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faekjarzHi! I'm installing 20.04 onto 2 md-mirrored USB sticks, setup finishes, reboot, and the array is degraded - lsusb lists only 1, not both sticks. What happened - any ideas?02:28
sarnoldfaekjarz: is there anything in dmesg thatmight describe it?02:30
faekjarzsarnold: when, after the 1st reboot, directly after setup?02:31
sarnoldfaekjarz: yeah, or perhaps if you can compare the before and after, to see what's changed..02:32
faekjarzinteresting idea - i'd have to nuke and pave under enhanced experiment conditions. that's what i'll try next. while i'm at it i'll not simply reboot the server, but power-cycle/hard-reset it. if it's the mobo/uefi buggering the USB enumeration during soft-reboot, that should be a completely different 2nd variable. this will take a while ;)02:42
faekjarzbtw, i followed this md-raid guide https://askubuntu.com/questions/1234949/install-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-with-raid-1-on-two-devices#124730802:47
faekjarzis it possible to create an md-mirror with only 1 member / can i create a mirror into a degraded state?03:52
faekjarzsarnold: i think i've identified the issue - faulty USB sticks (unrecoverable bad blocks)05:09
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