensaver to count steam controller input as idle? If so I don't even know where it is08:44
lubot[telegram] <Fairnandes> Does anyone have an idea how to split screen on lubuntu16:19
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> Somebody of EndeavourOs might have your answer16:49
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> http://ix.io/2BYU16:49
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> openbox config file (re @Michaël: http://ix.io/2BYU)16:49
lubot[telegram] <Fairnandes> I did that already, but doesn't work16:58
lubot[telegram] <Fairnandes> Changed Nvidia drivers recently.... does that have an effect?16:58
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> No idea sir16:59
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I only passed it through (re @Fairnandes: Changed Nvidia drivers recently.... does that have an effect?)16:59
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> who are the maintainers of Openbox?17:23
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> can't you ask it there?17:23
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> or maybe you need a different window manager17:23
wxl@Michaël first can you tell me if you get this message as a notification like you normally would if someone at-mentioned you? secondly what is your question about openbox maintainers?20:59
wxl@Michaël also with the enormous delays in your replies it doesn't make a lot of sense to continue to post about your conversation. we're having non-real time conversation on a real time communication methodology. i would suggest posting to discourse → forum.lubuntu.me21:02

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